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Choosing a Cardiologist such as Edward Honig MD


As we age one of the most important things that you can do for your health is to choose a cardiologist to visit to check out your cardiovascular system. A cardiologist is a medical doctor that specializes in the functions of your heart, as well as the vessels and cardiovascular system. They treat a variety of conditions such as, heart attacks, heart murmurs, any type of coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure. As we age some of these conditions become more prevalent and can cause other major issues if not treated. One ailment can lead to another more catastrophic such as arteriosclerosis, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. This can cause permanent impairment or death. Regular visits to a cardiologist such Edward Honig, MD can help to prevent these catastrophes from occurring.


Edward Honig, MD is one of these such doctors. Dr. Honig is a board certified that has met the specifications set by the national medical specialty board to practice his specialty of internal medicine. He treats patients with a variety of the above conditions in regards to particular cardiac functions. He practices out of Glen Cove Hospital in Glen Cove, New York. At the age of 89 he has been in practice for many years.


Dr. Honig is a specialist in internal medicine that practices in only the one location in Glen Cove, NY at a practice called Edward Honig Clinic. His tenure treating the variety of cardiovascular ailments, from heart attacks to yearly check ups will help to keep your heart and vessels on the path to health.


Whether you are having immediate issues that need attention or just want to keep tabs on what is going on with your cardiovascular system, a cardiologist is a must for regular checkups. Edward Honig is one of the choices as a cardiologist.

The Kabbalah Centre Stresses the Importance of Connections

People that pursue spiritual fulfillment often place a lot of emphasis on the gaining of knowledge. They also think a lot of meditating and other spiritual disciplines are very important to the growth and fulfillment of one’s spiritual needs. However, there is something that is very important to the development of one’s personal spiritual life. This is connecting with others. Often times, different manuscripts of different religions stress the importance of connecting with other people in the name of spirituality so that they will be able to learn off of each other and grow. As a matter of fact, people who try to grow on their own will not experience that much growth.

The Kabbalah Centre is one of the places where people can connect with each other. At The Kabbalah Centre, people will be able to encourage one another and answer each other’s questions. This is very important for people to experience the growth in their faith at The Kabbalah Centre and avoid becoming discouraged. As a matter of fact, connections can make efforts easier for people. It doesn’t matter what they want to do. It can be a lot easier when there is a team effort as opposed to a solitary activity.

One example of a team effort is volunteering for different projects. The Kabbalah Centre has a lot of opportunities for people that are looking for a way to cope with their lowly feelings. One thing they realize is that they don’t have to feel lowly about themselves. They can effectively fight off guilt, depression, shame and other negative feelings just by volunteering and serving others. When people are looking for a fulfilling life, they will be able to achieve it with a combination of things that can lift people up. They also get to temper it with a lot of knowledge. Fortunately, The Kabbalah Centre is able to provide them with it.

Lime Crime Has A Brand New Scandal


In 2009, the makeup world changed forever as Doe Deere, a Los Angeles makeup artist, rolled out her new line of makeup, designed to appeal to the glam lifestyle that is often forgotten in the beauty world. Donned the name Lime Crime, the company rolled out a new line of products for the individual whom desired to express their originality and individuality. The line included blushes, eye liner, lipstick and lip color, and other beauty products, all made with natural ingredients and good for all skin types. Now, Lime Crime has become a trusted name in beauty, especially for individuals who desire to be themselves rather than what society expects.

What’s up with Scandal?



Scandal is the newest color to join the Velvetine line one of the brand’s most popular lines released to date. The color is a deep purple, offering major intensity once it is applied to the lips. Applied after lip balm, this color is made to last the whole day -or night- through, likely without any reapplications needed. The rock-star purple is great for the rocker-girl; the chic who isn’t afraid to be herself. Since the lip color is 100% vegan made and cruelty free, wearing the lip color is far more fun than before.



It is Time for a Scandal



Deemed the ‘makeup for unicorns,‘ Lime Crime is a makeup brand worth getting to know on a personal level if you haven’t already. The brand is making great contributions to the beauty world, especially for women that like living life on the edge. If you’re ready to express your individuality, start with your makeup. With a color like Scandal and the L.C. name filling your makeup bag, you can never go wrong! You will love this color as so many others before you have.


Sheryl Underwood Confirms The Cleanse Can Work Wonders For You


In an interview on the Steve Harvey Show, comedian Sheryl Underwood discussed her detox that she has been following from The Dherbs cleanse is a detox program that is most effective when you eat raw fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that you follow the cleanse for about twenty days. She stated that she is feeling great being on the program and has been telling her friends all about it. She said that it is great for anybody that wants to safely cleanse their body and help to lose weight. has a variety of products to help you lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. They have a wide variety of cleanses too. There is the whole body cleanse that Sheryl Underwood was using, and there is a blood cleanse as well. You can find all of their products on one easy to navigate website at They also have plenty of informative articles and recipes that you can browse through to get useful information to help you on your journey.


