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Kubeh Ready to Tempt Those Middle Eastern Taste Buds

With the wide array of New York restaurants available, seemingly every international taste has been accounted for when it comes to dining options. However, Greenwich Village will now have a place that’s specifically focused on serving kubeh, the dumpling that continues to tantalize discriminating palates around the world.


The new restaurant, known simply as Kubeh, will be run by Long Island native Melanie Shurka and is located near 11th Street at 464 Sixth Avenue. It will serve the dumplings that are filled with bulgur wheat and semolina, with enhancements to flavor coming through the broth in which it’s served.


Shurka is looking to widen the dining options, which is why those getting a bite to eat will have five different forms kubeh and four different broths. This is a staple of the Middle East region of Levantine, which connects the nations of Jordan and Syria with Palestine.


A sampling of those possible options whet the appetites for those who enjoy exotic foods. Kubeh-based items like Kurdish siske in chicken broth or Syrian Codfish in a tomato, arak and fennel soup can be enjoyed with side dishes like haricot-vert salad that includes items like yogurt and dukkah or fried kibbeh with dill and sweet pea.


In the area of broths, some of those options include hamusta, which combines zucchini, lemon and Swiss chard or selek, which merges celery, herbs and beets.


Straying only slightly from the main dish, diners will also have the opportunity to try the kibbeh, which is similar in nature to kubeh. In this case, these tasty items are deep-fried concoctions that offer some added bite. If those aren’t to the liking of that diner, there’s always something like tahdiq or a bowl of sabich, the latter of which happens to be a favorite of Jews in Iraq.

Former Knicks’ Player John Starks on His Favorite New York City Restaurants

Former New York Knick’s star John Starks is still a fan favorite. He played from 1990 to 1998 for the team racking up 10,829 points. He now spends many of his days raising funds for many worthwhile causes. Recently, he gave Grub Magazine an interview about some of his favorite New York City restaurants.


John likes to eat at the J House Café in Greenwich Village where he frequently has the black-bean soup for an appetizer followed by the grilled snapper for the main course. This eatery features American cuisine that is all prepared in full sight of its high-end customers.


MishMosh in is a favorite delicatessen of John’s where he frequently orders the grilled chicken, tomato, and lettuce sandwich. He is particularly fond of their Naked protein juice smoothie.


John also likes to eat the brunch at the Club Bar & Grill inside Madison Square Gardens. When dining at this establishment, he likes to have the French toast, smoked salmon, crab cakes and a glass of orange juice. This restaurant opens two hours before every Knicks and Rangers game and stays open at least one hour after the game is over giving everyone a chance to watch the game while enjoying fabulous food.


John also likes to dine at Café 31 Sports Bar & Grill when watching the action at Madison Square Gardens. When dining here, he likes to eat the vegetarian minestrone with pasta and vegetables and enjoys the large Greek salad with shrimp. He says that when he eats at other restaurants his order often varies, but that is almost always the same thing at this restaurant that he eats at frequently.

Getting to Know Matthew Autterson as an Incredible Investment Manager

Investment management is simply the monitoring of securities and assets. This practice is vital to make sure all investment goals are met. Investment management is always to the benefit of investors. Securities are financial instruments that have monetary value and include such things as share, banknotes, shares, debentures among others. Investment management is a synonym to asset management.

Further, Investment management firms are companies that invest pooled funds of investors in securities and line with the stated objectives of Investment. The firms then, for a fee, provide more liquidity, diversification and professional management consulting services, which are usually available and accessible to individual investors.

These firms primarily engaged in the business of managing and investing in securities. Some of these firms include the Black Rock, The Vanguard Group (both of the United States of America ), UBS of Switzerland, Fidelity Investment, Capital Group, Fund Management among others.

The success of Investment management firms can be noted by looking at the success of the Black Rock. The firm focuses or providing value to and paying attention to any issue(s) raised by customers. Black Rock picks up assets from distressed sellers thereby stabilizing markets rather than disrupting them. Since its establishment, the firm’s offering of passive investment products like exchange-traded funds also boosted its performance.

