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Talos Energy Joins Forces with Two Other Companies to Build a New Offshore Oil Well in Mexican Waters

In a joint endeavor between Talos Energy LLC., Sierra Oil & Gas, and Oil Plc, a new offshore oil well has been placed in the waters of Mexico. This hasn’t happened in close to 80 years in the area, because every other offshore well has been launched by Petroleos Mexicanos since the late 1930’s. The well can contain up to 500 million barrels of crude, and it will cost $16 million to finish the drilling by the three companies who won the rights through a bidding process.

It is expected that the oil well will be watched very closely by those in the oil industry, and that it should have a high chance of succeeding due to its excellent structure. It is located in the Sureste Basin and is hoped to begin to help balance out the slowly failing oil industry in Mexico. Talos Energy owns 35% of the oil well and is also the operator of it, and analysts believe that it is a very interesting happening for the Mexican market.

Talos Energy is a gas and oil company that is independent and ran by experts in its field. With a knack for picking up matured assets in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the company profits by using new technologies and seismic technologies that exploit them. Before the founding of Talos Energy in 2012, the experts who run the company had already put together and sold two gas and oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico region. Click here to know more.

Talos Energy is always looking for new ways to increase its efficiency and operations and is committed to keeping par with environmental regulations. Their specialized drilling and completion techniques have allowed them to improve hydrocarbon recovery and keep at the cutting-edge of their industry. As an employer, the company has earned a spread of awards for being one of the top workplaces for employees and has made top workplaces lists for 5 years in a row.

OSI Group President David McDonald Understands Why Being Local and Building Trust is Important

OSI Group President David McDonald understand that in order forOSI Group to retain its position of $6.1 billion in annual revenue and even perhaps surpass that, the company itself has to be global and local at the same time.

“We are positioned very well in that we have a global network, literally with people from our organization in offices or plants all over the world”, David McDonald, president of OSI Group.

In September 12, 1992, OSI Group had entered into the Chinese market with its globally-focused food-processing operation. With OSI Group entering the Chinese market, McDonald’s was there to serve the Chinese people with fast food.

Twenty-five years, OSI Group’s foresight on the growth of the Chinese market allowed the company to grow in proportion with its client, McDonald’s.

David McDonald has some insight that he can definitely offer when dealing with the Chinese market.

Global and Local Perspective

OSI Group President David McDonald mentions that when you are an international company, the most important thing that you have to understand that it is even more important to be local to the country and the market that you (your company) is entering into.

“We have a global operation which means we have scale in size but we have local management teams that are very sensitive and very understanding of the local cultures and taste”, David McDonald continues.

David McDonald of OSI Group understands that it can be very easy to enter into a market and approach business problems from a Western perspective and that may not always be the best option to take. His LinkedIn Profile.

This understanding means that there has to be a different operational approach internally but even more so with external approaches when you are dealing with the consumer market.

“It’s the power of global scale and efficiency along with local solutions”, David McDonald states.

Building Trust Slowly in a Fast-Paced World

Another thing that David McDonald also understands that the world is constantly moving fast but there are just some things that take time to build. One of those things that take time to build is trust.

David McDonald understands that you need to build trust with longtime partners and government agencies in China in order to come to a solution that benefits all of the parties.

However, it’s more than just dealing with partners directly, it’s building trust with the Chinese consumers.

Actions that demonstrated that OSI Group is exemplary when during the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, OSI Group received zero complaints when OSI China supplied 113 tons of beef, chicken, pork, eggs, and dehydrated onions collectively.

“We engage with customers early on ad discuss with them the solutions they are trying to provide or the concepts that they want to pursue,” McDonald states.

With the understanding that you have to be local and build trust, McDonald has demonstrated that he is capable with growing with OSI Group.

Review of Rick Smith Success Story in Management

Rick Smith is a renowned entrepreneur and a successful corporate executive. He has an excellent background and impressive track record in management. With an education background in technologies, Rick Smith has what it takes to drive any tech company to a higher level. Currently, Rick Smith is the CEO and chairman of Securus Technologies

Career Background

Before Joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has had an illustrious and successful executive career in different corporate companies. He has worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. in various positions. From 1998 to March 2000, Rick served as the company’s chief financial officer. He then became the chief operating officer before being promoted to be the president of Eschelon Telecom until 2003. His dedication and exceptional management skills made him appointed the company’s CEO in 2003. As the CEO, Smith steered the company to improve its revenue from just $30 million to over $350 million. Also, he led the firm to a successful IPO in 2005.

