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Micelin Releases 2018 Star List

Michelin announced their new star ratings for restaurants in New York City in 2018. Many were surprised that after 20 years as a three-star restaurant, Jean-Georges located in Trump Hotel & Tower was bumped down to only two stars. Guide director Michael Ellis says it was a difficult decision, but that the restaurant has experienced a slow downhill slide in the quality of its food and service. Inspectors for the guide make at least 10 visits to each restaurant before star level is determined. While New York has always been seen as an American haven for foodies, the city now has two fewer restaurants with three stars than San Francisco.

The 2018 guide gives three stars to five restaurants. The guide names Chef Thomas Keller’s Per Se New American restaurant as one of those retaining three-stars and TripAdvisor’s raters name it one of the top restaurants in the world. Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin remains on the list with many customers raving about their fish selections. Also, remaining on the list is sushi-hotspot Masa in the Time Warner Center also remains on the list. In fact, the guide presents seven New York City sushi restaurants with new stars. Perennial favorite Hell’s Kitchen restaurant Brooklyn Fare remains on the list as does the newly renovated Eleven Madison Park.

The only restaurant to gain a star this year was Ginza Onodera where diners find wonderful sushi. Just three restaurants received a star that was not Japanese or European fare leaving many to wonder if the guide was too biased against certain cuisine.

Business and Philanthropic life of Jason Hope

Jason Hope has grown on to make a name for him in various fields. He is best known for being an entrepreneur, philanthropist and healthcare technology investor. Also, he considers himself a futurist.

Hope is an alumnus of the prestigious Arizona State University. He attained both his undergraduate degree and MBA from the same college. To him, mobile technology has been his greatest passion.

Mobile technology he says is propelled by the fact that it has numerous benefits and can reach many people hence being an excellent catalyst for change.

Jason has involved himself in a wide array of businesses and investments. His first venture was the Jawa Mobile Communication Company he established. It is this that offered him the stable foundation to expand his investments.

He considers it the parent company of all his other ventures. Also, he has gone on to develop his investment portfolio that includes enterprises dealing with marketing services such as SEO, Digital media solutions, interactive software’s and Computer Business information systems.

He says being an entrepreneur, has taught him to think several steps ahead. His sense of doubt is what propels him to be even bolder in pursuing his technology investments, and resume him.

His love for technology has seen him go a step further to nurture young and aspiring technological investors and entrepreneurs.

He selects the freshest and exciting ideas through his website and helps to bring them to reality.

Jason also considers himself a futurist. He says he always looks for new opportunities and emerging trends in the technology and information sector. He never allows failure or doubt to stifle his dreams and goals.

He is also interested in medical technology. At the moment he is researching and looking into how anti-aging processes and procedures can be used to prevent diseases such Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. He feels and remains hopeful that solutions to these types of conditions lie in technology.

It is for this reason that has also been involved in philanthropy work more so in the medical field. His passion for the medical invention has seen him donate funds to support the various research work.

In one instance, he gave $500,000 to the SENS foundation and non-governmental organization that works to develop, promote and ensures biotechnology research in prevention and cure of aging-related diseases.

To the young entrepreneurs, Jason offers them a candid advice. He urges them to remain focused on handling one project at a time and nurture each idea to completion, and more information click here.

Where to Eat What in New York, A Business Dinning Guide

The art of closing a deal is best performed within the confines of a good restaurant that has an environment that will draw out your client/potential client or business partner out of their shell and eradicate all the formal office posturing that is done in a normal formal office setting. Below is a list of places to go to for different food choices.


Breslin; located in Ace Hotel, Breslin offers good lamb patty served with red onion,feta cheese and mayo. The place has a British gastropub feel
Dirty French: if you are looking to close a deal with a Middle East client, this is the place to go. Their lamb patty has the North African flavor, serving lamb served with Loire valley goat milk made Bucheron cheese and onions.
Clover Club- located in Brooklyn, the Clover lamb comes in 6 ounces of lamb burger with red onions and goat cheese. One also has choices between potato chips or salad side dishes.
Wolfgang: Park Avenues Wolfgang serves one of New Yorks best steak under architectural marvel, with arched ceilings, its offshoot Peter Luger also offers the same steak quality only that one has to walk from Manhattan to savor their steak.