Matthew Autterson is an investment manager with over ten years experience. He is a mortgage professional with AnnieMac home Mortgage in Mount Laurel. Matthew Autterson is, therefore, a reputable personality in this field.

Matthew Autterson has marketing skills including excellent interpersonal skills. In November 2009, a church marketing, advertising, and media solutions agency; No Boundaries Christian Media, announced Matthew David Auterson, an Account Executive. He was to be responsible for meeting with the traditional and online marketing needs of clients in New York area and Christian Community.

Transformation of New York City Food and Restaurant Scene Over the Past Twenty Years

In the past 20 years, the food and restaurant scene has transformed in New York City. The younger generation is becoming more health conscience and selecting quality restaurants with top chefs. Young people are becoming restaurant business owners curing meats, rotting items in the cellar, and creating their sausages. Customers are more interested in the expertise of chefs without selecting a particular item from the menu. When Business Insider interviewed TV personality and executive chef of Brasserie Les Halles, Antony Bourdain, he explained the changes in the NYC food and restaurant scene he observed throughout the years.



Mr. Bourdain told Business Insider that he noticed a majority of customers were concerned about the chefs and cooks who were preparing their foods in the restaurant industry, today. As he reminisces the 1990’s, the culture of famous chefs was prevalent, but different from the present. One of the most significant changes was people the ages of 18 to 35 spending their money dining at quality restaurants rather than purchasing designer purses, based on a study by Eventbrite. With the scare of processed foods on the rise nationally, NYC restaurants are catering to these people to ensure their menu items contain fresh ingredients.



It has caused a negative impact on certain restaurants to the point of consumers questioning the quality of foods, including meats, grains and vegetables. They want to know the name of farmers and what they were feeding their livestock. Although some customers aren’t concerned with the information, Mr. Bourdain is grateful that people are becoming health conscience. Restaurants are educating their staff more than ever about the quality of ingredients in main course meals. If a customer questions the ingredients, the waiters are knowledgeable of the quality of every menu item.



The transformation of restaurants is not only in New York City, but in other parts of the country. Antony Bourdain is ecstatic about what the young people have created in Manhattan and surrounding areas. Restaurants may have had a small price to pay in the transformation process, but it has attracted more young people than ever before. It’s a magnificent thing for the customers, restaurant establishments, chefs, and the younger generation contributing to creating different tasteful foods.


Vincent Parascandola – Experience Makes Great Leaders

Mr. Parascandola serves as the Vice President for AXA Advisors since October 2014. AXA Advisors runs is an investment advisor as well as a brokerage firm serving United States customers. As VP of the company, his responsibilities include recruiting employees, sales management, retention, maintaining productivity, management development and financial professional development and productivity enhancement.

Vincent Parascandola Achievements and Experience

Mr. Parascandola holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Pace University. He has been in the financial industry for over twenty five years now. During this time he has worked for several companies before joining AXA Advisors in 2004. He started off his career as an agent with Prudential Insurance way back in 1987. After this, he moved to MONY Life Insurance Company where he held several managerial position before winding up as the Managing Director and Field VP. He held these position until he joined AXA Advisors’ subsidiary, AXA Equitable, in May 2005 as the Executive VP. He rose up the ranks to become the President of Advantage Group and later Northern Division President in AXA Equitable to Chief President and Sales Officer Continental Division before finally landing his Senior Executive VP position in October 2014.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola is recognised for his leadership skills. Ass an eloquent speaker, he has been called upon to give inspiring speeches numerous times. He recently went to visit Pace University in 2014 where he did his undergraduate degree to give a commencement speech for the graduating students at the time. Vincent has also received several awards for his impeccable management skills. The awards include GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award and also member. Victor was LIMRA’S Chair in the committee and previous Florida Chapter President.

