NoMad Neighborhood Gets a Quality Eats

Quality Eats has just opened its third spot in New York in NoMad. This location, at 3 East 28th Street, is the largest of the three at 3,500 square feet. It has room for 125 guests in the dining room and bar sections, and they could potentially serve hundreds each night due to their relatively quick turnaround.

The first Quality Eats opened in 2015 in the West Village, and another was opened up on the Upper East Side two years later. The menu focuses on meat, and steaks are offered for under $30. This is a notable price point in an otherwise expensive market. Diners can choose from bavette cut, hanger, grilled skirt, sirloin, and Don Ameche cuts.

The new restaurant in NoMad offers starters including beet tabbouleh and sausage and pepper toast; a raw bar that serves up hamachi crudo, lump crab, and shrimp cocktail; main dishes including leg of lamb with anchovy butter, grilled octopus with beluga lentils, and lemon-charred chicken served with grilled herbs; and the kale chicken salad and charred steak salad. You can add on a side to your meal, choosing from popular items like brown-bag curly fries, cacio e peppe orzo, or creamed-spinach hush puppies.

The NoMad branch is run by Executive Chef Delfin Jaranilla. He has extensive experience in the Quality Eats businesses, working his way up from garde manger and line cook to earn the top spot in the restaurant.

Quality Eats is part of the Quality Italian and Quality Meats family, all of which are under the Quality Branded parent company. The organization is run by restauranteur Michael Stillman. Stillman is a part of a family that knows its meat; his father started up the first ever TGI Friday’s and was a manager for the famous steakhouse Smith & Wollensky.

Wonder Boy McGarry Ready to Open Gem

Most 19-year-olds are either just out of high school, in college or joining the military. Within this particular demographic, Flynn McGarry stands out among his peers because he’s spending the month of February opening up Gem, a restaurant in New York City that will offer some pricey fare for hungry diners.

McGarry first entered the media sphere eight years ago, which was when he and his family lived in Los Angeles. At that time, the idea of attending dinner tastings of an 11-year-old chef would have seemed absurd. Yet enough people came to McGarry’s home and walked away impressed that he was able to lay the groundwork for this moment.

Gem will officially open for dinner on February 27, with a cafe known as The Living Room having already opened on February 12. The latter component has more of a bakery feel to it, with breads, muffins and other baked items part of the items available. The Living Room will be open in the day, followed by Gem’s nighttime service.

With Gem, diners are strongly advised to check their wallet beforehand, given the $155 price tag for anywhere from 12 to 15 different courses of food. A total of 18 people will be seated at either 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

One of the cornerstones of Gem will be its offerings of pasta, with lamb also garnering a lot of attention on the menu. Whether grilled or braised with apple cider, the lamb offered by McGarry figures to whet the appetites of the hungry diners that find their way to this establishment.

Tarrts filled with sour cream and a sandwich with cabbage taking the place of bread are some other out-of-the-ordinary aspects that Gem brings to the table. Not to be outdone are potatoes that have been braised in yogurt.

Olive-Oil Cake Something to Try at Tetsu

The Japanese restaurant Tetsu, located at 78 Leonard Street in New York City, has tried to expand the horizons of this particular cuisine since first opening their doors. One aspect of their particular style has been their intense focus in the area of grilling, which has led to some unique concoctions along the way through the use of robatas.

One of their latest creations branches out into an area that ordinarily doesn’t have a strong connection to grilling: deserts. The particular delicacy in question is olive-oil cake, something that actually has roots in the Mediterranean, not the Far East. Yet the Japanese touch helps take this dessert into a new stratosphere.

Tetsu’s pastry chef Matthew O’Haver was first given the task by the restaurant’s owner Masa Takayama of trying to break the mold of what diners might expect. Some early attempts were seemingly geared more towards appeasing Takayama, yet didn’t meet his standards. That led to the owner taking any perceived shackles off of O’Haver and letting his natural creativity flow.

The end result, like many of O’Haver’s past creations, has a heavy sampling of both alcohol and salt. The cake has a distinct scent of yuzu sake, though it’s barely detectable and doesn’t take away from the overall taste. Once the cake has been finished, slices are then toasted, with mascarpone cream also a part of this mix. The end is a delightful convergence of sweet and salty that continues to get the attention of diners.

The price of this specific component of Tetsu’s menu is $12. That menu is dotted with casual fare that Takayama wanted to offer after years of offering more formal dining options. Fine-tuning this concept is something that took close to five years, with the restaurant finally making a grand entrance in late 2017.

LimeCrime: Taking a Look at What They’re Offering

Lime Crime is one of the world’s most renowned cosmetics lines. Headed by the Queen of Unicorns, herself, Doe Deere, LimeCrime is at the forefront of the beauty industry and is a force to be reckoned with in the makeup world.

