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Woman Tries to Make All NYC Restaurants Vegan

Kiki Adami is the vocal vegan everyone hates. When she decided to change her restaurant GustOrganics from a paleo to a vegan menu, investors revolted, causing the shop to close its doors. Her love for animals and the environment has stayed strong, however. Adami now runs Veganizer NYC, a company that makes restaurant menus vegan for one-night-only events in hopes that more restaurants will add vegan options permanently. “If all restaurants had half their menu vegan,” Adami says, “things would be so much better in the world.”

When a restaurant participates in Veganizer, they spend about two months coming up with dishes that are almost identical to their usual menu items, just minus the dairy and meat. Adami says she likes to work with meat-heavy places like burger restaurant Keg 229 because “I want to show people that if these restaurants can veganize, anything can veganize.”

Many of the restaurants that have participated have added permanent vegan menu items or hosted more vegan nights after their event. However, some say that they already have a strong customer base and that adding vegan food might not increase business enough to pay for the special ingredients. Despite this hesitation, Adami helps restaurateurs by setting up contacts for them with vegan suppliers in case they do want to make the switch eventually.

Another branch of Veganizer has already been established in Brussels and Adami dreams of having one in every major metropolitan in the world. She is using her knowledge of and contacts in the restaurant business to try to work against animal cruelty, the obesity epidemic, and harming the environment. She describes her passion for the project as “working for a big picture.”

Benefits of Professional Wiki Pages

After the very public and messy announcement of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split, there have been edits made to Marion Cotillard’s wiki page. One nice thing about Wiki Pages is that anyone can edit or make a Wikipedia page to help promote businesses. These pages are largely open to the public, but that can backfire too. Her name has been put in the middle of the drama, because Angelina alleges there was an affair. The rumors have not been confirmed, but many have posted slanderous Wikipedia edits to her page.

One edit was to her occupation, claiming she was “reason why power couple broke up” and “cheater.” These Wikipedia revisions can be made and they can be fixed, but someone needs to be monitoring. This situation is why online reputation management is important. Wiki pages can be beneficial, however, they need to be monitored and one must update a Wikipedia page consistently. Businesses and individuals can use these pages to promote themselves. These pages can be updated to discuss accomplishments. For effective online reputation management, it is always a good idea to have somewhat of an online presence.

Wiki pages can be overwhelming and the professionals at can assist with everything from concept to creation to monitoring. Professional Wikipedia business page creation can gain you the exposure you desire, and increase your search rankings. Wiki pages need to be monitored to ensure no one edits them for negative information. Get Your Wiki can help you create and monitor your wiki page to maximize results. There are many positive benefits when you create a Wiki page.

Señor Frog Says Ciao to New York City Location

Statistics show that the first year for new restaurants will either make or break their future. Though rare, this concept applies to popular chains as well. Unfortunately for fans of certain locations, the establishment’s doors must close as a result of not targeting the appropriate demographic, but some closings truly come as a shock. This is currently the issue surrounding Times Square’s once standing Señor Frogs destination.

“Spring break forever,” was a phrase shouted by all those who walked through the doors of this Mexican joint serving up authentic cuisine, lots of margaritas, and even quirky merchandise. Despite the restaurant regularly receiving stellar reviews from even the snobbiest of foodies, it is no longer open for business in the New York City area. Many attempts have been made to contact the owners to get their portion of the story and an explanation as to why people can no longer obtain their favorite margaritas, but those requests have not been fulfilled, leaving fans without any answers. Those who are in shock of the surprising close have stated that they are frankly devastated over the loss and that it is incredibly surprising because the place was constantly busy.

So, the mystery stands: Why did Señor Frogs close its NYC location if it did great business here? Times Square is an area that receives some of the most traffic in all of the world; tourists, residents, and celebrities frequent the area and most of them have been to the restaurant at least once, so Señor Frogs closing shop is truly surprising. Perhaps it is moving to another portion of the city or maybe they just felt that this location did not do the crazy Señor Frogs name justice.

Hair Care Made Simple With WEN Cleansing Conditioners

There is a large number of different products out there for hair care, all of which provide different effects and do different things. This can make the decision for which hair care product to choose very difficult. There is also the issue of many products out there containing harmful chemicals that are actually capable of damaging the hair through extended use. This makes knowing the ingredients in products very important. Knowing what to look for before purchasing a product goes a long way in avoiding hair care issues.
Products like WEN hair, by Chaz Dean, are an excellent choice when it comes to ingredients, as it is a product that is made up of all natural ingredients. Chaz Dean (, the creator of WEN cleansing conditioners, is a well-known hairstylist that works with a number of different celebrities. He wanted to make a product that could make women feel confident in their hair regardless of what issues they were facing, while at the same time providing it at an affordable price. Many salons out there will charge an arm and a leg for even tiny bottles of premium hair care products.

