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Exceptional Expertise Peter Briger Has For Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has become successful because of the great and skilled people who have worked there. Although you can celebrate the company’s success, you shouldn’t forget to talk about those who sacrificially contributed to its success and growth. Many people have worked in Fortress Investment Group and they have left the impact on different levels. Anything each of these people did when working for this group was significant and highly appreciated. However, it is not possible to forget what Peter Briger did during his tenure in this company. His contributions were immense and saw the company grow and go beyond some of the expectations that had been set. He has served in this group at an executive position and what did is worth noting. As a successful professional in the financial matters, Peter proves what an experience of about 30 years can do. He is currently the principal of the Fortress Group and he also co-chairs the board of directors. The offices of this company are based in San Francisco.

Peter’s career was not just successful and admirable but also brilliant. He has held different executive positions in different places after graduating from Wharton Business School with a master’s degree in Business Administration. This school-based at Pennsylvania University is known to produce the best business students across the world. Before he went for his MBA, Peter attended Princeton University for his undergraduate studies. After his university studies, Peter was lucky to work as an administrator at President Lyndon B. Johnson and President John F. Kennedy. He learned a lot and gained adequate skills that made him become a better employee in other different places. In the field of asset management, Peter has worked there for about 20 years. Fortress Investment Group runs credit fund and real estate departments and Peter happens to be in charge of these departments. The role Peter has played in Fortress Group since 2002 is inexplicable.

The group has both private and institutional investors with assets worth more than 65 billion dollars. Peter has been managing all this and growth has continued to be conspicuous.Four years after the group was founded, Peter Briger joined it to spearhead the changes and growth people see today. The Fortress Group was at this time expanding and at a delicate stage that required adequate management and expertise. This was what Peter Briger did. His expertise became the company’s vital requirement it needed to become the private equity company it has become today. For about 15 years, Peter was highly committed to the affairs of the Goldman Sachs. He was the overseer of all the operations this company had in different places. He was the co-head for various departments in Goldman Sachs such as Income Investment Group, Trading business, as well, as Whole Loan Sales. It was Peter who co-founded the Special Situations Group that belongs to Goldman Sachs in 1997. Though the new Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund of the group, Peter has helped the team to enjoy 4 billion dollars and above. One thing that shows Peter is a compassionate person is his undying passion for the needy children.

New York Eateries You Have to Try

Living in New York City comes with a lot of perks. High on that list of perks is an abundance of downright delicious eateries. With a huge, multi-ethnic population that includes immigrants from all over the world, the Boroughs are home to an endless variety of food.


If you’re a foodie like I am, you love to try new restaurants. If you’re looking for something new to try, there are a number of exciting new restaurants to visit. Here are five of my favorites (in no particular order).






NYC is no stranger to Greek food; vendors selling lamb gyros on the streets are a dime a dozen. Akrotiri is different, however. Greek food with a spin, this hip new tavern specializes in Greek-style seafood. Their website isn’t up-and-running yet, but you can find Akrotiri on 30th Avenue in Astoria.





In a city famed for its pizza, PQR (short for Pizza Quadrata Romana) offers something a little different: a traditional Italian (Roman) style pizza. These artisanal pizza pies are made with unusual ingredients, such as thin-sliced potatoes or buffalo mozzarella. The restaurant is located on 2nd Avenue on the Upper East Side.





Davelle is an all-day Japanese café situated in the Lower East Side. Housed in a gorgeous brick building, they serve up an array of exciting flavors to accompany your lattes, cappuccinos and cold brews. Check out their website for a complete menu.



Sherry B Dessert Studio


If you’ve got a hankering for something sweet, you need to swing by Sherry B Located in the middle of Hudson Street, you’re sure to find something to tickle your sweet tooth. Whether it’s one of their signature cookies, a delicious ice cream sandwich or a marshmallow sandwich coated in candied sugar, Sherry B is the place to go.

