New Street Food Legislation In Process

For over three decades, New York City has had a laughably low number of street food vendor permits. At just 3000, the number is crazy low for the size of the city. Because of this, many vendors have been renting permits illegally on the black market at a huge markup. Some food cart owners pay thousands of dollars per year just to keep their business up and running! In the end, the limited number of vendor permits helps no one; not the city and not the business owners.


Luckily, a new law called the Street Vending Modernization Act is in the process of coming to New York. If passed, the Act will double the amount of legal street food vendor permits available over a period of seven years. That means 600 new vendors will be able to get their permits legally each year! At its start, the Act will choose vendors from its permit wait list of 2500 people and will also designate 35 new permits for war veterans and disabled business owners. The final aspect of the Street Vending Modernization Act will establish a law enforcement unit specifically for crimes related to food vending.


Not only will this help more potential business owners get on their feet in the city, but it will certainly expand the variety of street foods in New York. In order to get enough business and keep their permits, most vendors stick to hot dogs and soft pretzels, items they know will be hot sellers. When the new law relieves this financial pressure, they will surely feel more free to sell unique, new, or ethnic foods.

Cone Marshall Grows Their Network Of Clients Into The International Scene

Cone Marshall is among established law firms based in New Zealand that have devoted their service to catering for the needs of clients from different jurisdictions. The company deals specifically with tax and trust laws and has in the past emerged as one of the most preferred provider of such services across the country.

With a focused team of professionals whose careers have emerged as a pillar to the company, Cone Marshall has extended and penetrated into the international scene, where the company has entered into practice to help attorneys and professionals looking to solve property cases and tax issues.

Every company that gets professional and focused leadership is bound to succeed and this is one of the things that define Cone Marshall. The firm since inception in 1999 has been in the hands of professionals whose capacity at leadership is focused at steering the company to greatness. One of the professionals whose presence at Cone Marshall has brought success is Karen Marshall, who is a professional lawyer with years of experience in the practice.

Karen joined Cone Marshall in 2005 and before this move she was working in London, specifically tackling topics related to commercial litigation. Her prowess and experience when it comes to matters law speaks success and highlights the kind of dedication she has put to building her career as a lawyer.

After working with Cone Marshall for one year, Karen was appointed to serve as the principle of the firm in 2006. Karen works as an advisor to statutory trustee firms and her wide experience has been an essential addition to Cone Marshall.

Most importantly, Cone Marshall has been enjoying the support of Geoffrey Cone, who has been in practice since 1980. His wide experience and perfect skills have been a key aspect of steering the firm to its glory and he works seamlessly with Karen to ensure Cone Marshall remains the most preferred law firm in the country and abroad. He has worked with several companies offering tax and wealth planning services and has created partnerships across the world.

About Cone Marshall
Cone Marshall is a law firm that was founded in 1999 and its main areas of operation include offering assistance to clients in various areas. The firm deals with wealth planning and tax laws and over the years they have worked with international clients looking for help on trusts and planning advice.

Learning About The Wine Growing Regions Of The World With Assistance From UK Vintners

Wine is one of the world’s most popular beverages. People all over the world love wine. Wine is the perfect thing in the house when welcoming new clients to a company or having a fun party with wine and cheese. Those who love to drink wines may be vaguely aware of where the wine is grown. They might have heard from Vintners in the UK  that certain parts of the world make great wine. They may have read an article about wine growing regions when casually picking up wines from UK vintners. In any case, learning about wine growing regions can help them make certain sure they are happy with the wines they buy. It can also help them learn why a specific kind of wine might have a specific kind of flavor. Vintners based in the UK can provide residents of the United Kingdom the opportunity to learn about what kinds of wines they might like to drink in their own homes.

Wines From Around The World

Many UK vintners, such as Highbury Vintners ( offer specific information about wine growing regions on their websites. For example, John Hattersley Wine offers information about wines from Argentina, a South American country with many wines that are renowned across the globe. A little closer to home lies Spain. The mild, dry climate makes for musky wines that people love. Those who want to learn more about Spanish wine growing areas can find help from Flavors Of Spain. Italian wines have become popular with residents of the United Kingdom. Italy has been home to many outstanding wines. Each wine growing region is diverse and does not necessarily have much in common with other wines from other parts of Italy. Drink Italy has a tremendous amount of information about how wine is grown here and why makes one wine from the region different from another wine from another part of the Italian peninsula. Wine in the United Kingdom can also be found from other parts of the world. In the United States, California’s Napa Valley is perhaps the most well known wine growing region. Other places where wines are created include Chile, Australia and Germany.

