The Quincy: The Pizzeria In The Midst Of Crimes In New Brunswick

The Quincy is a local pizza restaurant owned and managed by a family living in New Brunswick. The restaurant mainly caters to families and is one of the most well-known pizzerias in the area. However, this restaurant has been receiving a lot of light, not just for the beautiful Italian cuisine that it has to offer, but for a few crimes that have taken place in the area and inside the pizza parlor. The area around the restaurant has been the hub of numerous crimes, with several incidents happening in and around the area.


The first incident that happened in 2013 and happened out while one of the employees from the Quincy was out for delivery. The pizza van was stopped in the middle of an isolated street and was robbed of all the pizza that was in the van, along with whatever money the driver had on him. The driver was also hurt from the incident but soon communicated with the police force to help them track down the person responsible for the crimes. The investigation went on for a total period of four months before the police of the area were able to track down the robber. The person who committed the crime was Parysh Wood, a 21-year-old resident of New Brunswick. This isn’t the first incident of a robbery that the criminal was under investigation for. In the past, he has been a part of numerous cases of armed robbery and has been on the run ever since he got involved in this. Pizza delivery boys seem to be the primary target for this, and in most cases were the victims of the crimes committed by him. Currently, he is serving his time in Middlesex County for the multiple robberies that he has committed. The police were able to track down the robber because of his phone records, and because he made a call just before the incident claiming that he was going to perform the deed.


Before this incident took place, the Quincy experienced another unfortunate event in 2005. There was a shooting that took place just outside the restaurant, which unfortunately caused lots of harm to the people who were there at the time. The people who were affected by the shooting were immediately rushed to the hospital and treated for their wounds. The shooter responsible for the crime was quickly nabbed by the police who was there in the area at that given time.

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What you should know about Susan McGalla

American Eagle Outfitters has one mighty president. Having a successful businesswoman serve at that position is a rare but an advantage for them. Susan McGalla also serves as the company’s chief merchandising official, whose sole purpose is to conduct the design, marketing and merchandising of the company’s brand. She does this to teens everywhere. She did not start at the company with that position. However, she started with low positions. Her promotion happened in May, three years ago. The promotion was due to her hard work and devotion to her work. At the time of her joining, that is in 1994, the top management or executive positions in the company were male dominated. There were no women even on the company’s board. Her dedication and efforts got her to the positions she is at. Her promotion contributed to culture change in the organization. The company now included women in their construction of corporate cultures for a decade since the year 2000. Five months after her ascension, to raise awareness about the company’s intention of moving its head office to the south side, she wore jeans in support.

Susan has her perspective on being a woman in business. She provides her expertise to clients who need it in the areas of branding, talent management, and marketing among other services. She does this through an incorporation she founded known as P3 Executive Consulting. She has even given talks on her views as a businesswoman and how she made it in that field. She has spoken to various audiences including the Pittsburg foundation for women and girls.

The 53 years old successful businesswoman says that she has had consultations with many women and most of them are looking for practical ideas and advice that have to work. They no longer need buzzwords as they want to be targeted not as women, but as professionals.

McGalla was brought up in East Liverpool alongside two brothers. Her father coached football and taught her that she was a person, not a woman or a man. For them, gender neither contributed to nor prevented anything important in life. Her family also taught her confidence whether when presenting herself or when conveying her ideas. This helped her excel in her career working with both gender and in confidence.

Before her work at American Eagle Outfitters, she started her career at the departmental stores of Joseph Horne Incorporation. This career began as soon as she graduated from the College of Mount Union with a Bachelor of Arts.

The Leadership Skills of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Televisa is one of the leading Spanish-speaking media companies. The company distributes its content in Mexico and the United States and in other fifty countries. It has more than twenty television networks and pay-tv brands, cable operators. Televisa is not an ordinary media group. It has a good reputation that keeps it going in the market. It has four television channels that operate outside Mexico. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is up to task with the challenge of maintaining the company standards

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is the CEO of Televisa. Under his leadership, Televisa has had a successful journey. Porfirio has a good track record both academically and professionally. He has received an award from Stanford’s executive program as an executive education. He also has a BS in Applied Mathematics from ITAM. He is also involved in the institute for software research at Carnegie Mellon University. His academic achievements geared him off for a successful career. Portfolio has been successful in all his areas of work that include media and entertainment, broadcasting, and advertising. He manages over ten thousand employees globally.

