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Popular Culture Forms a Major Part of The Work of Activist Thor Halvorssen

The world of the 21st century seems to be more enthralled with the life of celebrities and famous people than ever before, but making sure these public figures are held accountable for the bad decisions they make is a task human rights activist Thor Halvorssen is looking to use to push forward the role of the human rights activism community. Among those who have fallen foul of the University of Pennsylvania graduate are rapper Nicki Minaj and Oscar winner Hilary Swank, who have both taken payments from dictators to appear at events Halvorssen feels continue the oppression of the people of these closed societies.

Thor Halvorssen has written open letters published by major media outlets to the stars he feels have made an incorrect decision in appearing in nations where tyrannical rulers oppress their citizens on a regular basis. The film producer and founder of the Human Rights Foundation pulls no punches in his appraisal of those he feels have crossed the line in terms of creating links with corrupt governments; for example, Nicki Minaj was criticized by Halvorssen for appearing at a 2015 Christmas festival in Uganda, a country that has seen its resources and wealth seized by a government under the control of the family of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

After Nicki Minaj was announced as the headlining act at the festival in the Ugandan capital Thor Halvorssen penned an open letter to the “Anaconda” rapper that stated the government of the country had jailed 14 people for reading about democracy and nonviolent forms of protest. Thor Halvorssen stated the rapper had lost all credibility in the charitable work she completes after appearing at the event, a public stance he has maintained as he brought the attention of the public to the appearances of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Soccer superstar Lionel Messi. This use of the missteps of public figures is bringing the issue of human rights to popular shows, such as “The Howard Stern Show” where the actions of well known people highlight the plight of people living in these countries.

Martin Lustgarten on Buying Things You Need

If you are trying to get the things you need, it helps to know a simple rule of economics. Buy low, and sell high. If you buy when prices are high, you are going to be losing out to the competition. You will not be getting what you need. If you buy when prices are low, you will be getting what you need at a good price level. Many people make the mistake of piling into the stock market as it is soaring. As they see Apple stock roaring up, they gleefully pile in, ignoring the high cost to buy popular stock. The next thing that happens is the stock tanks, taking their hard earned money with it.

This is not how you make money. A shrewd investor looks at a high value stock at a low price. This investor ignores popular biases and prejudices in evaluating the stock. Good investing exploits the fears that people have, according to Warren Buffett. Identifying the common fears that plague human beings can show the path to success. Your peers are avoiding opportunities because of irrational feelings about certain situations. If you can identify what opportunities they are missing, you can profit from them.

A wise investor looks at the company behind the stock, not the stock’s price level. Once they find a quality company, they buy the stock during a period of recession. When everyone else is screaming to get out of the market, the shrewd investor piles in. They then profit the next time the market goes up. And the market is guaranteed to go up if the stock was for a company or commodity with lasting value, such as gold, land, seeds, or food. Warren Buffett’s rule is to only buy something you would be happy to have 10 years later.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment professional who is in the business to make you and your company happy. You might be wondering how you can get out of the cycle of debt slavery, and into the skyscraper of success. Martin Lustgarten collects tools from the wisest in the investment industry to share with his clients.

If you would like to talk with Martin Lustgarten, feel free to contact him at his Linked In account.

Selecting White Shark Media For AdWords Campaigns

Are you seeking a reputable business to help you with your Adwords or PPC campaigns? Wondering why so many people choose White Shark Media for their search engine advertising and marketing projects?


Pay Per Click allows your business to target certain keywords in particular areas that best fit your market. Although hundreds of targeted key words can be used with your Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, it takes knowledgeable professionals like the team at White Shark Media to determine the right ones for your project.


Running a search engine advertising and marketing or pay per click project is a crucial facet of your business, and also it’s not something to be appointed to an amateur or inefficient advertising firm. It is important to make sure you are dealing with a respectable firm with a group of seasoned experts. That’s where White Shark Media can help – to make sure you receive the best quality advertising management service.


