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Equities First Gives Out Attractive Loan Options

Equities First is a leading specialty-finance firm, which provides a unique financing option to consumers. Equities First currently specializes in providing loans to consumers, which are secured by stock portfolios. This unique financing option comes at a time when other lenders are shying away from all types of consumer loans.

When giving out a new loan, Equities First will take a lien on a borrower’s stock portfolio. This gives the company the ability to liquidate the stock if a situation arises in which a borrower is not able to pay back their loan. In many cases, Equities First will provide a loan equal to up to 90% of the stock portfolio that a borrower pledges. Further, due to the strong collateral position, the lender is also able to offer low interest rates compared to traditional personal loans.

While consumers may consider just selling their stock as opposed to taking out a loan, there are two key situations when it would make more sense to hold on to the stock. The first situation is when selling would go against your investment strategy. If you believe that the stock will appreciate in the future, or continue to pay dividends, it could make a lot more sense to hold the stock until the price hits your target. The dividends and appreciation will likely far outweigh the cost of the fees and interest.

You should also consider taking out a stock-secured loan when you are looking to avoid paying higher taxes. In some countries, you will pay a higher tax rate if you sell the stock after owning it for a short period of time. In these situations, it would make a lot more sense to continue to hold the stock and wait to sell until you can avoid paying higher interest rate.


Doctor Jeanmarie Guenot Works to Eliminate Cancer


Doctor Jeanmarie Guenot is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Amphivena Therapeutics Incorporated established in July 2013. Guenot has spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. In the past, she has been involved in all aspects of cancer research with multiple public and private companies including research and development, corporate and commercial development, business development, project and alliance management, and venture capital. Media outlets that have highlighted a few of Guenot’s accomplishments include Market Wired, Yahoo,, and Reuters.


Doctor Guenot started with Atlas Venture managing venture capital investments, and worked as a scientist with preclinical research and development at Hoffman LaRoache where drugs were developed to assist in eliminating metabolic diseases. Prior to her move to Amphivena Therapeutics, Guenot built and ran SKS Ocular which is an ophthalmic incubator company focusing on dry AMD, sustained release ocular drug delivery technologies for glaucoma, macular degeneration and ocular inflammation. Today, Amphivena Therapeutics develops cancer immunotherapies.


A recent accomplish includes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepting an investigational new drug application for AMV564 which is an Amphivena Therapeutics proprietary T-cell redirecting bispecific CD33/CD3 antibody that helps recruit T-cells to rid of cancer cells. By doing so, doctors will now have at their disposal a therapeutic option for AML patients. Guenot and Amphivena Therapeutics look to stop blood cancers with therapies that use the patient’s immune system to destroy the tumor cells.


Amphivena Therapeutics has joined forces with multiple alliances and together is using their experience and resources in the industry to focus on how best to come up with therapy options for patients. Statistically, there is an expectation that over 19 million people will be diagnosed with cancer by the year 2024. This amounts to 39.6% of the world’s population of men and women. The work that Doctor Jeanmarie Guenot and her team members are completing will slow down cancer in the short term and hopefully rid of the disease altogether in the future.

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Wen Cleansing Products By Chaz Dean Offer Products That Improve The Overall Condition Of Hair

Wen by Chaz Dean offers products for men and women. These hair care products and cosmetic lines help men and women look or feel their best. Chaz Dean made a name for himself by attending a school of cosmetology in Los Angeles California. After completing school he joined a well-known salon as a cosmetologist. His specialties were color and cutting. Most people came to his salon because they wanted him to do their hair. He became known as a stylist to the stars. Eventually, he moved his salon out of Bel Air and into Hollywood.

Another accomplishment for Chaz is his wonderful hair care line of products. Chaz and his team are working hard to create products that enhance the hair and look of others. Some of his products cleanse and hydrate hair. The cleansing conditioner washes out dirt and boosts the way hair looks. People use five main products in their hair. Wen is a product that is changing the way people clean and condition their hair. It has ingredients in it to help with detangling and styling as well.

Wen by Chaz is a product that is featured on some of the main shopping networks on television. The products he offers can help improve the condition of a woman’s hair. It also helps to improve the strength of one’s hair. Chaz works very hard to put together products that will improve the overall look of hair. The hair does not fall out as bad when you brush your hair. The hair follicles are thicker and stronger than ever before.

Washing your hair with the Wen products makes people feel better because of the wonderful and delicious scents. The products have scents such as cucumber aloe, apple spice, and sweet almond. The Wen products clean without lather. Apply it to the scalp and watch the hair transform to healthy clean hair. Visit to purchase.

