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Privacy Assured for Diners at 432 Park Avenue Restaurant

In the world of New York restaurants, a new concept is something that requires a unique take on time-tested techniques. In the case of chef Shaun Hergett, going out to eat is going to involve minimal effort on those who dine at this currently unnamed establishment. That’s because it will be a private restaurant that will only have residents and their guests of that particular building as its diners.

That address is situated at 432 Park Avenue, with Hergett’s restaurant taking up residence on the 12th of a 96-story skyscraper. Encompassing the entire floor allows it to include both a lounge and a terrace.

Despite only residents having access to this eatery, the sheer size of the restaurant can be seen in the fact that the terrace itself will span 5,000 square feet. One indication of just how large that terrace is that a quartet of small restaurants would be able to fit inside.

Hergett previously ran Juni, a restaurant that closed just two months ago. His partner for this project is Scott Sozmen, who has plenty of experience in this area.

The restaurant will open in the fall, yet the building itself isn’t even completed. Once it’s finished, it will hold the distinction of being the Western Hemisphere’s tallest residential building and have this amazing perk.

Of course, one of the reasons that those with residences can take advantage of this access is the steep prices being paid to live there: the lowest quoted price was over $14 million.

Achieve your financial goals with the aid of The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a consulting firm that helps people achieve their desired financial and health goals. Many people work hard for their money and want to be able to retire early, and the way they want to. They also want to be able to enjoy that retirement. People want to lead lives that give them peace and happiness, and The Midas Legacy is the firm that can help one achieve those goals.

Their mission is to help people achieve their desired level of success. The Midas Legacy can accomplish this by offering capital to people who want to dramatically, and positively change the lives of people in the areas of natural health, finance, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

The process gets started by consulting the firm. Then, the client will receive a free guide, called The Midas Code, when they become a Member. Experts within the company will then guide the member into their area of business.

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These top experts within the company include successful entrepreneurs, top stock market shareholders, and many others. All of the professionals within the company have the same goal, and that is to ensure the member achieve their desired level of success.

Three of the experts within The Midas Legacy include Sean Bower, Jim Samson, and Mark Edwards.

Sean Bower is a renowned author and publisher with an extensive knowledge finances. He is a business journalist and has contributed many time to The Midas Legacy website.

Jim Samson is an expert in real estate, a trading expert, and a successful entrepreneur. He has about 20 years experience in real estate and is also a bestselling author.

Mark Edwards is the person within the company drug companies don’t want you to talk to. He is the expert in natural health and natural health cures. Many people rely on the drug companies with expensive prescriptions for bettering their health, and Mark will show members a different, way. Naturally.

The Midas Legacy is extremely generous in giving back to the community with charitable donations. They routinely give to groups such as the Wounded Warrior Project, the Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and more.

Achieving your desired goals are the mission of The Midas Legacy. They want you to achieve peace and happiness in your life. Their top experts will guide you and ensure you will reach your intended goals.


Reports of Food Poisoning Knock Chipotle Down Again

This morning on Twitter, two people reported cases of food poisoning after dining in Chipotle restaurants in Manhattan. One report claimed the person was in urgent care needing two liters of fluid replacement after doctors found unusual bacteria, probably from unsafe food handling practices, in her stomach. The other said he was “sick all weekend” after eating at Chipotle.

In the past few months, Chipotle has been hit hard financially as a result of similar reports. This morning’s Twitter reports alone caused the company’s stock to fall by 3.5 percent. Last month, Chipotle’s stock price was the lowest it has ever been. The reports and worries of E. coli and norovirus (which started last fall) have also led to a huge drop in sales for the once extremely popular chain.

Despite all the fuss, Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold rebutted the Twitter claims by saying the chain had not received any formal reports of food poisoning in any New York locations. He also defended the company by saying they “have excellent health department scores throughout the city, and [they] continue to have the highest standards of food safety in [their] restaurants.”

Chipotle has clearly been trying to clear its name in recent months by rolling out lots of new features. These include a rewards program, the addition of chorizo to the menu, and a fun new commercial that could have been made by Pixar.