White Shark Media helps companies boost advertising and marketing outcomes, and also succeed in their endeavors. The team at this company is highly knowledgeable and can help you set up a profitable campaign and reach your goals. They do this via ROI owned approaches that give a tailored project plan that suits your business.


If you want to considerably improve your ROI, and accomplish quantifiable outcomes, predictable earnings and also, lasting results, you have to connect with White Shark Media.


Lots of companies enlist the services of advertising agencies for their proficiency as well as specialized expertise. Local business, particularly, might not have their very own advertising and marketing division, and so might require the depth of competence an agency could provide.


Agencies will usually have access to experts that can provide advertising and marketing knowledge that local business could not pay for to hire for themselves. Small advertising agencies may focus on one specific area, like online advertising, so it is absolutely crucial that you know exactly what sort of advertising and marketing you want prior to choosing an agency.


With a well established agency like White Shark Media, you can rest assured that they will provide the advertising solutions you need for success. This firm has been in business for many years and knows what small and medium-sized businesses need for success.


To learn more about White Shark Media and its team of PPC management experts, have a look at their website.


Fabletics Brings Excitement To Fashion

Fashion is supposed to be exciting. However, there are a lot of people that find it to be boring. While some may conclude that those people lack imagination, one of the greater influences to the attitude toward fashion is the type of products that are offered in stores. There are many cases where stores pretty much offer the exact same styles and cuts as the other stores. As a result, people are not challenged with the task of coming up with something that is unique when it comes to outfits. Fortunately, there is some other options when it comes to fashion.


One option is a company called TechStyle. It has many brands such as Fabletics, the most prominent of the brands. Fabletics has made tons of progress since it has first opened. It has started as an online subscription service and has sense opened up a few locations in various markets so that the customers that have enjoyed the online service could have a chance to see the products in person before they buy it. After all, one of the fun aspects of shopping for clothes is that people get to try on outfits before they buy them.


Also, Fabletics comes up with some new styles and has a great influence on trends. one way to put it is that they are fashion forward. They make sure that they have products that people would want. They are focused on bringing in enough so that people of all body shapes and sizes could have a chance to feel stylish. This is one thing that sets Fabletics apart from other clothing retailers. They make sure that they have something to offer that is unique to them. So far, they have succeed not only beyond their expectations, but beyond the expectations of many customers.


Fabletics is now expected to take on Amazon in the fashion industry. This is actually a big task. For one thing, Amazon has control over 20% of the fashion industry which is quite impressive for Amazon since it is an online mass retailer. However, since Amazon is online and has a few sellers, it is expected for the company to have some unique items in the fashion category. However, Fabletics is on top of the trends and is offering products that customers are interested in. This will bring a lot of rivalry to Amazon as Fabletics grows as a company.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Background, Practice, Specialties And Other Honors

Austin, Texas native Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon, academic, media commentator, and founder of Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC. She has also founded the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC, a private plastic surgery practice and ambulatory surgery center located in Austin. There is also a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas.


Background And Career

Walden earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Texas. She attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch and graduated as salutatorian of her class. After completing her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she garnered a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York.

Walden remained at the hospital after her fellowship was completed. She was employed there for almost eight years. She would hang out her own shingle in 2011 when after giving birth to her twin sons she went back home to Austin to start her private practice


Honors And Other Notes

Three years later (2014) she would be included on Harper’s Bazaar’s list of 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. Late last year, she was designated an official spokeswoman for the ASAPS in a Daily Mail article about labiaplasty surgery. She has also been named to the American Way’s list of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America“.

Walden is also the co-author of the textbook titled “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”. She is on the Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors and is one of a select number of women elected to be on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. As an expert commentator on the subject of plastic surgery she has been seen on VH1, Fox News, E!, Dr. 90210, and ABC News.

She is most known for the development and use of advanced technology in her practice. For example, she often employs ThermiVa, a temperature-monitored, radio frequency system for tightening and rejuvenating the vagina as well as Vectra which is a 3-D imaging technology that actually visualizes a client’s appearance prior to actual surgery. Finally, she is also responsible for developing surgical instruments for breast surgery that are officially approved by the Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments (ASSI).


