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Kevin Seawright Finds Housing Solutions with RPS

If RPS Solutions LLC isn’t an organization you are familiar with, you probably aren’t from the East Coast region or the Baltimore area, but you may want to take notes either way. In all fairness, this is a relatively new venture started in 2015, led by Kevin Seawright. For Seawright though, bringing affordable housing and socioeconomic opportunity to communities isn’t anything new.

As detailed in an article from PR Newswire,, Kevin Seawright has been doing this kind of work for well over a decade now. Applying his financial expertise to save money and improve communities in such roles as being Managing Fiscal Officer for Aging and Retirement in Baltimore, Payroll Director for the Baltimore Housing Authority or most recently RPS Solutions LLC, his passion lies in creating better, stronger and healthier communities.

Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions are aimed at renovating and creating affordable housing solutions in the city of Baltimore and surrounding areas. Recently, a morning talk show discussed this newest venture with Kevin Seawright and the goals of RPS Solutions.

For those who know Kevin Seawright and his background, which includes work in the Washington, Maryland and New Jersey regions, none of this is at all surprising.

According to Seawright, affording “…home buyers the opportunity to have a home, and create stability…”, is the primary goal of RPS Solutions.

Finding alternatives for home buyers that are affordable and permit them to invest in their own communities is a key building block of RPS and the goal of Seawright. Certainly giving people homes and communities to be proud of is something that Seawright and RPS Solutions can be proud of too.  Follow Kevin online on SoundCloud, and his Twitter account.

Andy Wirth: Businessman,Humanitarian and Environmental Friend

Andy Wirth is many things to many people. He has more than twenty-five years in mountain resort management, and has been the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, LLC since 2010. This is the parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts in Lake Tahoe, California. Before joining the ski resort business, he was a backcountry Ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park and a Hotshots wildland firefighter in Northern New Mexico.

According to Powder,  Andy Wirth is a member of many Boards of Directors around Lake Tahoe and in the Reno-Tahoe area. Some of these include:
• Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
• The Tahoe Fund
• Friends of Squaw Creek
• Chairman and President of Lake Tahoe Winter Olympic Committee’s Board of Directors
Since 2013, Andy Wirth has been an appointed member of the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Bureau. Andy also serves on the Reno-Tahoe Airport Board of Trustees, and was recently elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. Read more: Andy Wirth –

In his spare time, Andy Wirth has received many community service and professional awards. He received Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year Award in 2002, and in 2009 was on HSMAI’s list of Top Twenty-five Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing. Andy also received the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award from Reno-Tahoe’s Airport Authority in 2012 and was presented the Citizen of the Year Award by Disabled Sports USA in 2014 when he also received the Community Five Award.

This award is a from a non-profit organization based out of Truckee, California and presented to athletes living with life-altering injuries to look at his energy and non-stop work ethic, no one would suspect that Andy Wirth came near death in a skydiving accident. His right arm was severed while skydiving in Lodi, California in the fall of 2013.

The arm was surgically reattached during the fifty days he spent in the hospital before returning to work at Squaw Valley. Upon his return, Andy co-founded an Ironman team titled “Wounded Warrior Support. The team enters Ironman competitions, raising money for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Andy’s Ironman team helps support special operations soldiers and families when they return home from their life-threatening missions. In addition to his fund-raising for the Navy SEAL Foundation, Andy is actively involved with community and environmental service organizations in the Lake Tahoe area.

Señor Frogs Closes Down Times Square Location

Popular restaurant party chain Señor Frogs has closed down their recently opened location in Times Square, Manhattan, according to the post on

The fiesta-friendly location had only opened its doors in Times Square back in September of 2015. It joined other locations around the world such as Miami, Aruba, and Cancun, Mexico. Despite not being close to a tropic location like the others, the Times Square restaurant did its best to live up to being a party spot like the other locations. However, it seems that their efforts were just not enough to keep the party alive, despite receiving good reviews. The Facebook page for the location confirms that it is closed and the website no longer exists. A check on the main Señor Frog’s website no longer shows any locations for a restaurant in New York City. There are still locations in Myrtle Beach and Vegas however.

