Companies Like McDonald’s and Walmart Are Costing Taxpayers Billions

It’s time to wake up, people. Big business is taking advantage of the system, and we foot the bill. Congressmen keep the nation adrift in a sea of waste, and we do nothing to swim to the shore of reality. Companies that pay their employees less than $15 an hour in this economy are costing taxpayers around $153 billion to support those workers. It’s not the 70s anymore. And it’s not 2009, which is when the minimum wage was raised to $7.25 an hour.

The recession created 1.85 million more low paying jobs, and we subsidize the companies that refuse to increase their wage scale. The University of California Berkeley Labor Center discovered that bad news, but we all knew it. We know our economic system is way out of proportion. We know that large corporations get away with legal stealing thanks to government tax breaks and low-income programs. We also know it has to stop.

Instead of facing the issue, and raising wages to a figure that could get these people off government subsidies, big companies are cutting benefits like insurance. CipherCloud is not doing this, but according to sources, many competitors are. Big companies don’t care how much we pay to keep these programs alive because all they look at is their bottom line.

Rebel Wilson Confirms That Pitch Perfect 3 is in Development

There is still a month to go before the sequel to box office sensation Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2, is released into theaters. However, according to the franchise’s star Rebel Wilson, that hasn’t slowed down the fact that a third movie has already begun development. Is it too soon? Though it may seem so, keep in mind that according to Box Office Mojo, the original film rose to become the second highest-grossing musical comedy thus far in cinematic history. The massive profit that it managed to pull in certainly warrants a few sequels.

So, unless Pitch Perfect 2 completely bombs out in the box office (but, let’s face it—it almost certainly will do well), a third movie following everybody’s favorite lady a capella singers will follow shortly. That is exactly what Fersen Lambranho is expecting. News on which cast members will return is still foggy, as Rebel Wilson is the only one who has been confirmed so far. Still, to have a third movie preparing for further development is sure to excite every fan of the hilarious musical movies.

Bourdain To Bring Foreign Flavor To NYC

Anthony Bourdain is a world traveler, he experiences food, drink, and culture wherever he goes. In fact, he lives for it. His passion lies in food of all cuisines, styles, and presentations. If you have ever watched any of his shows on the Travel Channel or CNN you are bound to notice hie adoration for foreign street foods. No matter what country he is visiting Bourdain always visits the market and samples food from the street carts. The ever adventurous chef has plans to create his very own version of foreign food markets right in NYC, it will be aptly named Bourdain Market. Christian Broda ( has learned that there will be fresh foods to purchase along with a variety of stalls filled with vendors peddling their delicious wares. Although we know it is happening, the exact opening date has yet to be released. Seriously, this truly and exciting addition to the good ol’ US of A. These markets are so very common around the world but practically nonexistent here. That is about to change thanks to our favorite traveling chef.

Understanding The Real Estate Market

The term ‘Real Estate’ signifies a property that includes a land and the structures erected on it with all it’s available natural resources such as water, crops or minerals. The business of real estate is the trading of properties between different parties through acquisition, rental or lease. Most of these properties can be for residential or commercial purposes.

Investing in real estate requires an individual to liaise with a real estate business through their workers usually referred to as realtors or real estate agents so as to gain the knowledge of the right kind of property to invest in. Town real estate is one of such real estate business in New York City with exemplary service and a leader when it comes to NYC luxury real estate in form of residences or offices. They play a vital role in the growth of the community through the inspired and thoughtful services they offer clients.

There are various other ways an individual can search for properties besides using a realtor these days. With the advancement in technology, people are able to use various applications to search for specific properties; be it an apartment, multi-family house, townhouse, condominium, a cooperative or a commercial property. This initial search can go a long way in giving someone an idea of cost and other obligations in terms of expectations and better enable one to prepare before contacting a realtor.

New York City properties can be especially highend due to the whole essence of what this city stands for and represents, so there is need to extensively research the real estate market and not get carried away by the first seemingly affordable offer one gets. Becoming a homeowner is one of the ways one can live the American dream, but while one is still working towards achieving this, one still has the need to rent because shelter is one of humans basic needs. For this reason one cannot avoid being involved one way or another in the real estate market as an intending renter, homeowner, or office owner.

Qnet Founder Vijay Eswaran

International business partnerships have been developed over the course of history. Such partnerships allow people to do business all across the world. Someone who lives in France may want to be able to sell their products and services to customers in New Delhi and Brasilia. This kind of international commerce can be quite lucrative, enabling both parties to greatly profit from the transaction and flourish as a result of this partnership. Marketers and international business people who are able to use such networks and connections will find that they can easily grow their companies and sell to eager consumers around the world.

One company that has come to prominence in recent years is Qnet. Qnet is an international conglomerate. The company is also known as the QI Group. This company has expanded in recent years into many countries around the world. Under the effective leadership of founder Vijay Eswaran, the company has done well and been able to leverage the skills of their employees to help work with consumers in many varied markets. The company sells a wide variety of products and services to happy clients in different markets. Qnet sells products and services in such fields as luxury goods of all kinds, communications access to important internet networks, travel services that allow customers to stay at fine resorts in beautiful places and other goods and services in fields that include fashions, weight management products, beauty items, personal care products and items that can be used in the house to help create a more attractive setting for residents and guests who may want to visit there.

