Beneful Has A Number Of Great Offerings

Purina has produced an amazing amount of dog food over the decades. Beneful is one special line manufactured by Purina. Beneful is a unique line. The items under the Beneful banner promote gourmet ingredients with an emphasis on healthy foods. These products are available on leading supermarkets like Wal-Mart.
The Simmered Beef Entree wet food is a perfect example of the unique servings Purina/Beneful put forth. The real beef is accompanied by wild rice, spinach, carrots, and barley. Those are unique selections for a dog’s dinner to be sure. Beef & Chicken Medley also comes with wild rice and a lot more. Green beans and carrots round out the recipe mix.

These wet foods ( are indicative of the type of meals Beneful is famous for. They are modeled after human meals. In particular, meals eaten by humans looking for nutritious foods that deliver vitamins and minerals.

The dry foods made by Beneful are also intriguing to owners and welcomed by pets.

Beneful Originals ( are the, well, original dry foods sold by the brand. Originals come in beef, salmon, and chicken varieties. The main course of the Originals dry foods are accented with such add-ons as spinach, peas and carrots. The presence of the vegetables is clearly to help include more nutrients to the mix.

There are a few goal specific dry foods as well. Healthy Puppy seeks to do exactly what its name suggests. Serve up chicken, peas, and carrots to ensure a puppy’s diet is a good one.

There are scores of other wet and dry foods in the Beneful lineup. Pet owners interested in something different should look those selections over.


Brian Torchin Helps People Find Better Medical Jobs

Searching for medical jobs can be a really hard process for anyone, but it is even harder when they are trying to do it alone. Brian Torchin has been working with HCRC for a long time on jobs that people can get in medicine, and he also has a blog that is the most complete resource for these people. He wants to make sure that everyone who is in need of a job in the field can find one, and he wants to provide these people with information that is actually helpful.

There are instances where people need to get help finding a job because they do not know where to look, and they can learn where to look when Brian Torchin is helping them. There are other instances where people are looking for jobs in specific areas, and they need more help to make sure they can get jobs in these areas. Brian Torchin knows what their resumes should look like, and he helps all these people figure out what the best course of action is.

Brian Torchin gets people ready for interviews, and he helps people write up their resumes. He has an answer for every question, and he knows how to make people look attractive to companies when they are in job interviews. His information produces real results.

He answers questions on his blog all the time, and he is the kind of person who wants people to learn as much as they can. He knows that these people really want to get good jobs, but he knows that he has to give them good information or they are never going to get the jobs they want. he supplies people with the best statistics of the day, and he keeps everyone up to date on new things that he has found. He wants people to have the best information, and he wants to show them that there are plenty of ways to get good jobs. No one should feel like they are going to have to settle, and Brian Torchin prevents people from settling on jobs they do not want.  Be sure to view his full job listings on

George Soros Proposes an EU Asylum Policy

When George Soros speaks, people listen, and have been doing so for years. Now one of the thirty richest people in the world, Soros was born into a Jewish family in Budapest. Having escaped the Nazi occupation of Hungary and emigrated to England, Soros worked his own way through a university degree from the London School of Economics. His business acumen brought him to the USA, where in 1970 he founded Soros Fund Management; in 2010 this organization was rated one of the world’s most profitable hedge funds. From this background George Soros has emerged not only as one of the savviest financiers in history, but as one of the world’s great philanthropists as well. He has given away more than $11 billion, funding humanitarian, educational, and politically liberal causes in many nations around the world. To assist this activity he founded The Open Society Foundation in 1993.

George Soros has been true to his personal history in supporting a number of causes in Central Europe, among these his support of the Central European University in Budapest. During the rocky period of the breakup of the Soviet Union, George Soros assisted the transition to capitalism in a variety of ways. He has been active in opposing apartheid in South Africa and human rights in the USA. So it comes as no surprise that George Soros would cause some attention recently in an article for MarketWatch.

In his article, George Soros addresses the need for a solid and uniformly applied plan to deal with the immigration crisis in the European Union. Swamped with refugees rushing into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa, member states of the EU have been desperately trying to impose some kind of order. Right-wing governments such as that of Hungary have been issuing their own dictates and forming their own policies concerning their border security. But this is a very bad step, Soros insists, one that is basically opposed to the EU’s basic commitment to the ontological rights of human beings. Any policy involving the refugees must be one that recognizes their human rights; on this point Soros is adamant. Such a policy must be supported by the United Nations as well, which must treat the refugee crisis as a global issue. To this end, Soros proposes a six-step plan. First, the European Union must accept that it will have to resettle and support at least a million refugees annually; these people have the right to participate in the selection of the place they are settled, and can be supported by the sale of bonds. Secondly, Middle Eastern countries like Turkey that are currently sheltering refugees must be given financial support. The EU needs to set up a single Asylum and Migration Agency to deal with all Europe’s borders and insure that refugees crossing the Mediterranean won’t be putting their lives at risk. Such an agency would establish global standards for treating refugees. Finally, the European Union should organize and mobilize various groups from the private sector (churches, NGO’s, non-profit organizations) to assist in implementing the details of its policies. The ultimate goal: keep the EU true to its human-rights principles.