Ash Ice Cream Debuts in New York City

As reported in an article published by the Daily News, the latest dessert craze in New York City this summer is extremely bizarre. Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream on the Lower East Side is now offering a black coconut ash ice cream flavor that has customers confused yet intrigued. The main ingredients in this outlandish dessert include coconut milk, cream and ash. The coconut ash used in the ice cream is a type of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is becoming all the rage as an upscale ingredient in a variety of new healthy foods. Some of the potentially beneficial uses of activated charcoal include treating bloating and alcohol, detoxifying the system, removing harmful toxins from the body, preventing hangovers and clarifying the body. While all of these health benefits may make a compelling cash for indulging in this obscure treat, a typical person would have to eat an extreme amount of the ice cream in order to get a high enough dose of the activated charcoal to make any difference.

One of the reasons this new ice cream concoction is drawing attention is that the black charcoal leaves a horrendous stain on anything it touches. This has made for some odd pictures of hands and faces covered in drippy, black ice cream. It even turns your teeth a nasty shade of black. Customers are willing to pay a hefty price for this unique treat. The current price is $4.50 per scoop and $13 per pint. Be sure to save room for toppings!

Fresh Produce Of Summer

While walking around the farmer’s markets of New York City, there are a few recipes to remember when you purchase your summer produce.

If you like tomatoes, then make a cherry tomato salad with cubes of red and yellow slices as well. Top the salad with a buttermilk dressing, salt and pepper. One of the most versatile pieces of produce is corn on the cob. You can grill it, cut it off the cob to add to a fiesta salad or simply boil it in a pot of water with a bit of sugar, salt and pepper. Wrap the corn in aluminum foil before grilling to lock in the freshness of the vegetable.

A large plate of green beans and wax beans will give you the folic acid and vitamins that you might not get from other dishes that you make in the summer. Add a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar along with a few capers for a fresh dish that goes well with salmon or pork. Watermelon and cucumbers are refreshing items that take to salt in a dazzling way. Make sure the items are cut into small cubes to make them easy to pick up with your fork. Add slivers of red onions for a little heat and creamy goat cheese that is lightly melted. This is a dish where you can use fresh herbs for added flavor.

Side Dishes For Grilled Main Courses

When you think of a cookout, your probably think of the meats that are prepared on the grill. These could include hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken. There should be something to go along with the main dishes. There are a few summer recipes that you can make to ensure that family and friends have a delicious meal from the grill.

Grilled corn on the cob is a dish that is easy to prepare. Add a bit of butter and garlic salt to the corn for a different flavor instead of the traditional salt and pepper. A small amount of mint can also be added for a fresh taste. Other vegetables that are delicious when they are grilled include asparagus, squash and tomatoes. If you use tomatoes, make sure they are green as they are sturdy and won’t lose their shape like those that are completely ripe.

A large bowl of potato salad is sure to please any crowd no matter what kind of main course you’re offering. Add slices of deviled eggs on the top of the salad. If you want a little sweetness, then consider chopped pickles or relish. A bit of paprika adds color and a touch of spice. Pasta salad is a fresh dish that goes well with grilled chicken. You can add slices of the grilled chicken to the pasta along with cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Times Square Cereal Cafe Takes Off

The recently opened and much buzzed about Kellogg’s NYC cereal restaurant is already attracting tons of business from tourists. In a recently published article on Eater, a number of families visiting New York from all over the country said they wanted to experience a hot food trend while in the city. Even though regular bowls cost $7.50 a pop and cereal sundaes are $8.50, the visitors claimed they didn’t mind paying for the experience and felt the price was comparable to breakfast at other restaurants in the area.

Kellogg’s NYC doesn’t just serve up plain bowls of cereal, it serves nostalgia. Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi whips up breakfast concoctions containing fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows, ice cream, Pop Tart chunks and more. You can choose one of a long list of cereal creations or customize with add-ons for an extra fee. Kellogg’s marketing guru Andrew Shripka claims that cereal sales are down, so serving up cereal creations is a way to encourage customers to recreate them at home later.