For more product details, visit Also check out Wen’s social media pages on crunchbase and Twitter for additional information.


Capital Group’s New CEO’s Advice on Best Managers

It has always been Timothy Armour’s believe that good investment managers should seek value not just in one place, but in multiple places. This shrewd nature of investment managers will help ensure that clients are always satisfied and happy with the returns they are making on their investment. Active managers, according to Timothy Armour, are those who do their financial analysis establishing what the input-output situation is before committing. These managers are also keen to establish the risk-reward situation before encouraging clients to make a move in a particular direction.

A good investment manager ought to be able to offer assistance to clients who are caught in the horn of dilemma. The clients who are facing financial limitations due to mortgage gag, school fee limitation and those who are already in retirement should be able to rely on investment managers to alleviate the strain they feel with all these demands for money. Investors on the other hand are encouraged by Timothy Armour to seriously apply themselves trying to determine the best investment manager to engage. Timothy Armour encourages investors to invest in active funds that have low expenses and whose managers are themselves invested. Such funds tend to do well according to research done by Capital Group.

Timothy Armour encourages investors to get investment managers who are excellent at what they do. He compares hiring average mangers to hiring an average surgeon or an average lawyer. The best investment manager for the job is the one who has demonstrable results.

Education and Employment

Timothy Armour is the chief executive officer of Capital Group. He also doubles as the executive officer of Capital Research & Management Company and its chairperson. He equally serves as chairperson of Capital Group’s management committee.

It has been three decades since Timothy Armour joined Capital Group serving in various positions. At first, he worked in the associates program of Capital Group. He rose all the way to become the chief executive. Timothy Attorney went to Middlebury College graduating with an economics degree. In Colombia University he got his first degree: business administration


Timothy Armour has been linked to many companies and organizations owing to his expertise. Organizations such as Scotia Global Opportunities, AMCAP fund, Target Date Retirement Fund and Capital Income Builder are some of the organizations with which he is affiliated. He is also affiliated with Capital International Fund-Global Discovery Fund, American Fund Target Date Retirement Series, Scotia Global Opportunities Fund, SMALLCAP and The New Economy Fund.

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Omar Boraie Is Deeply Involved In New Jersey Development

The state of New Jersey has grown quite a lot over the centuries, and their state has many areas that must be improved with development. There are many developers, and those who offer the best development options are building differing types of structures. Omar Boraie started his construction company in New Jersey long ago, and this article explains how his company has changed many parts of the state that are in need of new life.

#1: What Does His Company Do?

Omar uses his company to develop different parts of the state that are simply too old to serve the public. He wishes to see the state become stronger by building new structures that serve people who are in need of better places to live and work. Omar Boraie  often asks the cities to give over something that will help his firm, and he does the construction himself. The buildings become retail units, residential areas and industrial developments.

#2: How Does Omar Build?

Boraie prefers to build in plots that are linked together. He wishes to see a multi-use development grow to help the community find what is needed, and he will see many people move in as they look for new jobs. They will have a place to work, and they will have places to shop before they head home. The communities may be quite closed, and they will be delightful places to live as the families need not go far to find anything they need.

#3: Why Is Omar Committed To New Jersey?

Omar Boraie has been in New Jersey for over 40 years, and he started his work around Newark and New Brunswick. He believes he may make his home state a better place to live, and he wants to see everyone in the state served with something that changes lives. He knows that his developments bring life to the state, and he is increasing the tax base at the same time.

The career of Omar Boraie has been dedicated to building a lovely New Jersey. The state is a good place to live, and it gets better with every new project.

Troy McQuagge Celebrated For His Exceptional Performance

One Planet Award is an international award that is granted to businesses and individual who have shown excellence in their performance. The award is meant to recognize entrepreneurs from around the global. It is a form of motivation and inspiration for businesses to do better and leave an impact to the communities they serve. The award recognizes the efforts of committed businesses and individuals a thus is a highly coveted award. Who wouldn’t want to be recognized in the whole world for their efforts?

The article captures the 2016 One Planet Award and the winner. Troy McQuagge, the USHealth Group chief executive officer was recognized and awarded as the CEO of the year. His efforts since he joined the company in 2010 were appreciated. From the article we gather that he has been a tremendous leader and has pushed the company in expansion and development. He uses his creativity and visionary style of leadership to ensure that his company runs well and is up to speed with its mission and vision.

