Dick DeVos Expanding Business Holdings To The Liquor Manufacturing

Following in the family footsteps, Dick and Betsy DeVos are constantly of expanding their Business Empire. Atop their already established chain of businesses, Dick and Betsy now seek to add a liquor company, Coppercraft Distillery, that they are about to acquire from the Holland Township Company. The proprietor of the company, Walter Catton, said that he has been looking for an investor to help expand the business and it seems like he just found one in Windquest Group, Dick DeVos Grand Rapids-based Company.

The Windquest Group is one of the companies owned by Dick and his wife Betsy is a management firm that oversees the administration of the couple’s chain of enterprises. These companies mainly fall under the technological and manufacturing sectors. For instance, one such company under the Windquest banner is the Electrotherm Company that runs the green machine project that converts waste heat from manufacturing companies to electricity. Dick is on record noting that he is only interested in investing in investments that are environmentally sound and economically viable while not just relying on tax incentives.

About Dick DeVos

Dick is a serial entrepreneur whose accomplishments stretch far beyond the West Michigan neighborhood. He started working in the family businesses before moving on and establishing his conglomerate. He began working for the family company, Amway, in various divisions before rising to become its president heading its overall operations in over 18 countries. When his family acquired the Orlando Magic basketball club, he was appointed CEO and President before jumping back to Amway to succeed his father as president of the company. By the time he left the company presidency in 2012, he had transformed the company and solidified its stakes not just in the United States but also in the overseas markets. He is currently the President and CEO of Windquest company. 

Apart from business, Dick is also a widely known philanthropist. He and his wife are regularly donating and funding various charitable organizations in West Michigan. For instance, he has established the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a high school sponsoring bright West Michigan students wishing to further their career in the aviation industry. He has also co-founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation that donates to charity.
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Sam Tabar’s Journey to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Business industries are characterized by new trends and increased competition, which requires new visions and innovations to ascend to new heights. In turn, this field requires leaders that can drive a vision and inspire innovations to meet expectations of the new workforce. Sam Tabar is a business leader whose massive contributions to the business industry cannot escape the public eye.

Sam Tabar is a prominent New York-City based attorney and financial strategist which is reflected in his LinkedIn credentials. He received a bachelor of arts with honors from Oxford University in 2001 and proceeded to Columbia law school. At this prestigious institution, Tabar served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law, with full educational accolades listed on About.me.

Sam’s remarkable career started in September 2001, shortly after his graduation. He joined one of the most prestigious law firms as an Associate. The firm was known as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, and Flom LLP. With his outstanding skills in financial markets, Sam had an opportunity to counsel clients on hedge fund memoranda, side letters and regulatory, employment and compliance issues while at Skadden.

Climbing another step higher in 2004, Sam Tabar left Skadden and joined a unit of Sparx Group Co. located in Hong Kong, PMA Investment Advisors. In September of the same year, Sam’s Career ascended again to a higher level when he was promoted to the position of the managing director and assistant head in charge of business development. The new post saw him manage all facets of global marketing and investor relations for a $2 billion hedge fund.

Sam’s boundless experience in investments and startup businesses enabled him to design a strategic marketing plan for his firm, which targeted institutional investors, ultra-high-net worth clients and large family offices globally. He produced a personal rolodex of over 2000 potential qualified investors and created over 400 investor introductions. Tabar’s innate business skills also helped the firm raise $1.2 billion in assets.

The remarkable financial strategist joined the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch in February 2011. He served as the director and In charge of capital strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. Sam became the director of Adanac LLC, BVI in December of the following year. In September 2013, Sam joined Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP as a senior associate.  Now in 2015 he’s recently become the CEO of FullCycle Fund.

The prominent attorney added THINX, a startup company that helps women in Africa and America, to his investment portfolio. Sam Tabar believes that this startup is special since it encourages the people of the community to think about global issues and donate through their own purchases.  Sam also created a GoFundMe page to help further take up African causes.