Vinny is a very hardworking financial advisor and not many know this but he also worked for 2 years before joining Prudential Insurance as a Systems Analyst at Irving Trust Company.

AXA Advisors LLC

AXA Advisors sells and buys securities like stocks, mutual funds, bonds and managing of finances and investments by its customers. AXA has over 6000 professional financial advisors that help its customers make informed investment decisions. The company aims to provide security of investments to its clients and families.

Dr. Clay Siegall: An Important Figure In Innovative, Effective Cancer Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is a scientist and entrepreneur. He’s co-founder, president and CEO of the Bothell, Washington based cancer research company Seattle Genetics. Siegall co-founded the company in 1998 and built it on a foundation of rigorous research, scientific innovation and a passion for helping patients. In the years since its founding, the company has become an international leader in creating effective cancer treatments. Dr. Siegall has played a major role in that. He has recruited an excellent staff and provided them with the resources they need to succeed.

In addition to creating an atmosphere that encourages creativity based on research, Dr. Siegall has been a tireless fundraiser for the facility. Since founding Seattle Genetics he has led capital-raising activities with private and public sources which has netted the company in excess of $675 million. Dr. Clay Siegall has also created licensing agreements for Seattle Genetics’ ADC technologies with Pfizer, Abbvie, Genentech, GlaxoSmithliene and others that have brought in over $300 million. The antibody-drug conjugates the company developed is used in more than 60 countries.

A graduate of the University of Maryland and George Washington University, Clay Siegall bas a B.S. in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Genetics. Since graduating he has worked on cancer research with companies including Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics, Inc., Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc., the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute on the development of effective cancer treatments.

At Seattle Genetics he’s helped to create an excellent development pipeline of diverse antibody-based cancer therapies. It includes almost two dozen ADCs in clinical trial. In 2011, the company’s ADCETRIS became the first ADC to receive FDA approval.

Throughout his career, Dr. Siegall has won numerous awards for his groundbreaking work. They include being selected Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences by the University of Maryland and Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. His vision and innovation has led him to hold 15 patents. Dr. Siegall’s commitment to sharing valuable information on cancer research and treatment has resulted in him writing pieces for over 70 publications.

Making the Most of Your Brunch in New York City

The very nature of eating brunch means sitting back and relaxing because the available food encompasses two specific meals. Restaurants understand the concept, with many making the appropriate accommodations to make sure that everything is just right. A number of different places do it better than anyone else in the New York area, which means that knowing where to go can make life so much simpler.


One of the best places to enjoy such relaxation might be Upland at 345 Park Avenue South, with food that some might consider basic. However, those that taste things like spinach-infused omelettes with Bulgarian feta or Cloumage cheese on top of pizza would likely beg to differ with such an assessment.


More hectic surroundings can be found at Prune on E. 1st Street, which opened nearly two decades ago. There’s not much room to go around, with roughly 20 or so tables fitting into the surroundings. Yet despite such coziness, the staff remains attentive to orders like Monte Cristo sandwiches, blueberries on top of Dutch pancakes and any number of potential Bloody Mary options.


In the Williamsburg area, Sunday in Brooklyn could operate just as well on any other day. That helps explain why crowds flock there, drawn by such concoctions as an innovative take on the standard sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. Here, that sausage has just a hint of maple syrup and sage, while things like malted pancakes also find a way to garner attention.


International bruch options can be found in places like Paowalla, which focuses on Indian dishes like Egg Kejirwal from its Spring Street location. Not to be outdone, the Australian-based Two Hands Restaurant & Bar in the Tribeca area on Church Street offers items like Brassicas and ricotta pancakes to hungry diners looking for a unique experience.

Equities First Holdings Consultants Are Ready To Provide You With Assistance

Every business should consider obtaining a loan to improve their current positions. A loan may enable a business owner to make certain improvements within their business, such as to their land(s), building(s), and equipment. Whichever reason you may be wanting to obtain a loan for, it’s recommended for you to speak with one of the consultants of Equities First Holdings, as they’re always more than willing to assist their borrowers in any way that they can. Contacting a representative of Equities First Holdings is going to provide you with a myriad of benefits that you may not have had from obtaining loans from anyone else.

