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Purina Dog Food: Keeping Dogs Happy and Healthy for Over 80 Years!

As a pet owner of two dogs, I introduced my pets to several different brands of dog food during the quest to find the perfect one that can satisfy all their nutritional requirements as well as something that they will enjoy eating. There is one brand of dog food that my pets really devour as well as satisfy their needs. It is the Purina dog food.

Purina has been helping pet owners keep their pets happy and healthy for over 80 years and offers a variety of dog food to meet the requirements the dog’s nutritional needs. Some of these variety include Just Right by Purina, Purina Pro Plan, Purina One, Purina Beyond, Purina Dog Chow, Alpo, Mighty Dog, Moist & Meaty, Chef Michael’s, and Purina Beneful. However, one of the most popular Purina dog food is Beneful.

Purina Beneful offers dogs the perfect blend of nutrients that satisfy their nutritional requirements using only the finest ingredients. There are currently 20 varieties of Beneful dog food. These come in both wet and dry food and contains ingredients rich in proteins, antioxidants, and omega that are crucial for the dog’s health. Beneful dog food are also available in different bite sizes and textures to ensure that different size dogs enjoy their food. Purina Beneful also offers Baked Delights dog snacks that are perfect for in-between meals.

Joseph Bismark: Different From Other Businessmen

I truly admire Joseph Bismark. It takes a lot of strength and spiritual mindedness to achieve such a high level of success and fame and still keep a level head as well a humble heart. It is easy for people to fall into the trap of seeing themselves as greater than others. However, this article that I have read on the WordPress blog called Citizen Shame, has shown that Joseph Bismark is not that easily swayed by his own success. I could definitely learn from him and his ways of conducting business and relating with people both as his workers and customers.

He is so passionate about improving the lives of others that he has started businesses with the sole purpose of helping others achieve their goals in fitness, business, spirituality and other aspects of their lives. Many people that work with him and conduct business with him notice a difference in him. He is a powerful leader, and yet he makes other people comfortable around him. People often walk away inspired to live better lives after being around him. This keeps them coming back to him and his business. They not only buy his products, but they also listen to his advice on living well.

The majority of his time is spent with the RHYTHM foundation which he himself has got going. RHYTHM is dedicated to improving a sense of well being for people who are interested. It is easy to see that Joseph Bismark has learned a lot from his time spent in the mountains. He has learned a lot of spiritual principles. He has also learned how to clear his mind and break free of all the troubles and concerns of the world. He has seen the light in himself and therefore has recognized the light in others. He wants to bring that out of others so that they can live life more abundantly.

Coffee Meets the Benefits of Ganoderma

By the time Bernardo Chua started OrganoGold, he was already a successful businessman. This company, headquartered in Canada, came to being as Mr. Chua felt compelled to bring Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb, to the world. Ganoderma products had an appreciable amount of success in Asian markets, and this led Mr. Chua to look at expanding in an effort to bring this storied organic mushroom to consumers around the world. His initial foray into marketing Ganoderma products was through Gano Excel, which included direct marketing of these products, including capsules and instant coffee, to customers throughout Asia and North America.

OrganoGold is based in Canada, and has over a million distributors around the globe working on selling product for this direct sales and marketing company. OrganoGold is fairly well established now, allowing Mr. Chua time to focus more of his efforts on refining this product line, sales and marketing channels. He also works with a number of organic Ganoderma producers around the world. Cultivating these relationships, and maintaining them, are important factors when one considers that his entire business model is contingent on them. That being said, ancient Chinese herbs are often times newly found to be useful in remedying other issues, and the closer the ties Mr. Chua has to the producers of Ganoderma, the greater the chance is he will be made immediately aware of such developments. These relationships also serve to help him manage his costs, delivering product to consumers at competitive rates.

One of the pioneers of delivering this polypore mushroom coffee and tea around the world, he is helping spread the story and benefit of this herb to millions of people outside of Asia. Mr. Chua also believes that a direct sales business model is what afforded him the opportunity to grow his business outside of Asia so quickly. He feels this helped him distribute the product globally, in the fastest manner possible. By using the direct sales channels to market and grow the business, this has allowed him the time to educate the world about the benefits of this herb. He stands by the efficacy of this herb as something that is beneficial, and that which can help those who are able to leverage their daily caffeine consumption by using OrganoGold products, which carry the added bonus of introducing them to benefits of these mushrooms.