Mr McQuagge humility and spirit of team work, he attributes the award to the work of his team. He appreciates his crew and affirms that the team work is the pillar that supports the organization. Together with his team at USHealth Advisors, he is determined to use his innovation to help his customers get better medical coverage especially those small business individuals. The company continues to work tirelessly each day to make sure that their clients sleep peaceful knowing that they can get medical cover when need arises.

Mr McQuagge has more than thirty years of experience in the insurance and sales industry. He has garnered a great deal of knowledge and skills when it comes to the industry and thus uses this in running the operations at USHealth Group. He is known for his exceptional communication skills and his ability to turn companies round to gain their competitive advantage over other firms. At USHealth Group, he has broken his sales records for three years consecutively.

McQuagge mission is to help those in need in whatever he does. He shares this motto with his company and encourages them to use their creativity to come up with better and more ways that they can help the low income earners get medical treatment. In the same giving and helping spirit he volunteers and donates at Semper Fi Fund and Hopekids among other charity organizations. The funds he donates are used to give children medical care and places to live. He encourages people to give back to their societies and help others who are in need.

McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with a bachelors in Arts In Legal Studies, Activities And Societies

Jeffry Schneider, the Whiz of Alternative Investing

Brought up in Manhattan, Jeffry Schneider is a notable name in the field of alternative investment. Jeffry is the founder and CEO of a boutique investment firm Ascendant Capital specializing in alternative investments. With a unique plan and approach, Ascendant Capital has managed to carve a niche for itself in the private equity industry.

In 2009, Jeffry established his venture Ascendant Capital, the company which is now based out of Austin, Texas. Ascendant Capital has grown tremendously through the years going from a humble start of just two employees to now having over thirty employees. The company works towards granting loans in real estate and private equity, which are sometimes very hard for individual investors to come upon. The company aims to provide its clients a new take on the financial system and provide them alternative solutions which can benefit their interests. In addition to this, Ascendant Capital also offers services in various fields such as marketing, sales, operations and educational programs.

Jeffry Schneider has always made it a point to understand the current market situation and interpret the needs of the market to serve them better. The company works in collaboration with leading fund managers and financial institutions to create strategies that are heavily altered to specifically fit the person’s needs.

Since it’s humble beginnings, Ascendant Capital has seen a tremendous growth in the field of alternative investments and has a total net worth of around two billion dollars. Jeffery is an efficient leader whose efforts to bring about the best in his employees has always been his main goal. He is a person who has always tried to set the bar high for himself and expects the same from all the members of his company. Being a man who holds dear to his values, Jeffry believes firmly in the importance of trust and open communication between his employees and strives hard to live by these values. He believes that the culture of workplaces greatly influences the efficiency and overall quality of work.

Jeffrey Schneider attended university at the University of Massachusetts and attained a Bachelors of Science from there. Before his prized venture Ascendent Capital, Jeffry worked at some top-tier firms like Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney. It was through working with these companies that he gained valuable experience and knowledge about alternative investments which he was able to apply to his company today.

Besides his immense drive and dedication towards his career, Jeffry Schneider is devoted to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, he has been part of multiple fitness challenges and marathons some of which included a one-mile swim followed by a fifty-six-mile bike ride preceded by a thirteen-mile run. He believes that a healthy body and mind are essential for the success of a human being and is keen on perpetuating that to the American youth. He aims to educate them about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and right eating habits. Jeffry is also a frequent traveler and has traveled all over the world, including rural parts of Thailand and Budapest, which are on his list of favorite countries.

Jason Halpern Announces Future Projects

Of all the development companies in the New York area, none are better than JMH Development. Lead by its founder, Jason Halpern, JMH is one of the most distinctive property developers in the country. JMH has experience as both developer and owner of major residential and commercial real estate. JMH has a notable, innovative approach to creating some of the most spectacular properties in the luxury category. In addition to JMH’s unique style, it’s been called a pioneer in developing well-positioned properties in desirable markets.


JMH offers clients full-service development, meaning it works with other institutions to complete a project from start to finish. JMH handles every aspect of development – from due diligence and strategy to branding and marketing. The professional team at JMH is experienced in working with several different types of property segments. They know every aspect of the construction process for residential, hospitality, and mixed-use properties. The team is made up of experts who are knowledgeable in their respected profession. Some members of the team are experts in marketplace knowledge; others retain a set of development skills; the rest have invaluable on-site experience.