A Brief History of Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is an American film producer born to a Jewish family in The Bronx, New York. He started his career in film working as a grip on the series “Tales from the Darkside” and in 1989 he produced his first film “Intruder”. Lawrence Bender rose to fame by his production of “Reservoir Dogs” in 1992 and has produced almost all of Quentin Tarantino’s Films. Some of his other more notable hits include “Pulp Fiction”, “Inglourious Basterds”, and “Good Will Hunting”. These films have won 29 Academy Award nominations, including three Best Picture nominations and of those, he won six of them. My personal favorite of the three is “Good Will Hunting”. The film takes place in South Boston and follows a 20-year-old undiscovered genius named Will Hunting. While working as a janitor at MIT Will was caught solving very complex mathematics problem posted by a professor. Later Will gets into some trouble, and as part of a deferred prosecution agreement, he is forced to study advanced mathematics with the professor and to see a therapist. What drives the story is the complex issues and the emotional relationship that will and the therapist eventually develope with each other. After carefully re-evaluating his relationships, Will is finally able to move on with his life and to start thinking about his future. Lawrence Bender did a great job producing this film, but he is known for much more than his dramatic productions. With films like “Kill Bill: Volume 1”, “Kill Bill: Volume 2” and “Kill Bill: Volume 3” along with “Pulp Fiction”, and “Knockaround Guys” Lawrence Bender is no stranger to action films. He has also produced a few documentaries the most recent one being “Countdown to Zero”. He is now working in Hollywood running his own production company called Lawrence Bender Productions. With such an active a productive career, we have probably not seen the last of Lawrence Bender.

The Best Places to Find Mole Poblano in New York

Mexican dishes in New York that have either enchilladas or chicken as the central aspect of the meal have a sauce on them that’s become known in the city as mole poblano. This convergence of countless ingredients gets roasted and then simmered, a process that multiplies the flavor considerations.


The poblano portion of the name is based on the belief that this concept originated in Puebla, a state in Mexico. The exotic blend of aforementioned ingredients includes such strange bedfellows as chocolate and onion. However, tomato and chilies are usually tossed in to give it that sense of Mexico.


In the area, Long Island City’s Casa Enrique, their attempt at mole uses things like raisins and sesame seeds. It also goes beyond simply focusing on that Mexican state of Puebla and drilling down further to a community known as Piaxtla. What the diner gets is more sweet than might otherwise be expected.


On Willis Avenue, those in La Morada have the opportunity to go even farther wehen it comes to choices. That’s because six different considerations are available, represented by colors like green and black. The green, or verde, combines herbs and jalapenos, while the black, or negro, has at its core a chile that’s darker in texture.


Two Sunset Park places that prominently feature tacos on their menu don’t shy away from offering their own take of mole poblano, esch going in different directions. Tacos El Bronco’s dish is more tart and definitely brings the heat, while Tacos Matamoros is definitely in the sweet vein with cinnamon and chocolate notable additions to this version of poblano.


Given the melting pot that is New York, it’s inevitable that a further breakdown of cultural cuisine has become a necessity for restaurants to make their mark, with mole poblano the latest addition.


Beebe’s Dough is In the Know

The idea of opening up a pizza place in New York might seem to be foolish, given the mountain of competitors that any newcomer would face. Yet Lou Tomczak believes that Beebe’s in Long Island City will be unique enough to deliver regular patrons as well as guests of the Boro Hotel, where the new establishment opened up in mid-March.

Extended proofing and fermentation of the dough serves as one of the centerpieces of this strategy. Combining that with thin coverage around the edges makes the base soft enough to almost melt in the mouth, with rapid delivery of each pie the result of a 700-degree blast of heat for up to four minutes.

That gives more of a Staten Island vibe to the pizza, yet it’s distinct enough to stand on its own. Specials for each season will be one of the hallmarks, with squash this fall coming right after pesto during the summer months. In addition, the Campfire will blend pizza staples mushroom and olive oil with the dual impact of Pecorino and smoked mozzarella.

The sausage that goes on these pizza will be fresh and made in-house, guaranteeing that attention to detail on all options is in place. Tomczak’s previous efforts at pizza had a square look to them, while these efforts will be more traditionally round, with another nod to old-school pizza-making being the hint of pies made within coal-oven stoves.

