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Nine9 Fights for Opportunities for the Average Joe

Breaking into the entertainment business can be difficult for the Average Joe. Most people don’t become superstar models overnight unless they have contacts in the business. Knowing what to do can be very difficult. There is no “How to be a model for dummies” book that can help. And unfortunately, most people don’t have a rich uncle or talent scout godmother to help them out. However, the Nine9, an “unagency,” exists to help the average person break into the business.

Nine9 aims to help the 99% figure out how to navigate a tricky industry. Oftentimes, aspiring models and actors have no idea how to book auditions or build a portfolio. Nine9 makes it easy to get a struggling career off the ground. They offer photo shoots to their clients and help find auditions that fit. They even offer tips on how to make the most of an audition or how to prepare for a photo shoot. With their easy to navigate website, Nine9 creates a stress free environment for their clients. All that’s needed to get started is to fill out an application on their website.

Nine9 works different than a typical modeling or acting agency. They don’t take commissions from their talent. This puts much less pressure on their models and actors. Nine9 also holds workshops that help introduce aspiring models and actors to industry leaders in a controlled environment.Nine9 believes that there is power in numbers. They surround their clients with experts who are willing to help. Best of all, they believe in their clients. In an industry that does not take the time to invest in people who don’t belong to the 1%, Nine9 makes it their goal to help the 99% succeed.

Renown Health Expands it’s reach

Coming to South Reno this spring Renown Health is opening a new family practice clinic this spring at the Summit Mall. This new clinic will be designed to be more flexible for the patients offering more services such as a conference room and a waiting room that makes them feel more at home. There are some plans for more of what could be offered to patients but Dr. McCormack said they may need to wait and see how the healthcare market changes with Trump replacing Obama Care. The 10,000-square-foot clinic is staffed with 11 people at current, but is planning on hiring another primary care physician and a nurse. Due to the growing population and economy of Truckee Meadows, more people had access to healthcare which gave way to Renown expand.

Renown Health is a not-for profit healthcare network, all money stays within the healthcare network so there is no businessmen or shareholders to keep happy and focus can remain solely on the patient allowing them the offer the best equipment, programs and people to give the best care they possibly can. Local citizens are members of Renown boards more than 150 strong and have an active say in how their money is spent on patients. With advances in healthcare Renown Health needs to continue to provide the best care they can, and they do just with their visionary partners. Stanford Health Care, Stanford Children’s Health and Stanford Medicine are just some of our latest additions to our growing list of partners. Click here to know more.

Renown has been continually successful because of their dedication to provide the best possible care to their patients. Renown may not of always had the same name, but they have been providing service for over 150 years. Adapting to change in the industry and looking toward the future improving upon research to offer the latest technology and healthcare professionals with the skill, ability, and commitment to provide the best care available and contribute to the growth of Renown Healthcare Network.

Greg Finch has Carved Out Quite a Spot in the Field of Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is a medical treatment that has to do with complication and illness of your body’s musculoskeletal system. Though surgery is a proven viable treatment it is usually prescribed by surgeons as a last resort to individuals suffering from conditions that affect the muscles and skeleton. Because the musculoskeletal system is so complex and includes your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves orthopedic surgeons may perform various procedures relating to the specific need of an individual patient through their career. However, there are some procedures that are performed more often than others.


Total Joint Replacement


Total joint replacement is one of the most common orthopedic procedures in the medical specialty. Most patients cases involve older patients who’ve previously been diagnosed with severe arthritis and joint pain. The procedure basically consists of removing parts of a problem joint and replacing them with metal and plastic surfaces naturally shaped replicate the movement of a normal, healthy joint. Hip and knee replacements are the most commonly performed joint replacements. Nearly, 1 million are performed yearly in the U.S.


Total Shoulder Replacement


Total Shoulder Replacement is another common orthopedic procedure. Like your standard joint replacement procedure it involves parts of the damaged area with metal or plastic artificial components. The procedure greatly improves a patients range of motion at the shoulder joint. About 53,000 people in the U.S. have shoulder replacement surgery each year.


About Greg Finch


Greg Finch is widely considered one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the world. He is an acclaimed medical expert who specializes in non-invasive treatments of spinal injuries. From Queensland, Australia, Finch holds a Medical Degree from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the University of Auckland.


Due to his numerous successful procedures on his patients, Finch has had the true honor of working with several acclaimed medical institutions across Australia. Finch believes treating spine injury patients is what he was put on earth to do.


New York’s Best Tearooms

New York has definitely benefited from the boom of specialty coffee shops. It’s virtually impossible to walk more than two blocks in the city without finding a place to get a quality latte. Now, the gourmet tea movement is started to gain popularity. A number of specialty tea companies have even started selling their beverages to upscale restaurants, and some tea companies have opened their own brick and mortar shops. Here are some of the best places in New York to get a cup of tea that you won’t soon forget.


