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A Company that Listens

The cost of doing business is an ebb-and-flow affair that requires diligence and vigilance to understand what the market is doing and what consumers want. With the internet accessible by everyone, consumers can leave comments about your product, company, and customer service for good or bad. Good consumer feedback will help sales improve. Poor consumer feedback can tank sales and even put your company out of business (learn more:

White Shark Media is not immune from how business gets done. However, they are a company who has taken the consumer concerns to heart and endeavored to make a difference based on the feedback of their customers. As a Google Adwords Premier SMB, White Shark Media helps their clients reach a broader base of consumers by creating key works and helping them achieve a more positive internet presence.

When White Shark Media customers complain, however, that they do not understand all the ins-and-outs of the reports White Shark produces, this was an opportunity for White Shark to improve their own positive image. They listened to their own customers and created more information of output, and made it understandable to their customer base.

Some of the White Shark customers also felt that communication was not good enough. That is never a good thing to hear from your customers. White Shark is a consultancy agency so if customers do not have enough communication with their representative at White Shark, this could drive clients away and put them out of business.

White Shark Media decided to make some changes. They implemented a monthly one-on-one client-to-contact meeting.

They use the online forum GoToMeeting allowing the two parties to share face time and go over everything that is going on. White Shark also changed their phone structure to make each customer’s contact person readily available.

White Shark Media customers also expressed concerns about many other areas including not having a strong contact person after signing up, and also not being able to track the Adwords accounts or number of phone calls coming in from customers.

White Shark heard the concerns and made all the necessary changes to aid their customers success. White Shark listens to their customers and adapts to succeed in business.

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Financier George Soros Skewered by Glenn Beck in TV Documentary

Well known and respected financier George Soros, who made his fortune on Wall Street as a hedge fund investor, has been harshly criticized by conservative commentator Glenn Beck in a series of 3 one-hour programs on television. And not about his business practices or the wealth he has obtained.

Soros, who along with his business interests is a founder of anti-totalitarianism and liberal causes, has been accused of anti-Semitism by Beck, who contends that as a youth, Soros was somehow complicit in the World War II Holocaust, and was and still currently is an enemy of Israel.

George Soros Nazi, a Hungarian Jew born in Budapest in 1930, survived the Holocaust largely because of his father’s efforts to hide the family’s Jewish heritage by forging documents and faking identifications. While free from detection and capture, he went on to immigrate to England alone.

In England, Soros went on to study at the London School of Economics, developing a great interest and understanding of financial markets.

In 1956, he took a job on Wall Street, where he made his immense fortune, ranking him number 35 on Forbes list of the richest people in the world, mainly in stock and currency speculation.

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Among his interests, Soros has provided support critical to civil-society movements throughout the Soviet bloc, as well as pro-democracy initiatives around the world. He helps fund liberal party initiatives and advocacy groups, having spent millions of dollars in the Presidential candidacies of John Kerry and Barack Obama.

Glenn Beck, with both a radio program and seen regularly on TV, recently decided to take aim at Soros. He sees Soros as as evil figure, a “shadowy manipulator” who seeks to use his greatest advantage the media, unions, the Democratic Party and even the President of the United States.

Beck wrongly contends, much to the disbelief of many on both sides of the aisle, that Soros desires the destruction of America. He feels Soros, blinded by his own greed, wishes to advance a plot to formulate a global state, all powerful, which would be under his control.

Beck, what critics call “a purveyor of conspiracy theories”, feels Soros is a “Nazi tool”, having had the unmitigated nerve to survive the Holocaust. He claims Soros, on a worldwide basis, has spurred on coups, and implies Soros, even now at his advanced age, plans on carrying one out in the U.S.

In truth, and not mentioned anywhere in Beck’s documentary, is that Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, has given support to democracy movements in many countries worldwide.

Quite contrary to Beck’s assertions of what he feels makes up Soros’ composition, Lord Mark Malloch Brown has said he feels that 4 people brought down communism: Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and George Soros.

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Your Best Life, Courtesy of The Midas Legacy

What does happiness and fulfillment look like? Is it health? The safety of a stable portfolio? Is it something simply found within oneself? According to the experts at The Midas Legacy, it can be all three and more.

The Midas Legacy is the brainchild of Jim Samson, Sean Bower, and Mark Edwards. From their office in Winter Garden, FL, they help their clients live their best lives through financial freedom, better health, and inner fulfillment. These men are experts in their fields, with expertise in real estate, investing, holistic medicine, and journalism. Through The Midas Legacy, they are sharing that expertise with clients, helping them become healthier naturally, plan for early retirement, and make savvy investing decisions. They are so confident in their services that they offer their ebook, The Midas Code, free to all members of their website.

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The Midas Legacy website offers several options to clients, and services are offered a la carte. Clients can pick and choose which aspects of The Midas Legacy apply and appeal to them. Through Better Business Blueprints, for instance, clients can learn the secrets to more effective entrepreneurship. Unlocking Your Secret offers steps toward fulfillment and finding “the best version of you”, and Wall Street Informer offers advice on building wealth and financial stability. For clients looking to better their health through natural, holistic means, there is the Natural Cures section, authored by Mark Edwards. Real Estate Riches offers clients advice on building wealth through property, and how to do so in a savvy, risk-free way.

