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Getting To Know Dr. Mark McKenna

Those who have heard of Dr. Mark McKenna and the work that he has done may be interested in learning more about who he is and what his passions are. This man is someone who has owned multiple businesses, and he is someone who has done a good job of finding success. Dr. Mark McKenna is a husband and a father, and he is someone who is actually involved as a parent. He is someone who takes time to have breakfast with his daughter so that his wife can sleep in and enjoy some rest. This man is someone who can be respected because of the personal life that he leads.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization, and he does good work there. He is someone who formerly served on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival as well as the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, he is someone who was there to help the city get put back together. He gave of himself in that time, and he worked hard to make sure that the city had what it needed to survive. He is someone who is passionate about the city that he calls his home and more

There are some who find their passion at a young age and there are others who spend their whole lives trying to find that. Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who has shared that he wishes that he had discovered his passion at a younger age. He was not old when he figured out what he would like to do with his life, but he wishes that he had figured that out when he was a little younger. He feels that there was time that was wasted in his life because he did not know what his passion was.

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Artistic Small Plates and Creative Cocktails Are Regularly Served At NYC’s Aviary Bar and Restaurant

A recent Grubstreet article tells of the new Aviary bar-restaurant that is situated on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Manhattan. Specializing in small food plates and creative cocktails, the 90-seat Aviary features a stylish, futuristic environment and an all-day menu that is served seven days per week.

Located on Columbus Circle at 60th Street, the Aviary is the sister-restaurant of the highly acclaimed Aviary in Chicago, Illinois. Although the menu prices are steep, the less-is-more approach is very much in place with the food offerings at the Aviary.

Diners will find very small servings of items such as pork-belly curry, octopus takoyaki, and a tablespoon-sized dumpling filled with a black truffle mixture.

One food item at the Aviary that is actually quite huge is their “Giant Crispy Pork Skin.” This gargantuan flap of pork skin is flavored with salt and vinegar and is very popular with customers. A creamy and spicy corn pudding that accompanies the pork skin wonderfully accentuates the dish.

The delicious pork belly curry at the Aviary is topped with tiny and colorful, edible flowers, and an eight-course meal option is available for $215.

Some of the special features from the bar at the Aviary include poblano pepper and blood orange flavored ice cubes, and a deconstructed Bloody Mary. The unusual Bloody Mary is served with the various ingredients assembled on a glass tray and carries a whopping price tag of $38.

Whether you’re a native New Yorker, or a visitor to the Big Apple, the Aviary sounds like an interesting place to visit. Just be prepared to spend some serious money.

Where to Celebrate the Feast of 7 Fishes in New York This Year

The Feast of Seven Fishes is a tradition among the Italian-American community and there may not be a better place than New York to carry out this annual holiday event which takes place on Christmas Eve. The Feast of Seven Fishes is also known as The Vigil or La Vigilia in Italian.

The tradition is as you may know or might have guessed the tradition of eating a meal that consists of 7 different seafood dishes. Some of the dishes that are commonly consumed include but are not limited to salted codfish, fried smelts, stuffed lobsters, shrimp cocktail, fried scallops, deep fried calamari, fried eel, and octopus salad.

If you celebrate this annual Christmas Eve tradition and happen to be in New York, here are a few of the amazing places where you can dine out in celebration.

• Mamma Guidara’s will be serving baked clams, Linguine Vongole, seafood salad, shrimp scampi and other classics for a fixed price of $85 per person.
• Ai Fiori is offering a seven-course feast which includes lobster bisque with tarragon and white truffles, salt cod with fennel, garlic, and rice as well as blue-prawn crudo and others for a total of $175.
• Gloria will be serving up striped bass aguachile, octopus mile, skate wing with mopales and 4 other dishes for only $85 per person.

These are just a few of the hot spots featured in a recent article on found here which offers 15 places to enjoy and celebrate this tradition in New York!

Understanding Felipe Montoro Jens

An established entrepreneur, Felipe Montoro Jens is known the world over when it comes to his outstanding leadership skills. He is also an active philanthropist who is involved in many charitable causes. Felipe Montoro also serves in a number of premier companies where he sits on the board of directors. Currently, Felipe Montoro works with the Terna SPA where he serves in the department of finance and project development. He also served at Enron where he was in charge of the financial department. Felipe Montoro also served at the PriceWaterhouse Coopers and was responsible for consulting and auditing. Over the years, Felipe has managed to earn a reputation as one of the most influential and respected leaders in his country.

Felipe Montoro Jens has a very extensive educational background which he says contributes to part of the success that he now enjoys. He is a graduate from the prestigious Fundao Getito Vargas where he was able to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Felipe Montoro also attended the Thunderbird which is based in the United States and acquired his postgraduate degree in International Management. Apart from being as successful leader, Felipe Montoro is also an established public speaker. At 2011, Felipe Montoro served as a guest speaker at the World Economic Forum which was held in Latin America.