Learning More About Wine Growing Regions

Learning more about how wine is grown is easy. Many books are available that detail the process of growing grapes and then creating bottles of wine. The buyer will find the process buying wine much easier and deeper when they know that a wine region produces only certain kinds of wines. This can help them realize why so many French wines are prized because the climate here has been proven ideal for the creation of wines that have incredibly complex flavors. They can realize that certain types of climates are also ideal for the creation of specific types of wines such as port or claret. This can help them realize as well why they might want to purchase a merlot from one country rather than another. In doing so, they can learn to enjoy the wines they drink even more now.

The Success of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray is a former executive within the financial industry who dedicated his life to helping other individuals find the perfect investment that fits the necessities required that not only have yielded customers with a high return, but has also helped to diversify the overall portfolio. Stephen Murray has always been dedicated to his customers and has dedicated over two decades of executive experience to leading his employees to inspire him to make choices with their customers in mind. Stephen Murray was a world renowned financial advisor who was sought after by individuals within both the private sector as well as within the public sector.

Stephen Murray is most known for being the CEO of CCMP Capital, an investment firm that specialized in customer service and providing the best investment opportunities on Bloomberg. As the leader of this company, Stephen Murray was truly able to build the company to become as successful as it can be. Stephen Murray has always been interested in economics and the study of human behavior within different markets. Stephen Murray believes that true knowledge comes from experience and has dedicated his entire career to learn more about his specialty for the purpose of helping others with future investments.

With a degree in economics from Boston College, Stephen Murray began his career within a training program to become an analyst. After completing not only his education, but also his training, Stephen Murray became a part of the MH Capital Partners, an investment firm that has undergone much change within the past three decades. During this expansion as well as during the drastic changes of the company, Stephen Murray was able to climb his way to the top by not only demonstrating his talents for investment, but also by demonstrating his skills as a leader. With this talent demonstrated, Stephen Murray earned a position as the CEO of CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray was a financial expert who believed that his made wealth was meant to be shared with others who have been less fortunate with life. Stephen Murray was particularly fond of donating to organizations within New York City where he donated much of his disposable income to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As a wealthy and successful businessman, Stephen Murray always set an example to give back to communities that need the money more than the wealthy. As an individual, Stephen Murray will continue his legacy of leadership and success.

Don Ressler Is a Talented Businessman

Many people have made a name for themselves in the online world of startups. Don Ressler is one of the most successful people to come out of this industry. He has gained a reputation for being one of the best entrepreneurs when it comes to launching successful retail sites. He has done this many times over the course of his remarkable career. This is truly astonishing when you stop to consider that most new companies in every industry fail a short time after they are launched. However, Don does not have this problem. Don Ressler has proven that he knows what the public wants to buy. This has made him a very popular man among investors.

The beauty and skincare industries have both been very kind to Don over the years. Ressler knows a lot about both of these industries and has used this knowledge when putting together websites that sell these types of products. Dermstore was the first very successful site that Don helped to launch. It sold many different types of skincare and beauty products from a wide variety of companies. The success of Dermstore helped to put Don’s name on the map and made him a force to be reckoned with in the startup world. Investors around the world soon wanted to find out more about Don and the projects he was working on.

Don eventually wanted to try launching a site that sold something that was totally unrelated to skincare and beauty products. He was not sure what type of industry to get involved with. A friend of his suggested that he start a clothing site. Don was apprehensive at first because there are many clothing sites already and the industry is very competitive. Don Ressler knew it would be very difficult for a new site to gain a foothold in the industry. However, he did not let this fact deter him. Don eventually gathered a talented team and together they launched JustFab. This site became the biggest success of Don’s career so far.

JustFab took off much faster than even Don could have imagined. He believes the popularity for the site comes from the fact that people can buy clothing that is made by many of the most famous brands for prices that are very competitive with other clothing sites on JustFab was particularly popular in countries like France. Many venture capitalists began seeking out Don to get involved with his future sites.