Much of their content is available free of charge through the Midas Legacy website, but for those wanting a more in-depth look at their methods, they offer Midas Premium, bringing clients the best of The Midas Legacy, as well as expert stock picks, each month, at a reasonable rate. In addition, the experts at The Midas Legacy have built a business opportunity called The Golden Backdoor. It is offered at a low investment and promises the opportunity for success and flexibility to anyone.

In addition to building their research services, The Midas Legacy has an extensive philanthropic arm, supporting causes such as The Wounded Warrior Project, Give Hope Foundation, and the ASPCA. The Midas Legacy prides itself on providing regular financial support to these charities, among others.

The experts at The Midas Legacy offer you your best life, whatever your personal definition of it may be.

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Helane Morrison Inspires Other With Her Stellar Career Moves

I like people that are able to transition from one career to another and continue to rise. That is something that is inspiring. I have found, over the years, that Helane Morrison is a career woman that knows just how to keep her career on track by moving upward as she moves on from one company to another.

Helane Morrison started as a law clerk. This, to me, in the beginning doesn’t sound like something extraordinary. It is an honest living, but it is a far cry from where she is today. What I have found interesting is that Helane was able to start building her career from this point. It was a great stepping stone because it gave her the opportunity to learn more about law.

From this point Helane Morrison has continued to thrive. Her transition from law clerk is where things get interesting. She would love this concept of litigation so much that she would actually transition in law school and become a lawyer. I know that there had to be a new found passion for law because she already had a degree in journalism. Morrison decided to go down a completely different path, and that is what led her to a place where she could get familiar with the San Francisco Securities and Exchange Commission. This was a very interesting position where she became a Regional Director. I think that this was a good position for her to build her name.

Over time I think that Helane Morrison has become the person that has molded herself into someone that would fit very well into the Hall Capital culture. She is someone that knows the rules, and she is a consulting agency that keeps things in order for Hall Capital. I like the way she has become a person that is able to keep climbing the corporate ladder. I think that this is a role model for many people that are trying to enter any phase of the business world.

Morrison is someone that has been able to lead as a Chief Compliance Officer, and this is a role that many women were unable of. So many people look at the CEO positions, but Helane Morrison made a conscious decision to focus on a particular area and master it. That is what I have appreciated about her rise. She has remained focused and driven throughout her career.

Luscious Hair by Chaz

Wen hair by Chaz is a line of hair care products promising voluminous, shiny locks for hair of all types. Through infomercials, models and actresses demonstrate how healthy their hair is after using these products. Simply select the sephora available formula that best fits your hair.
In an article posted on, Emily McClure put Wen by Chaz through a week long documented test []. On day one, she is surprised at how much product is recommended to be used. Ten pumps seems like an awful lot, but to put it through a fair trial, she followed the directions. She reports that her hair felt instantly thicker and fewer strands fell out in the shower. After blow drying, she was amazed at how soft, thick, and shiny her hair was.

On day two, Emily woke up to hair that felt greasy. Early in the day, her hair fell flat and she was ready to get back in the shower that evening to try again. Immediate results were once again fabulous with thick, luscious locks.

Day three brought similar results, but not quite as heavy and greasy. Emily felt her hair was improving each day. She decided by day three that she would need to try washing her hair in the morning instead of at night.

On day five, Emily showered in the morning, dried and curled her hair. The waves flattened faster than she liked, but due to the softness Wen gave her hair, it was expected.

The sixth day, Emily went out with friends and they noticed how healthy, shiny, and bouncy her hair looked. This was the confidence booster she needed.

All in all, Emily gives Chaz Dean’s brand her approval, but warns that this may not be the go to product for those who normally skip hair washing days. But, for instant shine and volume, WEN hair by Chaz is the answer.



Bernardo Chua: Champion of Health

In a world that is becoming more unhealthy by the minute, there are few people that are finding and presenting ways to be healthy. They are not only showing people how to be healthy, they are also making it easier to be healthy. Often times, healthiness is associated with blandness or boredom. It is often more exciting to consume the less healthy products. Among the products that are often deemed unhealthy is coffee. Fortunately, Bernardo Chua, one of the promoters of health, have found a way to bring one of the healthiest ingredients to the public. He has even put it in a tasty beverage, which is coffee.

Bernardo Chua has founded Organo Gold in order to sell coffee with the ingredient called ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient herb found in various parts of Asia. It is often used for medicine. He is using the great tasting beverage of coffee in order to help distribute this healthy ingredient throughout the world. For one thing, ganoderma is filled with many healing agents. People who consume this herb find themselves in much greater health than without the herb. Bernardo Chua is very passionate about getting this herb out to people so that they can experience the health benefits.

Bernardo Chua has won a lot of awards which include 5 people’s choice awards for his coffee. He has also expanded his company to many different territories. Among the latest and most significant territories he has expanded to is Turkey, the home of the first coffeehouse in the 15th century. Bernardo Chua would of course be willing to bring his coffee to the place where people started drinking coffee. Organo Gold continues to be gain recognition for all of the health benefits it offers people to go along with such a great tasting beverage.