Japanese Sushi

There is a whole list of places to choose from ( including Sushi Yasuda, Tori Shin, KyoYa and Ushawakaramu.


La Vara; influenced by Spanish Muslim and also Jewish populace, La Vara offers a chance for one to enjoy all Basque cooking has to offer.
Casa Mono; Go and enjoy all Costa Brava’s culinary has in store.
Sea Food:
Take toasted trout toe at ZZ’s intimidate bar with seafood having names like Ceviche.
Wu Ja Lie; a favorite of the China’s US ambassador, this is the place to take your valued Chinese clientele and business partners.
To summarize, these are just few places within new york that one can enjoy food at,they are not strictly for business dining though, you can take a date here too if intimacy is what you are looking for.

NYC Has The Top Japanese Cuisine Outside Of Japan

New York City has the most exquisite Japanese cuisine outside of Japan itself according to the 2018 Michelin star ratings. The travel guide source gave 71 restaurants in the Big Apple the coveted five-star reward, and 15 of those cuisine eateries were Japanese spots.

Masa restaurant was one of the big winners this year. The dining spot, which is the most expensive of its kind in the city, was given five stars because of its incredible food but is most known around town as costing upwards of $500 per person. Masa takes full advantage of secrecy as it does not offer its patrons a menu from which they may choose based on prices if the budget is limited. Such is the reason why middle-class New Yorkers typically avoid the spot unless they are treating themselves to a splurge.

Masa and several other high-end Japanese restaurants making this year’s list has many convinced that high prices and not fabulous cuisine are what matter to Michelin. Another criticism that comes with this year’s list is the fact that Asian countries such as Japan took the lead as the cream of the crop while South Asian region’s such as India were seemingly left off the ticket. Mexico was equally underrepresented in Michelin’s five-star list as only one New York restaurant, Casa Enrique, made it among the top percentile.

The Michelin Guide has been an active influencer in the restaurant industry with its star ratings for years. Many chefs would probably give their right arms to have their food showcased among the top fives. It certainly does not look as if Japanese cuisine is going anywhere soon.

What to Consider While Choosing Nice Food Scene and Restaurants

The reason why most people consider having their meals in restaurants is to have plenty of time far away from home. When the decision is final, the individuals expect to get the best from the hotels. Choosing the hotel to dine at can be hectic. It, therefore, needs some earlier preparations to preferable check through various options.

There are aspects to be checked out before visiting any hotel; this is to avoid disappointments, time and resources wastage;

Earlier bookings

Individuals going to hotels without reservations at most times end up choosing alternatives due to full occupation of the place. To avoid such incidences, the team or family visiting should make early bookings to prevent such occurrences. One can visit the website of the hotel intended and make the reservation.

Good location

Ensure the food scene one is visiting is located in a place with better atmosphere. A great environment gives people the pleasure as they enjoy the food served.

A Variety of food served

No one would wish to visit a restaurant where there are only a few food varieties. Most individuals desire to try new spices of foods when they visit the hotels. Therefore, ensure the hotel of choice has one’s favorite foods and different foods and drinks for a taste. Ensure the food served at the restaurant is exceptional. One can check out for food varieties.

Good customer services

No one would wish to visit hotels with the worst customer attendance services. Any client wants to be given the best of services so they can enjoy their stay at the location. For better knowledge of the services offered one can look for few recommendations from people who had visited the place earlier.

5: Good prices

It is very advisable to check out the costs of the different food varieties and also other activities that may be available at the restaurant. The check out will enable the client to identify if they can afford the prices or not.

When choosing the food scene to consider, go with the one not so far away from the main road. The roads have to be all weather in case of changes in climate.

Paul Mampilly’s top investment picks

It may be interesting to find out that only one-third of Americans invest in the stock market today. The other two-third put their hard earned money into savings praying that it will all work out. Unfortunately, it is not a lucrative as it once was and people are getting fed up. They are looking for something more, are are becoming interested in alternatives. Everyone knows that there are major risks involved and people just simply don’t know how to invest in the stock market. That is why there’s Paul Mampilly, financial guru extraordinaire. He is helping people choose the right stocks to invest in.

