The Health Benefits of DIM

Diindolylmethane, better known as DIM, is a plant compound found in many common foods, like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. DIM provides several health benefits, including preventing viral infections, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system and regulating hormones.
Keeping hormones regulated in both men and women is one of the things DIM is best known for doing. Estrogen (found in both males and females) have a good and bad side, just like cholesterol. DIM helps to increase the good estrogen while working to reduce the bad estrogen. DIM also frees up testosterone in the body which may be bound up and the plant compound also acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor to help prevent breast and ovarian cancer in women.
A dietary supplement, known as Indole-3-carbinol or I3C is marketed as being a product which is converted to DIM after being taken, but studies have shown that Indole-3-carbinol supplement is very unstable and may not be converted to the desired DIM, but rather into a substance with unwanted side effects after ingesting.
The best and most health-benefiting way to get DIM is through the food you eat. All cruciferous vegetables contain Diindolylmethane and will aid in the metabolism of estrogen.

Thanks to Steve Murray and the article on his personal site for showing me this.

What’s Replacing Your Meat?

A variety of factors have caused consumers like Christian Broda to shift ways from the daily consumption of meat. In its heyday, meat was on the American plate at least twice a day, sometimes three times day – bacon for breakfast, hamburger or ham sandwich for lunch and a juicy steak for dinner.
But as the years passed, weight was gained and health diminished as we consumed the meaty diet and someone, somewhere had a light bulb moment. Our overly meaty diet was slowly killing us and we needed to make a change in our eating habits.
Changes we have made, some to the opposite extreme and have completely eliminated meat from their diets. Vegetarians and vegans are growing in number and those who call themselves ‘flexitarians’ because they are vegetarians most of the time, but allow themselves the flexibility to enjoy a meat product on occasion.
All that is well and good, but any time something is taken away it is replaced with something else. When you took the meat off your plate, what did you replace it with? Chances are the replacement food is as bad, if not worse, for you than the meat your were consuming.
Many former meat eaters have replaced their beef, pork and chicken with high-fat cheese and dairy products in order to get enough daily protein. Replacing meat with fat is not good for health. Getting the needed daily protein from a variety of legumes and other plant varieties is a good swap-out for meat. Be mindful of what’s replacing your meat so you make a good food swap that will improve your health.

Beneful Gets My Dogs Happy

There are a wide assortment of dog foods out there. Every dog food brand does not result in a happy dog though. I never wanted something that would prove to be a last result type of dog food. I wanted my dog to have access to a dog food brand that he would enjoy. I got lucky when my girlfriend introduced me to Beneful. She purchased some for my dog out of the blue and she became one of his favorite people. I have not been able to get my dog to eat anything ever since.

That really says a lot when a dog owner checks out all the choices that are on the market. I have made some bad choices, but my girlfriend put Beneful out there and gave my dog exactly what he wanted. This is good dog food because it has nutrients. I can tell that my dog has better teeth and a lot more endurance. I know that much of this has to do with the Beneful dog food that my pet is receiving. This is no coincidence. Over the years I have recommended this dog food to friends. I figured that other people should benefit from what I know about the wet and dry foods from Beneful.

I like all the combinations that are available. It is like my dog gets the chance to get nutritious meals just a like a human being. I am impressed with the different flavors, and my dog appears to be taken by these choices as well. My dog is a fan of the beef and rice wet dog food, but he also eats the dry food as well. The Incredibites are quite popular for my dog. I can get a big bag of this and it will last for quite a while.

There are some Beneful dog foods that have extra protein. There are some types from this brand that promote growth. There are so many choices that a dog owner can make. Even when I was having problems with my dog I was able to find a dog food brand that would help my dog while he was sick. I talk with my vet all the time, and she says that her dog loves Beneful as well. That is why I knew that I was on to a good thing. Beneful is clearly the dog food champion.