The restaurant tries to evoke childhood memories with brick interior, chalkboard walls, plastic cereal box prizes, and kid-friendly favorites like Froot Loops. Even the service process is nostalgic. Customers open up fire engine red cabinet doors to reveal brown paper grocery bags containing their treats. This is supposed to evoke memories of grocery shopping and bringing home cereal boxes.

Grand Central’s Campbell Apartment Set to Close

A sophisticated landmark in New York’s upscale bar scene, the Campbell Apartment will be closing in late July 2016. Following a decision by the MTA, New York City’s public transit agency, to remodel the surrounding Grand Central station, bar owner Mark Grossich offered to increase his rent from $350,000 yearly to $800,000. After Scott Gerber, a known fixture in the nightlife scene, offered $1.1 million, Grossich offered the agency 2.5 percent on top of the highest bid to preserve his luxurious bar. When MTA refused the offer, Grossich decided to pursue a lawsuit against the agency to remedy what he perceived to be an unfair bidding process. At the conclusion of the months-long court battle, the judge decided not to grant Grossich a stay of eviction.

While Campbell Apartment is known for upscale dark wood finishes and its suit-clad clientele, Gerber’s establishments tend to be trendier. Gerber plans to renovate the space with a new stone bar top and updated furniture in addition to creating a dress code that allows sneakers and jeans.

As MTA has indicated its interest in seeking out higher-end businesses to fill Grand Central Terminal’s retail spaces, the Apple Store, a food hall, and a tasting-menu restaurant are among the businesses that will be joining the renovated train station’s landscape. Named for the famed financier who once utilized the space as an office, the swanky Campbell Apartment has attracted visitors and tourists for more than 17 years.

From Salads To Fruit For The Grill

The summer season is a time when you can grill almost anything. When you grill, you need to have a side dish that pairs well with the meat. There are several options ranging from salads to fruits that can be grilled along with hamburgers or hot dogs so that everything is cooked at the same time.

Pineapple and watermelon are two fruits that go well on the grill. You don’t need to leave them on for a long time as they can easily burn because of the high water content in the fruits. Add a bit of sugar to the pineapple for a gentle caramelization. When you see light grill marks on each side, remove the fruits from the grill.

Create a fiesta salad with grilled corn cut from the cob, a bit of lime juice and red chili flakes. If you’re looking for a hearty salad, then use slices of red potatoes and green beans. Add a dressing made of vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. You can also include garlic and lemon juice to the salad for a zesty taste. It’s best to let this side dish sit in the refrigerator for a few hours so that all of the flavors can melt together. A beautiful vegetable that pairs well with almost any grilled meat is the pepper. Red peppers work best as you can get more flavor from them.

The Campbell Apartment Closes Up Shop

Classy train station bar The Campbell Apartment will soon be closing its doors after a long, dramatic fight to stay alive. As part of its plan to revamp Grand Central Terminal, the MTA has decided to bring in hip and high-end businesses like the Apple Store and swanky restaurants while giving long-standing tenants the boot.

Last December, the bar’s owner, Mark Grossich, learned that The Campbell Apartment wouldn’t be sticking around. In order to save his spot of seventeen years, Grossich offered to pay a higher rent to the MTA, an increase from $350,000 to $800,000 a year. At the same time, nightlife entrepreneur Scott Gerber bid $1.1 million, which the MTA accepted, plus 2.5 percent. After the bidding battle, Grossich sued the MTA for running an unfair bidding process. After a months-long battle in the Manhattan Supreme Court, Grossich lost and was not granted a stay of eviction. Grossich now has until the end of the month to pack up his business.

New tenant Gerber, who currently runs pricey upscale hotel bars like Mr. Purple and the Irvington, has big plans for his new space. New decor, a stone-top bar, and a total style turnaround are in the works. Gerber also claims his business will be a little more casual, welcoming jeans and sneakers where The Campbell Apartment had a strict business dress code.

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