Before joining Eschelon Telecom, Rick Smith worked at Frontier Corp for almost two decades. He served in various management positions including the vice president of the company. Also, at Frontier Information Technologies, Mr. Smith served as the chief information officer, the controller as well as the president. Furthermore, he worked at managerial positions in companies like Global Crossing North America Inc. and Midwest Telephone Operations Rick Smith graduated with an associate degree in Electrical Engineering in applied science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Also, he studied a professional degree in electrical engineering at the State University of New York, Buffalo. Mr. Smith has a masters degree in mathematics from the State University of New York, Brockport. In July 2008, Rick Smith was appointed the CEO of Securus Technology.

Securus Technologies

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is a private company that offers a wide range of services to both the criminal and civil justice. The profit-based company provides technology services that aim at improving the performance of prisons activities in North America. Its services assist the inmates to integrate with the technological advancement in the outside world. Therefore, inmates can make voice and visual calls to the loved ones as well as communicate through the emails.

At Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has steered the company to its utmost height. The company has invested more than $600 million in technologies, patents, acquisition, and expansion. It has created the largest and most sophisticated VOIP Correction calling platform in the world. His excellent leadership skills have enabled the company to among the best in the provision of services like emergency response, investigations, public information, communications, monitoring, inmate self-services, and biometric analysis. Currently, the Securus Technologies serves over 3,400 public safety as well as over 1.2 million inmates, correction agencies, and law enforcement.

Nick Vertucci Enlightens the Lives with his NVREA Academy

People who have struggled during their childhood and earlier parts of their career often more helpful and ready to show a path for others to register success in their career and life. They speak from the heart – a language that is understood by everyone – and they do exactly what their hearts say. They are lucky enough to have a great heart and opportunity to enlighten the lives of struggling souls. Nick Vertucci is someone who can be exactly fit into this scenario where he started life from nothing, failed to garner success during the initial years of career, but later he bounced back and made a massive success. Additionally, he showed the way, how he achieved success, to others for helping them.

Currently, Nick Vertucci is one of the most successful real estate investors in the country who captured the industry during the past decade. But, he had a very humble beginning, and at his age of 18, he confesses that he was an all-time low. Vertucci believed that someone’s past would not make any influence in his future. He began with computer parts sales and generated some good revenue. However, the dot-com crash made a big hit to his business, and he lost all his hard-earned savings. In the next 18 months, Vertucci was literally struggling to meet the ends without any job or income in hand.

In those days, upon the suggestion of a friend, Nick Vertucci attended a real estate seminar that lasted for three days. After attending the training, he identified that real estate should be his career and started focusing on various aspects of real estate investment with a refreshed mind. Vertucci started collecting information regarding real estate investments, created a system, generated strategies, and more to make the investments in real estate straightforward and simple by ensuring considerable income from each investment. He generated significant wealth over the next decade and utilized all the investment opportunities provided by the market, efficiently.

After 2010, Nick Vertucci felt the need of helping other people who were struggling to find a promising career. He thought of teaching his learnings, technics, tools, strategies, and more to all the aspiring real estate investors as he thought that it could help them also to make financial success as he did. With that in mind, Nick started Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, also known as NVREA, in 2013. Through the academy, he teaches the investors the tips to acquire the properties under the best deal, renovate it, and flip it with significant profit.

Stopping False Advertising, Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is in support of the latest note that says bags including a business logo should be distributed at no cost.

Pro-con Paulistano employs the conditions of the Consumer Protection Code, such as security against misleading and violent advertisements, the requirement to discover advertisements and also predictions against false advertisements. Perhaps, this was not to require the user to take an extra advantage or put him into times of disadvantage, but instead, it’s all in line with this lawful basis cited in the afore mentioned note.

To put it differently, pro-con knew that it had been a lot of for its user to cover a purse and still be asked to promote it. Or, from the other perspective, it had been a lot of your own establishments getting billed for a tiny tote that could already possess its advertisement identification. Many organizations paid for this so called, “advertisement space.”

This decision applies to the requirements of recent laws concerning bags at the metropolis of São Paulo. It was just in 2015, but together with Decree 55.827, which the “reusable tote” was thought as the solution due to the assortment of sterile crap, in addition to establishing a distinction between that one and usually the one which transfers common garbage. There were sporadic penalties for non-compliance, very often being a warning and a nice message. Bruno Fagali put a stop to this.

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Because you may see, nowhere does it appear that the bags need to be sold to consumers nor does it specify a price tag for it. The point would be that a portion of those establishments, reluctant to accommodate themselves and to even communicate the message from their counterparts, fresh expenses, and began to bill for its bags, to accomplish this, would encourage users to create their bags at home.

