Former Knicks’ Player John Starks on His Favorite New York City Restaurants

Former New York Knick’s star John Starks is still a fan favorite. He played from 1990 to 1998 for the team racking up 10,829 points. He now spends many of his days raising funds for many worthwhile causes. Recently, he gave Grub Magazine an interview about some of his favorite New York City restaurants.


John likes to eat at the J House Café in Greenwich Village where he frequently has the black-bean soup for an appetizer followed by the grilled snapper for the main course. This eatery features American cuisine that is all prepared in full sight of its high-end customers.


MishMosh in is a favorite delicatessen of John’s where he frequently orders the grilled chicken, tomato, and lettuce sandwich. He is particularly fond of their Naked protein juice smoothie.


John also likes to eat the brunch at the Club Bar & Grill inside Madison Square Gardens. When dining at this establishment, he likes to have the French toast, smoked salmon, crab cakes and a glass of orange juice. This restaurant opens two hours before every Knicks and Rangers game and stays open at least one hour after the game is over giving everyone a chance to watch the game while enjoying fabulous food.


John also likes to dine at Café 31 Sports Bar & Grill when watching the action at Madison Square Gardens. When dining here, he likes to eat the vegetarian minestrone with pasta and vegetables and enjoys the large Greek salad with shrimp. He says that when he eats at other restaurants his order often varies, but that is almost always the same thing at this restaurant that he eats at frequently.




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NYC’s Bar Jamon Introduces An Exciting New Menu

One of the main reasons why I enjoy reading articles about restaurants in NYC is that my appetite usually becomes stimulated when I read about different menu items. A few minutes ago, I read a recent online article about the new Spanish menu being served at Bar Jamon tapas restaurant, and now I’m very hungry.


Bar Jamon is co-owned by Mario Batali and Andy Nusser and has been open since 2003. According to this article, the menu there is being changed for the first time in many years. Although a few of the restaurant’s classic dishes remain on the menu, the majority of the offerings are new.


The article mentions how the head chef at Bar Jamon spent this past summer in Barcelona. While in Spain, he spent a lot of time visiting different restaurants, especially older establishments. After eating some incredible foods at these restaurants, the chef got some great ideas for creating some new dishes to put on the menu at Bar Jamon.


Among the new menu items at Bar Jamon are deviled eggs with ensalada rusa and arugula, and dry-aged beef tartare with scallion ash and porcini mostaza.


A nice selection of seafood dishes, such as octopus with harissa and chickpeas are served at Bar Jamon, as are outstanding charcuterie and terrine options.


It sounds to me like this new menu is very creatively inspired.


Freeze The Meal

When it comes to Thanksgiving, you want your meal to be as easy as possible to serve and eat. You can easily make your Thanksgiving meal ahead of time with tips from some of the best restaurant chefs in New York. The main dish of roast turkey can be prepared in the days before Thanksgiving and frozen. Add a bit of butter on top of the turkey to put moisture back into the meat.


Turkey or chicken stock can be used to make gravy that you can also freeze and heat up to serve with dinner. Add a little salt and pepper when it’s heated for flavor. Green bean casserole is a popular dish for Thanksgiving. You can make the casserole before Thanksgiving and freeze it for a day or two. When you heat the casserole, top it with onions instead of freezing it with the onions. Whipped sweet potatoes are a delicious dish that can be made ahead of time. When you reheat them, add chopped pecans, brown sugar and marshmallows to complete the dish. If you want to freeze your stuffing, then consider pouring melted butter and broth over the top of the dish when it’s reheated so that it has a bit of moisture. Almost the entire Thanksgiving meal can be prepared ahead of time so that all you have to do is take the dishes out and heat them before putting them on the table.


Who Needs Chemical Sulfates When WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Do It Naturally?

WEN Hair Sweet Almond MintLadies, don’t we do enough damage to hair on a daily basis by constantly running blow-dryers, plugging in heated styling tools and coloring with ammonia and peroxide?

Then, when you go to shampoo, condition and deep treat your tresses, you’re piling on chemicals like nasty sulfates. Do you really want all those synthetics abusing your mane?

WEN hair care products offer a totally different and rewarding experience for hair of any type and texture found on the planet. Curly, pin straight, overly processed, his formulas cover them all. The brand has created a healthy way to care for hair and transformed so many peoples’ lives around the world and all through a unique no lather shampoo concept.