Read more about Jennifer Walden:


A look at Dick DeVos Journey As a Businessman and Entrepreneur

Dick DeVos is a renowned entrepreneur who has worked in various companies serving in executive roles. Among the companies he has served include Amway and Orlando Magic. He also runs his private company Windquest Group as its President.

DeVos Career Profile At Amway

DeVos became Amway’s President in 1993. He was in charge of Amway’s operations in 50 fifty countries and six continents. Under his leadership, Amway recorded a whole $ 4.5 billion dollars worth of sales. He starts off as the company’s Vice President in charge of enterprise leading 18 countries in North America.

Also, the company did so well that it opened new branches. The foreign sales tripled high above the local sales for the first-time ever since the company’s launch. Amway acquired Orlando Magic in 1991 and Dick DeVos assumed its Presidency and Chief Executive Officer for three years.

Dick DeVos Other Roles and Community Outreach

Other than being a great leader and businessman, DeVos is involved in various community initiatives. He founded Education Freedom Fund, an organization that gives scholarships to needy students in the Michigan area. Also, he opened the West Aviation Academy that provides education programs related to the aviation industry.

Besides that, he has been on the State Board of Education and served as either the chair or vice chair or vice chair of different regional healthcare improvement services in the Grand Rapids area. The notable ones include a downtown arena, convention center, a heart hospital, a medical school, and a downtown market all worth millions of dollars.

Dick DeVos ran for the Michigan State Governorship in 2006 as a Republican candidate. He is also a writer and his book called Rediscovering American Values was published in 1997 in seven different languages. The book attracted high sales in New York. DeVos wears many hats, since his graduation from Northwood University; he has had a successful career life. He is both a jet aircraft and helicopter pilot. He holds the National Championship sailor title.

Family Background

Dick DeVos is married to Betsy Prince, and they have seven children. They all live in Grand Rapids and are proud owners of three mansions in Windsor. They own various houses and a vacation home where they spend their days while on holiday. He bought most of the properties from his father. His business prowess came from what he learned while running his family business; from time to time, he assisted his father in operating his enterprises.

The Internet Changes The Role Of UK Vintners

UK vintners have been an important part of the global wine industry for hundreds of years as they have always been known for the close links many companies have to vineyards and smaller local producers across the Old World areas of production in Europe.

In the 21st century, vintners are now looking increasingly to the Internet to reach as many people as possible around the world; Online sales of wine now account for a major proportion of the work completed by vintners who are looking to bring both sales and information to those novice and experienced wine collectors.

A new generation of UK vintners appeared in the 1980s and 90s headed by those with a genuine love for wine, such as John Arnold of A&B Vintners, who uses his personal wine experience in a bid to guide collectors and wine drinkers through the many options on the market.

Even in the course of providing information to his customers John Arnold now looks to provide emails filled with information on the latest offerings from small and major vineyards, and the information needed for wine collectors to find which wines are perfect for drinking at any time of a given year.

UK vintners have gained a strong reputation among members of the global wine industry and new look to develop their relationships with smaller vineyards and wine producers who often provide their produce directly to specific wine merchants they have a relationship with.

The growing number of vintners in the UK, which has seen groups like The Society of Vintners grow to 28 members by the close of 2016; UK vintners have moved out of the traditional home of London and are now found throughout the country, including The Wigan Beer Company and Tate-Smith Ltd.

The wine industry in the UK is now looking to the Internet as a way of allowing wine collectors, drinkers, and investors the chance to provide sales options over the Internet; not only has the growth of Purchasing wine online has allowed people from around the world to sample the best in Old World and New World wines, but has also allowed investors to develop improved wine collections. Information and advice is now available from the top UK vintners who will help buyers pair wines with specific foods and develop a wine cellar based on advice from some of the world’s top wine experts.


