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There are a lot of labor organizations that exist to advocate for the civil rights of laborers in various types of industries.

These unions include the American Federation of Teachers; United Auto Workers; The International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Service Employees International Union; American Nurses Association; Transport Union Workers Union of America; United Food and Commercial Workers; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; American Postal Workers Union; United Farm Workers; International Longshore and Warehouse Union; National Association of Letter Carriers; International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers; The United Steelworkers, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers; California State University Employees Union; United Electric Radio and Machine Workers of America; Director’s Guild of America; International Union of Elevator Constructors; Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics and Allied Workers International Union; Fraternal Order of Police; Graphic Communications International Union; Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union; Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union; California Faculty Association; California Nurses Association; California State University Employees Union; Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees; United American Nurses; United Mine Workers of America; United Transportation Union; United Domestic Workers of America; United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America; Utility Workers Union of America; Union of America, Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Seafarers International Union of North America.

Labor Unions have been very influential in American society, culture and politics. Many of the rules and regulations regarding employment that we take for granted were the achievements of labor unions in the 20th century.  Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Throughout the past 200 years, there has been a lot of struggling on the part of unions and union members to cement civil rights for laborers. For those who were born into this modern system of workplace regulations and civil rights, it is easy to forgot that at some point, people did not enjoy these things.

There are civil rights organizations that are based upon identity, not labor. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin put their heads together and created an organization that addressed the issue of identity.

This identity-based organization is called the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The identities that they focus on are those of Latinos, LGBTQ individuals and immigrants. Like a laser, they are focusing their energy on the the needs of undocumented immigrants. There are stories about DREAMers and DACA posted all over their website.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael:

A Close Look at Michael Terpins Career Journey

Background of Michael Terpins

Michael Terpins started to operate a leading online marketing firm and high-tech PR in 1990. During the first internet boom, Terpins teamed up with his team to launch brands such as EarthLink, Jupiter Communications, America Online Greenhouse, and Motley Fool. Today, his brand represents a variety of consumer videogame, Web 2.0, and IT companies such as MyPublicInfo, CyberDefender, Xandros, Entropia Universe, Augmentum, and Bitgravity.

In 1994, Michael Terpin launched Internet Wire, a newswire division that secured over $25 million from top-tier investors such as Sequoia Capital and Hummer Winblad. Following a strategic investment by NASDAQ in 2003, Internet Wire rebranded to Market Wire, which was sold to CCN/Matthews in April 2006. In December 2016, CCM/Matthews was sold to OMERS Capital Partners for over $100 million. Currently, Marketwire is the world’s third largest investor/public relations newswire.

Michael Terpins’ most recent venture is Social Radius, a social marketing platform specializing in search optimization, the creation of social media content, building socially-based traffic, social media outreach, and lead generation. Its client roster includes TuneWiki, Digital Media Wire, DazzBoard, Philips,, David Lynch Foundation, Rallycast, Bombay Sapphire, Constant Philips, VeneuGen, and Red Herring.

One of Michael Terpins’ greatest successes is the launch of “Yes We Can” video in support of the Obama Campaign. During this campaign, Michael Terpins’ video garnered over 40 million views. Besides, it gained over one billion traditional media coverage including interviews on CNBC, The Today Show, CNN and other world’s leading media outlets. The video also featured on six articles in the New York Times. In 2013, Michael Terpins founded BitAngels, an angel group for cryptocurrency investment and ConAgenda, the first conference for bitcoin after discovering bitcoin and bitchain. He also teamed up with Nick Sullivan and Gil Penchina to start a bitcoin syndicate as part Gil’s Flight VC. Besides, Michael Terpins has been an investor and advisor in technology startups.

In 2015, Michael founded bCommerce Labs, a bitcoin start-up accelerator, which has recently launched its first ICO and Cryptomarket Company. In 2017, Michael left for Aphabit Fund, a global digital currency fund as a special advisor before joining CMO as the head of ICO investment committee.

Avaaz Campaigns to Prevent Monsanto from Maintaining Their Grip on the World

Avaaz is campaigning to break the grip of Monsanto on the world. They believe politics are being poisoned, the future of the planets food is in serious jeopardy, and one mega-company has been gradually taking control of the food supply on a global basis. They feel the only way to prevent this from happening is to expose and then break the grip of Monsanto.