Te Company


Te Company is located on W. 10th Street near Seventh Ave. The tearoom is owned by husband-and-wife team Frederico Ribeiro and Elena Liao, who are known for being especially attentive and kind. The owners are also pros when it comes to tea. Liao sources loose-leaf oolong teas from her native Taiwan, and offers around 30 oolong teas, including Oriental Beauty, which is very popular. Ribeiro was once a sous chef at Per Se, and offers beautiful dishes to guests like the perfect Spanish tortillas with truffles, fresh bread and an outstanding chocolate cake. Te Company also offers flexible pricing. A cup to go starts at $3.50, and a pot of tea ranges from $6 to $10.50.


Tea & Sympathy


This tearoom is actually a British restaurant with an added-on tea shop. The facility opened in 1991, and still has the same look and feel. The restaurant may have been able to avoid becoming too modern, but it’s still pretty popular, and nostalgic items like Heinz baked beans remain on the menu. Tea & Sympathy also sells delicious desserts like scones with clotted cream, and tea selections include Yorkshire and PG Tips, vanilla, chamomile-lavender and rose petal.


NIKAI by Kettl


NIKAI is on Ainslie Street, and is located right above Okonomi, the Japanese breakfast restaurant. Some of the best Japanese teas are sold there, including soba cha, a buckwheat tea with a sweet flavor, and gyokuro, a green tea that is rare even in Japan. Kettl teas can also be found at fine restaurants like Per Se, Sqirl and Mission Chinese Food.


Visit the Grub Street website for more information on the best tearooms in NYC.

How Did Andrew Rocklage Get To Where He Is Now?

Breaking into the business world is not an easy task. Being successful in the business world is even harder. Not only did Andrew Rocklage make a name or himself in the business world but he did so by being wildly successful. Andrew Rocklage has built a career that is impressive for anyone, but considering he is still so young, it makes his accomplishments even more astounding.


Business had always been a passion for him, but after graduating from business school, Andrew Rocklage decided to go to law school. It was at Suffolk University Law School that he studied and attained his Juris Doctor. After graduating from law school, Andrew Rocklage knew that he wanted to get into business for himself and that is exactly what he did.


As a young mind and innovator, Andrew Rocklage looked at things differently, and through this vision has been able to create something amazing. Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a fun place or family and friends to jump around and have fun while getting in a good workout. There are many trampoline parks out there, but with Andrew Rocklage’s unique take on things, he managed to great a park that is talked about all over the country.


Andrew Rocklage does things a little differently at his business. His trampoline park takes things to the next level and his unique take on things is something he believed helped make his business so successful. Along with his unique take on things, Andrew Rocklage also personally interacts and screens potential workers to ensure that only the best are working for him. He wants to ensure that customers have a fantastic time by ensuring that the staff if not only qualified but is capable of having fun with the customers as well.


Andrew Rocklage was devoted to creating a business that did things differently, and that’s what he did. He used his unique vision to his advantage and created a business that flourished. In the future he wants to expand on his business and in the corporate world in general. Seeing at how successful he already is, it is exciting to see what he will achieve in the future.


Scott Rocklage: Investor, Leader, and Researcher

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a medical researcher and business executive. Rocklage has more than two decades of experience in the health sector. Rocklage has held many executive positions over the years. Rocklage holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rocklage conducted his research under Richard Schrock who is a Nobel Prize winner.


Scott is considered to be an inventor. He holds several patents to his name. Scott Rocklage has written more than a hundred papers that have appeared in peer-reviewed publications. His leadership resulted in the approval of several drugs including Teslascan and Omniscan by the Food and Drugs Administration. He has taken six other drugs to the clinical trial stage. Rocklage was the chairman of Miikana and Ilypsa that were acquired by Entremed and Amgen respectively.


Scott became a venture partner at 5AM Ventures in 2003. Rocklage was named a managing partner at the firm a year later. The venture capital firm invests in early stage companies that operate in the field of biology. Scott is the chairman of the boards of Novira Therapeutics and Cidara Therapeutics. He is also a board member of Pulmatrix, Epirus, Rennovia, and Kinestral. Rocklage is currently based in Massachusetts at one of the offices of 5AM Ventures.


Rocklage was interviewed on Ideamensch and gave a few pieces of advice to entrepreneurs and leaders. He said that he does not have a typical day because the activities vary each day. Rocklage explained that he brought ideas to reality by collaborating with entrepreneurs, scientists, and physicians to develop innovative medicine.


Rocklage added that his ability to stay organized is what has made him more productive as an entrepreneur. He stated that developments in cancer treatment were one trend that was very exciting for him because of the possibilities in the future. He advised entrepreneurs to embrace risk-taking because it was better than working for an established company. He finished by mentioning that the strategy that had helped him to grow his business was the awareness of the strengths of the business.

No Shortage of Options When It Comes to Soccer-Based Sports Bars in NYC

Given the multicultural aspects of New York City, finding a way to merge those cultures with the world’s most popular sport should be the ticket to success. That appears to be the case with a number of different sports bars that cater to those who consider soccer to be that sport, even if the rest of the world refers to it as football.


Each of these places is open virtually around the clock in order to accommodate the time differences that have soccer matches starting before most people have awakened or ending long after they’ve gone to bed. The differences in food offered is something that may not be as important to the clientele as the number of different types of alcohol available.


