Meet Randal Nardone, at the core of Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone is a financial whose ambition cannot be tethered and this was evident back in 1988 when he joined camp with Wesley Edens and several others to form Fortress Investment Group. Randal was beaming with confidence and experience having been in the field of finance for over a decade, and this was the spirit that has made Fortress an investment giant over the years. Randall says he invested more than just money in Fortress. He views the company as a symbol of his commitment, talent, hard work and time and as his mother contribution to the finance world. Today Fortress is the leading investment company, offering premium services to their clientele base which has grown to myriads of customers around the globe. The number of international companies opting for Fortress services has increased each day and this evidently because of the elite background that Randal and his partners set while the company was still young.

Earlier Career

Randal Nardone is without a whisker of doubt among the top influential financials in the world. The fact that he did not initially start in finance only makes his success more deserved and convincing. Nardone initially started in law after attaining a degree from University of Connecticut and masters from Boston University. His law career was marked with success and he even became one of the partners at Thatcher Profit & Wood a reputable law firm. He also worked as a manager at UBS for twelve months and prior to that, he was at BlackRock where he was the principal. Nardone would later gain an interest in finance and would switch to the field leading to their partnership with Wesley Edens to form Fortress.

Professional Attributes

Over the course of his career at Fortress and other institutions, Nardone has exhibited extra-ordinary finance skills and leadership qualities. His years in the field of finance has enabled his work at different positions, therefore making him an all-around financialist. This is the attitude he and his partners have built Fortress on and it is no surprise that other top companies including Japanese Firm, Softbank expressed interest to purchase the company. Softbank made a successful bid and thereafter bought Fortress at a value of $3.3 Billion. Randal Nardone was pivotal during the purchase and it was not a surprise that Softbank management retained him in the management position.

 More about Randal Nardone

He not only serves at Fortress as the chief operating officer and in charge of financial and legal issues, he also serves as a director of Springleaf Finance Inc., Brookdale Senior Living Inc., GAGFAH S.A., Springleaf Finance Corporation, Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd, Eurocastle Investment Limited and Springleaf Finance Inc.

Brazil’s Heavy Metal Financial Wizard, Cassio Audi

The path to become a leading financier was an interesting and twisted one for Brazilian Cassio Audi. For a man now mostly associated with investments and start ups, his rise to the top of the Brazilian music scene may come as a surprise. Decades before putting on his suit and tie to enter the world of business, Cassio Audi was a musician and drummer during the heavy metal scene of the late 1980’s. As a teenager, the young Cassio Audi became a drumming legend, helping to form the iconic, metal band, Viper. Alongside his bandmates, Felipe Machad, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell, and Andre Matos, Audi rose to the top of the Brazilian and global metal scene with a fusion of 1970’s-inspired, British metal and the newer, heavier metal that was sweeping the globe in the early 1980’s.

The group’s first album, Krillera, was a success right out of the gate, but it was their second release, 1988’s Soldiers of Sunrise, that cemented the group’s status as global, metal legends.Amongst Viper’s numerous hits, Cassio Audi helped craft several of their signature songs, including Wings of the Evil, The Law of the Sword, Knights of Destruction, The Whisper, Killers, and Signs of the Night.By the early 1990’s, the heavy metal scene had lost some of its steam, supplanted by grunge groups like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and Cassio Audi started looking for ways to earmark his rock star earnings.

First he invested in his own education, then he began his rise to the top of the financial world. Audi earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1994 and, eventually, an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo, finally parting ways with his Viper bandmates for good, in 1999.The band he helped form is often credited with bringing heavy metal home and popularizing the genre across the Latin American continent. For that reason, wherever Cassio Audi’s investment career takes him, he will always be a legend in Brazil, and around the world.

Has Dr. Dov Rand Found the Fountain of Youth?

For years people have been looking for the proverbial fountain of youth. It is very possible that Dr. Dov Rand has taken us several steps closer to that goal. Dr. Rand is located in West Orange, New Jersey. He specializes in helping people age in a healthy manner and is currently the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center. Dr. Dov Rand focuses on issues of aging, from wrinkles to erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Rand’s model for aging care is rather unique. He concentrates on his patient’s total well-being, including diet, exercise, hormone therapy, physical therapy and dietary supplements. Dr. Rand’s goal is to not just maintain health but to rebuild the body’s natural immune system to its highest level. An interesting aspect to using Dr. Rand’s approach is that it actually rebuilds muscle tissue and also reduces adipose buildup within the body. The hormone therapy encourages the body to utilize its own natural healing process while building up natural hormone levels to that of a young person.

Utilizing Dr. Dov Rand’s program also improves one’s energy, flexibility, and strength. These improvements are monitored, allowing the patient to see their progress. Educational materials are also provided to all patients, so they understand their important role in their own therapy if they are to maintain the benefits.

