Lime Crime Gets Past its Roadblocks

Lime Crime, the well-known cosmetics company, has recently come up with a new approach to launching its product line in China. The Global General Manager for the company, Kim Walls, talked about the issue in depth at the NRF Conference recently.

According to Kim, it was difficult for the company to sell to China because they were not able to sell in the ways that they were used to selling. One of the main issues was that their cosmetics could only be sold wholesale if they were tested on animals. This was an issue because the vegan company proudly does not test on animals and that is one of the reasons so many people love the brand. Not testing on animals is really a part of their notable brand. They are a pet-friendly brand and is not willing to test on animals no matter what. They could only avoid that issue if they shipped directly from the United States.

Shipping to China directly from the United States would cause complicated transportation issues such as having to deal with taxes and duties as well as having to deal with international returns and customer inquiries in Chinese.

Issues such as counterfeits were also emerging. Over 1 million units of the brand’s lip products were found to be counterfeit and sold in Chinese marketplaces in just the past year alone.

The solution that the company came up with was to partner with Revolve, an e-commerce fashion platform out of Los Angeles. This helped the company to really stand out. Lime Crime also created a “seed audience” in China that was used to engage people through social media.

Fans could access the new e-commerce hub which prompted the word to spread about the brand before the official launch. Lime Crime also used influencers to help the brand to get noticed.

These “influencers” were their passionate fans who helped, but it also helped to avoid the “first tier” mavens of lesser influencing people. These little moves that the company has adapted has helped the company to overcome some drawbacks in order to move forward.

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Dr. Villanueva MB2 Dental Professional

Who Is Dr. Villanueva

Do you hesitate to visit a dentist because your expelled with the myth that most treatment hurts and it can be very expensive? Many advances in dental technology has made it possible to improve your smile for far less than competitor networks and less recovery times says, MB2 Dental professional, Dr. Chris Villanueva. Early dentistry is one way to avoid huge future dental costs and protect your smile. He offers his patients personalized care centered around their unique need for dental work. Their spa dental environment will help you relax on every visit.


How MB2 Dental Can Help Your Smile

MB2 Dental is a licensed and bonded professional dentistry practice. They help their patients understand the importance of taking care of the only smile you’ll ever have in your lifetime. Their friendly technicians will work diligently to ensure your personalized care and input into your dental therapy. Your children should see a pediatric dentist as soon as they show signs of getting their first teeth. You can familiarize your child with a dental experience early, but MB2 Dental is careful to cater to cowards of all ages.


MB2 Dental Care Services

affordable dental x-rays

– most insurance is accepted

– orthodontist referral

– specialty dentistry

– emergency services

– friendly dental professionals

– teeth whitening

– braces clear/traditional

– jaw realignment

– Veneers

– teeth correction

– braces clear/traditional

– spa dental

– several locations to choose

– most insurance accepted

– and much more…


Get the emergency dental services you need regardless of limited resources with MB2. You pay for the treat you need over time. No patient is ever turned away at their experienced team of dental professionals, and

If you’re a first-timer, you encouraged to visit their office and learn more about their equipment meet Dr Villanueva. They teach your child how to properly brush their teeth and why it’s important. Getting your confidence back with your smile has never been easier and cost less. They offer their current patients day, afternoon, and evening appointments. They’re there for you that first awkward moment you decide to get dental work. Thousands of people are opting to maintain their smile in an appearance driven society. You’re invited to get a no risk free consultation to learn about the options available at MB2 Dental for your smile.

How Agora Financial Protects Assets and Promotes Wealth.

Agora Financial offers services to individuals with extra savings available for investments. They offer an opportunity to help protect savings and improve wealth. An experienced team goes onsite to search for new trends with the potential for high return of profit. The research staff gives their own independent and unbiased opinions, meaning that they are not paid by any companies searching for the funding of their own projects.The staff has a long record of being able to predict bubbles and find out the direction of markets.