There are new entrants in the media market and therefore there is intense competition for the existing market share. Galindo has therefore come up with a strategy to ensure they are not thrown out of business. Galindo’s main focus is making sure that his team exploits its full potential and continues to come up with innovative solutions to the various challenges in the media market. This is a sure way of ensuring that the company remains relevant and a leader in the digital age that keeps changing with technological advancements

He intends to win advertisers, audiences, advertisers and an extensive market for products ranging from online offerings to magazines. The most interesting thing about Galindo’s strategy is that his strategy seeks to combine the new media world with elements of old school media in a seamless manner. Porifio believes that a person’s ambition can only be limited by his intelligence and the collective group’s imagination. In conclusion, all upcoming entrepreneurs in the media industry should look up to Porfirio as a role model.

Securus Trusts Rick Smith to be able to gain

For Rick Smith to be able to gain the trust of Securus and the people who work with Securus, he had to show them that he was trustworthy. He had to try different things that were going to work and he had to make sure that he was always putting the interests of the company before anything else. This was a part of the business that he was running and it is what made the most sense for Securus to be able to succeed. Rick Smith knew a lot about the things that he could do and also knew that he was going to make things better for the company no matter how good they had been in the past. He was going to strengthen client relationships, add more opportunities for success and help people understand the point of Securus in an industry that is always changing and growing.

The client relationships are among the most important aspects of the business. Rick Smith knows about this and also knows that Securus will not get better unless he does what he can to strengthen these relationships. He is confident in the fact that he can help other people out and he knows a lot about the things that he is capable of doing. For Rick Smith to be doing all of this, he has to make sure that he knows the right opportunities and the right way to talk to his clients. He has made it something of a science and knows the exact way to pull new prisons in.

Prisons that use Securus know that the morale goes up for the prisoners and those who are protecting the prison. This can be a good thing for so many reasons and it is something that Rick Smith knew a lot about when he started the company. He wanted to try and make sure that he was showing people what they could get and often used the proof from other prisons to help them understand the way that things worked. It was Rick Smith’s idea to make sure that he was helping people and to show them all of the options that they could have to be successful.

The point of a prison industry company is to make sure that prisons have the support that will make them successful. A successful prison is important for the entire community and is something that everyone can benefit from so Rick Smith sees that there is a huge point in making the prison a better place for everyone. He is able to try different things, use new methods and make sure that he is helping people out with all of the issues that they might be having.

Imran Haque Places the Life and Health First

Dr. Imran Haque is a specialist in internal medicine, and he is highly-respected in the field. He has an experience of over 15 years and currently runs his private practice in North Carolina in the United States. His office, Horizon Internal Medicine, is precisely located in Asheboro. The facility prides itself as one of the best in internal medicine consultancy and treatment. Dr. Imran Haque received his medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), a world class private university in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Thereafter, he joined University of Virginia for the program of Internal Medicine. His education performance was outstanding, and it is one of the reasons why most patients recommend him.


Services offered by Imran Haque in his private practice physical examination, diabetes management, 360 resurfacing, BMI management, and laser hair removal. He is a licensed doctor and also practices Internal Medicine. He is a highly specialized and fully understands the value of human life, unlike some doctors who use private practice as avenues to exploit their patients financially. He has professionally trained staffs that have profoundly contributed to his success. He carefully examines his staff members before they join his medical team.


About Dr. Imran Haque


Dr. Imran Haque graduated with honors in 1998 and today he has an experience of over 19 years including working in his private practice. His professionalism and expertise are remarkable. Imran is affiliated with several hospitals including Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Randolph Hospital, and High Point Regional Hospital. He also cooperates with other specialists in the field to improve the efficiency and quality service delivery. In his medical facility, Horizon Internal Medicine,  Imran Haque accepts a number of insurance plans such as Humana, Aetna, and Medicare. He is multilingual and fluently speaks Spanish to enhance care for international patients.

