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My Dog Is A Hero And Deserves To Eat A Lot Of Beneful

My dog is incredible, and I’m not just saying that to brag. My dog saved my child because I wasn’t able to get to him in time. We were all around the pool, and we heard a loud noise in front of the house. It sounded as if a car had crashed into one of my cars in front of the house, so everyone ran from the pool to the front of the house. My son was running behind us, and he had fallen into the pool, but we were way too far ahead of him to see him fall. I heard a splash in the pool, but I was too far away to jump in the pool.

I tried to run to the pool, but the combination lock gate had locked behind me, and it took me time to get it open. I was panicking the whole time, but I saw my dog jump right into the pool, and next I saw was my son was holding onto the dog’s back while he paddled over towards the edge of the pool. My son was able to walk out of the pool, and I grabbed him and cuddled him in my arms. I was fully clothed, and I know my son was wet, but I grab my son and dog, and I pulled them both close for a hug.

I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for my dog that my son may not be here, and I plan on making every day of my dog’s life the best possible, especially since he saved my son. The very same day that my son was saved I took him to the hospital, and he was checked out in good health. I headed to the grocery store and purchased a big steak, and I also bought a humongous bag of Beneful. Beneful is food that he’s always eaten, but I wanted to make sure I gave him more than normal.

I went back home that night, and I made the dog the steak, and I even poured him a bowl of nutritious and delicious Beneful, just in case he got hungry overnight. I had some Beneful snacks, and I poured out the entire bag into a separate bowl, so I knew my dog would have a feast that night, whether he ate it now or the next day. I was very tired, and I slept next to my son that night, so we didn’t get up until the early afternoon. When I got up the next day I saw that the bowls were empty, so my dog had eaten all of the Beneful as well as the snacks. I use Beneful to keep my dog healthy, and my dog keeps my family safe, so he deserves it.

Purina PetCare Continues to Overshadow the Limited Competition

It is hard to compete with a brand once a company has established a presence. There is a sense of brand loyalty from consumers that can be difficult to break. That is the case with the different types of soda vendors on the market today. Other newcomers could enter, but it would be a difficult ordeal to penetrate the market because Pepsi and Coke have already become the dominant forces in the soda industry. The same can be said for pet food. I have been a Purina PetCare buyer as long as I can remember. My pets love it so I am not about to change. There is no reason to change.

I have heard of some other brands down through the years, but it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to play around with other brands that are not going to give my pets the type of satisfaction that they crave. The Purina brand on Purina news website is one of the best on the market. I have noticed how the brand works to build nutritious foods. I have seen how the company takes on so many other tasks like making foods for dogs that are overweight and nurturing those pets that are underweight too. The wide variety of pet food has made it easy for me to get customized food according to the needs that my dog may have. This is one of the most awesome things that I can do to show love for my dogs. I like the fact that Purina PetCare is able to provide a good number of options. This is where my brand loyalty moment surfaced. I saw that this brand was working to get better and better. I was hooked, and my dogs appear to be fond of my decisions.

I would encourage anyone that is had a lot of trial and error with dog food to simply try the Purina PetCare brand. Most owners of pets are going to see a very noticeable difference. It is like having a pet that is suddenly more energetic. I can look at my dogs and visibly tell that these animals are healthier because of the food that they are eating. That is why millions of Purina PetCare patrons are putting this pet food on the top of their list. It can be a real time consuming headache to bounce from one brand to another. It is just a lot more efficient to have a staple in place that can be purchased at any time. This makes life easier for me and anyone that has the task of feeding my pets. I don’t like to hassle with pet food. I want my dogs to eat what I buy.

Having A Healthy Dog Isn’t Hard, Especially If They Eat Beneful

If a dog has good food to eat, then exercise should be no problem whether they are walking, running, jumping, or playing around with others. Those who want their dog to stay healthy for a long period of time will want to choose good food like Beneful as well as giving their dog the exercise that they need. Beneful is a great food of choice for those who want healthy dogs. All dogs can eat Beneful brand foods, but there are specially formulated ones for overweight dogs, puppies, aging dogs and more. It’s best that a pet owner decides which Beneful is best for their dog, and then they can purchase the food in varying flavors. Beneful on walmart has wet dog food as well, which dogs will eat because many dogs are fond of all types of Beneful brand dog foods.

Dogs that are lacking energy for any reason may need a change in their diet, and it’s possible to give dogs the extra energy boost they need by feeding them Beneful brand foods. Beneful has a wide array of dog foods, including wet dog food and dry dog food. Anyone who chooses Beneful brand dog foods will see the difference in how their dog eats and enjoys their food, compared to other dog foods on the market. Beneful has the carbohydrates and protein necessary for a dog to gain additional energy as well as having great nutrition.