A Growing Trend in Individuals Suing Stocks as Collateral

Equities First Holdings has seen an increase in the number of stock-based loans and margin loans. The current economic climate explains the increasing number of borrowers because banks and lending institutions have come up with tightened lending criteria. Borrowers who want to raise capital quickly and those not qualifying for conventional loans are having difficulty accessing loans. However, all is not lost for them because they can get alternative loans. Equities First Holdings is offering margin loans and stock-based loans to such borrowers. The above loans are gaining popularity as alternative means of getting loans.

Most banks have increased their interest rates, cut their lending options and made loan qualifications tighter. That makes it hard for borrowers to access loans. However, Al Christy, the founder and chief executive officer of Equities First Holdings still thinks there is hope for borrowers. Christy sees stock-based loans as an alternative for people looking for working capital. However, Christy explains that margin loans and stock-based loans are not synonymous, a conception by most people. The two financing methods use securities as collateral; however, there are notable differences.

Differences between margin loans and stock-based loans

Individuals who want to borrow margin loans should be pre-qualified, just like in conventional bank loans. The individual may also require using the money for specified purposes. Interest rates of margin loans vary, and borrowers should expect loan-to-value ratios ranging between 10 and 50%. The lending firm has the authority to liquidate the collateral of a borrower without warning in case of a margin call.

Stock-based loans, on the other hand, have fixed interest rates between three to four percent. The loan does not have any restrictions; thus borrowers can sue the money for any purpose. Borrowers can walk away from a loan even with decreased stock value. Stock-based loans have a loan-to-value ratio of between 50 to 75%.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings started its operations in 2002, and its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a private lender that specializes in lending transactions that are securities based. The firm has enabled clients to access quick loans using their publicly traded shares as collateral.

The lending firm also has a satellite office in New York City. Equities First Holdings operates globally in nine countries. It has completed over 650 transactions worth over $1.4billion.

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Stephen Murray – CEO and Co-Founder of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray was the CEO and co-founder of a private equity firm that specialized in buyout equity trade has sadly passed away. He had been in the industry for many years, and it has been reported that he passed away due to an illness. It’s an unfortunate situation as many have learned and been reliant upon his expertise. CCMP Capital was a spin off of JP Morgan which was an equity firm as well. Through a series of company merges and many different types of banking companies, CCMP Capital was formed in 2006. In 1984, Murray graduated with his bachelor’s degree in economics and started working as an analyst through a training program offered at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. While working, Stephen Murray decided to go back and get his master’s degree in business administration through the Columbia Business School. He graduated in 1989 when MH Equity Corporation merged with Manufacturers Hanover. I wasn’t long before Chemical Bank strolled in and purchased Manufacturers Hanover in 1991, which put a spin on the company on Crunchbase. MH Equity decided to merged with Chemical Venture Partners while Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation. In 1996, Chemical Venture Partners revised their entity and became Chase Capital Partners. All business were linked together some way, and Murray was part of all of it. In 2005, it was decided that Stephen Murray would become head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. That was the beginning of the making of CCMP Capital, which became a separate company aside for them and started in 2006. Murray was names the CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007.

Murray was known to have served on many different types of boards, as he was very active in the community. Some of the boards that he served on were Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Parnter, Cabelas, Vitamin Shoppe and Aramak. Many knew Stephen Murray as an active philanthropist who was very involved in the community surrounding him. He took part in many different types of organizations and foundations in hopes to help the community and give hope to the future. Stephen Murray was a member and supporter of the Make A Wish Foundation and vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College. He was also active in the Columbia Business School Board and the local food banks that aimed at feed the community. He was a man full of knowledge and expertise, and will be missed greatly.

Livio Bisterzo Rolls Out Hippeas


livio bisterzo


Most people can find snack pouches that contain 100 calories or less. However, it is difficult to also find a snack pouch that is organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. Thankfully, it isn’t impossible to find a snack that fits all of these high standards. You just need to know where to look! Currently, the right place to look is Starbucks. Starbucks is now offering Hippeas, an organic chickpea snack.


In May 2015, Livio Bisterzo set out to create a new kind of healthy snack. He utilized his team at his company Green Park Brands to come up with ideas. Quickly, they decided chickpeas would be their “hero” ingredient. Afterwards, they worked hard to get the right taste and texture. Bisterzo explained it was a fine line to walk. On one hand, they wanted a product that was healthy and unique. On the other hand, they didn’t want to create something too alien. Hippeas ended up finding that balance perfectly.