A reviewer who visited the Times Square location when it first opened noted the enthusiasm that the staff seemed to have for their jobs. It seemed that the crowd enjoyed what they had to offer as well. The party vibe was alive, even during the day, which can be hard to do especially at a location like Times Square that could potentially bring in a lot of families rather than single party-goers. Many of the customers who stopped into the location while it was open found it to be fun and entertaining. Even a “New York Times” critic who reviewed the location wrote that it was one of the most entertaining restaurants he had been to in quite sometime. Unfortunately those good times had to end.

Lime Crime Is On The Up And Up

Lime Crime cosmetics is a cosmetic line that was started by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a very unique woman that came from a very humble background. Doe Deere was born in Russia, and when she was a little bit older her and her family moved to the United States. Doe Deere was raised in a tough neighborhood in New York City, and she was able to come out of it a more independent and liberated woman. Doe Deere loved color all of her life.

Doe Deere knew that she wanted to be in fashion somehow. She went to school to be a clothing designer, and at a young age she started up her own clothing line. Doe Deere was able to sell her clothing line on eBay, as she’s pointed out on the Lime Crime blog. Doe Deere named this clothing line Lime Crime. Doe Deere chose that name, because she loves the color green and she wanted to find a word that was going to rhyme with lime.

While Doe Deere was showcasing her outfits, she would do her own makeup and many of her fans commented and gave her compliments about the way that she did her makeup. After Doe Deere discovered theatrical makeup, she fell in love. Doe Deere decided that she wanted to create a cosmetic makeup brand. She wanted to make a brand of makeup that was different from the rest. She wanted her makeup to be in bright, highly pigmented colors; she also wanted the colors to be unusual. Doe Deere was able to start up Lime Crime Cosmetics with just a couple hundred dollars and her dream.

Now Lime Crime is a bustling cosmetic line. Lime Crime sells to different countries all around the world, and this cosmetic line has a huge following. Doe Deere was also named one of the Top Women Entrepreneurs by self magazine, and Doe Deere’s cosmetic line is truly taking the world by storm.

Whole Food Markets Found to be Supplying Contaminated Food in NYC and Surroundings

For consumers who love organic food, the idea to walk into a Whole Foods Store in Manhattan and pay premium prices for the food products is not a bad value. Considering that organic farms have suddenly popped up everywhere and numerous health conscious organizations are fervently supporting the idea of organic food, the value-for-money from these big organic food chains in Manhattan is seemingly acceptable. However, unknown to many consumers, New York City Department of Consumer Affairs recently found gross violations of safety and health standards at one of the most well-known organic food chains in the country, Whole Food Stores.

For those who are aware of the recent backlash on the organic food markets in the United States, they also understand that there are numerous instances where organic food markets in the country are violating Federal and State laws. In fact, it were not a huge problem if certain food warehouse were not found to be endangering the health of consumers. For instance, recent investigations by FDA of the climate-controlled warehouse of the Whole Foods Store found packaging that promoted contamination and food poisoning. It is also notable that the New York City warehouse of the company is among the largest in the nations as it Covers a total area of nearly 70,000 square foot and supplying whole foods to nearly 74 stores in eight U.S. States. In the warehouse, investigators found that foods like pasta and mushroom quesadillas were stored in places where condensation was dripping from the ceiling, fan and the doorway.

Interestingly, these violations does not describe huge fines that the management of Whole Foods Market had to pay for increasing the weight of their containers to disguise the actual weight of the food. In fact, there were many instances where the company overstated the weight of the whole foods. Considering that Whole Foods Market is one of the largest organic food market in North America, such gross violations of food safety accompanied by fraudulent consumer affairs is alarming. It is more alarming in the sense that most consumers who buy organic food pay premium prices for the food just to get the best possible healthy diet. Hopefully, FDA and other consumer organisations will hold the perpetrators accountable for deliberately misinforming the public.

8 Rules for Young Entrepreneurs in Panama

Panama’s economy has for a long time depended on the trade and banking sectors. As a result, many industries that ought to have emerged with the evolution of a nation lay dormant on This scenario creates the perfect opportunity for young entrepreneurs to take up these opportunities and become the next big thing.

A majority of the young people are fascinated by the thought of being their own boss. Panama offers the perfect environment to become one. With the numerous opportunities available in Panama, all it takes is the willpower and the perfect formula for success. The rules to apply are not very different from those to be implemented elsewhere. If carefully thought through and implemented, success won’t be hard to come your way.