Premium Dog Foods Offering Unique Products

The fight for sales in the $11 billion premium dog food market is spiking and brands are trying to innovate in a variety of different ways. Namely, these brands are counting on customers being increasingly concerned with the health and wellness of their pets, much as many people are increasingly interested in their own health. Their offerings are commonly unique and try to meet various market niches. Some brands are engineering diets that bring dogs back to their roots with raw meats mixed with probiotic foods, as is offered by the Vital Raw line and seek to better embody the eating habits of dogs during the time period during which they first evolved. This hearkens back to the paleo diet that many people are going after and many feel as if these diets are healthier and more natural than the higher processed foods. Other brands are going for the more natural route and using fresh beef and chicken without preservatives as market pioneer Freshpet is doing. Their sales have recently climbed to over $100 million but many are doubtful of their long-term success as these products are significantly more expensive than alternatives, even in the premium dog food market. With 15,000 refrigerators this represents a large capital outlay though Freshpet is anticipating profit in 2016. Dog food behemoth, Beneful, owned by Nestle, has joined the market with a unique website that allows dog owners to choose their own blends of dog food that can be special designed for their own pet. Each pet in a family can even have their own blend of dog food which is particularly useful for dog owners with different breed dogs with completely different nutritional needs and tastes. Beneful isn’t stopping there, however, and is making specialty dog foods that are designed to provide pet owners with elderly dogs food that is easier to digest and therefore less intrusive for them than normal pet foods. These Beneful foods have triglycerides with fat from coconut oil that is easier for elderly dogs to process and digest. As you have seen there are a wide range of premium dog food options available for dog owners that are different and unique ways to provide your dog with high quality foods.

What Igor Cornelsen Has Done For Investors

In recent years I have become very fascinated with Igor Cornelsen and his wonderful investment tips. I was nursing a failing portfolio back to health, and the tips that have been given by Igor Cornelsen have made it much easier for me to build up a healthy portfolio that is diverse.

I do not know if I would have ever even considered Brazilian stocks if it wasn’t for Cornelsen. I didn’t know anything about the import and export industry there. To the contrary, the only thing that I knew about in Brazil was the love of soccer and the beautiful beaches. I had experienced Brazil as a tourist. I have never considered Brazil as an investor. It was Igor that talked about the export industry that is so big in Brazil. All of the natural resources that were available made this the perfect country for investing.

Igor Cornelsen knows a lot about Brazil because he lived in Latin America for so many years. His experience has proven to be invaluable to me and my family. I know that there is red tape to be expected with some of the investment opportunities, but Igor prepared me for all of that. I didn’t become frightened by the red tape that is involved in some of the investing because Cornelsen had already mentioned that.

The thing that I like the most about Igor Cornelsen is his willingness to give the free advice. He has an investment consulting firm, but he has given some of his best tips away for free. I think that this has a lot to do with his passion to see other people making the most of their investment opportunities.

Another thing that I really like about Cornelsen is his ability to become a leader on brandyourself.com that takes his own advice. There are many investors that may be preaching one thing and doing something different to preserve their own financial standing. Cornelsen is not one of those investors. He teaches from principles that he applies to his own life. Cornelsen also investors in those stocks that he encourages other people to pursue.

I didn’t know much about Brazilian stocks, but I took a leap of faith based on recommendations that Igor Cornelsen on imgfave has made over the years. I have found myself in a place where I have been fortunate to reap great returns from the Brazilian index file. This falls in line for what Igor Cornelsen mentions when he tells people not to put all of their money into one particular stock. With an index fund I am investing in a lot of different Brazilian stocks. This is a wonderful addition to my collection of stocks, mutual funds and 401K investments for retirement.

Jon Urbana’s Curiosity for Life Shines Bright This December

If there is one thing that stands out about Jon Urbana, it is that he has an apparently fresh curiosity of life. This gets him to explore many different possibilities and learn different skills. The more skills he learns, the more people are going to learn from him. One thing that he likes to do is to teach people lacrosse skills at his camp, Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

As the camp’s head coach, Urbana likes to help his campers build their understanding of the sport. He not only lectures and talks to campers on Facebook about building their lives off the field, but also shows them how he does it with live videos. He demonstrates to people that it could be done. When people hear about something, it is one thing. When they see it in action being done by Jon Urbana as he did for Villanova, then that takes it to a whole new level.

Among the activities he likes to do is to help preserve the environment. With his GoFundMe persistence, Urbana takes part in making sure that the earth is taken care of. He also takes in children and trains them to take part in preserving the environment. Children need direction, and Urbana’s fun videos give them this direction. When they are left without direction, then they are vulnerable to destructive activities.

Jon Urbana shows the above and other activities on his official blog. He makes sure that he keeps an active daily presence across his different social media platforms. Facebook is one of his most active platforms. He also uses Twitter and Instagram in order to promote his activities as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Among the activities that he promotes as a social media presence is his music via Soundcloud. He shares his photography on Tumblr and even his own site. Jon Urbana has demonstrated that he has a great eye for photography. He uses it to create some good pictures to show on his pages.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

He can also market his pictures with his business background if he wants to sell his photos. For one thing, he has majored in business when he went to a university. Given the education that he has received, he knows how to utilize the many different marketing methods. He is also good at online marketing due to updating his Medium feed. Therefore, anything he wants to sell could be easily sold.