Hippeas will be available at 7,500 different Starbucks location in America. Consumers will be able to decided between two flavors. One flavor is a delicious Vegan White Cheddar. Bolder people might be interested in trying the second flavor. This flavor is a slightly spicy Far Out Fajita. Both flavors pack a healthy amount of fiber.


People are already raving about how much they love the new snack. Bisterzo has received thousands of pieces of correspondence stating how Hippeas is quickly becoming a favorite snack for all types of people. Explaining this positive result, Bisterzo said, “We wanted our snack to be culturally relevant, address many consumer trends and resonate with consumers.” He continued, “I believe that we delivered on the right product at the right time.” In other words, Bisterzo and his team were not alone in realizing they had created something terrific!


Naturally, Bisterzo and his team at Green Park Brands are thrilled with all of this positive energy surrounding Hippeas. Determined not to let this positive energy go to waste, Bisterzo and his team also decided to make the snack healthy for the body and for the soul. Thanks to Hippeas teaming up with a charity called Farm Africa, consumers will know they are helping others. A portion of the profits from each pack of Hippeas will be used to help chickpea farmers in Africa.


Try some Hippeas sometime soon. After you try a pouch, you just might love this new snack!

The most important weight loss supplement for Markus Rothkranz

Everybody wants to have that weight that they feel comfortable with. If only losing weight was so easy. There are many ways to go about losing weight such as pills, dieting, and surgery. Some methods work better than others. Markus Rothkranz has a special substance that will really help lose weight. It is an all-natural substance that can help anybody lose weight and gain muscle.

That substance is water. Water covers about 75% off your body and 75% of your muscles. It is honestly the best substance for your body. Without adequate amounts of water every day organs start to just down. You can only go about three days without water before the body shuts down for good.

Drinks full of caffeine and sugar dehydrates the body. Also any liquids that come in a plastic bottle can contain harmful chemicals that can hurt the body. It is safer to put water in a clear glass and add some natural vitamins and minerals.

Spring water is the best brand of water to get for the body. It is natural and helps humans use the bathroom. The water is a great way to flush out the system. Consuming several cups of water a day can also help get rid of illnesses. The fasting methods of drinking a ton of water and less solid food products helps clean the system.

The stomach needs water to function properly. It uses a lot of acid to break down food products into something the body can use. Water can help you breathe better, move better, and keep that happy mood. Water is so simple and necessary for life.

Water can outweigh all of those after market substances that claim you will lose lots of weights in a few weeks. Water is the second best ingredient for the body other than air. It helps keep you healthy enough to be active and burn of calories naturally with as little backlash as possible. Water flushed out fat and toxins. It is recommended that the average adult drink a gallon of water every day. If not, you could be dehydrated.

Adrian Velasquez Jose Figueroa’s Tips for Renting in Panama

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa used to work in Panama and was a secretary of the state for the country. Figueroa worked to make sure that the influx of people were getting what they wanted out of the country and worked closely with everyone who came into and out of the country.

His expertise is valuable and he has made some tips on renting or purchasing a property in Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa wants everyone to be aware of the different things that can happen when they rent there.

The utilities can rise in price. It is not uncommon for utilities to vary greatly from year to year and even from month to month in the country of Panama. Be aware of the way that they will rise.

Construction laws are different in Panama than they are in other parts of the world according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. They are often not as strict and this can result in shoddy work being done to homes in the area. Be sure yours isn’t one of them.

There are many different laws when it comes to renters. Be sure to read up and follow the laws in the area of Panama that you have chosen to live in before you make the move.

Rental properties require parking of some sort, usually. This can be hard to come by in Panama so it is important that you check to find out where you will park your car if you have one.

A property manager can be your best friend in the real estate business on Make sure that you find one who can help you manage the property if you do not plan to live there throughout the year or for times when you simply cannot be there.

Like other countries, market value in Panama can always change. Search for a place to live that is far below market value so that you can get the best deal possible.

Panama has a lot of great big homes but their small homes are also set up for the ultimate luxury and comfort living according to Figueroa. Don’t swear off a home just because you don’t think that it will be large enough for you and your belongings.

A good neighborhood can be the difference between a fun life in Panama and a living nightmare while you are there. Make sure that you choose a neighborhood that is accepting of people who come from outside of Panama.

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