It is Dr. Rand’s use of regenerative medicine which makes him stand out in a sea of doctors seeking to reverse aging. Dr. Rand seeks innovative treatments that have been peer-reviewed to utilize with his own patients, so stays on the cutting edge. While aging is inevitable, Dr. Dov Rand helps people to age well and to, in many cases, turn back the clock. His patients are more than satisfied with their treatments and are grateful to him for the positive changes they have seen in their minds and bodies.



Non-Meat Eaters, Meet Shake Shack’s New Veggie Burger

When it comes to veggie meals, non-meat eaters expect legitimate grub. In other words, they’re looking for the real deal, and it appears that Shake Shack has nailed it with their brand new “Veggie Shack” burger.

Fans in New York City got to taste the veggie debut at select Shake Shacks located in Midtown East, the Upper East Side and Astor Place on Thursday, according to an item in GrubStreet.

The burgers look absolutely yummy and taste wicked good, say those who took a big bite. The Veggie Shack burger features a potato roll that holds the delicious goods inside like the vegan patty created with roasted beets for that medium rare appearance and blended with black beans and brown rice. The faux-beef burger comes dressed up with a tangy vegan mustard mayo and includes pickles, onions, lettuce and provolone cheese. The non-beef burger sells for $7.29 in NYC.

YouTube says that the Veggie Shack can also soon be ordered in a lettuce wrap or gluten-free bun for those who desire a different kind of burger and true vegan experience minus the cheese.

According to the Shake Shack kitchen, it took food experts approximately eight months to design the meatless burger and come up with the ideal blending of vegetables and legumes. The burger restaurant chain believes they’ve constructed the perfect veggie burger.

Some fans say the meatless version is pretty good because it’s not mushy or dry, and Shake Shack even added an interesting textural grain coating to mimic the effects of a typical char-grilled meat-filled burger one can find on the restaurant’s already famous menu.

There’s good crunch with the onions and pickles also, so it’s a delightful new, healthy option.

Where’s the beef?

Who’s asking?

Who Is Equities First Holdings

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More Equities First Holdings News

They have over 2.55 million in current equities to back their international team of clients. You can learn more about their loan opportunities by visiting their exclusive Equities First Holdings website for more account details today.

Shake Shack in Manhattan Tests Vegetarian Burger

One of the most prominent fast-food restaurant chains in the United States chose New York City as the testing ground for a new vegetarian hamburger patty, and the taste tests reported thus far are not very encouraging.

In recent years, Shake Shack has emerged as a worthy competitor to major fast-food empires such as McDonald’s and Burger King; the company already had a vegetarian burger option on the menu, but it mostly consisted of a large portobello mushroom dipped in a creamy cheese sauce, a recipe that does not quite evoke a burger patty. On April 20, Shake Shack started serving a new veggie patty made with black beans, beets and brown rice; the texture and consistency of this new recipe is supposed to evoke the experience of a traditional burger patty, but at least one review by a food journalist from the gastronomy website Eater suggests that Shake Shack is not quite hitting the mark.

Ryan Sutton described the Shake Shack vegetarian patty as an overly crunchy eating experience that dissolves into a mushy feeling with an offbeat taste. Mr. Sutton’s summary is that the portobello burger offered by Shake Shack is a better option for diners who do not want a beef patty. This meatless burger is served on Shake Shack’s popular hamburger buns that are made with potato starch; the toppings are generous and include provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, and pickles.

Shake Shack faces competition in the New York market from White Castle, a legendary chain that has been trying to improve its menu with the “Impossible” burger, which is made with a vegetarian patty that is surprisingly tasty even though it does not evoke the texture or flavor of a regular slider.

The New York Shake Shack locations currently serving the new veggie patty are: Upper East Side, Midtown and Astor Place.

Unfortunate Restaurant Closings Across New York City

April 2018 has been a difficult month for restaurant lovers in New York City. Specialty, ethnic and trendy eateries are closing their doors all around the city; in some cases, the owners intend to open elsewhere, however, quite a few do not have immediate plans and may not seek new ventures in the restaurant industry. The following is a rundown of the pubs, bistros, cafés, and restaurants closing this month across the boroughs:

McAleer’s Irish Pub

Located in the Upper West Side, McAleer’s has been pouring pints and servings shots of fine whiskey for more than six decades; alas, its closure was announced on Facebook earlier this week. According to a report posted by Eater NYC, the McAleer cousins from Northern Ireland started the pub in 1953; it started off as a hole-in-the-wall bar and progressed to an authentic Irish pub serving traditional snacks such as fish and chips as well as bangers. McAleer’s was once featured on the television series “NYPD Blue.”


This trendy East Williamsburg eatery closed down without notice in mid-April. The owners did not give much notice, although the Williamsburg restaurant market has become extremely competitive in recent years.

El Quijote

One of the best Spanish restaurants in the city is closing due to the transformation of the historic Chelsea Hotel, but it is expected to reopen later this year.