Learn more about Jon at https://about.me/jon.urbana

Skout, A Top Rated App That Can Help You Find a Mate

In today’s society, people are busy with obligations from their everyday lives. No one really has the time or patience to look for a possible mate or companion. In order to assist us in the dating process, dating applications have been created in order to help us to meet a possible mate or friend. With thousands of apps available to download to our phone or mobile device it’s hard to select one that performs the way it is supposed to work. With the help of a TCPalm article, one will be able to learn what dating applications are highly recommended.

One of the dating applications that were revealed in the article was POF. POF is popular because of what it is able to offer its users. The application is available in five languages: Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, and English. In addition to being available in multiple languages this application appeals to members because of the number of people that log on each day. About two million Americans log into the POF application or site in hopes of finding someone to connect with. This large amount give people hope that they will possibly find their mate on the app.

Another dating application that is recommended is Tinder. This particular app is only about a year old but it offers many benefits for its users. Tinder allows its users to easily flirt with individuals. Flirting via this app could possibly lead to a connection or possibly having an encounter with a celebrity. Previously, the site has been used by college students but now celebrities such as Miss USA and Lindsey Lohan have flocked to Tinder in order to flirt with individuals that have caught there attention.

Skout is a very popular application that has been the top choice for individuals that are seeking to connect with other. This application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. In addition to being available on multiple operating systems this application is location-based and makes it easy for individuals to link with others that are near them. This particular technology has aided in more than 500 million connections being made in the year 2013. This large number of connections is one of the reasons that this application has made the TCPalm top 10 dating app list.

The application was founded in 2007 by Niklas Linstrom and Christian Wiklund. These individuals created Skout to be used as a mobile we social network. The focus of the application changed once it was discovered that people were using the application as a dating site. When this was discovered founders of the application felt that it should be relaunched as a dating website instead of a mobile web social network. In 2009, the application did just that. It was relaunched in February 2009 as an iOS dating application and then an Android app in August 2010. After launching the application continued to expand in order to meet the needs of its users. For example, it added Skout Travel which allowed users to connect with other while traveling to a different city.

Beneful is An Amazing Brand

Beneful on finance.yahoo is one of the most popular brands of dog foods in the world. Beneful is currently produced by Purina and is one of the highest earning brands of dog food in the world. It is estimated that Beneful spent around forty one million dollars in only the first 9 months of the 2013 fiscal year.

There have been headlines in the news showing that Beneful branded dog food is going to need a new creative responsibilities manager. Fallon did not want to continue working with Purina and the Beneful brand, so Purina is having to narrow down the applicants to find the right producer for the company. Fallon, a member of the Publicis Groupe agency, has been responsible for the production of Purina Dog Chow in the past, but has plans to part ways with this great dog food producer.

Beneful is preferred by many dog owners and caretakers on amazon.com because of the great ingredients that compose this dog food. Many other brands do not give dogs the nutrition they need to grow to their highest ceiling. Unlike other brands, some of the proteins that are incorporated into Beneful are pork, chicken, beef, and lamb. Also, only the finest vegetables are blended into Beneful.

One of the central reasons explaining the popularity of Beneful branded dog food is the wide assortment of dog foods that are available of this brand. There are both the standard wet and dry dog foods, along with treats that are branded as Baked Delights. The wet dog food is available to be purchased in both individual serving can size and large tubs that are able to be refrigerated for multiple uses.

The Baked Delights come in many different flavors for all different types of dogs. It is nearly guaranteed that if you try all of the flavors of Beneful treats and dog food, your dog will find something that it will absolutely fall in love with. Beneful has been consistently ranked as one of the highest-quality and best-tasting dog foods in the world. Beneful truly is, by far, one of the best dog food producers on Earth.

Bruce Levenson Sells Hawks, Antony Ressler to Take Over.

It seems like billionaire real estate investor Antony Ressler will finally have his shot at owning and running an NBA franchise. Ressler was previously in the running for the Los Angeles Clippers when they were for sale however his team fell short when bidding eclipsed the $2 billion mark. Ressler’s team didn’t wait for long to get back in the thick of things as they leaped into action when the Atlanta Hawks were announced as being for sale by owner Bruce Levenson. Ressler and his buying group, which also happened to include former NBA star Grant Hill, outbid the other auction groups and ended up securing the rights to purchase the team for $850 million. Ressler will be taking over an Atlanta team that can only be described as on the up and up.

Bruce Levenson, the prior owner of the Atlanta Hawks, had come into possession of the team back in 2004 when he bought the franchise alongside Ed Peskowitz. Levenson proceeded to operate as the majority owner of the franchise for the next 11 years, helping the team to grow in almost every consecutive season. When Levenson initially had come on board the Hawks had been coming off of a season with wins in the teens and they were looking for a way to bounce back and become a decent draw for the steady Atlanta market. The Hawks had been ranked dead last in the fan attendance standings and that was recipe for disaster under a new ownership.