Mr. Mampilly suggests investing in trends that are growing and that are here to stay. This includes innovative trends and technology. One trend that is going to grow on a worldwide level is electric cars. The expensive of owning a traditional gas-guzzling vehicle has many people ready to switch. The minimal amount people would have to maintain and replace in electric cars is a huge advantage. You know what this means, more people will be investing in them, because they will be everywhere in the near future. Paul Mampilly also suggesting in precision medicine. It involves using genetic testing to faster and more accurately diagnose disease, especially certain types of cancer. Patients DNA will be used by doctors to understand and diagnose patients problems. Buying stock in genetic testing companies is going to be a very smart decision. The last piece of investment advice Paul has is all about food delivery systems. More than ever people are going out to their favorite restaurants to eat. At the same time a growing number of people are starting to eat healthier. Unfortunately the word healthy and restaurant do not usually go together. That is why food delivery systems are becoming a big hit. Folks can eat healthy and prepare the meal in their own home without the guesswork. This is why investing in them is going to be really smart, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.


Paul Mampilly is a financial guru on a mission. He is helping Main Street Americans get wealthy investing in technology, small-cap stocks, growth investing, and special opportunities. Paul Mampilly is the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition.


He received his BBA at Montclair State University and got his MBA at Fordham Graduate School of Business in 1997. After he graduated Paul Mampilly went on to work on Wall Street in 1991. With many decades under his belt, he advises his 90,000 plus subscribers in his monthly Newsletter, Profits Unlimited, on what investments he suggests readers invest in, and

Talkspace Helping People Mend Their Relationships with Traditional Therapy Sessions in a Virtual Format

Relationships are what gives meaning to life and helps in going through tough times and celebrating the good times. However, it is a well-known fact that some of the relationships that are known to be very loving and lively traditionally can sometimes be strenuous and stressful due to various circumstances. However, the key to the long-lasting relationship is not giving up too quickly and giving it a chance to grow, mature, and rough out the edges with time. It is possible as time has the capability of healing just about everything. Add to this process a bit of relationship counseling, and the positive results would be visible much faster than you expected. Often, the misunderstandings that make space in a relationship are apparent apparently to everyone else but the two people in the relationship. It is where counseling comes to rescue.

However, traditional setting for relationship counseling might seem to be expensive for many, and it is why many people are choosing Talkspace over it. Talkspace is a mobile application that offers traditional therapy over the phone in the form of text messages by experienced and licensed therapists. It helps the patients to confide their fears, insecurities, and feelings in a very discreet manner to the therapist they are matched with and share their issues in a confidential setting they can trust on. In a relationship counseling, the therapist would be in touch with both the people involved in a relationship and help them resolve their issues amicably over a period in a phase-wise manner.

Talkspace already has over 500,000 members taking help from its more than a thousand licensed therapists. The community at Talkspace is growing, and it has helped many people to get rid of depression and strengthen their relationships. It is a perfect therapy based applications for the modern day people who are living a hectic life and look for virtual options to just about everything.


OSI Group Feeding the Global Consumer

OSI Group began as a family run company named Otto and Sons and transformed into a top global food provider. Through partnerships with leaders in the food retail service sector, OSI Group offers a variety of products around the world. Since its founding, the privately held company has made substantial infrastructural and financial investments.

Agility, pursuit for entrepreneurial excellence and growth, innovation and collaboration with stakeholders have driven the success of OSI Group over the year. The company’s focuses in production and distribution of vegetable products, meats, seafood, sauces and processed protein items. OSI finished products are available in supermarkets and restaurants around the world. OSI Group’s marketing strategy is to provide customized products that meet the tastes and preferences of the local consumer. Headquartered in Aurora Illinois and with subsidiaries across 17 countries in 60 different facilities, OSI group is also a global employer.

OSI Group pursues growth through joint ventures, partnerships, and acquisitions. In August 2016, the company led by CEO, Sheldon Lavin, and current President David McDonald, acquired Europe based Baho Food. Baho Food was also a food provider founded in the Netherlands and serves 18 countries in Europe with subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany. The Dutch company primarily focused on the manufacture of deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods. Adding Baho Food to the OSI Group portfolio increased its market share in the European market as well as the product offerings.