What sets this company apart from most is the fact that they are 100% completely vegan. The brand’s CEO, Russian-born Doe Deere, is vegan and decided that everything that bears her name should be cruelty-free as well.

Deere is known for living a strictly vegan lifestyle, and because of this, she and her company’s products are preferred in the vegan community above other name brand makeup lines.

What kind of products does the company have available? All kinds. From lip toppers to eye palettes, Lime Crime has it all, and Doe Deere is often seen rocking Lime Crime’s makeup and giving makeup tutorials.

Lime Crime has makeup for every skin tone and every ethnicity. This means that any girl who sees the bold and bright colors and decides that she wants to join Team Unicorn can do so. The company has women of many ethnicities on their web page and social media pages.

LimeCrime does not merely specialize in cosmetics, however; they also have amazing hair products. Hair dyes are one of the products that keep all of the ladies on Team Unicorn very happy.

There are multiple hues available for women who wish to change their hair colors.

Women can choose a chalky grey hue. This dye is very dark and reminds some unicorns of powerful storm clouds.

Another color is Sea Witch. This is basically teal. It is a smooth blue-green and deeply resembles a glittering mermaid’s tail.

Chestnut is the company’s grey dye. Women can rock flawless grey locks no matter their ages.

Women and girls alike are able to be their true authentic selves when they use LimeCrime makeup. Thanks to Doe Deere and LimeCrime’s vision, becoming a unicorn has become a much easier dream to reach.

Scott Rocklage – A True Leader in the Medical Industry

With over 30 years of experience, Scott Rocklage has a very extensive resume to include his PhD and him being a contributing inventor for over 30 different patents in the United States. Furthermore, he has been one of the top leaders in the industry that helped with FDA approval on various new drug applications.

Rocklage has worked for many different companies over the years and has been partner of some of these businesses. Several of the companies that you can find on Rocklage’s resume can include Relypsa where he was the board chairman and Novira a part of Johnson & Johnson. Scott also won a Nobel prize in 2005 for his contributions in chemistry, during his stent at MIT. Read more: Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | Bloomberg

Most importantly he became managing partner of 5 AM ventures in 2004, which has aided him in his healthcare contributions tremendously.

Though he received his Bachelors degree in California at Berkeley, as a Boston native, Dr. Rocklage returned to Massachusetts for his PhD to attend MIT and study chemistry. Working with various different entrepreneurs like scientists, business executives and physicians, he must always be on his toes. Rocklage can often find himself researching, learning and developing himself in life sciences.

Scott’s firm, 5 AM ventures is currently placing a financial backing on the cure of M1 which is the cause of muscular dystrophy in adults. At this point, there has been over $55 million contributed to the research and cure of the disease. A

s this is a disease that crosses through the DNA it is something that can be inherited through the family over years and conditions can worsen. With this in mind, 5 AM ventures and Scott Rocklage, PhD has decided to address this disease with new molecule medications.

With Rocklage’s true love for what he does, he is determined to fulfill these medical needs and continue to treat these diseases related to RNA and M1. He can truly be seen as a leader in the healthcare management industry that is tenacious, charitable and eager to help.


James Beard Foundation Nominates NYC Restaurants for Honors

The James Beard Foundation announced their nominations for 2018. Included in the list are several New York City establishments that you will want to try if you have not discovered them yet.


This Korean steakhouse is the first of its kind in New York City. This Flatiron restaurant offers premium steaks, a live cooking experience and over 600 wine labels. If you choose to dine at Cote, then make sure to try the butcher’s feast that includes four different cuts of beef, numerous Korean side dishes and soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

Bien Cuit

Zachary Golper has been nominated by the James Beard Foundation as one of the best bakers in America. Breads are carefully made in small batches by hand at his Brooklyn restaurant called Bien Cult. The bakery bakes at least three times a day ensuring that guests get a fresh-baked loaf or treat regardless of when they arrive.

Clover Club

The foundation has also nominated Brooklyn’s Clover Club as an outstanding bar program. If you choose to go, then you can expect to find nine categories of drinks served from the reclaimed mahogany bar. This sophisticated space also serves an incredible Sunday brunch.


Dante also was added for its outstanding bar program by the James Beard Foundation. After being in its Greenwich location for more than 115 years, Dante has recently opened in Little Italy. While the interior pays tribute to its roots as a neighborhood cafe, you need to try the innovative aperitivos and Champagne drinks at this new location.

Locanda Verde

Chef Andrew Carmellini of Locanda Verde receives well-deserved kudos from the James Beard Foundation. The ravioli at this restaurant is made from a recipe Carmellini was given by his grandmother, and it should definitely be enjoyed. The innovative small plates often featuring lamb are also worth the trip to this Tribeca restaurant.

These are only a few of the wonderful places nominated for awards. You will definitely want to pick your favorite and visit it soon.

Nick Vertucci: From Humble To Great

His high school years were not easy due to his family’s financial situation, but he dug in and managed to get his diploma from canyon high school.