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The Big Mac’s Not To Blame

The debate over fast-food has went on for over a decade now. Some say it’s just not healthy and others agree. Now a new poll shows what you should and shouldn’t eat when visiting these establishments. I have listened to these debates and watched the restaurants try to do damage control to save their clientele. However, it’s really quite simpler than that. People are going to eat what they crave and what makes them feel good. It has little to no effect on how many calories is in it. When did it become the restaurant industries responsibility to help people eat responsively?

Each person knows how many calories they are allotted per day. This is based on their height and weight. Their caloric intake is influenced by what makes them satisfied. If a person has 2,000 calories to spend, and they use 1,000 of that on a Big Mac, it’s not McDonald’s fault. That person had a choice. Someone who doesn’t have to be so mindful of their weight can have that big man without a problem.

McDonalds’ doesn’t make people fat, people choose to gain weight by the selections of food they intake. I do agree with putting the calorie content out so everyone can see. However, what a person does with that is their own business. We need to stop putting so much pressure on these fast food chains and start putting the blame back where it belongs, on poor eating habits.

Thanks to Alexei Beltyukov for debating this with me. Check it out on Vimeo.

Pizza Delivery Driver Stabbed in Louisville, Still Completes Delivery Before Collapsing

A 19-year-old college student and pizza delivery driver made sure his pizza made it into the hands of its owners, even after being stabbed. According to police reports, Josh Lewis was delivering pizza for Spinelli’s Pizza in Louisville, Kentucky when he was approached by an assailant. The assailant demanded Lewis’ car keys. Lewis was complying when the assailant stabbed him in the back and fled.

Lewis, who luckily was delivering his pizza to the local hospital, stumbled inside. He completed the transaction then promptly collapsed in the emergency room. The wound tore through the teens muscles and collapsed his lung. He was transferred to The University of Louisville Hospital, a high level trauma center, shortly after his collapse. As of Wednesday he was listed in stable condition following surgery to repair internal damage.

The pizzeria is showed their support for Lewis by holding a fundraiser. The business donated 50% of their daily proceeds to the Lewis and his family. The money will hopefully offset the medical bills and the travel expenses that were incurred. His family resides in Detroit and drove down to Kentucky to be with Lewis as he recovers from his injuries. STX Entertainment, who you can check out on their Wikipedia page noted that a GoFundMe page has also been created to support the victim.

Luxury Hotel Stays

A luxury hotel can be the best way to see a place. People who are able to travel often look to see all kinds of places while they are staying at any given place in time. Someone who is staying in a large city, whether for business or for pleasure, will want to stay in the best possible place where they can have easy access to any kind of regional attraction. For example, someone who is staying in London, will typically find that it make sense for them to be able to stay in a place where they can gain access to many kinds of attractions such as local area museums and all kinds of restaurants.

The right kind of hotel can make this kind of travel much easier. A centrally located hotel allows the traveler to be able to stay in a hotel that makes it easier for them to be able to retreat from stress and avoid the daily strains that may result from being in a new place they have not seen before. Staying at a luxury hotel often means that the traveler can be able to stretch out and have a place where they retreat and avoid local traffic and other problems.

A hotel such as that exists and is owned by The Dorchester Collection. This impressive collection of hotels is owned by a company that places a premium on providing services for their travelers. Hotels in this chain are located in the heart of the city and allow people who are staying there to enjoy all kinds of amenities. A traveler who is staying at a property that is owned by this chain is typically one that offers highly superior service and allows the traveler to be able to gain access to services such as high end spas, world class restaurants and luxurious bedding that can allow them to get a good night’s sleep even when staying in the heart of a big city such as Los Angeles. Such hotels also have other kinds of amenities such as room service and skilled staffers who know the area well. They can help the traveler make arrangements such as meeting with clients as well as making dinner reservations that may be otherwise hard to come by for places that are very popular. This can make traveling much easier for anyone who likes to visit new places around the world.  The Dorchester Collection owns many hotels in different destinations and you’d be remiss if you didn’t check them out (a hotel destination in New York is on it’s way)!