Dherbs products are all cruelty-free and vegan. The all natural health solutions offer individuals a way to supplement their already healthy lifestyle. The company believes that eating healthy and exercising is the key for these products to work the very best. They also believe that you know what is best for your own body. They encourage people to listen to their bodies and give it what they know it really needs. If you have been searching for high-quality products to enhance the way you feel then Dherbs is the place to look. They have plenty of supplements to get you on the right track.


Betsy DeVos: The Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos is a force to reckon with when it comes to matters of education and charity work to improve education in the country. Together with her husband Dick DeVos, they have given to charity a total of $139 million for the betterment of education especially in their home state Michigan. Collectively, they have been ranked at number 24 on the Forbes list of top philanthropists.

Currently, she is serving in a position that she loves as the Secretary of Education under the Trump regime. So far, she has been involved in a major disagreement about the students who are transgender. Overall, she is doing great at her position.

Betsy DeVos’ Interests

Betsy DeVos is hailed as an innovator who creates environments where she likes to see everyone thrive. That is why she has fought so hard to make sure that whatever happens, the children in this country get what they deserve. She has shown a particular interest in some of these things:

  • The transgender issue about bathrooms and their usage
  • The voucher programs used in the schools
  • The school choices
  • Charter schools
  • Politics and the betterment of the education sector in general

As evidenced by her spirited fight in the just concluded bathroom debacle pitted against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, she does not like people who try to disrupt school environments and the tranquility of quality education.

Read more:

The Bathroom-Transgender Issue

Recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to rescind the bill passed during Obama’s administration that allowed transgender students their choice of bathrooms and a better education.

They were at it for a while but finally, with trump’s backing, the bill was rescinded and it sparked debate about the stance President Trump has been taking on the rights of LGBTQI and Minorities.

Alma Mater

Betsy graduated from Holland Christian High School. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In school related matters, she has been serving as the chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable, The American Federation for Children. She also served on several boards that have included: The DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the University of Maryland and American Enterprise Institute, ArtPrize, Foundation for Excellence in Education.

The Charitable Acts

Mostly, it has been her home state that has gotten the best out of her charity works with her husband but now that she is the Secretary of Education, we can always expect more from her and her works. So far, they have donated to the following schools.

  • The DeVos Institute of Arts Management-They invested $22 million to launch this school at the University of Maryland.
  • Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Compass College of Cinematic Arts
  • Northwood University
  • Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning

In conclusion– we can say that Betsy is a woman committed to helping the education sector get back on its feet and get the American Dream going. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

The Benefits Of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Many women are getting fed up with commercial shampoos and conditioners. After years of using these products religiously, hair remains dry, damaged and frizzy. Although many of these products promise to keep hair soft, silky and shiny, they seem to do exactly the opposite.

That’s because these commercial hair care brands are lying to you. Despite their promises to keep hair healthy, they actually damage hair with synthetic chemicals. For instance, almost every commercial shampoo contains high levels of sulfates. Acting as harsh detergents, sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving strands feeling dry and frizzy. Additionally, these products are full of preservatives, parabens and synthetic fragrances that are harsh beyond belief.

The reality is that hair is extremely fragile and needs gentle care. Ingredients like sulfates agitate hair shafts. The more frequently you use shampoo and conditioner, the more damaged your hair will inevitably become.

However, a new hair care product is capable of cleansing and conditioning hair without using any of these damaging ingredients. WEN Cleansing Conditioner uses a unique formula of plant-based ingredients that gently clean and moisturize hair. Plus, these natural ingredients allow hair to maintain its natural oils that keep it soft and protected against damage caused by excessive heat, dry weather and other environmental factors.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner relies on botanical extracts like rosemary and chamomile. These extracts are renowned for their cleansing properties as well as their unique ability to soothe skin and calm down frizz. This product also uses plant-based moisturizers that ensure that hair is properly hydrated so that it may be shinier and softer than ever.

With WEN Cleansing Conditioner, you can undo years of damage caused by exposure to toxic chemicals. After only one week, hair that felt damaged beyond repair will be silky, shiny and healthy at last.

You can purchased WEN products on

How to Spot a Great NYC Restaurant

New York City is home to thousands of amazing restaurants that serve delicious and high-quality food. Unfortunately, there are also some bad apples in the bunch that will not only cost you an arm a leg, but deliver lesser-quality food that could even be hazardous to your health. New York City is known for their health department issues and the fact that many of their restaurants are riddled with insect and rodent infestations. Because of this, it is crucial that you find a great restaurant serving clean and tasty food.


Reviews can be your best friend when it comes to finding a good place to eat. People are often unbiased when reviewing restaurants and food vendors online, giving others insight into the experience they had while eating there themselves. While almost all NYC restaurants will receive a negative review from time to time, you should take any negative review to heart and take note if the establishment is receiving more negative reviews than positive ones. Ask friends and relatives what restaurants they enjoy going to in order to get some ideas on places to check out.


You might also want to contact the localized health department to find ratings on different restaurants. The NYS Health Department is responsible for doing cleanliness checks on all restaurants within their jurisdiction. All of their findings must be made public so people are able to see what a restaurant’s health rating currently is and any violations that were found during the inspection. Knowing this information can help you weed out the bad restaurants and only go with the better ones. After all, if you’re going to spend a lot on a meal and have a night out with friends in New York City, you want to know the restaurant you’re eating at is clean and has an outstanding menu.