Every business owner is aware that there is a lot of competition in just about every business sector. This is why it is highly recommended for business owners to have an awareness of their particular sector of business, as it will give them awareness of what improvements they may be needing to make. Business owners need to know exactly how much capital they currently own, what expenses they have, and how they may be able to go about obtaining the exact loan amounts that they may be needing to make the adjustments that they’re wanting to make to/in their businesses.

High net-worth individuals can obtain non-purpose loans through Equities First Holdings, as the institution is one that is willing to work with them on any amounts that they may be requesting. If Equities First Holdings is not able to provide them with the exact amounts of Equities First Holdings that they may be requesting, they may be able to make recommendations that would enable them to receive the particular loan amounts that they’re seeking. A consultant will be able to properly guide you through the process of obtaining a loan for the exact amount that you may currently be seeking.

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Empellon Comes to Midtown

Finding Mexican food in Midtown isn’t necessarily a tough task, though finding a place that’s put so much thought into the entire concept may be difficult to find. That belief may start shifting now that Empellon has found its way to this area, the latest evolution in chef Alex Stupak’s rise in the New York restaurant community.


Stupak is, by training, a pastry chef, yet the wonders that he’s created since the first incarnation of Empellon came to the West Village in 2011 have seemingly zeroed in on his capabilities when it comes to Mexican cuisine. The standard corn tortilla and taco hardly resonate with more refined palates, but when that tortilla is filled with pastrami and short ribs, the focus sharpens.


This newest version of Empellon, located at 510 Madison Avenue, expands the notion of just opening up a standard restaurant and letting people flock in to enjoy the food. Instead, Stupak has created a glossier impression by having two levels of eating areas and a room to hold any sort of party or celebration.


Such visual delights and the upscale food involved means that prices aren’t of the mom-and-pop variety. Of course, your friendly neighborhood taco shop won’t offer a Japanese Wagyu-infused fajita that will cost $125 or house tacos that set you back $30. Tamales with shredded duck inside and gourmet tacos, the latter of which has nine menu items, offer a clear message that this is anything but traditional Mexican food.


If that food isn’t filling enough Empellon also has desserts to tempt those whose sweet tooth can never be satisfied. Avocado parfait is one of the more exotic, yet the available drinking options may be seen as more tempting to those that want to sit back and relax.



“Breaking Bad” Pop-Up Bar Coming to NYC

Even though the show ended four years ago, people are still obsessed with AMC’s hit “Breaking Bad.” In case you’ve been living under a rock, the show follows Walter White, a chemistry teacher turned meth lord and his lab partner Jesse. Now NYC customer can drink their cares away in a “Breaking Bad” themed pop-up bar this summer. The bar, which has been serving Londoners for the past two years, has finally made its way stateside.


Conceived by UK-based company Lollipop, ABQ is a mobile cocktail bar set in a replica of Walter White’s RV meth lab. Groups of 30 guests can enter at a time and will be served clever concoctions that incorporate molecular mixology techniques like nitrogen cavitation. Other touches from the show include bartenders dressed in protective yellow jumpsuits and White’s alias “Heisenberg” written on a wall.


Though the exact location of the pop-up has not been decided on yet, several locations across Brooklyn are being considered. ABQ will open sometime in July and operate for a few months after. Over 1500 people have already secured their tickets for the experience, which cost $45 for three cocktails and two hours spent in the bar. Lollipop, the company behind the bar, is known for its over-the-top dining ideas including one restaurant where both staff and diners were nude.


Can’t wait until summer to get your “Breaking Bad” fix? Check out Walter’s Coffee Roastery in Bushwick. This cafe features more subtle nods to the show like a menu laid out like the periodic table, coffee served in laboratory beakers, and hints of HazMat suit yellow everywhere.


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