The purchase of Flagship Europe was also in 2016. With an established market in the UK, Flagship Europe products include frozen poultry, dressing, sauces, mayonnaise, pies and sous vide equipment. The transaction exposed both companies to new markets and extended OSI Group’s influence in the European market. Flagship Europe would benefit from OSI’S success in other markets such as Asia and the USA. OSI group has also continued its expansion in other Europe countries such as Spain and Germany through partnerships and joint ventures.

Even as it focuses on international expansions, OSI Group is keen to grow its influence in the domestic market. So far, OSI has diversified its products and services as it seeks to attract more customers and meet the various needs. With the new food pant in Chicago, purchased from Tyson Foods for $7.4 million, OSI Group intends to scale up its production capacity in the US. The transaction also secured jobs for five hundred people in the local community. For more info about us: click here.

As consumer demands evolve, the company intends to continue expanding to meet the needs more efficiently. For its commitment in containing environmental risks, OSI Group received the 2016 Globe of Honour Award presented by the British Safety Council. OSI has also won several other awards in the local markets it operated.

NYC Coffee Shops Top Starbucks

Grub Street recently ran an article saying that Starbuck’s consistently had the best coffee in New York City. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, some beg to differ as there are many small coffee shops in New York City that are doing an outstanding job of providing a great cup of espresso, latte or just plain old coffee.

Black Forest Coffee
Bring a book along and enjoy a great cup of coffee at Black Forest Coffee. Their bean selection varies from day to day because the owners insist on serving only the best beans brewed in top machines. There avocado sandwiches and other light options make this a terrific place to stop for lunch.

Voyager Espresso

Coffee lovers can enjoy a sci-fi coffee drinking experience at Voyager Expresso. Focusing on marginal grains and the latest brewing techniques make this a great place to visit regularly. Their seasonally-changing menu also features many carefully sourced regional favorites.

Third Rail Coffee

A perennial favorite of students and professors from New York University, this coffee shop is a great place to start the day. This tiny shop hosts many creative exhibits on a regular basis making it a great place to return to on a regular basis. They focus so much on training their employees that you are sure to get a perfect head on your cappuccino every time.


If you remember the 1950s or just wish you did, then make sure to check out Abraco where they not only make a perfect cup of coffee but also spin old-school vinyl records. While they would love to see you every day, they also sell amazing coffee beans from around the world to roast at home.

How Michel Terpins Has Managed To Rise To The Top Of Rally Racing In Brazil

Michel Terpins is not only a rally driver, but he also has engineering skills that he was able to obtain as he was growing up. Understanding the cars that he drives is an advantage since he can identify the best requirements that enable him to steer his vehicle for long distances on rough terrains. Rally cars are a little bit different from the regular cars. As much as they all operate on similar types of roads, rally cars are typically modified so that they move at a much higher speed within a short time.

Michel Terpins is a little bit unique from other well renowned and successful rally drivers since he was able to rise to the top within a limited period. Others in the same field of specialization have had to undergo in-depth training to become competent in driving fast cars.

For the successful career and life, Michel Terpins has his father to thank. It is because his dad introduced him to the race track when Michel was just a young boy. As much as his father does not engage in rally driving, he ensured that he had capitalized on the passion and talent of his child. Michel’s father specializes in playing basketball, and he always makes a point to appear in the field even in the midst of his busy schedule.

Rally driving encompasses different categories, and Michel Terpins specializes entirely in the T1 Prototype category. He started participating in rally driving in 2002, and at first, he was riding a motorcycle. The engagement was very risky, but Michel Terpins continued to engage in the sport as he has always admired speed. As much as he did not become very fortunate in the motorcycle category, he was able to use the motorcycle platform and proceed forward and start to driving cars.

His brother, Rodrigo Terpins, is the one who motivated him to engage himself in driving rally cars. Michel Terpins saw the change of career as an excellent chance to involve himself in different categories that were associated with driving rally cars. At first, the two brothers worked together, but they later started driving different vehicles in the same category of the T1 Prototype.

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