Jason Halpern Continues to Create a Better Difference

Jason Halpern is an accomplished entrepreneur. He majors in real estate and has much experience in it just like his family. He was brought up in this industry so he was able to quickly adapt to the business. He is currently the managing partner and founder of JMH Development. He has been working with a company which has made a record of more than 50 years in developing many real estate buildings and also managing them. New York City and Westchester County are some of the states where his family has developed and managed properties for residential purposes. His long-term experience in the real estate industry has helped raise JMH development to greater heights.


The company has been able to build important buildings including historical construction that most people come to visit. This is what has made Jason Halpern become an outstanding developer and entrepreneur from the rest, he mainly focuses on constructions of history. he and his company have created a good relationship with the cities due to their work. JMH is a top company in real estate development that provides its services on full time.


The company has always had a creative mind in developing exclusive extravagant buildings hat stand out from the rest. Williamsburg and Brooklyn are one of the growing markets that the firm has positioned itself in making development changes. Currently the company is working on constructing town residential of Cobble Hill. The organization’s goal is to develop quality, luxurious and accomplished buildings in different states.


JMH development recently publicized a 235-room hotel called Aloft South Beach. This was developed in association with Madden Real Estate consists of an eight-story tower. Jason Halpern is also a philanthropist who dedicates some of his time in helping people and charitable of his philanthropic work involves the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center in his hometown. The Westchester Medical Center has the tools in helping out with open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and emergency neurosurgery.


Furthermore the hospital center makes sure that victims of burns and other critical injuries are well taken care of, including children and expectant women. Other charitable works that he has participated in is associating with the worldwide water non-credit charity by offering $20,000 according to each contract made. This project helps in financing water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. In a nutshell, Jason Halpern is committed to using his experience to develop his company and also help people.


Disaster Averted

There are numerous restaurant chefs in New York who offer a bit of advice on how to fix some of the common problems associated with Thanksgiving dinner. One of the common fails is to have lumpy gravy. It could be because you don’t let the gravy simmer long enough on the stove, or you might add too many dry ingredients, which can easily make your gravy full of lumps. Transfer the gravy to a blender so that you can get it smooth to go over the turkey, potatoes and other items. If it’s too thin, add very small amounts of flour until it’s the right consistency.


Sometimes, stuffing can just get too soggy. This is a dish that isn’t appealing at all as there’s too much moisture. Spread the stuffing in a thin layer in a larger dish before putting it back in the oven to bake for a few minutes. This will help to remove some of the moisture, giving it a beautiful crunch. If your stuffing is too dry, then pour a but of belted butter and broth over the top. Don’t add too much because you’ll end up with the soggy stuffing that you don’t want.


If you don’t thaw out the turkey all the way, then it can turn out to be a burnt disaster on the outside and not done on the inside. Submerge the turkey in cold water until it’s thawed. You can also cut the turkey into slices to make it easier to cook.


New New York Restaurant Is Everything You Could Possibly Want In A Mason Jar

Mason jars aren’t anything new. They’ve actually been around for quite a few years but have been becoming more popular recently. That’s because these jars are super versatile. They can be used in a variety of different manners. Pinterest is one reason their popularity has sky-rocketed.


The new trend seems to be salads in a jar. It’s super quick, easy, and delicious. People can just add all of their salad toppings in a jar, add dressing, shake, and eat. It’s super handy! People also use mason jars for drinks. They can take any sort of drink and put it in a mason jar to give it a new look. Mason jars just look and feel a bit more sophisticated than normal cups.


Well soon, New Yorkers will be able to experience everything in a mason jar thanks to a new restaurant. According to Grubstreet, Ancolie will be serving their food in a jar. People can flock to Greenwich Village to have breakfast, lunch, or snacks! Some examples of the food they have are soups, salads, parfaits, and other types of dessert. All of which are served within mason jars. Not only are these jars classy, they are also environmentally friendly. These jars can be reused which helps combat waste. All of the food and ingredients are prepared fresh daily. Not only are the jars reusable, but Ancolie also uses recyclable materials in order to protect the environment.


This restaurant is sure to become an up and trendy spot for New Yorkers!


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