Levenson made his biggest impact in the realm of free agency where he helped guide the Hawks toward several key free agency pick ups. Free Agency tends to be the most difficult way to build up a roster but Levenson’s Hawks managed to do it in short order. The first big signing under Bruce’s regime came in the form of Joe Johnson who, at the time, was coming into his prime after playing for the Phoenix Suns. The acquisition of Johnson, along with the maturation of Josh Smith and Al Horford, would turn the Hawks into steady contenders in the Eastern Conference. His greatest signings, arguably, came just two years ago when the Hawks signed Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver.

Last year under head coach Mike Budenhozler the Hawks had their most successful season in nearly fifty years. Atlanta broke the franchise record for wins in the regular season and finished behind only Golden State during the regular season. Atlanta would go on to make it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals where they would be dismantled by the too-powerful Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite the rough finish to the season the Hawks had plenty of reasons to be excited and now with new ownership in town there is a feeling of renewal in the air.

Ressler will have to try and generate more enthusiasm from the Atlanta fanbase in order to keep his team competitive and on the top of their game. Atlanta is a large market and the fans want a winner more than anything.

The Interesting Life of Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth is a man who lives a charmed and interesting life. He has succeeded enormously in the hotel and ski resort business world. Life looked great for Wirth when he became the CEO of Squaw Valley USA. To relax from his long hours in the executive’s chair, he took up the sport of skydiving. The hobby almost turned tragic for him when a horrible accident occurred while landing one fateful day.

Wirth nearly lost his right arm when hitting the grapevine wires in a vineyard. Wirth ended up have to go through nearly two dozen surgeries in the aftermath of the accident. How did Wirth handle the grueling, frightening accident? Wirth concentrated on the lyrics to the Pearl Jam song “Just Breathe”. This calmed him until help was able to arrive and get him to a hospital.

Wirth has returned to his role as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley, CA. He is a changed and no-less-driven man. He puts a lot of time and effort into his job of chief executive. The skiing and resort industry in the western United States might look a lot differently without Wirth’s contributions.

Certainly, a number of charitable causes do appreciate his help. In addition to supporting environmental and conservation plans, Wirth has helped the Navy SEALs Foundation provide support to those servicemen trying to adjust to life back home.

He is a very busy person and his terrible skydiving accident has not slowed him down one iota. Recently, he was named as a new member along with two others to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth worked with the airline industry as part of his managerial duties at Squaw Valley. His knowledge and expertise surely is going to be a huge asset to the airport, to the states of Nevada and California, and the ski resort/tourism industry in general.

The Northstar Urgent Care By Nobilis Health Is Absolutely Amazing

I’ve been to many urgent care facilities over the years. The visits have either been for my child or me. After a few years of regular trips to urgent care for our clumsy but cute son, I finally started having my husband take our son in when he needed to go. I was so tired of sitting and waiting for hours in urgency care centers. Normally, we would go to urgent care, and they would then refer us to a doctor, who would then recommend us to go elsewhere to get testing done. They may even just hand out medicine with no real proof of why we came to urgent care in the first place.

Last month our son fell and hit his cheek on the coffee table, and his cheek was bleeding but not so much that it was an emergency. My husband took him into The Northstar Urgent Care through Nobilis Health. He sent me a text when they got there, and not even ten minutes later he called me and told me they were seeing the nurse. Within half an hour, the doctor was in there talking with our son. My husband said that the staff was so friendly and polite, and they talked to my son quietly, and they didn’t make him uncomfortable at all.

Not only did they treat my husband and my son with great respect and care but the doctor didn’t push them out the door either. The doctor got a kit and looked at my son’s cheek. He determined that it would be the best to do glue stitches instead of actual stitches, which is great since our son is only 5 years old. I was so impressed with the way that they handled the entire situation.

My husband said that when they went into the urgent care our son was in tears, just as he was when he left the house. This was expected as there was quite a bit of blood on his shirt, his hands, and on his face. The doctor explained that there was so much blood because of how much flesh was on the cheek. The doctor had only taken a few minutes to get our son to stop crying. My husband thanked the doctor, and they were out of the urgent care, not even an hour after they arrived.

From now on, any trip that we need to make to urgent care will be to The Northstar Urgent Care through Nobilis Health. The staff was so amazing with how well they treated my husband and our son. They didn’t make them wait long at all, and my son left the center looking forward to some ice cream, so I know that I can take my son there again. I don’t have to be worried about getting upset with the doctors in urgent care because of how great the nurses and doctors are. I’m thankful for Nobilis Health bringing Northstar Urgent Care to families and children in need.

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