Monsanto is a chemical giant and responsible for poisons including DDT and Agent Orange. The company is extremely profitable and Avaaz questions their business practices. They have developed seeds with genetic modifications designed to resist pesticides. Once the seeds have been patented farmers are prohibited from replanting and investigations are conducted by undercover agents. The farmers who have not complied are then sued.

Monsanto has spent millions making contributions to political campaigns lobbying officials of governments, and placing the bigwigs from Monsanto into high level government jobs. This helps weaken any regulations standing in the way of Monsanto pushing their goods throughout the world. Avaaz has had enough and their members have joined forces to protect the world. Flickr Photos.

The laws of the United States allow unlimited spending to influence policies and this means purchasing specific laws is possible. Biotech giants including Monsanto spent $45 million last year killing a ballot initiative allowing California to label GMO products. This was despite the 82 percent of Americans who made it clear they wanted to know which products were GM.

The Monsanto Protection Act was recently rammed through and blocked the courts from banning product sales that were not properly approved by the government. Avaaz is trying to take away Monsanto’s power to dominate the world and they are starting to see positive results. Whenever Avaaz become aware of corruption or desperate need in the world they take a stand.


Imran Haque is Helping Diabetes Patients

Over nine percent of the American populations are suffering from diabetes. According to a recent survey, more than twenty-nine people are currently living with this condition. This number has risen in the recent times due to the poor eating habits practiced by most people. The sedentary lifestyles have also played a role in this figure. Diabetes is a common condition that affects the ability of the body to produce the insulin hormone. For human beings to use sugar as a source of energy in the body, they must use insulin. People living with the condition experience high levels of glucose in their blood and urine because there is an abnormal consistency of carbs in the body. There are three types of diabetes.

Although the disease is not easy to treat, patients can manage it and live a healthy life just like everyone else. Regardless of the type of diabetes, it is important for a patient to get medical attention when they realise that they are suffering from the condition. Many medical professionals in the healthcare industry promise to offer the medical attention needed by diabetic patients. However, some of these physicians are not well qualified for the job, and they end up mismanaging the patients. Imran Haque is one of the individuals you should consult when suffering from diabetes.

In his successful career, Dr. Imran Haque has assisted so many diabetic patients. Most of his patients have successfully overcome the effects of this dangerous disease. Haque is very experienced and also highly reputable medical professional. At the moment, Imran is working as a licensed internist at one of the best hospitals in the world. Since childhood, Imran wanted to change the lives of people who are living with different medical conditions. Haque has assisted very many patients. When he cannot handle a problem, the medical professional refers patients to the right professionals so that they can get help.


Gregory Aziz is Rolling to Success

National Steel Car is a legend of sorts in the railroad business. They have been manufacturing steel cars or rolling stock as it is known in the industry, for nearly a hundred years. The CEO of National Steel Car is Gregory James Aziz. Gregory Aziz comes from a finance and banking background. Having worked at several banks and investment companies in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Before that, he cut his teeth at his family business, Affiliated Foods, in the early 70’s. He took up this job after graduating from the University of Western Ohio, with an economics degree.

Combined with all this experience he got working at various types of jobs, he was able to put together a plan to purchase National Steel Car. At the time of the purchase, the company was owned by Dofasco. This happened in 1994. At that time, National Steel Car was not performing at peak capacity. Production had dropped down to around 3500 cars a year. However, James Aziz saw potential in the company, because of their amazing engineering and production staff. Ultimately, Gregory Aziz was right. Five years later the company was producing around 12,000 steel cars a year! Not only that, the company grew its staff from 600 to roughly 3000!


These are stupendous numbers indeed, especially when you consider how quickly it was done. To understand the importance of this success, one needs to understand that National Steel Car is an old and iconic Canadian company. Based in Hamilton, Ontario it was started in 1912. During its glory years, it was one of the top steel car builders in North America. However, by the early 1990’s production dropped and it was at this time that Gregory Aziz orchestrated the take over of the company and brought it back up again. In fact, it is the sole steel car manufacturer in North America that managed to get the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 award.