A New Type Of Italian Pocket Sandwich Is Now Available On The Lower East Side

It’s always fun to read about new food items being introduced in NYC. A few minutes ago, I read a recent article concerning a pizza pocket-like street food that is now being served at a new restaurant on the lower east side.


These sandwich pocket foods are known as trapizzinos, and they originated in Rome, Italy. In 2008, an Italian chef named Stefano Callegari started selling stuffed pieces of pizza bianca bread called trapizzino in Rome, and the food became very popular there.


After opening seven Trapizzino restaurants in the Rome, Italy area, with his business partners, chef Callegari opened his initial American Trapizzino restaurant in late February in NYC.


The trapizzino sandwich pockets at Trapizzino are stuffed with an assortment of Roman-style dishes that you would not expect to be serving as fillings in sandwiches.


Braised pork with rosemary and fennel pollen, pumpkin with crushed almonds and Pecorino cheese, and chicken cacciatora are some of the tasty foods that are served inside of pizza bianca triangles at Trapizzino. You can also order a trapizzino filled with eggplant, tomato, olive oil, and basil, or perhaps their boiled tongue trapizzino, with carrots, onion, parsley, and black pepper.


Stuffed rice balls called suppli are another type of delicious food served at Trapizzino. These delectable spheres are fried golden-brown, and filled with dishes such as arrabbiata, and carbonara pasta, and beef ragout with mozzarella.


While I like the concept of eating traditional Italian foods in a hand-held platform, I can’t help but wonder if the various fillings have a tendency to spill out of the sandwich pockets.


The Mermaid Spa: A Classic Russian Experience

Is there anything better than sweating in a fiery sauna and eating borscht? The Russians don’t think so. The Mermaid Spa, in Coney Island, is a Russian-Ukrainian community center that features a circular hot tub, two ice water tile pools, steam room, sauna, and a rustic-style dinning room guarded by golden mermaids. The decor is best described as Weeki Wachee, Florida (the only city of live mermaids) meets “Eastern Promises,” the Russian gangster film staring Viggo Mortenson, albeit with softer lighting and more herb-scented air. To those uninitiated in traditional Russian banyas, the Mermaid Spa might seem like just another kitschy Coney Island attraction. But this Brooklyn jewel is the real deal and the closest thing people in New York get to enjoying a day at a Russian spa.


The Mermaid Spa serves a buffet of classic Russian dishes. There are hearty meat entrees such as a lamb leg, beef stroganoff and chicken tabaka, which are probably best enjoyed after you bake in the sauna, get lost in the fog of the steam room, and plunge like an arctic polar bear into one of the spa’s ice pools. If just the “idea” of a hefty, Peter the Great-style feast already has you busting out of your bathing suit, opt instead for the hot appetizers. Thick borscht, garlicky French fries, and pelmeni filled with beef, lamb or veal are classic banyan staples. Nevertheless, after all the heat and steam, your body shocked into a state of jelly, perhaps Mermaid Spa’s cold appetizers are the best choice. Pickled herring is a popular favorite, while the more daring gourmands should try salo, which is raw pig lard that’s been frozen, sliced thin, and rubbed with a raw garlic glove. It’s served on brown bread.

NYC’s Best Sticky Buns Round-up

Grubstreet recently published a round-up of the top 6 sticky buns in New York City. For those unfamiliar with the sweet treat, a sticky bun is similar to a cinnamon roll, but has a different topping. Rather than a cream cheese or powdered sugar based icing, sticky buns are cloaked in a combination of butter and brown sugar that can either be runny or a thick caramel.


Taking the number one spot for the city’s best bun is found at Flora’s Coffee, a cafe in the basement of the Met Breuer. Its dense and yeasty brioche dough makes this bun filling enough for breakfast. It features sweet buttered pecans for crunch and a punch of black cardamom inside, giving it a unique flavor from your usual sickly sweet sticky bun.


Second place for best sticky bun went to Balthazar. Their bun is the best of both worlds with a buttery, doughy interior and a flaky, crispy exterior. It is topped with a burnt sugar caramel, chopped nuts, and raisins for a traditional take on the beloved comfort food.


The schnecken at kosher bakery William Greenberg is a delicious German take on the sticky bun. With a soft sour cream dough that is both moist and crumbly and an almost too sweet brown sugar glaze, this bun is so loved you can order them by mail all over the country. It comes in three sizes to fit any appetite.


For those who don’t care for chopped nuts, the sticky bun at Sadelle’s brings the same delicious layered doughy goodness without the crunchy element. If you are looking for the perfect salty-sweet combo, head to Roberta’s. Their airy buns are almost like popovers in texture and are topped with a heavenly salted caramel glaze. Finally, Amy’s Bread serves a perfectly traditional take on the sticky bun. Its chewy edges, fluffy center, and pecan topping make it ideal for newbies to the treat.


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