Bruno Fagali’s resolution won’t exactly prohibit the totes from suggesting the name of their establishment – with only the trunk side comprising a particular message according to However, on the very front and sides of this tote, alternatively, the settlement foresees subjection into ABNT NBR 14937: 2010, item 7, in addition to the existence of commercial materials characterized by the industrial establishment. Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian Lawyer was staunch in presenting this point.

Even the ABNT standard involved offers of the requirement to detect the manufacturer, date of creation, and messages that warned children about the threat of suffocation. They will also forbid the selling of alcoholic beverages to minors. Bruno Fagali made his point very clear.

That’s, in accordance with the Resolution, it’s likely that the organization will begin advertising from its business partners and will stop using its luggage bags.

Find more about Bruno Fagali:

Beauty Professional, Doe Deere, Inspires A Generation Of Cosmetic Wearers

Many people won’t believe the mild mannered young lady, Doe Deere, marketing expert and technology expert, is the manpower behind the very popular cosmetics sweeping the industry. When in fact, Deere says, her cosmetics are meant to give her wearers the courage to find their unique identity. At one time, Deere recalls her peers were not always behind her idea of conventional colors. It wasn’t until she received her certification from design school. Soon after, her peers began to take her color scheme seriously. However, Deere says, you can’t listen to your naysayer’s when it comes to something you’re passionate about.


She began her entrepreneurial journey as a young lady in her native Russia by branding products to her friends. Who knew Deere would be able to popularize novelty tattoos by wearing them and soon sell them to her friends because it was a must have. In her interview with Savior Laflare, Deere says, she was proud to have products that her friends could enjoy and would soon follow with brillant colors. Now, she is the cosmetic genius behind the Lime Crime brand which hosts intricate colors that have been completely unmatched by other big name brands.


Lime Crime offers a popular palette with unique colors that bring out your best features. Build your look with Lime Crime liquid eyeliner, lipstick, eye-liners, and eye-shadow palettes all with a touch proof finish. Your new outfit, hairdo, or personality can stand out with colorful rich hues bringing out your best features. They also offer a completely hypoallergenic formula based in super-foil with a complete buttery application. Doe Deere was one of the first cosmetic designers in the industry to experiment with the velvetine-matte base. She understood the importance of taking risks to be successful in business and her choice continues to be a success among busy professionals and young adults.


You can only find Lime Crime cosmetics at select Bloomingdale’s and exclusively from their website. They offer models of different skin types for their wearers to get a clear idea of how it will look on their skin type. You can leave your testimonial about Lime Crime on YouTube and share your story with thousands of others. Deere has also created a PURR line with a portion of all proceeds going towards housing, socializing, and litter training stray cats in LA. As a pet lover, Deere says, her cosmetics will always be cruelty-free and never pose a threat to animals. Learn more about Doe Deere from visiting the Lime Crime website today. Learn more:


Micelin Releases 2018 Star List

Michelin announced their new star ratings for restaurants in New York City in 2018. Many were surprised that after 20 years as a three-star restaurant, Jean-Georges located in Trump Hotel & Tower was bumped down to only two stars. Guide director Michael Ellis says it was a difficult decision, but that the restaurant has experienced a slow downhill slide in the quality of its food and service. Inspectors for the guide make at least 10 visits to each restaurant before star level is determined. While New York has always been seen as an American haven for foodies, the city now has two fewer restaurants with three stars than San Francisco.

The 2018 guide gives three stars to five restaurants. The guide names Chef Thomas Keller’s Per Se New American restaurant as one of those retaining three-stars and TripAdvisor’s raters name it one of the top restaurants in the world. Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin remains on the list with many customers raving about their fish selections. Also, remaining on the list is sushi-hotspot Masa in the Time Warner Center also remains on the list. In fact, the guide presents seven New York City sushi restaurants with new stars. Perennial favorite Hell’s Kitchen restaurant Brooklyn Fare remains on the list as does the newly renovated Eleven Madison Park.

The only restaurant to gain a star this year was Ginza Onodera where diners find wonderful sushi. Just three restaurants received a star that was not Japanese or European fare leaving many to wonder if the guide was too biased against certain cuisine.

Business and Philanthropic life of Jason Hope

Jason Hope has grown on to make a name for him in various fields. He is best known for being an entrepreneur, philanthropist and healthcare technology investor. Also, he considers himself a futurist.

Hope is an alumnus of the prestigious Arizona State University. He attained both his undergraduate degree and MBA from the same college. To him, mobile technology has been his greatest passion.

Mobile technology he says is propelled by the fact that it has numerous benefits and can reach many people hence being an excellent catalyst for change.