Any dog can be overweight, but Beneful Healthy Weight can help a dog to lose the excess weight. Those pet owners who continue to monitor their dog’s food intake, as well as their exercise, will be able to see a change in their dog, especially after taking them for regular veterinarian visits. Beneful is good for a dog’s overall health, and it can help dogs have all the nutrition necessary to be healthy overall.

A very healthy dog may have a few health problems, but dogs with constant health problems may need to visit the veterinarian, eat better food, and then they may be able to reverse the health problems they are currently having. Caring for a dog isn’t terribly hard, especially if the dog is healthy. Keeping a healthy dog means feeding them food from Beneful as well as helping them get regular exercise. Ensure that a dog stays healthy by giving them the exercise and Beneful they need.

Slyce Purchases SnipSnap

Visual search technology allows a user to take a picture of something and to draw up information about that picture. The company leading the charge of this relatively new technology is Slyce. Slyce has grown huge in the past few years. It is extending its arms into many other areas. It recently acquired the mobile couponing app SnipSnap for $6.5 million. The popular SnipSnap had a whopping 4 million-plus users. Because of the acquisition, Slyce has automatically acquired these users. SnipSnap itself is a relatively young company having just started in 2012.

It works with the product recognition technology. Users take a picture of a coupon. When ready, the user can actually redeem the coupon using the picture. Fortunately, most stores and restaraunts have come to recognize this method. In fact, many of these retailers and restaurants also use SnipSnap. They utilize a SnipSnap retailer feature which allows them to make coupons for their website, mobile apps, SMS, and Email. In addition, the app allows retailers to display new coupons to users who are currently in their vicinity. The company got so popular that SnipSnap was overwhelmed and was forced to outsource.

Despite all of this continued and growing success, SnipSnap recently decided that if were to continue to grow, they needed more funds. So they took drastic means and sold the company in a huge merger. It certainly wasn’t a bad move for SnipSnap. Slyce is going to benefit their company much more than monetarily. In fact, it is a perfect match and one the two companies were already contemplating. SnipSnap will be replacing its own visual search technology with Slyce’s top-of-the-line material. This is not the end of the benefits. The merged companies are discussing further ways to make each other better. The changing of the technology benefit has already taking place. In February, the SnipSnap app that users use will have the Slyce visual search equipment.

This is not the first major purchase and merger by Slyce. Only last year the bought Pounce, the mobile shopping app. And that was not the first, either. It has made three others. However, Slyce considers this its best because it is the most successful of its purchases. However, nothing about the day-to-day operations of the SnipSnap Philadelphia headquarters will change and its five full-time employees will remain.

Crazy About Cosmetics

The history of cosmetics in ancient Egypt illustrates just how very long makeup has been used. It is definitely a way to convey oneself as well as your style. I personally use to go crazy having fun with my mothers cosmetics when I was a young girl. Now as an adult I’m constantly searching for something different and new. Shades that I’ve never seen usually seem to catch my attention. Like purple or orange lipstick trends that I can effortlessly commit too. I love things like lavender lipsticks and neon green liquid eye-liners for example. My collection of cosmetics is fairly big. Ranging from playful colors to edgy shades.

Cosmetics gives me an opportunity to speak without using words. Everything from applying nail color to different eye shadow combinations is like an art form to me. I think this is why so many women love using makeup. Classic looks is always something I do for special events, but as an artist I always experiment. Thumbing through magazines is a great way to get some great ideas. Also video tutorials are a wonderful free lesson on any desired makeup look.

One cosmetic brand full of each and every little thing that is unique is Lime Crime. The lipsticks are really lovely and come in vibrant hues. Scrumptious and yummy shades to give you a burst of delightful expression. Sleek rich and creamy formulas for lips that will pop! Low-sheen finishes that can be used alone or played up with a distinctive colored gloss. The liquid eye-liners are so non-traditional in color. Arrives in a number of pigment-rich zesty shades. Encased in a dazzling purple tube decorated with a holographic unicorn. Stunning yellow, turquoise, and bright light orange nail polishes, that make a statement. I like that Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime cosmetic products are cruelty-free makeup that pack a punch!

I use cosmetics mainly because they make me feel special and give me a great deal of self-confidence. When my girlfriends ask me to do their make-up, I genuinely feel a lot more creative than I’ve ever felt in my life. Even so, whenever i am doing make-up on myself or somebody else, Personally i think there aren’t any limitations. It really all depends on what is being worn and what you want to say.