Many new investors have spent the majority of their time earning income, and don’t know where to go to make the most out of their extra cash. They will find plenty of conflicting information from people that are out to get their money. For example, They don’t want to hear from stockbrokers that are just salesman trying to earn a commission.

Agora financial searches for big investment stock opportunities before they hit the mainstream. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have around for a while, are too expensive, and their stocks aren’t nearly as profitable as they were when they started first out. They will be constantly looking for new ideas, so they can help clients buy-in early and earn a lot of money in a shorter period of time.
The staff has plenty of resources to offer users such as books, seminars, and documentaries. The give information on the secrets of generating growth, ways to protect wealth to avoid suffering during a meltdown, and how to find companies that are poised for growth.

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Jim Larkin: Leader And Organizer For Workers

Jim Larkin is a leader from Ireland who founded several organizations. The Irish Transport and the General Workers’ Union wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the efforts of Larkin and his ideas about wanting a fair environment for employees.

Although Larkin was born in England, he is known for much of the positive work that he did in Ireland. He also died in Ireland in 1947. The General Workers’ Union was the largest union in the area before others were founded.

Larkin traveled to the United States to try to start similar unions and organizations, but he was deported soon after he arrived. He is a man who worked to establish and promote unions until he died. Jim Larkin didn’t have a lot of formal education when he was younger because he grew up in what was considered the slums of England.

He would find odd jobs to help out his family before he became a foreman at the Liverpool docks. After he started working, he saw that workers weren’t being treated as fairly as they could, which is why he started various unions.

Some of Larkin’s methods seemed militant, so he was moved to Dublin where he continued founding unions. He wanted all types of workers in Ireland to come together to create one large organization.

A few years later, Jim Larkin founded the Irish Labour Party. He was responsible for leading several strikes in Dublin as a way to promote the independence of workers and the equal opportunities that they deserved.

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Securus Technologies – Wireless Containment Systems

Wireless containment systems are the leading edge in the battle against inmates as they continue to find ways to smuggle contraband cell phones into the prison environments. It has proven difficult for officials to stop all methods of entry of these phones, and so the best method is to simply stop them from working even if they are received by the prisoners, and Securus is probably the best at that task right now. The company’s WCS technology has already been able to stop over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts between only 8 correction facilities.


Robert Johnson at the Lee Correction Institute in South Carolina knows the dangers of prisoner communication to the outside world all too well. That is because in 2010 there was a hit put on his life because of his job stopping contraband. He and fellow workers were able to confiscate a $50,000 large package from a prison gang. Because of this, the gang used a cell phone to call a hit on him while he was in his home with his wife in a room nearby. He was shot six times in the abdomen and chest from close range, and this led to him dying twice on the operating table, but he was resilient enough to stay in this world.


That is why he now is working as a consultant for Securus in order to help get their technology into more prisons around the country so that this type of incident has a far less chance of happening. One can be astonished at the desperation that turns some to such acts of violence, and all it took was a cell phone and a $6,000 Green Dot card for the gang to be able to put the hit out on him. A similar recent incident also happened to a baby who was only 9 months old when it was shot while his mother was holding it. Prison workers almost unanimously agree that the cell phones have become probably the biggest threat to their safety and the safety of others.


Also, there have recently even been prison videos filmed on the newer Facebook Live feature such as one that was released from the Evans Correctional Institute of Jose Ariel Rivera who was a 31-year old inmate there. The Securus technology is able to intervene by feigning as a cell tower of the carrier, and the cell phones attempt to connect and make outgoing calls, but only the numbers that have been preapproved such as worker phones are able to do so. They are still able to make 911 calls in case there is some emergency to report, but in general, the safety of the facility is increased a level by having such a wireless containment system in place.