It’s not only on the business side of things that Greg Aziz has paid attention to. He made sure that the company became committed to the local community of Hamilton. Some of the local activities they have sponsored include the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Hamilton Opera House, Theatre Aquarius, local food banks, United Way, and the Salvation Army. The companies Christmas party has become a legend of sorts, and thousands of present and former employees take part in it.



Susan McGalla Has Changed The Way The World Looks At Women In Business Roles

There are many successful business women out there in today’s world that have overcome a wide range of obstacles and still came out stronger than most. These women are good role models for all young women out there who may need a confidence booster for getting started in pursuing their dreams. The most influential successful business woman currently is Susan McGalla. McGalla was just your average girl from East Liverpool, Ohio where she was raised by her mother and father and grew up with two older brothers. McGalla grew a love for football because of her dad being a local football coach. This leads her to become the vice president of business strategy and creative development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Aside from having grown up to love football and later became the vice president of a very popular football team McGalla also went to college and was able to complete her Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Susan McGalla ended up marrying a wealth manager named Stephan McGalla. After college, Susan McGalla went to work for a regional department store company by the name of Joseph Horne Company. McGalla worked for Joseph Horne Company from 1986 through 1994. In 1994, she got hired on as a divisional merchandise buyer of women’s clothing for American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla worked in many managerial positions for American eagle outfitters after being their divisional merchandise buyer and after a lot of hard work, she even became their president and CMO. CMO stands for chief merchandising officer. As most people know American Eagle Outfitters was very focused on Athletic clothing for men back in 1994. With McGalla as president American Eagle Outfitter released their brand’s Aerie and 77kids which ended up being an extremely big hit since most of the retail market is for moms and their kids more than it is for men.

McGalla is widely known for speaking about being a woman in the world of business. Growing up in a loving family with supportive parents that taught her that it is very important to chase your dreams has made her into the woman she is today. Many other women get sidetracked by America’s stereotype of the woman in a business role because for a long time it was looked down upon because people saw the woman as homemakers and mothers. Today this is not the case and it is because of people like Susan McGalla that have changed people’s views by showing them that woman can be as successful as any man can.

Aloha Construction for All of Your Home Repair Needs

If you reside in Illinois, you have probably heard of Aloha Construction; although their company name conjures up images of Hawaii, they are, in fact, a premier construction company located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Aloha Construction is best known for their roofing and vinyl siding services, but they are also very capable when it comes to general home repairs as well.

For example, they install gutters, fix windows, replace worn out screens, put on shutters, install insulation, and many other repairs. In fact, Aloha Construction employees are highly trained, bonded, and certified to perform a variety of task including vinyl siding, insulation, installing gutters, and a host of other home improvement projects. Furthermore, they are considerate of your home, and they make it a point to clean up after completing each project. Aloha Construction is a true proponent for customer satisfaction; it is not uncommon for the company’s management team to contact customers to make sure they are fully satisfied with the work performed on their homes.

Another thing that differentiates Aloha Construction from other companies is that they are family-owned and prides themselves on their professionalism; Aloha Construction places considerable emphasis on their relationship with their customers, subcontractors, and suppliers. At the head of Aloha Construction is President and CEO Dave Farbaky; he has helped Aloha Construction become recognized as one of the best construction companies serving Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Farbaky has been praised for his business acumen and his ability to turn what was once a small business, into one of the most sought-after construction companies, in southern Wisconsin and Illinois.

Whether you’re in need of general home repair, roofing, or repairs related to an insurance claim, you can be assured that Aloha Construction can provide you quality home repairs at competitive prices and more importantly, 100% customer satisfaction.


Kim Dao Says Goodbye To Her Family In Denmark

Kim Dao is a successful lifestyle and beauty vlogger. She makes videos of her life on Youtube.