Felipe attributes his success to hard work, commitment, discipline and passion. At all the companies that he has worked at, he has been able to steer them achieving massive success and growth. Felipe Montoro serves as a mentor and a role model to many upcoming entrepreneurs. Although he was born in a family of humble beginnings, Felipe Montoro was able to work hard and risen over the years to become one of the most successful and popular personalities in his country an all over the world.

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How lime crime brings beauty

Cheryl blossom the main character of Riverdale makes festive season look amazing. From head to toe, her garments are usually red. She has a perfect glam that curls below to wardrobe which is bright red. Her flawless rouge mani is also red. The fantastic and ideal thing about Cheryl blossom look is the incredible signature lipstick. She looks fantastic on Christmas day. Individuals in Riverdale have started to use the makeup product that is always used by Madeleine Petsch for the iconic Blossom red kiss.

Although Cheryl embraces luxurious life, her favorite lipstick which she regularly uses is affordable and arrives in the form of lime crimes red velvet.

Lime crime is loved by a majority because of their kaleidoscopic spectrum of lip pigment. They range from Matte Velvetiness to Perlees. It has a stunning spectrum of jewel tones and kiss resistant that many who have used it find it irresistible. For users, there is an option of selecting suede or patent lip finish. Among the two, one will be able to choose the most suitable one. Lime colors are hundred percent cruelty and vegan free.

Several lime crime products can help you have a fair look if not excellent. They include; lime crime diamond crushers, lime crime aquarium brush set, lime crime metallic velvetiness, lime crime peerless and many others. The matte velvetine collection is richly pigmented with vanilla scented color that looks like a red rose. It is kiss-proof, touch proof and addictive. This gives a perfect match to Cheryl character. Lime crime does not wipe off, and that is why it is liked by many.

Six trends look incredibly fabulous when worn together with red lipstick. Various cloth pieces look fantastic and give a professional look and appealing for different occasions.

Mexico’s Oil Reform, Talos Energy & The Future of Mexico’s Energy Production

Oil is one of the most abundant fossil fuels in the world today. This substance is found all around the world on land and under the water. The nation of Mexico will be expecting big things in the future thanks to opening its waters once again for offshore exploration. The country’s oil industry has been nationalized since the 1930s. This means that only Mexican offshore explorations were taking place. This state-run monopoly controlled and dominated the industry, and it didn’t allow any oil drilling from any other foreign nation.

The Zama-1 well project is about to change everything and if the project goes as planned, these sacred waters in the Gulf of Mexico will generate copious amounts of revenue from the oil industry and for the nation of Mexico.The energy markets are expected to dramatically increase because the Sureste Basin holds an estimated 500 million barrels of crude oil. That’s right! In order to achieve this, there will be a joint venture among three prominent energy organizations. This includes London’s Premier Oil, Mexico’s Premier Oil & Gas and Houston’s Talos Energy. The actual drilling took up to 90 days and the costs were around $16 million.

These are the three organizations that won the rights to participate in this specific project. “This project will be keenly watched,” said Elaine Reynolds of London’s Edison Investment Research.There are a lot of positive things that will come into play from the Zama-1 well project. Just think about it, this is the very first time in up to 80 years since a privatized company has actually sunk an oil well in these waters. By having such a high level of geographical success, Mexico’s struggling energy market will receive a dramatic boost. All in all, whether it’s for a sole purpose, or if it’s with a team, Talos Energy is playing a huge role in the success of this project.

Why You Should Consider the Mighty Fortress Church

When it comes to finding your way back into religion, it is all about finding a church that is right for you. One way to accomplish this is by visiting and becoming a member of Mighty Fortress Church. The Mighty Fortress Church has been around for decades and is one of the oldest churches in Minnesota. This is why you will find hundreds of people attending the Mighty Fortress Church week after week and benefiting from all of the different programs that they have readily made available to their members of all ages and backgrounds. Watch this video on Youtube.

No matter where you are coming from in life, it is time to know that the Mighty Fortress Church is there for you when you need help. They have hundreds of members who are all there to help you out and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you have been out of religion for awhile and want to find your way back or you’re simply new to the area and looking for a good church, the Mighty Fortress Church is there to make the process of choosing a whole lot easier. You can visit any time that you want and then decide if you would like to become a member of the Mighty Fortress Church if this is something you feel you can benefit from in the long run. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Now that you know the benefits of going to the Mighty Fortress Church, it is just a matter of getting the right options available to you and seeing when to go. The Mighty Fortress Church has a range of different options out there so that it is convenient and easy for you to go to church if this has been something you have been putting off for awhile now. Now you can visit the Mighty Fortress Church and see what they are able to do for you and anything else that might pertain to you because you are looking to take a trip to a new church and just want to find something that is going to be a perfect match for you.


Madison Street Capital: Building Corporate Bridges

Business people and entrepreneurs who need financial services and other corporate services would recommend one firm which makes their life easier: Madison Street Capital. The international firm has become popular with business people and entrepreneurs, especially those who are coming from the middle market, because of their reputation of being the only international investment firm that caters to a lot of services for an affordable price. Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 as an investment bank, with the main objective of helping small and medium sized businesses in the United States. Since then, the company branched out to include other services that will help business people and entrepreneurs who own small and medium sized companies. Madison Street Capital is currently headquartered in Chicago, and they also have satellite offices in Oregon, India, and Ghana. The company tapped the international market several years ago, and they are performing well in their satellite offices in Africa and Asia. The company is now considered to be an international investment firm, and they are still considering an expansion to Europe, South America and the Pacific to become a truly multinational firm.