There’s a Post About the Olive Garden in Times Square That’s Going Viral

There are a few restaurants across the country that are just staples that people love to eat at. These are restaurants that taste okay, have quick service, and friendly staff. Typically, these are restaurants that are trustworthy. You can go there and always know what to expect. There are never any surprises and it’s a great way to get what you’re craving. These restaurants are not restaurants that you typically frequent while on vacation. These are restaurants like The Olive Garden. A post has now gone viral on Reddit because of this.

According to GrubStreet, one Reddit user posted asking people to defend why they voluntarily ate at the Times Square Olive Garden. The reason the mystery perplexes so many is the sheer fact that it’s basically a nothing-special restaurant. It’s a chain restaurant that has average tasting Italian food at ridiculously expensive prices because it is New York. Perhaps the most perplexing part is why anyone would wait in a line that long, especially visitors when they can get the same food at home.

There are some locals in New York who like to argue that the Olive Garden in Time Square epitomizes New York at its absolute worst because it tricks those who don’t live there into paying more for something they can eat anywhere.

There have been a lot of different replies posted on Reddit as to why people frequent that particular Olive Garden. Many say that being in New York is an overwhelming experience and Olive Garden is something familiar and comforting to them. Other people say that after traveling far, they just want to grab food at the first place they see instead of scoping out something far and unfamiliar. A few of the responses ended up being snarkier, one person suggested that being in New York is so hard that people become homesick for things like the Olive Garden.

Norman Pattiz Releases Outcomes Of Network’s Brand Lift Studies on Major National Consumer Brands by Edison Research

Norman Pattiz who is the executive chairman of PodcastOne and Tom Webster who is the vice president of Edison Research released the results after intensive research of pre and post campaign for the brand lift that was done for podcast advertisers in 2016. There is a significant impact of podcast advertising on the consumer.

This is according to the research. The impact is mainly on recalling the brand, intent of purchase, and recall of messaging. Significant results from these studies indicated that more than 60% of listeners could remember a particular grocery brand after the campaign. The single-handed product awareness improved from pre-study to post-study. It grew by nearly 47% in case of financial services products, 37% for automobile product, and almost 24% if it is a garden product.

The post-study revealed that more than one-third of respondents had a view of an auto aftermarket product. The post-study showed that 22% of clients use a lawn and garden product as compared to 16% in the pre-study. A pre-study revealed that 60% of people were aware of a particular campaign message that was about an automotive aftermarket product. Read more: Norman Pattiz | LinkedIn and Norman Pattiz – Dashconference

The awareness for a dining restaurant rose to 76%. Edison Research conducted three separate studies on behalf of PodcastOne. The studies were carried out to review and analyze the effectiveness of podcast advertising on five national brands. The results showed that the podcast audiences were highly receptive to brand messages. They indicated an increase in inclination with regards to buying those brands.

Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOn. It is the leading podcast network that advertisers support in the country. Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One. The network presents more than 340 hours of original programming. The hours are weekly spread across the most popular podcasts.

Pattiz met Kit Gray after leaving Westwood One. Gray presented the podcasts of those who were working from his apartment in Marina Del Rey. Norman Pattiz has a rich history of innovation and success. He has more than four decades of experience in the audio industry.

He is also the founder of the radio network. The network became the largest broadcaster of news, entertainment, talk sports, and traffic programming to the Broadcast Industry in America. Pattiz launched Courtside Entertainment Group to produce and distribute quality programming. He started PodcastOne at the end of 2012.

Katz’s Delicatessen Opens A New Take-Out Spot In Brooklyn

Being a big fan of delis in general, I’m glad I had the opportunity earlier today to read a current article regarding New York’s world-famous Katz’s Delicatessen.

The article tells how the current owner of the deli has decided to open a new takeout-only restaurant in Brooklyn. The opening of the new Katz’s location marks the first time the deli has expanded since opening in 1888.

The owner of Katz’s Deli, Jake Dell, explains that the new deli outpost represents growth, but he intends to maintain the same high level of quality control that is in place at the original location. Jake Dell is the grandson of a previous owner of the deli.

Mr. Dell mentions the economic realities of operating a restaurant such as Katz’s in today’s world. At his restaurant, the curing and smoking of meats is performed regularly, and at any given time, thousands of pounds of meat will be on hand.