Troy McQuagge Started the HOPE Program to Help Others

The point of the HOPE Program is to give people what they need. Troy McQuagge knew this and knew the company he worked for, USHEALTH Group, would be better if they were giving back to those who were needy in the community. He had spent a lot of time trying to make sure people were getting what they wanted and that’s how he was going to make the company better than what it could have been before. He knew that HOPE would allow him to make the company better than what it ever was and that’s how he was going to live his life knowing there would be things that could get better for other people through the hard work that USHEALTH Group had done. It was part of how he was working to make things better and was how he was going to improve on all the things that were going on in the industry. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

As long as Troy McQuagge was working on HOPE, it was a program that was going to work. The program, Helping Other People Everyday, gave others the chance to experience all the positive parts of the industry. It also allowed them the chance to see things would continue to work as long as Troy McQuagge was making sure things were getting better. He had always wanted people to know what they could do and how they could make a difference depending on the things that were going on in the industry.

With HOPE, Troy McQuagge US Health showed people how they could do different things. He had always wanted others to realize he was doing a lot of work and that’s what made him better at what he could do. He tried to show people there would be things that would make sense and that’s how he was going to give people what they wanted. For Troy McQuagge, this was a big part of the company and a big part of how health insurance worked to help other people with the things he was doing with it.

HOPE continued to make a difference. The company knew they were doing everything they could to give people the options they were looking for. They knew there would be things that would allow them the chance to experience more and that’s how they felt confident about what they were doing and how they were giving everyone what they needed to be successful. Looking at these things made it easier for Troy McQuagge to keep helping others. He knew that he was becoming an important factor in their lives no matter what they were doing or the type of help they were getting from the company that provided them with health insurance.

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Jeremy Goldstein Steps in the Ring with Knockout Options

The idea of corporations offering stock options to employees is becoming less popular. The fear of an economic downturn weakening stock options might make an employee skittish when considering incentives. Why would an employee want to gamble when there’s a more tangible option like a pay increase? Jeremy Goldstein has shared his opinions on the matter.


The simple answer is employees can earn more money with stock options as long as the company is succeeding. Companies benefit more from having their employees invested in the company, and the employees benefit by watching their incentives grow. To reduce risk of devaluing the stock in the event of a downturn, corporations can use what’s known as a “knockout” option.


A knockout option is a safeguard when stocks are given as incentives. Jeremy Goldstein explains that when a stock’s value falls a certain percent below the original value at the time it was given, the stocks are “knocked out” as an option for employees. This helps secure the desire for employees to see their company grow. Both employees and the corporation benefit, as well as non employee share holders. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, where they offer professional advice on matters of executive compensation, to the effective governance of corporations. Jeremy Goldstein’s expertise in business law has been notably involved in over fifteen corporate acquisitions, from the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies, to the Phillips Petroleum Company and Conoco Inc acquisition.


Apart from his current position, Jeremy Goldstein also shares his views on corporate governance and composition to those wise enough to listen. Jeremy Goldstein has demonstrated time after time that his opinions matter. Corporations should heed his advise on knockout options, there is a lot to gain.

Cassio Audi One of the Most Well-Known Business Executives in Brazil with Successful Past in Music Industry

While Cassio Audi is currently regarded as one of the most reputed and successful businessmen and financial executive, very few people do know about his musical past. He is one of the well-known musicians in the Brazilian music industry and is the co-founder of the band named Viper, which was one of the most prominent metal bands in Brazil in the 1990s. The name of the band he co-founded was Viper, which went on to become a massive sensation in Brazil. Some of the songs that Viper composed were in English, which gave the band and its huge member popularity overseas as well, particularly among the lovers of Metal music.

Cassio Audi was a drummer in the band Viper, and he helped in giving the band its unique identity and sound. At the time of the formation of the band, Cassio Audi was very young. However, due to the sheer talent of Cassio Audi, he became to known as a legendary drummer alongside famous drummers like Ivan Busic and Jean Dolabella. The first album released by Viper was known as Soldiers of Sunrise, which featured songs like Killer, Nightmare, Princess from Hell, and others. These metal songs are considered classic creation today in Brazil and are loved by the fans of the metal genre. The group formed by Cassio Audi was primarily inspired by the metal band named Iron Maiden, which was a global sensation. Viper followed the footsteps of Iron Maiden and was hugely successful in gaining a massive base of loyal patrons in Brazil and across the globe.