First and foremost, be the first in the game. Being a pioneer reduces competition and increases your chances of success. Identifying your niche should be advised by your passion and expertise. Extensive research in the field is a must if you want to stand a chance of success.

Secondly, you need to master the art of mobility. Building a business model that allows you to work away from the office, and one where the company can still run in your absence is an added advantage like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. With the availability of cheap labor in Panama, outsourcing is also an option.

Build a network with the right people. In the process of creating the right network, more often than not, you will cross paths with potential business partners, making it easy for you to find the perfect match. With the growing number of young entrepreneurs moving to Panama, meeting like-minded people should not be so difficult.

Boost your confidence. Not being top of your class does not guarantee you to fail. It is all a matter of doing things the right way and building your confidence. Find a lawyer in Panama and have them put together a custom corporation for you. Additionally, print some business cards and become your own boss.

Avoid all shortcuts. The road to success is not an easy one and many a time you may get tempted to take shortcuts. Avoid such temptations. Faithfully stick to your master plan unless it needs to be reviewed. Researching on the sector you are involved in will most certainly improve on your success rate.

Keep your expenses to a minimum. If your business does not require a lot of space, you can find other start-ups that share your needs and pool resources. Sharing an office and splitting costs such as electricity, the internet, and front office services will reduce your expenses and free up money to go into capital investment.

Have a master plan. Your master plan should address all possibilities of failure and how to address them. It will guide you back to the right path when faced with challenges.

Learn the game. Research and learn from other people’s mistakes. Additionally, find a mentor like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. In doing so, you will avoid costly mistakes and catapult your business over traditional timeline milestones.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa knows all these too well. The Venezuelan native is a professional executive currently holding three different positions in five companies of Panama. Since 2011, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, has worked hard to become a prominent member of the Panama business community. He mentors the youth and guides them to improve their economic situations.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:

Kyle Bass: Is the Man Seeking Chinese Economic Collapse?

Those who don’t know Kyle Bass may do well to research America’s 2008 economic crisis, in which he played an integral part. Kyle Bass used to work for Bear-Stearns, which was one of the top five investment banks on Wall Street prior the financial collapse. Bass’ employment dissolved with Bear-Stearns. Shortly thereafter the press released information which basically imploded the bank by the end of the week, forcing J.P. Morgan-Chase into a buyout. By the end of the year, the entire financial sector had imploded. It’s like Bear-Stearns was a domino before a million more which Bass knocked over.

Bass likely operates from a financial ethic that is socialist in nature. This is evidenced from his relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a prime-time socialist despot ruining Argentina at current. The woman has defaulted the country. Not once. Twice. How long did it take her? Well, under thirteen years. And Bass continuously supports her actions. Follow that up with his sub-par hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management. Hedge funds are called vulture funds because their profit ultimately comes from the losses of big companies. Bass’ hedge fund is based out of Austin, Texas; a city so well known for its socialism that it is called the Portland of the south. pointed out that Kyle Bass is now saying China’s currency will be forced into a devaluation within the next two to three years as a result of the ever-expanding Chinese credit bubble. Bass says this will happen within the next two to three years, and says there’s a forty to fifty percent chance it will happen in the next four months, by the end of 2016. Bass has been saying the collapse would happen by the end of 2016 with a high likelihood since the end of 2015. Is it possible his suggestion is merely that: a suggestion? Is he trying to hoodwink rich investors into curtailing Chinese expenditure so that the drop comes quicker and he’s able to reap his profit with expediency? Kyle Bass may very well be playing an additional angle that isn’t immediately apparent, here; though there’s no definitive way to tell for sure.

White Shark Media Uses Feedback To Become Better

White Shark Media has been dedicated to improving and offering the highest quality service for many years, which they have shown in how they handle feedback from their customers. Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolk founded White Shark Media, and they decided to focus their efforts on small to medium sizes companies in need of online marketing assistance.

The company works hard to ensure each customer is getting the level of care they need from their services, such as detailing and covering all aspects of their clients campaigns to keep them informed and built the most optimal strategy for them. Since first launching, White Shark Media has supplied their services to thousands of people all throughout North America, turning it into one of the fastest growing company’s today.  Read more: Consumer complaints for White Shark Media, Inc. and White Shark Media | Company Overview on TopSEOs

White Shark Media and its employees have perfected how to handle feedback and complaints from their customers as well as providing reliable ways of direct interaction. Instead of ignoring feedback or negative issues from their customers, they deal with each situation accordingly to ensure a positive ending.