Much of the food in places like Smithfield Hall NYC, Banter or Football Factory at Legends is basic, with a nod toward focusing on the specific demographic or culture. For example, at the Paulaner Brauhaus, German fare is the big lure. While one of the big sellers is the bratwurst burger, there’s also five on-site beers brewed here to choose from for avid fans, who can also chew on pretzels as they watch.


Banter is so focused on delivering a soccer vibe that even the urinals are decorated in the spirit of a soccer goal. While that may be a tad extreme for some, the rustic approach the bar takes gets things back to basics. That is until someone who walks through the doors gets a look at all of the different draft beers and hard liquor options that are ready to be served.


Soccer brawls may be common across the pond, but Football Factory at Legends manages to accommodate an estimated 40 different groups of fans that are there to watch their teams.



Goettl Air Conditioning: They Have Returned

In life today, the world needs more feel-good stories. Feel-good stories make the world, well, feel good! That might seem like an oversimplification of things, but it is true. One of the best feel-good stories in recent memory is the return of Goettl Air Conditioning. They were purchased by Ken Goodrich back in 2013 and now in 2017, they are on a roll and it looks like nothing is going to stop them or get in their way. They have their heads on straight, they have the right man in charge, and they have the best air conditioning crew in the business. They have a crew that goes the extra mile.


After all, this is what Ken Goodrich does better than anyone and that cannot be argued. He takes companies that have reached a lull or hit a bump in the road and he improves them, fixes them, and repairs them. It is much the same way that Goettl Air Conditioning does for its customers. One of the ways Ken Goodrich goes about doing that is communication. Now, this might seem like something that is rather obvious to others, but people would be amazed at how often does this does not happen.


That is how people get lost and that is how people are not on the same page in terms of how to go about getting a company or anything for that matter back on track. That is why Ken Goodrich preaches communication and he has an open door policy. He wants his employees to feel as though they can come to him with ways to improve the company or any issues they are having. The sooner that things are talked about, the sooner solutions can be found for a particular company. Everyone is a winner in that case.


The East Village Is Now Home To A New Seafood-Focused Restaurant

One of the great things about the food and restaurant scene in NYC is the frequent openings of new dining spots throughout the five boroughs.


A few minutes ago, I read a current online article that tells about the opening of a brand new restaurant in the East Village neighborhood. The restaurant is named Out East, and it’s located at 509 E. 6th Street, at Avenue A.


Out East features an inventive menu that contains a large assortment of seafood dishes, as well as a nice selection of vegetarian, meat and poultry offerings. The restaurant offers two floors of dining and drinking space, with two bars on the premises.


Starters on the opening menu at Out East include Mediterranean mixed olives, beer battered baby octopus, and a charming tomato gratin, made with preserved tomatoes.


The article that I read about Out East mentions how the restaurant is one of several NYC eateries that are including tuna tartare on their menus. The version of this raw tuna dish that Out East provides is made with yellowfin tuna, basil, and sunflower.


A range of other raw seafood items, such as marinated mackerel, bay scallops, chilled lobster, and black bass carpaccio are also listed on the menu at Out East.


Duck breast with mushrooms and hazelnuts, hot-smoked trout, seared culotte steak, and an incredibly delicious-sounding charred sausage-stuffed leeks, are some of the entree options that Out East is offering.


It’s nice to see a restaurant featuring an appealing main dish that uses leeks as a primary ingredient. In my humble opinion, leeks are delicios vegetables that are way under-utilized.


At any rate, it’s good to see a high quality new restaurant such as Out East opening in the city.


Trata Brasil’s President Offers Felipe Montoro Jens Some Insight Into Latest Sanitation Concessions

Just as the Brazilian government’s latest concessions for a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) come to light, Trata Brasil’s president Edison Carlos opted to grant leading expert, Felipe Montoro Jens an interview. In order to make some clarifications regarding a number of issues which had been raised over the last few months, Edison came prepared with verifiable facts and figures of the initiative. His optimism was conveyed to Jens as he maintained these new breakthroughs would prove helpful in improving the overall structure, management and resources of this sector’s services.

Despite the growing concerns for decreases in waste that were brought up by Felipe Montoro Jens, Edison provided some earnest insight to the infrastructure projects specialist. According to Edison, around 90% of Brazil’s most basic sanitation services are conducted by the public power division serving approximately 70% of the country’s populace via local state sanctioned establishments. The president of Trata Brasil went on to suggest that these two fundamental managerial methods would offer more fruitful results for the country’s citizens if they only choose to collaborate instead of clash.

Edison Carlos would ultimately also make comments concerning the governing bodies and their misuse of enviable levels of expertise which could potentially be utilized as leverage in lucrative business partnerships with major corporations. With his past experience on an acclaimed board of directors as a chief financial officer, Felipe Montoro Jens knew which questions to ask, gaining data on the water loss connected to specific areas which has caused such fiscal falls for the state’s water sector company resources. Since Jens has history both in Brazil and abroad with major resource industries like ethanol, sugar, water and sewage, his unprecedented knowledge was the optimal foresight necessary to comprehend the difficulties within the country’s immense governmental operating systems.


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