Located in Tribeca, this Puerto Rican restaurant is used to getting favorable reviews; however, the high cost of rent in this district may have played a part in the owner’s decision to close down. Sazón is expected to pop up at a different location in the future, but there are no estimates as to when this may happen.

La Carbonara

The future of this West Village restaurant is uncertain; what is known, however, is that the landlord has taken possession. Although the owners have said that the situation is temporary, frequent diners believe that permanent closure is imminent.

Giving Papers For Gold

Gold has been in existence for more than three millennia and has always been used as a measure of wealth. In fact, it was not until 1973 that it ceased to be the measure used for currency. In the 21st century gold, many financial experts have advised people to invest in gold. However, is putting money in gold worthwhile or is it just a white elephant?

Investment in gold is catching up with most people gaining a lot from it. First, gold is uncorrelated other investment. It doesn’t change in price in case of changes in other assets like oil, real estate or other minerals. This is because the prices of gold are determined by its own demand and supply which make it unique. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and  US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

Secondly, the supply side of gold has since dropped but the demand end of it remains stable. It will see the prices of gold increase over time. Lastly, gold not only carries intrinsic value but also monetary value as well. Investing in rare, or historically significant pieces of gold might go along way in diversifying one’s income.

Talking of historically significant pieces, one piece that is being offered for sale is the gold and silver coins to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The coins that have been made legal tender under the Australian Currency Act of 1965 are beautiful.

First, a gold coin is made from pure gold weighing 2 ounces same as the one in silver. The coin display, the St. Edward crown, shield, floral emblem of Australia, official flower of each Australian state and an inscription. This is made possible with the professional expertise of Perth Mint industry, who made sets of 250 coins only.

For gold coins collectors, there is good news, 203 of the 250 coins are being distributed exclusively by Money Reserve. This is not the first time this company is because given the exclusive right for distribution of limited edition sets.

They distributed the Birthday proof coin of Her Majesty the Queen in 2016, also had exclusive rights of distribution in the United States to the 70th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding Platinum coin and to top it all they still have the worldwide exclusive distribution right to the 75th anniversary Pearl Habor Coin Series which was also produced by Perth Mint industry.

The new coin presents a good investment because of the low mintage status it has its historical significance and the exclusivity.

Big Business Moves: Chelsea Market Global Expansion

Chelsea Market is one of New York’s premier food spots. The marketplace, owned by real estate investment company Jamestown, just made a whopping 1.8 billion (yes with a “b”) dollar profit on a real estate negotiation with Google. The internet mogul intends to keep the location as is and, I would speculatively say, Google wants to play a proactive role in the food resources accessible to their New York offices, while expanding their own potentials for profit.

Chelsea Market did not become such a successful and popular business over the last 20 years in New York for lack of well thought out moves. The food retailer is now looking to expand the brand in locations in the U.S. and possibly Europe. As the saying goes “if I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere”. Prosperous business owners like Jamestown are well aware of the high stakes involved with sustaining economic endeavors in an extravagantly expensive city.

Jamestown plans to hold on to the intellectual property as it expands the operation into other major cities. With the market’s 20- year track record, I could see it thriving pretty much anywhere across the U.S. or overseas in England. If Jamestown’s choice for real estate in other up and coming markets is anything like it was in New York, they will continue to be profitable.

A decade after the second largest recession in U.S. history, people in major cities across the country are starving (so to speak) for a satisfying and reliable food source. Chelsea Market has proven to have longevity for success in one of the tightest markets in the world, New York City. They have the potential and the vision to transform budding American cities across the nation.

NYC Pays Tribute to David Bowie Through Food and Cultural Events

The tribute to David Bowie continues with an homage the Brooklyn museum, following a worldwide exhibit featuring the late entertainer. New York city even brandishes Bowie-themed MetroCards and life sized Bowie images in the subways in honor of the occasion.

The Norm, a restaurant located in the museum, will host a dinner series over four different nights dedicated to the memory of David Bowie and showcasing the cuisine of four major cities that inspired Bowie during his career. London is of course represented on the list of influential places and fish and chips is no surprise a feature menu item of the city.

The other cities represented include Berlin, Tokyo, and Philadelphia. Berlin introduces the series with its authentic street food spaetzle, basically a German version of pork lo mein. My only guess is that Philadelphia must have some sort of cheesesteak style course. It would only be right.

In line with the tributary theme of the Brooklyn museum, BKW in Crown Heights hosts cocktails in the theme of the artist. Those that aren’t familiar with David Bowie will be introduced to him if spending any time in Brooklyn this spring and summer. His legacy will live on through fans that remember him fondly.

The world will always be abuzz with odes to David Bowie. We’ll remember him on his birthday and the anniversary of his passing, lieu of random tributes to his art or celebrations of the anniversary of our favorite albums. We’ll continue to have discourse on his works because David Bowie was one of the most profound creatives of our time.

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