Business people and entrepreneur who wanted the assistance from Madison Street Capital can visit their office directly. One of their friendly staff would speak with the concerned party, and based on what the client wanted, Madison Street Capital will be offering a list of solutions. If the client is looking for financial assistance, Madison Street Capital is more than happy to help them, provided that they will be filling out their form and will be submitting the appropriate documents to process their request. With transactions involving money, Madison Street Capital performs a strict background check. Aside from clarifying information from the concerned party, they will also send a third party investigator to find out if the information provided is factual. Madison Street Capital encouraged every individual who is transacting with them to be honest, so that the transaction would go smoothly. After all of the information are verified, Madison Street Capital would proceed to the client’s request and will release the financial assistance that they needed. Through this process, the company managed to help hundreds and even thousands of small size and medium sized business people and entrepreneurs who does not have the capacity to work with major banks for business loans.


Madison Street Capital is also offering a merge and acquisition service, where they would stand as the bridge between two parties who are going to merge. Madison Street Capital reads all of the terms and conditions, and they are instrumental in sealing such deals. The international investment firm is looking forward to help more individuals, especially those who are in the middle market, to achieve the success that they wanted. Learn more:



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Fillipino Restaurant Suceeds Against the Odds

Nestled in the Filipino enclave of Woodside, Queens, popular local eatery Tito Rad’s Grill is celebrating its eleventh anniversary. In a city where restaurants constantly come and go, the Filipino restaurant relies on a tasty menu packed with traditional favorites and a loyal customer base that returns again and again for the grill’s hearty take on Filipino comfort food.

Tito Rad’s Grill is the brainchild of owner and head chef Mario Albenio. Albenio grew up in the southern Philippines, learning to cook from his mother who owned a small roadside eating stand. Although he originally wanted to commune with the outdoors by training in forestry, Albenio soon found that his favorite place was in the kitchen hovering over a stove. He eventually made his way to New York City by way of Manila and opened the first incarnation of his grill in 2006 with his sister Nenette. The restaurant’s home-style Filipino cooking quickly attracted a steady customer base, and Albenio soon found himself facing long lines as people crowded in for a table. Due to his success, he was able to move into a larger space adjacent to the grill’s original location on Queens Boulevard.

The menu at Tito Rad’s Grill is packed with the flavor of the islands. In addition to tasty favorites like inihaw na panga (tuna jaw), a specialty of Albenio’s native island of Mindanao, the restaurant also offers traditional dishes like manok sa gata and beef adobo. Diners can also sample crispy pork-filled lumpia, the Filipino take on Chinese-style spring rolls. The menu also features seafood-based dishes such as pampano, tuna belly and galunggong, a delicious pan-fried mackerel scad. The grill has gained acclaim for its desserts as well, with purple ube ice cream and colorful halo halo rounding out a selection of flavorful desserts.

New Restaurant Brings Thai Food to Brooklyn

Thai eatery Ugly Baby has opened its doors to New Yorkers in Carroll Gardens. Featuring traditional Thai fare and a colorful decor, Ugly Baby has been making waves since it launched in August. Pete Wells of The New York Times awarded it two stars in a recent review.

Ugly Baby has a sound pedigree. Run by Thai chef Sirichai Sreparplarn from Bangkok, the restaurant is the latest in a line of popular Thai eateries in Brooklyn. Sreparplarn earlier helmed Kao Soy in Red Hook. Working in tandem with his co-chef Kanlaya Supachana, Sreparplarn provided locals with northern Thai dishes like sai oua and kaeng hang le. After the restaurant closed in summer 2015, the two chefs moved on to pop-up Chiang Mai. Despite rumors that Chiang Mai would find a permanent home in Crown Heights, the two chefs eventually parted ways. Supachana moved to North Carolina, and Sreparplarn decided to open a new restaurant that includes dishes from different parts of Thailand.

Ugly Baby is located on Smith Street at the edge of Carroll Gardens. Its name is a reference to the traditional Thai practice of not complimenting a baby for the first three months of its life in case evil spirits decide to steal it. Sreparplarn has installed his eatery on the former site of HBH Gourmet Sandwiches, adding 30 seats and bright murals. Ugly Baby’s open kitchen plan and no-frills decor lends an air of authenticity to the food. Patrons should arrive prepared for the onslaught of hot Thai spices. In a noted departure from his earlier ventures, Sreparplarn has elected to feature menu items from central Thailand, southern Thailand and Bangkok. Signature northern dishes like khao soi nuer are still available, but Sreparplarn has also added dishes like gao lao nuer toon, a beef brisket soup from Bangkok, and gai golae, a southern Thai plate of chicken skewers.

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