Business Career

Nick Vertucci began his business career when he was just eighteen years old. Immediately after high school, he started a business selling computers accessories.

Initially, the business did well enough to alleviate his financial problems; his family began living a comfortable life.

Unfortunately, when the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, the crash did not spare Nick. He had liquidated all his capital before the crash; this meant that he could not service his debts when the crash hit.

The situation deteriorated so much that he ended up losing his home.

Coming From Rock Bottom

Reeling from his losses, Nick Vertucci had no option but to pick himself up and start afresh. After years of hard work and persistence, Nick turned his business around.

He grew it to become a successful company known as Coastline Micro of which he was the president. Coastline has over a hundred employees, and they are a recognized brand in the computer systems sector.

Nick Vertucci is not involved in the daily operations of the business, but he still owns a controlling stake in the company.

Business Mindset

Nick is currently the CEO of the Nick Vertucci Companies, which is a real estate company based in Irvine, California. The company purchase undervalued properties from banks, refurbishes them, and then sells them at a decent profit.

This is in keeping with Nick Vertucci’s business ideology. He believes in quality creation. He takes a dilapidated property and spruces it up, thus increasing its quality, and makes a profit off it.

Michael Hagele’s Experience and Advice in Business

Michael Hagele is the outside general counsel for several technology companies in the aerospace, defense, internet and biotechnology industries. He has also been an investor in technology companies in their early stages and an investor and founder of many firms in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Hagele’s involvement in these industries has given him experience in negotiating, drafting, licensing distribution, development agreements and many more. He has worked in commercial agreements in relation to technology companies and does promotional marketing, intellectual property, and sales.

Michael Hagele has served as the general counsel of internet companies supported by venture capital where he helped manage legal affairs like stock option plans, intellectual property, corporate governance, employment issues, and mergers and acquisitions issues.

His experience as both an outside and in-house general counsel has shown him that no matter how small a firm is, high quality and affordable legal services is possible with technology businesses. He has also learned that being tenacious and it’s best to keep going while challenging assumptions and dealing with new information and opportunities as they come around. He also suggests exercising, as it helps with recharging and improving your mind.

Social media has been a huge strategy for growing his businesses, which he utilizes by talking with customers about his products. He also uses various software like TSA PreCheck, MS Office, and many products offered by Google. The book he recommends to entrepreneurs is Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

Michael Hagele has an interest in artificial intelligence and has invested in and advised in a company that has created an app dedicated to finding the best use of funding. The app uses a machine learning algorithmn.

Michael Hagele graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree and from the University of California at Berkeley with a JD.

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New Mediterranean Restaurant Opens in Hudson Yards

On Thursday, the Delicious Hospitality Group launched their latest venture, Legacy Records. Offering a seafood-based selection of dishes, the restaurant serves as a café by day and a swanky dining destination by night. Legacy Records is the company’s third venture after Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones.

Legacy Records is the brainchild of the Delicious Hospitality Group, a culinary agency formed by a quartet of restaurant veterans. The group is led by chef Ryan Hardy, who achieved great success with Charlie Bird, an Italianesque eatery that opened in the West Village in 2013. Grant Reynolds, named best new sommelier by of 2013 by Wine & Spirits, is also a partner in the venture. The partnership includes wine director Robert Bohr, who learned his craft at Daniel Boulud’s Daniel and honed it at Cru on 24 Fifth Avenue. Avrid Rosengren, winner of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale’s 2016 Best Sommelier in the World Award, is also a member of the group, as well as bartender Jeff Bell.

The restaurant is located in Henry Hall complex within the Hudson Yards development. The development was built on the former site of the West Side Yard and a recording studio for Legacy Records, an American record label that has released music from a wide range of artists. The restaurant is spread over two floors in Henry Hall and was designed by San Francisco-based interior designer Ken Fulk. The space boast three bars and a dining room.

The eatery’s menu includes plenty of options for lovers of both seafood and pasta. The menu features succulent scallop and razor clam crudo dishes, as well as more fantastic fare like charcoal-grilled pigeon and cuttlefish spaghetti.

The café portion of the restaurant launched on Thursday. While Legacy Records’ dining room is currently available only for private parties, it will be open to the general public on March 6.

Equities First Ability To Make Money

The French Tribune wrote an interesting article detailing the movent et and the operations of Equities First Financial Holding. The article is very interesting because it details how the company operates and how the CEO of the company looks at the financial industry in order to grow the company. The main thing that the company does that sets it apart is that they are constantly on the lookout for new partnerships. The company even changed their name about fives years ago in another one of their many deals. The CEO just wants the company to be on the cutting edge of the fi coal industry and the best way for Equities first financial od that id for them to team up with other companies. This also shows Equities ability to make money. Since the company is able to purchase these other companies then you know that they have the funds to do so.

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