When I notice a women with extraordinary eye shadow, high-blushed face, and bare glossy lips, I am able to instantly sense a manner in which she expresses herself. Some girls choose a natural look whilst others choose a dramatic, captivating look. In any event, I could determine a little portion of their personality. That’s what so wonderful about using cosmetics, the limitless ways we can all stay creative and express how we feel.

Susan McGalla’s Rise as a Businesswoman

Susan P. Mcgalla is an American executive consultant and an established businesswoman. She lives in Pittsburgh with her family. Mcgalla has worked in a number of well known firms. She started her career in1984 at Joseph Home Company. At American Eagle Outfitters Inc, she held the position of the President and CMO. She has also been the Chief Executive Officer at Wet Seal Inc. She sits on the boards of HFF Inc and Magee-Women’s Hospital. She is a director at Allegheny Conference on Community Development and a former trustee at the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio where she did
her primary and high school education. Her father, a coach for a local football team, played a major role in shaping her and her two brothers into successful individuals. After her high school education, McGalla joined Mount Union College where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business.

The first firm McGalla worked for was Joseph Home Company. She joined the company in 1986 and left in 1994. During her time in the company, she worked in various positions especially in marketing and management areas.

From Joseph Home Company, McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters. The first position she held in the company was a divisional merchandise buyer. American eagle is a women’s clothing company. McGalla’s dedication at her work and hard work saw her rise and reach the top management position at the firm. At the peak of her career at the company, she was both the Chief Managing Officer and the President. As the president of the clothing company, McGalla supervised the creation and launch of 77 kids brands by the company. These new brands greatly improved the revenues of the firm. The company managed to generate $3 billion in revenue during that period. The company’s e-commerce platform was also created during her time as the President.

In 1994, when Susan McGalla joined the American Eagles, the clothing company was predominantly male. Having been brought up in an environment where no special treatment was giving to women, she felt right at home. She relied heavily on confidence and hard work as she competed with her male colleagues for managerial positions in the firm. She believes other women in all fields should work hard to rise in their firms rather than waiting for special treatments.

In 2009, McGalla left American Eagles to become a private consultant. She was later appointed as the Chief Executive Officer at Wet Seal Inc. She also joined HFF Inc’s Board of Directors at the same time. She left Wet Seal Inc in 2012 to found P3 Executive Consulting. She is also well known for her contributions at Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning.

Susan McGalla also enjoys a good personal life. She is married to Stephen McGalla, and the two live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her husband is a wealth manager. Susan Mcgalla also serves on Mount Union College’s Board of Advisors.

OrganoGold Expanding Operations into Turkey

In January 2015, OrganoGold instituted a program to expand its operations, which saw it open a new branch in Turkey. Globally, OrganoGold operate in over 39 countries, and they continue to grow rapidly. The company is thriving under the management of Bernardo Chua, who is the founder and CEO of the enterprise. According to the CEO, the opening of the Turkey branch is testimony that OrganoGold is expanding and becoming a likeable brand. Turkey is a strategic office for them, for it plays a unifying their branches based in Africa, Europe and Asia. It provides an opportunity for them to serve their clients and numerous distributors better.

As the CEO of OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua has struggled to ensure that their products continuously resolved the consumer needs, which generate revenue for the company. Their coffee products cater for the active lifestyles of consumers. He has been able to fast-track the company’s success using network marketing concept. Bernard has received many awards in the past, for his generous contribution in the industry. One such award was Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. He has revolutionized the multilevel marketing concept.

The decision by Bernardo Chua to venture into Turkey is strategic because it has a history of being the first country to set up a coffee shop in the 15th Century. Therefore, it means the people of Turkey have a culture of taking coffee enshrined in them, thus proving a real market for their product. Therefore, to remain relevant, OrganoGold have to give high-quality products that will be competitive. Bernardo Chua believes that his products are more than just coffee products. They are produced with the health of consumers in mind hence making them superior products.

The demand for OrganoGold’s products in Turkey is as a result of the lifestyle of the people in that Country. They have active lifestyles that require that they often take stimulants like coffee, for sustaining their activities. Holton Buggs, who is the Executive Vice President in charge of International Sales and marketing, says they are committed to providing the Turkey market with products that meet their needs.

OrganoGold’s products offer health benefit derived from Ganoderma, which is a mushroom of Chinese origin. Medical practitioners believe it is one of the best-ranked herbs in the world. They even say that continued intake will result in a healthy body and prolonged life span.