Jason has involved himself in a wide array of businesses and investments. His first venture was the Jawa Mobile Communication Company he established. It is this that offered him the stable foundation to expand his investments.

He considers it the parent company of all his other ventures. Also, he has gone on to develop his investment portfolio that includes enterprises dealing with marketing services such as SEO, Digital media solutions, interactive software’s and Computer Business information systems.

He says being an entrepreneur, has taught him to think several steps ahead. His sense of doubt is what propels him to be even bolder in pursuing his technology investments, and resume him.

His love for technology has seen him go a step further to nurture young and aspiring technological investors and entrepreneurs.

He selects the freshest and exciting ideas through his website and helps to bring them to reality.

Jason also considers himself a futurist. He says he always looks for new opportunities and emerging trends in the technology and information sector. He never allows failure or doubt to stifle his dreams and goals.

He is also interested in medical technology. At the moment he is researching and looking into how anti-aging processes and procedures can be used to prevent diseases such Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. He feels and remains hopeful that solutions to these types of conditions lie in technology.

It is for this reason that has also been involved in philanthropy work more so in the medical field. His passion for the medical invention has seen him donate funds to support the various research work.

In one instance, he gave $500,000 to the SENS foundation and non-governmental organization that works to develop, promote and ensures biotechnology research in prevention and cure of aging-related diseases.

To the young entrepreneurs, Jason offers them a candid advice. He urges them to remain focused on handling one project at a time and nurture each idea to completion, and more information click here.

Where to Eat What in New York, A Business Dinning Guide

The art of closing a deal is best performed within the confines of a good restaurant that has an environment that will draw out your client/potential client or business partner out of their shell and eradicate all the formal office posturing that is done in a normal formal office setting. Below is a list of places to go to for different food choices.


Breslin; located in Ace Hotel, Breslin offers good lamb patty served with red onion,feta cheese and mayo. The place has a British gastropub feel
Dirty French: if you are looking to close a deal with a Middle East client, this is the place to go. Their lamb patty has the North African flavor, serving lamb served with Loire valley goat milk made Bucheron cheese and onions.
Clover Club- located in Brooklyn, the Clover lamb comes in 6 ounces of lamb burger with red onions and goat cheese. One also has choices between potato chips or salad side dishes.
Wolfgang: Park Avenues Wolfgang serves one of New Yorks best steak under architectural marvel, with arched ceilings, its offshoot Peter Luger also offers the same steak quality only that one has to walk from Manhattan to savor their steak.

Japanese Sushi

There is a whole list of places to choose from ( including Sushi Yasuda, Tori Shin, KyoYa and Ushawakaramu.


La Vara; influenced by Spanish Muslim and also Jewish populace, La Vara offers a chance for one to enjoy all Basque cooking has to offer.
Casa Mono; Go and enjoy all Costa Brava’s culinary has in store.
Sea Food:
Take toasted trout toe at ZZ’s intimidate bar with seafood having names like Ceviche.
Wu Ja Lie; a favorite of the China’s US ambassador, this is the place to take your valued Chinese clientele and business partners.
To summarize, these are just few places within new york that one can enjoy food at,they are not strictly for business dining though, you can take a date here too if intimacy is what you are looking for.

NYC Has The Top Japanese Cuisine Outside Of Japan

New York City has the most exquisite Japanese cuisine outside of Japan itself according to the 2018 Michelin star ratings. The travel guide source gave 71 restaurants in the Big Apple the coveted five-star reward, and 15 of those cuisine eateries were Japanese spots.

Masa restaurant was one of the big winners this year. The dining spot, which is the most expensive of its kind in the city, was given five stars because of its incredible food but is most known around town as costing upwards of $500 per person. Masa takes full advantage of secrecy as it does not offer its patrons a menu from which they may choose based on prices if the budget is limited. Such is the reason why middle-class New Yorkers typically avoid the spot unless they are treating themselves to a splurge.

Masa and several other high-end Japanese restaurants making this year’s list has many convinced that high prices and not fabulous cuisine are what matter to Michelin. Another criticism that comes with this year’s list is the fact that Asian countries such as Japan took the lead as the cream of the crop while South Asian region’s such as India were seemingly left off the ticket. Mexico was equally underrepresented in Michelin’s five-star list as only one New York restaurant, Casa Enrique, made it among the top percentile.

The Michelin Guide has been an active influencer in the restaurant industry with its star ratings for years. Many chefs would probably give their right arms to have their food showcased among the top fives. It certainly does not look as if Japanese cuisine is going anywhere soon.

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