Curbing Hunger May Be a Matter of Switching on a Brain Circuit
Weight loss is a subject of tremendous interest to a lot of people. Most of us have tried at least one diet in our lives and possibly supplements as well that claim to help with weight loss. Depending on the diet or supplement, individual experiences will vary, but for many of us, finding a successful way to lose weight and keep it off is an ongoing quest. One popular approach to attempts at weight loss is through appetite suppression. If something keeps us from getting hungry, then, it logically follows, we won’t eat as much, and we should lose weight. There has been a recent breakthrough along these lines.

Scientists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases have found an important clue to controlling hunger. They artificially activated a certain part of the brain in mice, and this gave them feelings similar to satiety, which resulted in them eating less. Their discovery would basically make dieting much easier because it would prolong any feeling of hunger. This is the sort of breakthrough that a wide variety of supplements have claimed over the years and that science may have finally, actually stumbled upon. Whoever can capitalize on the findings of this research, which is covered in more detail in an article on, will get rich in the multibillion dollar weight loss industry in a hurry. Marcio Alaor BMG hoes that time comes sooner rather than later.

Women and Whisky

What has traditionally been known as a man’s drink has grown in popularity among the softer sex. Recent growth in female consumers of whisky shows that up to 37 percent of whisky drinks are purchased by women. This is great news for whisky producers who are happy to be rid of any gender bias when it comes to this liquor. Actresses such as Mila Kunis, Christina Hendriks and Claire Forlani have recently been spokespersons for whisky brands, adding to the female base that makes Dr Jennifer Walden happy. She has been featured on in the past.

Women are also showing more of a presence on the seller and producer side of whisky. Companies such as Maker’s Mark have women in top positions such as CEO. In addition, Kentucky has their first female Master Distiller in Marianne Barnes. While Barnes is working to revive Old Taylor Distillery, Allison Patel owns her own company named Brenne. Her company makes a version of French whisky using Cognac barrels. It’s clear that the good ol’ boys club of whisky has added women to its ranks.
Your Cravings Are Talking to You

Do you ever crave chocolate? Have you had to pull over on the way home to get ice cream, nachos, or pizza? This is your mind on cravings. But aside from people craving comfort foods, there may be an actual nutritional need that people gain from the feeling of craving food.

Researchers speculate that when humans are craving a food, it may mean that they are suffering from a nutritional deficiency. Cheese? You may be low in calcium. Try having milk, almonds, broccoli, or yogurt. Carbs? It means you are low in an amino acid called tryptophan. This helps regulate serotonin, which is a needed brain chemical that regulates moods. Even chewing on ice constantly can mean that you are anemic, or low in iron.

Using our cravings to tell us what we need to eat is simple and effective. Bruce Levenson considers that balancing your nutritional needs and erasing nutritional deficiency is key to optimal health. Knowing that your cravings mean something is priceless. We should all pay more attention to our bodies. They may be telling us exactly what they need.

Are Standard Milk Producers Behind Safety Results?

The results of a recent study in the United Kingdom by scientists at the University of Reading suggest that drinking organic and “Ultra High Temperature” processed milks could harm unborn fetuses, pregnant mothers, children and teens. These types of milks do not contain as much nutritional iodine — more than 30 percent less — as standard non-organic or non-UHT pasteurized milks.

Standard processing involves dairy farmers giving their cattle iodine supplements that adds iodine to the milk. Organic and UHT farmers do not use these supplements. Iodine deficiency can lead to thyroid problems, including fatigue, immune system dysfunction and painful, large goiters. The subsequent immune system dysfunction can also lead to a wide variety of additional health problems.

Folks at STX Entertainment have learned that some critics of the study believe that it is nothing more than a push by standard dairy farmers to denounce organic and Ultra High Temperature milks that are causing a slump in their sales. After all, organic dairy farmers, at least, could just as easily give their cows iodine supplements and still sell “organic” labeled milk since iodine is a natural substance that the body needs.

There is no proof that the study’s authors have any association with standard milk producers, but the lack of such a common sense solution or statement as part of their research study recommendations makes many people wonder about the reason for the study and the bias of the authors.

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