Duff Beer For Me, Duff Beer For You…

Have you ever heard of a TV network releasing it’s own brand of beer? Probably not, we sure haven’t and yet Fox may be the very first to do so. Fox is currently working with master brewers to create their very own, licensed by the way, Duffbeer as seen on the always popular show, The Simpsons. There have been attempts at recreating the famous beverage, and favorite of Homer J. Simpson, but everyone has ended up in a lawsuit. Fox is ending that mess now by stepping in and taking matters into their own hands. Thankfully the packaging is already designed, it will be an exact replica of the bottle and label off of the show. Beer lovers like Daruis Fisher know that when the recipe is perfected and brewed it will first be released in Chile followed by Europe. Hopefully, eventually the United States since it is where the show originated. There are a lot of people who would love to share a Duff with their friends or while watching sports. The good news is that it is coming, at some point, to a store near you.

“May Your Glass Be Ever Full:” First Irish-American Vodka Poured In US

The tall, beautiful bottle adorned with the bright green shamrock is reason enough to sample the first Irish-American vodka debuting in the United States.

It’s called Bonn Oir Gold Medal Vodka and it’s got a distinctive, rich background along with a smooth, clean finish taste. Bonn Oir, pronounced as “ban or,” was developed by the O’Shevlins of County Armagh, Ireland, dating back to an old, precious family recipe.Philip Joseph O’Shevlin II created the silky, sophisticated vodka and his grandson Philip Joseph O’Shevlin II, the founder of Bonn Oir, recognized the drink’s unique properties:

In a recent press release published in the highly regarded The Spirits Business, Joseph O’ Shevlin II stated this about Bonn Oi:

“Not just with the vodka itself, but in the heritage, the pedigree and the passion—the spirit of the Irish—discovered within each bottle.”

Bonn Oir ia a premium vodka carefully processed by using only the top-grain of soft white Irish wheat. This is the same wheat and same purity in which fine artisan breads are made.

Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka, backed by Timber Creek Capital and Marc Sparks, is selling here in the US for $34.99 per 750ml by the O’Shevlin Importing Company. The elegant vodka, bottled at 40 percent abv, is also available in one litre and 50ml bottles.

The O’Shevlin Importing Company has delivered double the pleasure with Bonn Óir Lite, a premium vodka that features only 40 calories per serving, as well as Irish Fire, a vodka-based spirit infused with the delicious hotness of cinnamon and rested in toasted oak barrels, resulting in an oaky finish topped with notes of caramel.

“Vodka connoisseurs —whether Irish, or wishing they were Irish—will love this new standard set by Bonn Óir.”


Regulating Health Supplements on Store Shelves

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, many people are turning to natural health and herb supplements that they can buy without a prescription. From St. John’s Wart to other herbs, you can get confused going down the natural supplement aisle of just about any store. Unfortunately, in a recent break in news, it was found that many of these herbal supplements didn’t contain any of what they claim to have contained. Many of these supplements, instead, contained house plants, asparagus and even bean powder to fill the capsule without it having any real value. This was saving the herbal supplement company a whole lot of money in terms of production and sales.

Now that the news has relatively died down, many people are wondering what is changing in order to better regulate these supplements so that this does not happen again. After all, people do not want to be paying for herbal supplements that are simply sugar pills that do not even contain a fraction of what they should. The FDA still does not regulate herbal supplements because of the fact that there is not enough medical science and proof to show the effectiveness of any of them. Because of this, it is important that you stick to highly reliable sources when it comes to your supplements and to consider speaking with a doctor if a prescription form is your better option to avoid this type of thing entirely. That is what Mikal Watts is trying to do more and more.

Fluoride May Actually Be Health Risk And Not Effective To Reduce Tooth Decay

Fluoride may not be necessary in water to help prevent cavities. Scientific studies are now showing it may be an outdated idea. The process to put fluoride in water began in 1945 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and from there spread nationwide.

Studies have been conducted showing the fluoride chemical may be the cause for impaired bran functions, problems with the endocrine system and may even be linked to ADHD and under active thyroids. There is also an argument that states the process of fluoride being put into water systems forces people to consume a chemical they would normally avoid.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Oral Health dispute the health risks and state the process is effective and safe. They are content at this point to allow the fluoride to be placed in water as a means to prevent tooth decay.

A group of researchers and doctors have begun to study the effectiveness of fluoride fighting tooth decay. After extensive studies they came up with the result that fluoride does not have a statistically significant degree of effectiveness to reduce tooth decay. These same studies showed no sound success in baby teeth having reduced cavities when fluoride was used in their oral treatments. Their studies do not support the use of fluoride in water, which Adam Sender found pretty informative.

In a second community where fluoride use continued the cavity rates remained stable.