Whether it be a question, constructive criticism, or a rage fueled complaint, White Shark Media wants to see and hear what their customers are thinking so they can continue to adapt to their needs. Doing things in this manner and allowing their customers to see how they deal with their feedback gives them more credibility and brings more clients to them.

The company is extremely flexible and is willing to work with the majority of clients that come to them for help. According to Glassdoor, They work hard to ensure each customer is satisfied and gets what they ask for. White Shark Media’s team of professionals have experience in many different areas, including the ability to communicate in many different languages, which allows them to take care of virtually any customers needs regardless of where they come from. This a big advantage for building a customer base.

While the company offers a range of services, they mostly focus on campaign management and Ad Words, with some website creation and management as well. They can even do personalized graphic design and logos for those looking for some website flair.

White Shark Media is the place to go for anyone in need of a top tier marketing company to build their presence.

How To Choose A Good Lawyer In Brazil

Choosing the right lawyer or attorney for your legal matter involves getting a list of lawyers who focus in the type of case you are dealing with, checking those lawyers’ credentials and qualifications, and interviewing them to determine who is the most suitable to represent you. You should consider the specific experience and reputation of the lawyer in handling similar cases. It is also important to inquire about the lawyer’s fees.

Ask relatives, friends and colleagues who have hired a lawyer in Brazil or know a good lawyer in Brazil for their recommendations. Word-of-mouth can be a great way to find a good lawyer in Brazil. If that lawyer cannot represent you in your kind of case, they may be able to recommend someone who can.

Check with reputable Lawyer Directories and Law Associations, for a list of reliable lawyers in Brazil. Make sure you specify the area of Brazil you are interested in, and the type of lawyer you need. Many people have been successful in finding a good lawyer, by using these resources. Just make sure you perform a background check on any lawyer you’re considering, to find out if he or she has been disciplined for malpractice or other serious issue.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a Brazilian lawyer, is one of the most recommended lawyers in the Brazilian Legal community. He has been representing clients in a wide variety of business and corporate cases and is well respected by both peers and clients. Mr Ricardo Tosto runs one of the most prominent law practices in Brazil, and he has a high success rate.

From start-up ventures to multinational corporations, Ricardo Tosto serves a vast array of business clients. He is more than a legal resource. He is an experienced business law and corporate litigation lawyer – a powerful lawyer who not only reviews your situation, but develops proven strategies to help you obtain a favorable outcome in your case. That makes him exactly the kind of lawyer to have on your side, at your side – at every stage of the case. Follow Tosto on Facebook for more information about his services.


New Donut Shop Grindstone Opens in Sag Harbor

Grindstone Coffee & Donuts is your new favorite day trip destination. The shop recently opened in Sag Harbor and offers donut flavors like you never tasted before including chai, lemon poppy seed, and a savory option: everything bagel.

Though his new shop specializes in one of the most unhealthy treats known to man, owner Kyle Shanahan is committed to giving customers the best possible ingredients in his donuts. Each one is made from a 48-hour-proof brioche dough made from local eggs and dairy and non-bromated flour. Shanahan notes that while “it matters what you eat . . . it matters more and more what’s inside your food . . . so we use all the best ingredients.”

Shanahan also wanted to make his shop a hangout spot in the community, so he chose donuts as a fun, inexpensive food to offer to customers who were there to drink coffee and chat. Donuts are also a great choice for the Hamptons because it is a great portable beach snack that you can eat year-round, unlike ice cream. In order to keep his business afloat, he had to choose products that would be just as appealing during the off-season.

Even though it has only been open for a month, Grindstone has already gained so much popularity that its donuts sell out by mid-afternoon. Customers come by to snack on the decadent Nutella s’mores flavor or to taste the novel everything bagel flavor, which contains very little sugar and uses cream cheese in place of frosting. They also offer more classic donut flavors for the purist, like glazed and iced with rainbow sprinkles. While you sip on your cup of San Francisco-based Four Barrel coffee, you can also browse the shop’s collection of art and vintage comic books for sale.

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