Wen hair is a pretty popular product these days and can be found in many places, but it is readily available at all times through marketplaces online such as Guthy-Renker, Sephora and Amazon. The different WEN cleansing conditioner varieties are to meet the needs of different hair types and tastes of women out there. Emily McClure’s article on WEN is an in depth review of her time using the product for a week, which ultimately converted her over to a daily user of WEN. She has many pictures showing off the effect WEN has had on her hair included in her review so people can decide for themselves how they think it works. For more info, visit the product’s Facebook page.


Shared Coworking Spaces in Manhattan Supports Workers Becoming Their Best

Co-working spaces are membership-based workspaces from where different groups of independent professionals work together in a communal setting. Professionals who belong to these workspaces seem to thrive more compared to those who work from regular offices. Why are the Co-working spaces so effective then?

According to a survey of different Co-working space workers and the respective founders, individuals who work from these workspaces perceive their work to be meaningful and feel to have more control over their job. Co-working spaces usually have people working for different organizations and projects, unlike the traditional offices. Factors such as internal politics and direct competition are minimal or even not there. These workers, therefore, find their identity stronger since each person is doing a different kind of work.

Renting New York offices like Workville are led by values such as community, learning, collaboration, and sustainability. Workers, therefore, feel to be part of a social movement and can contribute to the unique skills of each other. Since Co-working spaces can always be accessed anytime, people can choose the best place and time to work from thus creating more control. One can, therefore, decide when and how he or she wants to interact with other workers.

Although the Co-working movement is common in the tech industry and freelancers, it can become part of every company’s strategy. It helps businesses to thrive and encourages workers to become their best selves. Companies can use it as a way of attracting workers who want flexible workspace and time. Co-working spaces spark new ideas among employees, unlike the traditional offices.

Workville offers an inspiring environment in a sun-drenched Coworking space located just a few steps from Times Square and also in Bryant Park in New York City. It blends luxury and a friendly and flexible environment featuring open desks, move-in ready offices, and shared offices.

Workville is located on the 21st floor of a luxury office building 1412 Broadway. The community of high quality and talented businesses around creates a culture of success. Services and facilities available include 24-hour accessibility, fresh coffee, central locations, mail service, fast internet, daily cleaning, terraces, printers, and a private phone. has more information for interested parties.

NYC’s Fanciest Cocktail: This Rum and Cola

If you want to break into the cocktail scene but do not feel too adventurous, head over to Blacktail, a Cuban-themed bar in Lower Manhattan, for their rum and cola. The drink is a fancy twist on the traditional Cuba Libre. It starts with aged Bacardi and Coca Cola syrup, then gets a splash of champagne, a bit of Fernet Branca, and house-made bitters. It’s the city’s best way to elevate your same old bar standby.

Lovers of rum and fruity cocktails alike can also give the bar’s daiquiris a try. Though daiquiris have become synonymous with chain restaurants and tropical vacation resorts, the ones at Blacktail are, like the rum and coke, surprisingly elegant takes on bar favorites. They come in banana, strawberry, lime, and pineapple and are made with care and flair, with such mixological elements as cooking the fruits sous vide before adding them to the drinks. The daiquiri recipes are the result of extensive research on Cuban drinks from Prohibition to the 1960s.

Blacktail’s other cocktail selections are just as innovative. Unique ingredients like absinthe, Sriracha, pear soda, rose petals, and yuzu grace the huge tome of a drink menu, which spans 78 pages and features over 40 drinks. Each cocktail will set you back $16, so choose wisely.

Jack McGarry, a managing partner at Blacktail, stresses that while his cocktails are interesting and unique, “a great drink doesn’t have to have 20 ingredients.” He explains that instead of just piling ingredients into a glass, his team puts a lot of work into perfecting each cocktail, editing every 2 weeks. “A drink might go through as few as 10 to 15 versions,” he says, “or as many as 40 to 50.”

NYC Restaurants That Give a New Meaning to Power Lunch

New York City is one of the most diverse locations in the entire world. From streets decorated with cultural elements, flags, and banners to fine dining that is anything but an American cheeseburger, this is the city that never sleeps and keeps eating at every opportunity. Their adoption of diverse cultural influences melds with contemporary aspects, like the concept of a power lunch. Prior to today’s business endeavours, a power lunch was for businessmen to get together over a juicy steak to discuss work without actually being in the office. Today, however, this term is a means that embodies the health craze and the bustling attitude of today’s youth. Utilizing power lunches to their advantage are these Manhattan restaurants that require both a reservation and a go-getter attitude to step through their upscale doors:


Offering Japanese cuisine, this ramen bar is immensely popular among millennials. Though they serve traditional noodle soup dishes that are anything like the ramen you get in the store for twenty-five cents, younger generations cannot get enough of this authentic fare.

Eleven Madison Park

Tasting menus are favored over hardy portions, and those who partake in these menus enjoy being able to sample everything at often the same price as one meal. Eleven Madison Park offers a seven-course tasting menu for lunch that gives a whole new meaning to the term, “power lunch.”


