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Curbing Hunger May Be a Matter of Switching on a Brain Circuit

Weight loss is a subject of tremendous interest to a lot of people. Most of us have tried at least one diet in our lives and possibly supplements as well that claim to help with weight loss. Depending on the diet or supplement, individual experiences will vary, but for many of us, finding a successful way to lose weight and keep it off is an ongoing quest. One popular approach to attempts at weight loss is through appetite suppression. If something keeps us from getting hungry, then, it logically follows, we won’t eat as much, and we should lose weight. There has been a recent breakthrough along these lines.

They artificially activated a certain part of the brain in mice, and this gave them feelings similar to satiety, which resulted in them eating less. Their discovery would basically make dieting much easier because it would prolong any feeling of hunger. This is the sort of breakthrough that a wide variety of supplements have claimed over the years and that science may have finally, actually stumbled upon. Whoever can capitalize on the findings of this research, which is covered in more detail in an article on, will get rich in the multibillion dollar weight loss industry in a hurry. Marcio Alaor BMG hoes that time comes sooner rather than later.

Women and Whisky

What has traditionally been known as a man’s drink has grown in popularity among the softer sex. Recent growth in female consumers of whisky shows that up to 37 percent of whisky drinks are purchased by women. This is great news for whisky producers who are happy to be rid of any gender bias when it comes to this liquor. Actresses such as Mila Kunis, Christina Hendriks and Claire Forlani have recently been spokespersons for whisky brands, adding to the female base that makes Dr Jennifer Walden happy. She has been featured on in the past.

Women are also showing more of a presence on the seller and producer side of whisky. Companies such as Maker’s Mark have women in top positions such as CEO. In addition, Kentucky has their first female Master Distiller in Marianne Barnes. While Barnes is working to revive Old Taylor Distillery, Allison Patel owns her own company named Brenne.
Your Cravings Are Talking to You

Do you ever crave chocolate? Have you had to pull over on the way home to get ice cream, nachos, or pizza? This is your mind on cravings. But aside from people craving comfort foods, there may be an actual nutritional need that people gain from the feeling of craving food.

Researchers speculate that when humans are craving a food, it may mean that they are suffering from a nutritional deficiency. Cheese? You may be low in calcium. Try having milk, almonds, broccoli, or yogurt. Carbs? It means you are low in an amino acid called tryptophan. This helps regulate serotonin, which is a needed brain chemical that regulates moods. Even chewing on ice constantly can mean that you are anemic, or low in iron.

Using our cravings to tell us what we need to eat is simple and effective. Bruce Levenson considers that balancing your nutritional needs and erasing nutritional deficiency is key to optimal health. Knowing that your cravings mean something is priceless. We should all pay more attention to our bodies. They may be telling us exactly what they need.

Are Standard Milk Producers Behind Safety Results?

The results of a recent study in the United Kingdom by scientists at the University of Reading suggest that drinking organic and “Ultra High Temperature” processed milks could harm unborn fetuses, pregnant mothers, children and teens. These types of milks do not contain as much nutritional iodine — more than 30 percent less — as standard non-organic or non-UHT pasteurized milks.

Standard processing involves dairy farmers giving their cattle iodine supplements that adds iodine to the milk. Organic and UHT farmers do not use these supplements. Iodine deficiency can lead to thyroid problems, including fatigue, immune system dysfunction and painful, large goiters. The subsequent immune system dysfunction can also lead to a wide variety of additional health problems.

Folks at STX Entertainment have learned that some critics of the study believe that it is nothing more than a push by standard dairy farmers to denounce organic and Ultra High Temperature milks that are causing a slump in their sales. After all, organic dairy farmers, at least, could just as easily give their cows iodine supplements and still sell “organic” labeled milk since iodine is a natural substance that the body needs.

There is no proof that the study’s authors have any association with standard milk producers, but the lack of such a common sense solution or statement as part of their research study recommendations makes many people wonder about the reason for the study and the bias of the authors.