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The Burden Of Responsibility For Corporate Misconduct Falls On The Shoulders Of Corporates Executives According to CCO Helane Morrison

The Justice Department and the Security and Exchange Commission are turning up the heat on corporations that like to bend the rules in order to increase profits. Investors and corporate executives are feeling the heat from Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Yates recently told a group of investment bankers that the Justice Department will increase their efforts to prosecute Chief Compliance Officers and other corporate executives that condone corporate misconduct, according to Helane Morrison, the Chief Compliance Office and General Counsel of Hall Partners LLC in San Francisco.

Sally Yates recently announced the hiring of Hui Chen as the compliance counsel for the Department of Justice. Chen is a former federal prosecutor, and she also worked for Microsoft, Standard Charter Bank, and Pfizer. Morrison was the regional director of the Security and Exchange Commission in San Francisco before joining Hall Partners.

The Yates memo did point out there were several challenges involved with pursuing executives for corporate violations. There are endless paper trails to follow and it’s hard to identify the decision-making responsibility in many corporations, according to Morrison. Morrison knows that because she is also an attorney and the Managing Director of Hall Capital. Morrison also said that Chen has the budget to identify and pursue individuals within corporate structures. That is a first since the DOJ, and the SEC have always had budget restrictions that prevented them from going after all the individuals that violate regulations for the sake of money.

Chief Compliance Officers know that trying to follow all the regulations to the letter is a challenge. Almost 65 percent of the Chief Compliance Officers that responded to a recent survey said that the new developments in policing regulations may force them to leave their job as CCO. The stress of being ruined financially as well as having a reputation destroyed that took years to build ay be too much to ask any CCO. Morrison believes that many chief compliance officers will resign or take a position that is not in the line of fire when it comes to prosecuting corporate misbehavior. CCOs know that jail time and large fees are possibilities if Yates and Chen do what they say they are in the process of doing.

Helane Morrison is not one of those chief compliance officers. Morrison is familiar with how the government works, and she makes sure her company is well within the boundaries set by the DOJ and the SEC.

White Shark Media Review – 4 Frequently Asked Questions About The Free AdWords Evaluation

White Shark Media has quickly grown into one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in the nation. Over the last 5 years they have helped thousands upon thousands of clients improve website traffic through various tactics including pay per click marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

One of the ways White Shark Media introduces their services to potential clients is by offering a free AdWords evaluation. During the evaluation a certified specialist will go over your current campaign with you and highlight what’s working and what needs to be improved.

If you aren’t currently using AdWords, the specialist will show you how you can start using it to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the free AdWords evaluation.

#1 – Are There Any Hidden Fees?

The free AdWords evaluation you receive from White Shark Media is 100% free. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges for you to worry about.

#2 – Do They Use Standard Templates For All Evaluations?

Most evaluations will touch on a variety of different topics. Keep in mind the evaluation is live which means you are free to ask any and all questions you may have.

So to answer the question, no, White Shark Media does not use a standard template when performing Adwords evaluations.

#3 – How Is The Clients AdWords Account Accessed?

Being that White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency, they use what is known as Multi Client Centers to gain access to your AdWords account. You simple send them you 10 digit customer ID number and they will in turn invite you to join their Multi Client Center.

With this type of access you are in complete control as you are able to remove their access at anytime. It is also considered safe as you will not be sharing your password. And don’t worry, the White Shark Media team will never have access to your billing information.

#4 – Will Any Changes Be Made To Your Account?

During the evaluation there will be no changes made to your account. No changes will be made unless you decide to become a paying client. Other than that they will simply provide suggestions that can help you improve your overall AdWords performance.