Famous west coast stylist Chaz Dean developed the system, and his loyal Hollywood clientele continue to use the WEN by Chaz hair care routine. It works and consists of one bottle with multiple benefits. WEN’s special cleansing conditioners do not need a lather to begin their magic. You’re getting five products in one bottle, so it’s quite economical in the long run. WEN’s cleansing conditioners replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner.

These luxurious formulas have been carefully developed and designed to offer amazing strength, super shine and manageability to one’s hair. For instance, WEN’s very popular Sweet Almond Mint contains natural and effective ingredients like wild cherry bark, panthenol, chamomile extract, glycerin and rosemary extract. These fragrant blends support the hair’s structure and even allow better color coverage. There are also Pomegranate and Lavender cleansing conditioners to try.

Your hair will respond immediately after using one of WEN By Chaz’s unique cleansing conditioners. Your head will enjoy the careful massage of the rich, creamy product for the scalp and tresses. You can really feel the body building in your hair. Wow.

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Holiday Visiting with Securus Technologies

When you have a loved one in the prison system, you know how difficult it can be to keep in touch with them during the holiday season. When a good friend of mine went to prison themselves, one of the most difficult things I found was keeping in touch with them around Christmas time because it was just too difficult for me as well as their own family to make trips there to see them. This was a problem that we all face and it caused us to feel like we were not a family or friendly with each other during the holiday season.


You have to keep in mind that it is also very difficult for your loved one to be stuck behind bars when all they want to do is be with their family during the holiday season. Because of the problems that I was having concerning my friend during the Christmas season, I begin to do a lot of research for video visitation services that happen to be available to the both of us. This is when I discovered a company known as Securus and started using it on a regular basis to have great video visitation with my loved one without having to worry that it was not secure or personable enough.


Using secure it with one of the best things that I have ever done for myself and my loved one because it allowed us both to come closer together during the holiday season when we would otherwise be totally apart. Securus was also incredibly easy to use and get the hang of making use of each and every time we wanted to use it. This meant that we both could use it without any problems and we were able to easily keep in touch with each other no matter what we wanted to say to each other at the time.


Securus is one of the best companies for you to make you some during the holiday season and it is something that you will find it incredibly beneficial for a variety of different reasons. This is why I continually recommend and use Securus for myself and what I have found it to be one of the best video visitation service companies out there on the market at the current moment. You might want to check out this amazing company for yourself if you feel like can bring you and your loved one closer together this Christmas season.


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The Quest To Grow The Sweetest Carrot

There’s a place in New York where the locals go to get the freshest food. It’s a one-stop shop for local goodies that are nutritional. I’m talking about Union Square Greenmarket. These goodies that are sold come in the form of fruits, vegetables, and other homemade treats. There’s also some friendly rivalry that happens among those who sell there. That’s because they want to be the best at their craft which is growing food. There’s one local farmer who’s attempting something new and causing some friendly competition among the others.


According to GrubStreet, there is a farmer who won’t stop until he grows the sweetest carrot. Rick Bishop of Mountain Sweet Berry Farm has been testing carrots lately. He’s been experimenting with different growing techniques and types of soil. That’s because he wants to create the best tasting carrot at that New York market. He wants people to flock from all over because they desire his carrots that badly.


It seems that he’s been doing a great job! In fact, people have rated this carrot one of the best. It’s high on the sweetness scale and it’s been selling out. It’s amazing that something as simple as a carrot is in this high of demand. It seems that someone might be infringing on his territory. There is another local farmer who is growing carrots that appear just as sweet! Hey, there is nothing wrong with some friendly competition when it comes to carrots. Plus, people always love to have their options, especially New Yorkers.


White Shark Media And The Great AdWords Solution

A business has to reach customers in order to be successful. A charity much reach potential donors in order to be viable. Anyone hoping to raise awareness or garner attention must reach an audience. In all three instances, advertising plays a major role in achieving a desired result. AdWords is among the best and most efficient ways to reach and intended consumer or donor base. The effective managing of an AdWords account plays a huge role in whether or not the strategy proves to be successful or not. This is where White Shark Media can save the day for those struggling with AdWords.


And there really is no reason to struggle with an AdWords account. The concept is simple, but experience is required to achieve a desirable outcome. The average person who opens up an AdWords account lacks that experience. The staff of Miami’s White Shark Media possess the necessary experience to a significant degree.