Yet to simply call Beebe’s a pizza place wouldn’t do justice to the all-day serving that will take place. Breakfasts will have things like a han-and-cheese melt, while heartier meals later in the day will offer up things like the combination of arugula and chicken Milanese. Those with sweet tooths will be wise to take advantage of things like Nutella bread pudding and different cheesecakes.

Agora Financial Offers Useful Tips to Investors about Investing in their Future

Agora Financial provides investors with the right tool to help them make profitable investments. Thus, it offers excellent tips for its investors to achieve it. One of the best tips that they offer to the investors is that even though they can take help of professionals, it is essential that they know the basics so that they have full control on their investments. Setting long-term goals first help investors make short achievable short-term goals so that they can have a large sum of money with them once they retire. One has to be careful when making an investment as a single move can lead to losses that can take years to overcome.Investors also have to know about long-term investment vehicles so that they know what their options are. Investors should also not be afraid to profit from volatility. Agora Financial experts advise investors to avoid any investment based on emotions.

One should be aware of their risks to ensure that they are able to make profitable investments. With a good investment plan, you should be able to have purposeful life goals so that you can live great retirement lives.If you are looking for financial security in your later life, you need to start saving early. Making investments is the only way you can ensure that your future is secured financially. The economic volatility would continue to shadow your earnings and investments, and therefore, diversifying your investments is also crucial. There are many factors you need to consider when choosing when and how to invest and on what to invest. Agora Financial provides you the necessary information you need to make smart investment decisions.

There are many factors that you need to consider when investing, and checking the market trends is one of the primary factors you need to focus on. Agora Financial is a publishing firm that was set up by Bill Bonner in 1979 with the aim to help the common people understand the dynamics of the financial market. In today’s age, availing financial security is not an easy task as predicting market trends and direction can be difficult, even for the most experienced financial analysts. Agora Financial is an independent publication that allows readers to get unbiased information in the financial market. Since they do not accept money for recommendations, they are able to offer honest advice to its readers. All of the predictions made by the editors of Agora Financials are based on facts, and nothing is speculated.

Ways to Make Money Online and How Market America Compares

People who have trouble finding work will find a lot of advantage to making money online, especially with Market America. One of the best things about making money online is the freedom that comes with it. For one thing, when people make money online, they are going to find a wide diversity of work that they can do. They just have to decide what it is they want to do so that they can enjoy their efforts. For instance, people can make money by writing, taking surveys and doing tons of other activities. However, when it comes to making tons of money, it involves some actual skills.

With Market America, one of the most important skills to use in order to make money is marketing. People have to learn how to get their point across to as many people as possible. There are many aspects to marketing. For those who master all of the important aspects, they are going to have the greatest success. While it can be easy for a Market America Unfranchise business owner to spread the word of their promotion to everyone, there is one other factor that can prevent people from making the sales. It is the audience itself.

The target audience is one of the most important types of audiences to reach. Therefore, it is important for the Market America user to study the product, and then find the audience that would like the product. Afterwards, all he has to do is make sure that he is reaching the people that would love the product. This can be done with the use of the right types of platforms. Another important factor is the time that is put into the work. People are going to make money depending on how committed they are to the project.

Stansberry Research supports buying Japanese stocks but not Trumps Proposed Steel and Aluminum tariff

In the article ‘The US Inches Closer to War‘ by Justin Brill published on March 14th 2018 on Stansberry Research’s site Brill talks about the recent activity in the Japanese stock market and the moves by the Central Bank of Japan to drive up inflation over 2 percent. Since 2016 Japan has been working to drive inflation and thus drive their stock market with great success as shown by their stocks going up over 20 percent since 2016. But recent statements about the progress of getting inflation to 2 percent have made some investors nervous. Brill states that Japan is looking to push inflation to over 2 percent and thus the Japanese stocks are still a good buy and investors should continue to purchase them without worry for the foreseeable future.

The article on Stansberry Research also touches on the steel and aluminum taxes and tariffs that have been suggested by President Trump. Brill suggests that the tariffs will not actually help the majority of Americans as we can expect to see a rise in prices for anything using steel or aluminum. Brill also touches on the blow back from the EU who are suggesting putting taxes and tariffs on US imports that would further drive costs up for American businesses and consumers. While the full scope of the tariffs Trump is suggesting are not known at this time the article makes it clear that they are not a good idea for any but a small few in America.

Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 and is an investment site for people managing their own investments looking to get information on what to buy or not buy. The company publishes multiple articles per month like the one references here for informing their over half a million subscribers ideas for where to invest their money. Stansberry offers subscriptions to help manage your investments and see your portfolio in one place.


It is in giving that you receive, philanthropic Stream Energy

It is in giving that you receive, philanthropic Stream Energy

Get to know Stream Energy, a Dallas based company that is highly ranked in the energy industry. The company recently launched their Stream Cares Foundation, a philanthropic foundation, funded by the company itself, and driven by the company’s goodwill. In the recent past, Hurricane Harvey hit homes in Houston and caused a lot of damage. Stream Cares was there to help, supporting the affected citizens financially and also helping them recuperate.

Stream Energy’s decision to start a charity foundation has earned them favor and loyalty among the public and prospective clients. In the past 12 years or so, the company has accrued $8 billion in revenue. The company is also affiliated with Energy Services, Protective Services, Home Services, and Wireless services. Also, the company has developed a healthy relationship with charitable organizations for example Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and the Red Cross.

Stream Energy’s compatriots are well paid to develop a network of faithful customers while offering an array of commodities and services. Also, the company offers residential and corporate services, for example, virtual doctors receive discounted clean energy. Triumphant Stream Energy compatriots receive a commission following the sales one makes.

The company and its employees are committed to helping the homeless. They pursue homeless people in Dallas and together with Hope Supply Co., they aid the homeless. Through their partnership, Stream Energy took care of the entrance and food costs at a water park for more than 1000 homeless kids at an annual event, Splash for Hope.

Other than helping the homeless, the company is well invested in assisting military veterans and their families. In conjunction with Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream provided transport to carry underprivileged military veterans and their families for lunch. The company is big-hearted, always looking for ways to give back to the community. According to a report by WalletHub, Texas is among the least charitable states in the nation, but Stream is working tirelessly to put Dallas and Texas in the top ranks.

Who is Mark Mofid?

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon in San Diego, California, where he owns his own practice and is certified by the medical board. He went to school at Harvard University to earn his bachelor’s degree, while he attended John Hopkins University School of Medicine to earn his medical degree. After medical school, Dr. Mark Mofid decided to specialize in plastic and general surgery and went on to do a fellowship in advanced craniofacial research. In addition to his work at his own private practice, Dr. Mofid also finds time to practice at various hospitals in the greater San Diego area. Some of these hospitals include Palomar Medical Center, Scripps Memorial Hospital, and the Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. Additionally, Dr. Mark Mofid teaches in the field of plastic surgery, at the University of California’s San Diego campus. While Dr. Mofid fills up his most of his time, he is still able to find time to speak publically at various medical conferences, integrating his knowledge in both plastic and general surgery.

In looking at the article pertaining to Dr. Mark Mofid on, we can shed some light on his work in relation to implants. The article starts by talking about Dr. Mofid and his approach towards healthcare in which patient safety is prioritized. It then goes on to talk of the renowned reputation that Dr. Mofid has earned, due to his following of medical safety guidelines specifically. It talks of how Mofid is an innovator and leader in the plastic surgery industry as he is able to prioritize patient safety in circumstances such as a gluteal augmentation when enlargement above a certain threshold can cause medical deficits, but often does happen due to the concept that the plastic surgeons can charge more for a larger augmentation. Ultimately, in its contents and closing the article on Dr. Mark Mofid goes on to sum-up the various types of surgical procedures Mofid has developed over the years.

In looking at the interview of Dr. Mofid on Medical Spa MD, we can learn more about Dr. Mofid’s current life as well as his background. The article goes on to question and inspect the infrastructure behind Mofid’s clinics. It then goes on to inspect the hiring process, and generally throughout the interview, gathers information using a question-and-answer based process. Ultimately the closing evaluates a question concerning the best advice Dr. Mofid has ever received as a physician.

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