To learn more about White Shark Media and how they can help you drive more traffic to your website, visit them online at

The Origin Of George Soros Philanthropic Work And His How He Views The Current Global Economic Environment

George Soros’ first notable philanthropic work came in 1979 when he engaged in funding young African leaders in South Africa. He issued these leaders with scholarships so that they could study abroad and increase their understanding of democracy. George Soros says that his efforts at this time played a major role in helping the leaders fight for the independence of their country. George Soros also engaged his philanthropic efforts towards the fall of communism in Germany. He gave funding to inventors of the Xerox decoder machine which was used to infiltrate Communist communication networks. He also funded the activists who pushed for the abolishment of the Communist rule on and the fall of the Berlin wall. His efforts during this period of the cold war paid off with the fall of the communist rule and the Berlin wall in the country. From this time, George Soros continued engaging in philanthropic work directed towards bringing democracy and human rights to all nations worldwide.

George Soros later founded the Open Society Foundation. His major aim for forming this foundation was so that he could use it to drive his agenda of human rights respect, government accountability and the ideology of democracy all over the world. The Open Society soon grew to become a parent human rights and democracy philanthropic movement. It expanded into over 100 countries globally supporting and funding human rights organizations in this countries. With great economic success, it was easy for George Soros to influence democratic movements and human rights actions in this countries. George Soros admits that alongside his business success came an obligation to the society. He adds that he felt that he was in a position where he could do something to prevent the suffering of innocent civilians all over the world. george Soros continues to say that all he does in the lines of human rights and democracy is to ensure that every person around the world get the best services they deserve from their governments.

On the current global economic environment on, George Soros said that there is a market crisis that has been created by China. He added that from his long business markets experience and expertise he has noticed seen signs of the current crisis coming out like 2008 one. George Soros said that the consistent rise of interest rates in third world countries and the collapse of stocks trade in Asian markets are the same indicators that were seen in 2008. He adds that currently its even worse, as Europe won’t be able to try and rectify the situation this time as previously. George Soros says that Europe is already in a turmoil of crises and it is currently economically weak. He adds that the Euro itself is diminishing in value, and the region has to achieve unity if it hopes to revive itself.


Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Offering Investment Options For the Average Joe

Going in a different direction than most investment firms, Forefront Capital has decided to institute a new initiative for non-accredited investors, according to a Reuters article. Founder Brad Reifler is exited to offer a new way for the average Joe to invest. He claims in the article for a long time he was only “focusing on the accredited investor that makes $200,000 a year or has a net worth of more than a million dollars not counting their house.” His change of heart came when trying to assist his father-in-law, who owned an RV repair shop before retirement, with investing and realizing there just weren’t many options out there for the other 99 percent.

Although the guidelines for accredited investors were meant to protect shareholders from risky investments, Bloomberg indicates that Reifler thinks it is unfair to suppose the average Joe isn’t smart enough to form opinions on investment. The new Forefront Capital initiative, Forefront Income Trust will give an investment opportunity to the middle class. Middle class investors are allowed to invest a minimum of $2,500 in products that are not correlated to the stock market diversifying portfolios and reducing risk.

A graduate of Bowdoin College, CrunchBase shows Reifler started in the 1980s to work his way up in the business world starting out with Reifler Trading Company which managed discretionary accounts and then evolved into an institutional research firm. Working his way through the financial sector, Reifler became known as an expert in finances and investments trusted by many companies. He founded Pali Capital in 1995. The firm grew greatly within 13 years and earned $1 billion in commission income and employed 300 people.
Forefront Capital was started in 2009. Brad Reifler has been able to grow the business by differentiated product offerings as he had done in the past with his other companies. Forefront has attracted some of the most influential and talented business leaders across the world including a winner of the equivalent of Nobel Prize of Economics in China.  Check out Brad Reifler’s tips for investment for further reading.

Dick DeVos Expanding Business Holdings To The Liquor Manufacturing

Following in the family footsteps, Dick and Betsy DeVos are constantly of expanding their Business Empire. Atop their already established chain of businesses, Dick and Betsy now seek to add a liquor company, Coppercraft Distillery, that they are about to acquire from the Holland Township Company. The proprietor of the company, Walter Catton, said that he has been looking for an investor to help expand the business and it seems like he just found one in Windquest Group, Dick DeVos Grand Rapids-based Company.

The Windquest Group is one of the companies owned by Dick and his wife Betsy is a management firm that oversees the administration of the couple’s chain of enterprises. These companies mainly fall under the technological and manufacturing sectors. For instance, one such company under the Windquest banner is the Electrotherm Company that runs the green machine project that converts waste heat from manufacturing companies to electricity. Dick is on record noting that he is only interested in investing in investments that are environmentally sound and economically viable while not just relying on tax incentives.