Jason takes great pride in what his company is capable of producing. He ensures that every project is completed with the highest quality imaginable. It’s his desire to not only accomplish what the client wants but to exceed their greatest expectations. JMH develops some of the most enduring properties in the country. One of the tricks it uses to create such memorable properties is restoring and reusing historical properties. One of JMH’s latest developments was a historical property in South Beach.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

JMH’s most recently completed project, Aloft South Beach, is in the heart of Miami Beach. The 235-room luxury hotel opened in 2015. JMH, along with Madden Real Estate Ventures, reused the Motel Ankara. The restoration also included adding an eight-story tower on top of the existing building. ADD was the hired architect on the project, and Plaza Construction handled the construction. When Aloft South Beach opened, it was the first newly constructed hotel to open in South Beach in nearly six years. The reconstructed hotel now boasts larger rooms averaging more than 360 square feet.


Aloft is a waterfront property, located near Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal. The hotel is also located one block from Miami Beach, minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center, Art galleries, an art museum, and Miami’s nightlife. The luxury property also boasts an outdoor pool and amazing views. Even though it’s not the biggest hotel in the area, it’s arguably one of the finest. Aloft South Beach was designed with luxury-thrill seekers in mind.


Capital Group of Companies Changes in the Top Management

Timothy D Armour is the current Chairman, portfolio manager, and the Chief executive officer of Capital group as well as the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management company, Inc.Timothy has a 33 years experience in investment all in the Capital Group. Timothy holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. After school, Tim kicked off his career as a participant in the capital group Associate Programme. After years of hardwork and dedication, Tim rose up employment levels from being a junior analyst to an investment director in the Capital Group.

In 2015, the board elected Timothy Armour as the president of the Capital Group after the demise of Jim who had been serving Capital Group in the same position as the chairman. Timothy said that Capital Group would continue to uphold their years’ quality service to its clients as the success of the Group did not merely lie on one person but collective talents of every individual in the company with the collective goal of being the best and giving the best to the clients.

Timothy Armour affirmed that in his tenure, he would expand the investment management services and increase the number of customers above the current number. Timothy Armour together with the Capital Research and Management president, Rob Lovelace, together with Phil de Toledo, the President of the capital group will work together to set the pace and input business strategies that will move the Capital Group of Companies to higher heights.

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Recently, Capital Group of Companies received an A rating from Stewardship Grade for American Funds issued by Janet Young, a certified financial analyst. The firm overall grade is determined by considering fund board quality, corporate culture, fund manager incentives, and regulatory history. A company that fulfills all these aspects receives grade A.

According to Janet, Capital Group of Companies received the grade as it met all the stated points. She said that Capital Group and its subsidiary had been the best among other groups in the stewards of investors’ capital. In her analysis, she said that with the company having a net worth of $1.4 trillion in assets, over eight decades of history in operation, and over 7,000 employees, Capital Group has proved to be an enduring Company and deserved the Grade. With Tim in the Board of Directors and as the leader, Janet believes that Capital Group will Maintain the grade and surpass the clients’ expectations about the group.

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Why Laidlaw & Company Should Rebuild Its Reputation before Conducting Business

Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company at the U.S District Court of Nevada. Filed on Jan 26, 2016, the clinical firm intends to add additional charges against Laidlaw due to a breach of fiduciary duties owed to the plaintiff. Such a charge is based on the defendant’s unethical release of confidential information obtained from Relmada. Additionally, the plaintiff intends to obtain financial damages incurred through legal fees and damage control caused by Laidlaw’s actions.

Before the recent charges, the Nevada District Court had previously issued an injunction against Laidlaw’s directors, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner due to the dissemination of false information. Relmada firmly believes that the defendant should pay damages suffered as a result of Laidlaw’s impulsive actions. Moreover, they ought to be prevented from harming the Company’s reputation in future.

Relmada’s Relationship with Laidlaw

Laidlaw had served as the Company’s chief investment banker for several years. Through such an appointment, they were tasked with facilitating financial transactions between the Company and other institutions. Their involvement played an essential role in the Relmada’s merger with Camp Nine, Inc. Such a bold investment opportunity put the Company on the map and promoted more business interactions.

After a series of successful investment opportunities, Laidlaw sought a seat on the Company’s Board of Directors. It is common knowledge that Directors play a significant role in evaluating lucrative contracts with both foreign and domestic investors. The power to appoint the majority of the Directors was too much of a bargain to part away with. The current predicament between the two firms can be traced back to this single incident.

A close look into Laidlaw’s past reveals an astonishing number of complaints filed by customers. For starters, they are accused of poor implementation of policies and failure to verify checks offered to clients between 2007 and 2012.

Laidlaw & Company’s Profile

Laidlaw is an investment and brokerage firm that specializes in financial solutions and investment advice to both public and private institutions and wealthy clients. Based in the U.K, the enterprise has exponentially grown to offers services worldwide.

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