It is the final day in Denmark. Kim Dao is about to repack her things. She is going to have dinner with her cousins later as a farewell. She will be going home tomorrow. She has just got out the shower. Kim Dao is heating up some leftover pizza for lunch. She does her repacking. She has to get her bag under weight limits for the airplane. She spends time with Aslan while repacking. She has a feeling that he knows she is leaving. They take Aslan for a ride and he seems happy. Kim Dao relaxes with Aslan while her cousin plays dodgeball with friends in the park. She films Aslan eating his dog treat. Learn more:


Kim Dao is back home. She is getting ready for her farewell dinner. She takes a peek of the food her cousin is preparing for the dinner. She says everything smells good.


It is the next morning. Kim Dao is going to the airport. She is waiting for her aunt to pick her. She has already said goodbye to her cousins which are now at work. She is going to miss Aslan. She didn’t record last night because she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her family before she leaves. She doesn’t want to leave. It has been a long stay in Denmark for her. She is headed back to Korea.


To see her video, click here.


Jim Larkin and His Impact on Ireland

James, or Jim Larkin was an activist who left his mark on labor and fair employment rights in Ireland in the early 1900s. He had an unusual history marked by multiple great achievements and great failures. But at the end of it all, Larkin won the rights for thousands or Irish men to work and be protected by a union regardless of their skill level.

Jim Larkin was born on January 21, 1876 in Liverpool, England. His family was very poor and he received little education. Growing up, Larking earned money by doing manual labor, specifically at the docks in Liverpool where he became with familiar with unfair working conditions for the Irish.

Less than 10% of Irish workers were part of any unions and the unions that were available to them were British-based. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

In 1905, at the age of 29, Larkin became a full-time member and trade union organizer for the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL). His peers, however, did not like his strike methods so he was transferred to Dublin after two years.

In Dublin, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU), where he would lead thousands of Irish workers to strike, earn fair working conditions, and establish Irish-based unions.

In 1912, Jim Larkin joined forces with James Connolly to form the Irish Labour Party. Together, they lead multiple strikes, the most effective being the 1913 Dublin Lockout. Over 100,000 Irish workers went on strike for seven months where they won the rights to fair employment for themselves regardless of skill level.

A year later, Larkin would travel to America to raise funds for the Irish to defend themselves against the British. But after just a few years, he was arrested, convicted of communism, and deported back to Ireland. When he returned to Ireland, Larkin quickly lost the support of ITGWU to William O’Brien.

In anger and frustration, Larkin, with the help of his son and brother, formed a new communist Irish Union called WUI (Worker’s Union of Ireland). This would result in a civil war between trade unionism in Dublin that would last until the 1960s.

Although Jim Larkin had his struggles, rapidly won support and lost it, and used means that many disagreed with, he truly made a positive impact on Irish labour. He enabled thousands of labourers to receive fair rights and working conditions when they had been severely oppressed.

How to become a USHEALTH Advisor Agent

USHEALTH Advisors is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States at the moment. The institution is known to many as the marketing branch of the prestigious USHEALTH Group. The USHEALTH Advisors mostly focuses on marketing the products and services from the institution. The goods and services sold by the institution are affordable to the middle-class individuals.


The USHEALTH Group offers clients a variety of insurance plans. The institution has served the American market for a long time, and it understands that the people who need the medical covers are those in the middle class. However, most of the insurance companies offer costly plans that cannot be afforded by the self-employed people and their families. Small business owners and their employees cannot afford the plans provided by some companies in the market.


USHEALTH Advisors has a team of experts who know how to select their customers. According to the portfolio of the marketing institution, their target markets are the Americans who are self-employed, the small business owners and their dependent and any other American who wishes to get affordable covers. The marketing agents understand the healthcare market because they have been there for the last thirty-five years. The products and services provided cater for the growing demands of the modern consumer.


Becoming a marketing agent for the institution is very easy. These individuals are responsible for selling the products and services of the company. First of all, the candidate must be well educated and experienced so that they take the institution to the other level. With the right qualifications, the candidate is given adequate training so that they do not make costly mistakes. The candidate must understand the market before they can start working.


The USHEALTH Group knows that the marketing agents need a good compensation so that they can sustain their families. These professionals are offered several benefits so that they can live a good and happy life like other people in the society. The management of the company has several ways of making sure that the marketing agents remain motivated so that they do not lose focus in their work.

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