About Dick DeVos

Dick is a serial entrepreneur whose accomplishments stretch far beyond the West Michigan neighborhood. He started working in the family businesses before moving on and establishing his conglomerate. He began working for the family company, Amway, in various divisions before rising to become its president heading its overall operations in over 18 countries. When his family acquired the Orlando Magic basketball club, he was appointed CEO and President before jumping back to Amway to succeed his father as president of the company. By the time he left the company presidency in 2012, he had transformed the company and solidified its stakes not just in the United States but also in the overseas markets. He is currently the President and CEO of Windquest company. 

Apart from business, Dick is also a widely known philanthropist. He and his wife are regularly donating and funding various charitable organizations in West Michigan. For instance, he has established the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a high school sponsoring bright West Michigan students wishing to further their career in the aviation industry. He has also co-founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation that donates to charity.
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Sam Tabar’s Journey to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Business industries are characterized by new trends and increased competition, which requires new visions and innovations to ascend to new heights. In turn, this field requires leaders that can drive a vision and inspire innovations to meet expectations of the new workforce. Sam Tabar is a business leader whose massive contributions to the business industry cannot escape the public eye.

Sam Tabar is a prominent New York-City based attorney and financial strategist which is reflected in his LinkedIn credentials. He received a bachelor of arts with honors from Oxford University in 2001 and proceeded to Columbia law school. At this prestigious institution, Tabar served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law, with full educational accolades listed on

Sam’s remarkable career started in September 2001, shortly after his graduation. He joined one of the most prestigious law firms as an Associate. The firm was known as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, and Flom LLP. With his outstanding skills in financial markets, Sam had an opportunity to counsel clients on hedge fund memoranda, side letters and regulatory, employment and compliance issues while at Skadden.

Climbing another step higher in 2004, Sam Tabar left Skadden and joined a unit of Sparx Group Co. located in Hong Kong, PMA Investment Advisors. In September of the same year, Sam’s Career ascended again to a higher level when he was promoted to the position of the managing director and assistant head in charge of business development. The new post saw him manage all facets of global marketing and investor relations for a $2 billion hedge fund.

Sam’s boundless experience in investments and startup businesses enabled him to design a strategic marketing plan for his firm, which targeted institutional investors, ultra-high-net worth clients and large family offices globally. He produced a personal rolodex of over 2000 potential qualified investors and created over 400 investor introductions. Tabar’s innate business skills also helped the firm raise $1.2 billion in assets.

The remarkable financial strategist joined the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch in February 2011. He served as the director and In charge of capital strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. Sam became the director of Adanac LLC, BVI in December of the following year. In September 2013, Sam joined Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP as a senior associate.  Now in 2015 he’s recently become the CEO of FullCycle Fund.

The prominent attorney added THINX, a startup company that helps women in Africa and America, to his investment portfolio. Sam Tabar believes that this startup is special since it encourages the people of the community to think about global issues and donate through their own purchases.  Sam also created a GoFundMe page to help further take up African causes.

Premium Dog Foods Offering Unique Products

The fight for sales in the $11 billion premium dog food market is spiking and brands are trying to innovate in a variety of different ways. Namely, these brands are counting on customers being increasingly concerned with the health and wellness of their pets, much as many people are increasingly interested in their own health. Their offerings are commonly unique and try to meet various market niches. Some brands are engineering diets that bring dogs back to their roots with raw meats mixed with probiotic foods, as is offered by the Vital Raw line and seek to better embody the eating habits of dogs during the time period during which they first evolved. This hearkens back to the paleo diet that many people are going after and many feel as if these diets are healthier and more natural than the higher processed foods. Other brands are going for the more natural route and using fresh beef and chicken without preservatives as market pioneer Freshpet is doing. Their sales have recently climbed to over $100 million but many are doubtful of their long-term success as these products are significantly more expensive than alternatives, even in the premium dog food market. With 15,000 refrigerators this represents a large capital outlay though Freshpet is anticipating profit in 2016. Dog food behemoth, Beneful, owned by Nestle, has joined the market with a unique website that allows dog owners to choose their own blends of dog food that can be special designed for their own pet. Each pet in a family can even have their own blend of dog food which is particularly useful for dog owners with different breed dogs with completely different nutritional needs and tastes. Beneful isn’t stopping there, however, and is making specialty dog foods that are designed to provide pet owners with elderly dogs food that is easier to digest and therefore less intrusive for them than normal pet foods. These Beneful foods have triglycerides with fat from coconut oil that is easier for elderly dogs to process and digest. As you have seen there are a wide range of premium dog food options available for dog owners that are different and unique ways to provide your dog with high quality foods.

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