Vijay Eswaran has been able to guide the company to heights of new success. His skillful management techniques have been shown to help motivate both customers and his sales force. He has been able to show others how to do the same as well via a series of books that he has written for popular consumption. Vijay Eswaran is a native of Malaysia. This area of Asia has been an ancient crossroads for the transport of goods across Asia and into central Europe.  Vijay Eswaran earned a degree from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. Vijay Eswaran spent several years studying European markets after graduating. He also has a master’s degree in business from an American university. This has allowed to get a view of various markets of all kinds around the entire world.

The Costs Of Powering A Food Truck Business


On Friday night in Lakeville, Minnesota a food truck exploded in the driveway of the owner’s home. The explosion destroyed the food truck, the owners home, and damaged at least 20 other homes in the neighborhood. No one was killed or seriously injured by the explosion, but its effects were felt up to six miles away.

Although Bernardo Chua thinks that  it will take some time before authorities can identify the cause of the blast, it is believed to have been caused by a faulty propane tank. The food truck industry is a viable career path for those who can offer a niche menu item with an unusual flare. Plus, starting a food truck business requires less investment than a brick and mortar store. But, deciding how to power your food truck may be the most important question of all.

Most food truck owners choose to use propane tanks to power their grills, griddles and deep fryers. However, other options are diesel fuel, electric, and gas generators. And, although propane is said to be the quietest and least expensive way to power a food truck, there are some inherent risks to using a natural gas. But, an authority with the Minnesota Food Truck Association said that with proper monitoring and yearly inspections the use of propane is very safe and that the type of explosion like that of the Motley Crews Heavy Metal Grill food truck is very rare.

Cut Back on Sugar Intake

In recent years, there has been more and more concern over the amount of sugar that people are consuming each day. Because of this, The World Health Organization has set new guidelines on the amount of sugar that each person should take in each day. They have recommended that individuals take in at least 10 to 15 percent less of the amount of sugar they are currently eating.

One of the main reasons why the World Health Organization, doctors, health experts, and others are concerned about the amount of sugar that a person consumes each day is because of the adverse health effects that individuals have experienced because of consuming too much sugar. When speaking of sugar, this is about processed sugar, not in the type of sugar that is contained naturally in fruit, vegetables, and milk. Imaging advantage suggests the sugar that is contained in these items provides nutrients that are good for the body.

PR Newswire also reports that there are lots of easy ways that individuals can cut back on the amount of sugar they eat. One way they can do this is by consuming more natural foods instead of processed foods. Cutting back on ketchup, beer, doughnuts, cookies, and other items like this can be extremely helpful in fighting off diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Also, taking in less sugar means that a person will be on the road to weight loss. Obesity is extremely dangerous because of the health consequences that it presents.

Cookies Lovers Take a Bite Out of This!

Mindy Segal is an award-winning pastry chef and owner of Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago. On April 7 her new book cookbook, “Cookie Love”, written with Kate Leahy, will be released. Cookie Love has 60 recipes broken down into eight categories. In each chapter you will learn new techniques, and each recipe builds on techniques learned in the previous recipe. You will find everything from the classic chocolate chip cookie to blueberry jam kolachkes in this book. Check out some pictures of all this yumminess here. You will learn how to make drop cookies, spritz cookies, and shortbread, to name a few of the techniques explored.

Zeca Oliveira has learned that Mindy has been baking since her parents gave her a Kitchenaid mixer at the age of 13. She has been practicing and developing her recipes every since. Ten Speed Press is publishing the book, which is set to release on April 7, and is available for preorder at Amazon. Get in line early for this one!

New York Businessman Keith Mann Shows Appreciation and Support for NYPD

New York based businessman Keith Mann has decided to show his appreciation and support of the New York City Police Department and the exemplary job they have been doing in the wake of protests and violence aimed at police officers. The entrepreneur has decided to buy lunch for an entire squadron of police officers as a way of saying thank you for helping to keep our people and our city safe.

The founder of Dynamics Search Partners, had bought lunch for the entire 54th street police officers unit in the NYPD in early January and again on February 9th. It is his way of showing his appreciation for the everyday heroes who risk their lives in order to protect and come to aid of citizens. The hedge fund staffer believes that it is important to show support for the police officers who in the end are everyday people like you and I. “They have families, wives and children like we do” says Keith. Keith’s Wife Keely has an uncle who serves in the NYPD as a detective in the borough of Staten Island. Mann has stated that violence and protests against police officers hit close to home and affects him personally. He feels that the citizens of New York City should get behind their police force.

There have been several pro police relays in New York City in January. These and other generous actions such as those by Keith Mann help to boost the morale of police and bring the community together. In a time when some people try to demonize police and bring violence against them it is important to have your voice heard that you are standing behind your police force and not let it be drowned out by violence and anger.

Bacon! Bacon!

You’ve heard the recent buzz, right? The new information that saturated fats are supposedly now okay for us to eat in some capacity? Click Here. Well, that’s good news, because Little Caesar’s is unveiling what appears to be both a tasty and fat laden new pizza this coming Monday. Can you say bacon? Better say it again! This new pizza will have three-and-a-half linear feet of this stuff wrapped around its crust. Bacon around the whole Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza that will cost $12.00 and provide 450 calories in every single, and assumedly, delicious slice. So, if you don’t care about whether science currently thinks saturated fat is good or saturated fat is bad but you want to try this greasy meal, you won’t likely mind the 23 grams of fat that each slice also contains. Haidar Barbouti knows that the only down-side for you might be if you really liked Little Caesars’ Soft Pretzel Crust Pepperoni Pizza, which is now being taken off the menu.

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