Blue Bell Recall

It seems like every time you turn on the news there are stories of more foods being recalled because of listeria concerns. Listeria is a type of pathogen that is lesser known than E. coli and salmonella, but it is just as dangerous. Listeria is a serious type of infection that begins after you eat contaminated food. It can even be deadly. As many as one in five people that contract listeria die from it, although these people are generally more vulnerable to disease because of another illness, age or pregnancy. Most recently, Blue Bell made the decision to remove all its products from store shelves because there is a chance that Blue Bell’s frozen treats may be contaminated with listeria. So far, five people have become sick and two have died from eating Blue Bell products.  Mark Ahn agrees that if you have Blue Bell products in your home, you’re advised to dispose of them and if you have ate any of them and have since gotten sick, it’s crucial for you to contact your physician right away for treatment.

Companies Like McDonald’s and Walmart Are Costing Taxpayers Billions

It’s time to wake up, people. Big business is taking advantage of the system, and we foot the bill. Congressmen keep the nation adrift in a sea of waste, and we do nothing to swim to the shore of reality. Companies that pay their employees less than $15 an hour in this economy are costing taxpayers around $153 billion to support those workers. It’s not the 70s anymore. And it’s not 2009, which is when the minimum wage was raised to $7.25 an hour.

The recession created 1.85 million more low paying jobs, and we subsidize the companies that refuse to increase their wage scale. The University of California Berkeley Labor Center discovered that bad news, but we all knew it. We know our economic system is way out of proportion.

Instead of facing the issue, and raising wages to a figure that could get these people off government subsidies, big companies are cutting benefits like insurance.  Big companies don’t care how much we pay to keep these programs alive because all they look at is their bottom line.

Rebel Wilson Confirms That Pitch Perfect 3 is in Development

There is still a month to go before the sequel to box office sensation Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2, is released into theaters. However, according to the franchise’s star Rebel Wilson, that hasn’t slowed down the fact that a third movie has already begun development. Is it too soon? Though it may seem so, keep in mind that according to Box Office Mojo, the original film rose to become the second highest-grossing musical comedy thus far in cinematic history.

So, unless Pitch Perfect 2 completely bombs out in the box office (but, let’s face it—it almost certainly will do well), a third movie following everybody’s favorite lady a capella singers will follow shortly. That is exactly what Fersen Lambranho is expecting. News on which cast members will return is still foggy, as Rebel Wilson is the only one who has been confirmed so far.

Bourdain To Bring Foreign Flavor To NYC

Anthony Bourdain is a world traveler, he experiences food, drink, and culture wherever he goes. In fact, he lives for it. His passion lies in food of all cuisines, styles, and presentations. If you have ever watched any of his shows on the Travel Channel or CNN you are bound to notice hie adoration for foreign street foods. No matter what country he is visiting Bourdain always visits the market and samples food from the street carts. The ever adventurous chef has plans to create his very own version of foreign food markets right in NYC, it will be aptly named Bourdain Market. Christian Broda ( has learned that there will be fresh foods to purchase along with a variety of stalls filled with vendors peddling their delicious wares. Although we know it is happening, the exact opening date has yet to be released. Seriously, this truly and exciting addition to the good ol’ US of A.

Understanding The Real Estate Market

The term ‘Real Estate’ signifies a property that includes a land and the structures erected on it with all it’s available natural resources such as water, crops or minerals. The business of real estate is the trading of properties between different parties through acquisition, rental or lease.

Investing in real estate requires an individual to liaise with a real estate business through their workers usually referred to as realtors or real estate agents so as to gain the knowledge of the right kind of property to invest in. Town real estate is one of such real estate business in New York City with exemplary service and a leader when it comes to NYC luxury real estate in form of residences or offices. They play a vital role in the growth of the community through the inspired and thoughtful services they offer clients.

With the advancement in technology, people are able to use various applications to search for specific properties; be it an apartment, multi-family house, townhouse, condominium, a cooperative or a commercial property. This initial search can go a long way in giving someone an idea of cost and other obligations in terms of expectations and better enable one to prepare before contacting a realtor.

New York City properties can be especially highend due to the whole essence of what this city stands for and represents, so there is need to extensively research the real estate market and not get carried away by the first seemingly affordable offer one gets. Becoming a homeowner is one of the ways one can live the American dream, but while one is still working towards achieving this, one still has the need to rent because shelter is one of humans basic needs. For this reason one cannot avoid being involved one way or another in the real estate market as an intending renter, homeowner, or office owner.