The French-inspired establishment is infamous for their towering seafood dishes and mouthwatering desserts that offer just enough sugar to make it through the second half of your work day.

High Street on Hudson

In the morning, this location offers freshly baked bread and pastries; for lunch, their healthy kale salads and unique sandwiches are incredible. Foodies recommend the duck meatball sub for an explosion of flavor that is both healthy and contemporary.

Panama: A Beautiful Small Country With A Global Impact According to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Panama is an amazing country. Not only does it link the Central and South American continents, it’s also a place with incredible beauty, pristine beaches, a wonderful tropical climate and many interesting features on When most people think of Panama their minds immediately run to the Panama Canal. This is understandable because building the canal was one of the most amazing engineering feats of the early 20th century. It took 17 years to build and each year 14,000 ships use it to pass between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The canal is responsible for about a third of Panama’s revenue at

The biodiversity in Panama is truly breathtaking. The country’s 970 bird species is more than are found in Canada and the U.S. combined. Many of the rare and beautiful birds in Panama make their homes in the country’s lush bicoastal landscapes. But the unique landscapes aren’t only near Panama’s coasts. The Parque Natural Metropolitano de Panama is a rainforest located in the country’s capital Panama City. This makes Panama the only country with a rainforest in its capital. In addition to that El Valle de Anton is a Panamanian town which is in the crater of a volcano.

The name Panama is a new one. Prior to 1903 the country was part of the Republic of Gran Colombia. It seceded in 1903, became known as Panama and with 3.6 million people is Central America’s least populated country according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Panama signed a treaty allowing the U.S. to build the Panama Canal in 1904. That led to the U.S. dollar being Panama’s official currency ever since.

Panama’s coastline is over 2,490 kilometers long and features many pristine beaches. At 3,473 meters above sea level, Volcan Baru is Panama’s highest point. From its peak both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean can been seen.

One of the most beloved and revered people in Panama is Venezuelan businessman Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. He’s responsible for founding and running numerous businesses in Panama which have bolstered the country’s economy significantly. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has also mentored and inspired an entire generation of young Panamanian entrepreneurs. Figueroa’s famous 8 tips for business success has served as the blueprint for success for untold numbers of Panamanian businesspeople.

The Mufgel Takes NYC By Storm

New York City is well known for having one of the best food scenes in the world. While the city is full of five-star restaurants owned by some of the best chefs in the world, it is sometimes the more casual snacks that get the most attention. New York is definitely used to the newest trends in snack foods, which have recently included the cronut and coffee in a cone. According to a recent news article ( the mufgel could be the most popular culinary craze of all.

The mufgel is a delicious morning snack that is a cross between a muffin and bagel, which has helped anyone decide on the perfect breakfast. The mufgel, which has started popping up in bakeries all over the city over the past few weeks, was first introduced to the city in early July.

While it has rapidly increased in popularity, the snack has some interesting roots behind it. The snack was initially discussed as a joke on a popular New York City morning news program. Initially, it was considered a joke to poke fun at the recent craze of snack foods in the city. However, one bakery in Brooklyn decided that they wanted to take the idea to the next level. The popular Bagel Store in Brooklyn, which is owned by baker Scott Russilo, was the first to unveil the bagel. Overall consumer reports of the snack have been favorable. Many have stated that the mufgel looks like a bagel, but actually tastes quite a bit like a muffin. While it was initially only released for a temporary time, there is a good chance that the bakery could add it to the permanent menu.

Laidlaw Takes Advantage of Clients Through Bad Advice

Financial advisers should be held to higher standards than they currently are. Many will tell you that they have top stock picks even though they don’t possess expert knowledge about the industry they are talking about. This is because financial advisers prioritize lining their own pockets over helping their clients. There is a disconnection between their ability to earn money and the quality of their advice because they earn even if their advice is wrong. You see examples of such bad advice even in respected newspapers like Canada’s, The Globe and Mail, which is its oldest most respected newspaper.

Another company that is notorious for unscrupulous investment advice is Laidlaw. They are as bad as it gets in my opinion because they charged their client Relmada for unneeded services in order to exploit them. Then when Relmada caught onto their mischief they spread false information to manipulate their stock price, and finally attempted a hostile takeover. James Ahern and Matthew Eitner are the principal officers of Laidlaw and they are so immoral that a federal judge had to issue an injunction against them to get them to stop. This is truly an example of predatory financial advisement. Relmada had no choice but to defend itself against a team was supposed to be their most trusted ally.

Relmada is a company that prides itself on integrity and it has built a robust product portfolio in the pharmaceutical industry. It has created significant value for the world over the past few years with its unique products. It has developed a product all BuTab which has good clinical results in treating chronic pain. Its especially important because it provides an alternative method of pain alleviation for those who have been addicted to opioids. When Laidlaw manipulates and extorts good companies like Relmada the public loses access to innovative products like this.

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