Cassio Audi is currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he is a successful financial executive. Over the years, Cassio Audi has helped many companies achieve their financial goals through his economic insight and expertise. He has done his graduation in business administration from the reputed university of Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University.

Avaaz Wins Their Fight Against Corruption in Brazil

As corruption continued to increase in Brazil, Avaaz fought for the people. The Clean Record Law was proposed in 2010. This law would stop any politician with a criminal record from running for an office. When Avaaz was informed by one of the politicians being investigated for corruption the law would not pass, they gathered their forces. They began with a petition half a million people signed, began an advocacy campaign, and burned up the phone lines. The politicians continued to try to delay the bill but within a few hours calls were flooding the offices of Avaaz.

The fight lasted for months, but Avaaz had the support of the major media networks in the country. The Clean Record law did eventually pass, and the vote was nearly unanimous. Thousands of potentially corrupt politicians were prevented from running for office, and the situation was deemed a revolution. Academic studies, the leaders of civil society and the MP’s all enthusiastically acknowledged the important role played by the members of Avaaz. After Avaaz had been campaigning for fourteen months, it was declared unconstitutional for election candidates to accept corporate funding. The street protests and social media campaigns of Avaaz were an outstanding success.

In 2016, Avaaz took on Eduardo Cunha, considered one of the main sources of corruption. Despite numerous warnings he was too powerful, Avaaz would not back down. More than 1.3 million Avaaz members demanded Cunha be fired by the national Ethics Committee. The allies of Cunha rallied to block the vote, but Avaaz shamed the officials shielding him, and the most important voters were barraged with direct messages and phone calls. Eduardo Cunha was given no option other than to resign, and he was prevented from running again for eight years. A short time later, he was placed under arrest.

Due to the efforts of Avaaz, there is no doubt no politician should be allowed to perpetrate corruption on the people.


Great Ideas of Paul Mampilly in the Field of Business

Paul Mampilly is among the people who have made in the field of business. The ideas that he has come up with and implemented has put him among the few prominent individuals who have been awarded accolades. Paul has won the award that is associated with the Templeton Foundation investment. This is what has placed him on the map of business and made him recognized as a skilled person who is dedicated to the work. He has appeared in many TV interviews such as Bloomberg TV. One of the great ideas of business that Paul has implemented is the one of his company called Profits Unlimited. He set up the company with the aim of sharing concepts with the investors who were willing to take part in the stock market.

Mampilly spends his childhood living in India. This is believed to have been the place that he was exposed to skills of running the business. He has quite a long experience of decades in the world of business. His knowledge and hard work have been seen whenever he take part in any investment. He started participating in the field of business in the year 1991 while he was proving service at a financial institution named Deutsche Bank. Paul’s records have been marked in any system that he has served in from building the accounts from the scratch to billions. This is the outstanding feature that has made him well-regarded by many financial institutions across the globe. One of the known organizations that Paul has delivered well is the one by the name Royal Bank which is located in Scotland. The commitment that he puts in his duties while at work has made him approached to serve in different corporations.

In making a move to be involved as a stakeholder in a drug’s developing company in the year 2012. The step was strategic in the sense that he sold his shares within a year a made a profit of not less than 2,000 percent. Paul being skilled and gifted in the field of business has invested in many companies which include Netflix and made substantial gains. His subscribers are benefiting from his pieces of advice on the best timing and the potential businesses that are worth being invested in. The primary factor that he believes in is reading the market trend for one to make the informed decision. He finally retired early at his age of 42 to give his family enough time and teach them on matters of America.

Paul Mampilly is a skilled person who has made tremendous profits through several investments.

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