If the price of meat goes up, Mr. Dell explains, he loses money. Because volume sales are needed, the location of the new restaurant works out well. Katz’s Deli now owns a 25-foot truck that is emblazoned with photos of Reuben and pastrami sandwiches. With the new delivery truck, the deli can efficiently deliver products from the original restaurant to the Brooklyn take-out spot.

Although the Brooklyn take-out location offers the same great food as at the original restaurant, Mr. Dell acknowledges that the format is not exactly identical to the original deli. With many customers of Katz’s Deli already coming from Brooklyn to purchase food to-go, the new location is a comfortable fit.

Attorney Karl Heideck’s Potentially Needed Help Regarding New Law

A recent report was provided concerning Attorney Karl Heideck analyzing the reason the Judge stopped the new salary history law of Philadelphia. In January 2017, Mayor Jim Kenney signed a new law that caused Philadelphia to be the first US city that forbids private sector’s employers from inquiring applicants’ salary histories. The law was created in hopes to close the wage gap between Pennsylvania’s females and males, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. To obtain this desired effect, employers would be barred from utilizing job candidate salary information acquired without the knowledge and permission of the candidate. Employers are also forbidden to ask job applicants directly for their previous salaries, they can’t retaliate or punish job candidates who refuse to give salary details, and they can’t force candidates to reveal their previous salary to obtain employment.

However, weeks before the new law was scheduled to come into effect, the city’s Chamber of Commerce presented legal challenges saying it’s unconstitutional. It was predicted by many that this law will negatively impact employers located outside of the city of Philadelphia, but who do business there even if it’s done through third parties. Fines, such as $2,000, will be given to violators of this new provision. And furthermore, companies, like Comcast Communications, threatened legal actions concerning the First Amendment Rights being violated and other perceived compliance burdens. Thus, on April 6, 2017, a district court motion was filed by the Chamber of Commerce.

As a result, the city filed in early June 2017 to have the lawsuit dismissed due to the ambiguity of how the businesses would be affected with this new law, and the courts agreed with this motion. This ruling makes sense because the Chamber of Commerce didn’t make it possible for any legal action response from the government. They didn’t provide any business identities in which would affect them.

So, at the time being, it’s uncertain if any obstacles will show up concerning this new ruling. Most likely, there may be resistance of this new obligation whether or not the Chamber would modify the original complaint.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an attorney and a prolific writer based in Philadelphia who specializes in risk management and compliance and litigation. His services range from risk management advisement to commercial litigation. As a writer, Karl Heideck explains new legal developments as well as news in his blogs. And since 2015, the Hire Counsel listed him as a contract attorney. Before that, he was a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP and an associate for Conrad O’Brien.

Karl Heideck earned his law degree in 2009 from Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law. In 2003, Karl Heideck earned his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College.

New York City Apex Of Gastronomics

Fall in Manhattan is arguably the most majestic time of year. October takes on its own special aura as the entire city starts to softly prepare for the holiday season, and where the skies turn just a little purple at dusk reminding us that Fall is indeed upon us. With Halloween just around the corner, and Thanksgiving only a few weeks later, New York City has a near-equal celebratory event that is held in October, this year from the 12th-15th: The New York City Wine and Food Festival (

It is such a fun time of year, and there is probably not a better time to have this wonderful celebration of the panoply of true food artisans that inhabit the island. The wine is second to none, and as the entire event is sponsored by the Food Network, if you are a fan, you might see some of your favorite chefs showcasing their treats.

This event delivers all proceeds to hunger-relief in New York City and all proceeds go to the Food Bank For New York City. This is one of the nation’s most successful food festivals, and in a city of millions, rather fortuitous that the proceeds go to such an apropos cause that is in great need of all the support it can get.

In addition to the daily events, there are packages that include hotel accommodations for those that plan to make it a mini-vacation, and there is also an area on the website that is dedicated to what can be done during this festival for under $100. There are also day passes where one can gastronomically entertain themselves from dawn til’ dusk! If attendees would like intimate dinners, this is an option as well, but perhaps the most coveted of all events are the signature rooftop parties—a must-attend if you can.

Rest assured, this entire event, albeit very food-centric, is not completely about consuming food. There are a number of workshops and seminars teaching skills to those interested in enhancing their understanding of food preparation.

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