White Shark Media handles all aspects of AdWords campaigns. The company can create a campaign from scratch for new clients or White Shark Media may craft a revised AdWords campaign for those who already have something up and running and not performing well. Speaking with a representative from the firm is easy to do and all questions will be answered quite thoroughly.


Reviews and testimonials on White Shark Media’s page does reveal the sentiments of customers. The testimonials note that revenues and sales went up thanks to the work of the firm. Others have noted that the way they approach sales leads have changed since affiliating with White Shark Media. The testimonials also come from all manner of different business types. This is not something that should be overlooked. Not every marketing firm is capable of meeting the needs of different businesses. A company that can handle the promotional requirements of a variety of different companies is definitely one worth looking a bit closer at.


Discussions and meetings are held monthly with between the marketing representative and the client. Of course, clients can call anytime to speak to a representative as well. Doing so is encouraged in order to be sure the client understands how the account is being managed and any changes that might occur.


Ultimately, White Shark Media wants its clients to make money. Those clients who are thrilled with the end results of the campaigns are sure to continue using White Shark Media and to also recommend the firm to others.

Priced Out: Can New York City’s Restaurant Scene Be Restored?

As neighborhoods go, so goes the restaurant scene. The word “restaurant” can be traced back to the seventeen-sixties. It’s derived from the French restaurer, which means to “restore,” and according to legend referred to a place in Paris that served a menu of restorative meat broths. Today, the restaurant business is in a constant state of flux and restoration. One place shuts its doors, and another opens. Yesterday’s food trends are tomorrow’s leftovers. In addition, if restaurants serve as emblems of economic realities in America’s cities, when those cities change, so do kitchens and dining spaces.


New York City has a restaurant problem. It’s not that you can’t get a reservation on a Friday night, although at some gastronomic temples it’s a tall order. It’s that real estate is expensive in New York City, and the cost of labor and food, especially fresh produce, is greater than in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Are restaurateurs being priced out of Manhattan like artists were gentrified out of Brooklyn? According to the New York Times, the number if independent restaurants in New York City fell 3 percent from 2105 to 2016.


The restaurant business is competitive. While New York City is known for its culinary supremacy, if ambitious young chefs go elsewhere to open restaurants, the Big Apple won’t be able to hold onto its culinary supremacy for long. New York’s restaurant scene will need to be restored.






IAP Worldwide Services is one of the Top Hiring Companies in the U.S.

IAP Worldwide Services takes the pride to bring you their skills knowledge, and expertise together to develop a cohesive whole that is better and greater than individual experience. According to the company’s recruitment team, their employees are specifically committed to working towards achieving the mission of the enterprise. In the industry, they offer exceptional services and solutions to the most problematic challenges on facing their clients. IAP Worldwide, Inc. is ranked among the top employers in the universe. For this reason, the company always seeks the most talented individuals. They are looking for the passionate to make a future in their careers. Therefore, making a difference in the world is an easy task.

IAP Worldwide, Inc. is made up of individuals and experts dedicated to solving peoples’ problems. Each worker in the company contributes to the unique experience, skills, and knowledge to develop a force for good. While you work in the company, you will be accompanied by a profound sense of equality, camaraderie, dedication, cooperation, and the on-going recognition for every job you do well. According to research, few companies in the country offer credit to the right employees. However, IAP Worldwide, Inc. comes out among the few. At IAP Worldwide, they are looking for the most dedicated, experienced professionals in the areas of Engineering, Logistics, General Management, Program Management, Construction, Finance/Accounting and other specialties and fields.

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IAP Worldwide, Inc. empowers their employees with the knowledge and resources to work out their jobs in the most efficient and safe way. The workers contribute to the overall customer engagement success. For this reason, the company believes that this is the driving commitment behind success and growth of the enterprise.

IAP Worldwide, Inc.’s Human Resource personnel are there to take good care of your success and career development. For this reason, you will achieve the mission of the company with ease. Professionals provide high-end customer satisfaction levels. This is also the mission of IAP. IAP Worldwide, Inc. is committed to implementing and developing support processes and programs which are designed to add value to the company’s solutions and services. For you to enjoy your time developing solutions and rendering services to the clients, the company does all it can to make you comfortable. IAP Worldwide, Inc. is one of the most rewarding and satisfying companies in the world. For all their customer interactions, the employees will live out their core organization values. They include integrity, responsibility, purpose, and ingenuity.

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