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The Astonishing Creativity, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

From the article, Sean Penn has been acting most of his life and has, therefore, become a celebrity. He had developed several audios for actors but recently, he decided to join the novelist hence writing a book known as Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The reception of the novel after its publication was different because various people had varying opinions. His art of characterization is highly mesmerizing because it seems to address the leadership of the states while at the same time helping the oppressed. According to Sean Penn, the novel was aimed at addressing the different cultures in the states and not to rebuke or attack some leaders.

The book brings out one character known as Bob Honey who has several behaviors but the most conspicuous is as an assassin, which to the writer, the novel is a fiction and therefore he does not sympathize with him because to him, everybody is allowed to have an opinion according to their understanding. Additionally, another character in the novel is the landlord who the writer refers to him as a man with selfish and wicked character who deserves not to be a leader. The description of the landlord means that the writer detests this person and the novel writing helped him to get out all the evil thoughts he had f this person.


Furthermore, the interview enables us to understand that the writer had the inspiration of the novel from various writers, some are well-established while others are still growing, whom their work involves self- expression consisting of the truth as it is. To him, most of them had a way with words which showed mastery and great creativity. In conclusion, Sean Penn Attributes his novel writing to his age, the sense of enjoyment and fulfillment he experiences is what drives him on. Having written before some pages in various novels, it was easy for him. His creativity in fiction is one to behold.

Dr. Saad Saad is changing the way we approach pediatric medicine

Dr. Saad Saad is an exemplary pediatrician. Having worked for several years now, he has accrued massive amounts of experience. A tremendous professional, Saad is continuing to improve his craft each and every day. Saad is always searching for an avenue of improvement. Likewise, Saad is on a seemingly never-ending quest for innovation. Saad’s ideas and inventions often challenge the status quo, something that is easily seen when viewing his impact on medicine as a whole. Recently, Saad has taken to inventing rather than treating patients directly. Below, we will discuss some of his most important copyrights.


Having worked in medicine for over 40 years, Saad knows what doctors want. As such, he strives to provide them with hardware that makes their job easier. In a similar manner, he wants to provide patients with a greater quality of life. These ambitions speak highly of Saad’s character, and even more so of his ability as both a physician and an inventor. Some of Dr. Saad’s inventions have revolutionized the pediatric world, providing invaluable services that physicians dread living without. Many of these inventions are available commercially. With this technology, Dr. Saad aims to provide a greater stander of care for the patients of pediatricians all around the world.


There are two standout examples of Dr. Saad’s work in motion. The first can be found in his invention that allows for the easier utilization of catheters. For those who don’t know, catheters are tubes that provide incapacitated patients with vital fluids. This process normally requires a great deal of prep time, and a dangerous, radiation-filled CAT scan. No longer! Dr. Saad’s invention allows patients to receive vital fluids from a catheter without a longer buildup process. This technology has been wonderful in increasing quality of life standards for inflicted peoples everywhere. The technology is especially useful in treating children, making the product one aimed at his place origin: pediatric medicine.


Dr. Saad has made a number of incredible leaps within the world of medical science. As time moves forward, Saad is committed to providing the world with even more innovations. He will do so guided by his intense love for medicine and his drive to provide patients with the very best medical care he can provide. Dr. Saad is one of the greatest medical professionals currently working because of these facts. Learn more:


Michael Burwell: In Pursuit Of Greatness

Michael Burwell of Willis Towers Watson is a very successful financial advisor. Thanks to his extensive background in finance, the Michigan State University graduate has held numerous top-level positions. As of 2018, he has been named the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson.


Being the Chief Financial Officer of a successful company isn’t easy. Michael Burwell has been in the game for a long period of time. This extraordinary man has at least 31 years of experience in professional services. Michael Burwell takes finance to whole new level thanks to his extensive educational background. Having a B.A in Business Administration doesn’t seem to hurt, and he is known to be a certified public account. So, how did he get to the top of his class? Well, Burwell is not only very intelligent, he has definitely put in the work by networking with as many as possible. “I Can’t stress enough how important it is to build relationships with individuals in this business,” said Burwell.


One of the top global advisory, broking and solutions companies in the US is Willis Towers Watson. This particular company does a phenomenal job with investments, and the company dates back to the 1800s. Burwell was just named the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson in which he has been a longtime fan of this NASDAQ-investing firm. When it comes to contributing to a business, few people can outperform this man. “I’m very honored to have the opportunity to join this company,” said Michael Burwell. Refer to This Article for related information.


Burwell has held many high-positions in the finance sector such as being a chief operating officer as well as being a vice chairman. Advanced technology has played a huge role in the success for this field of work. In past eras, individuals of this field would have to do more with less. All in all, this article only scratches the surface of how great this man truly is, but you should have a better idea of how important Michael Burwell truly is.


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James Dondero Lends His Help to Soldiers, Veterans and First Responders

Soldiers and civilian emergency personnel may be better able to handle critical situations, thanks to the generous services of Highland Capital Management. Under the guidance of its president, James Dondero, the Dallas-based investment firm helped create a facility at the University of Texas at Dallas, which is dedicated to honing the mental skills of those who face the most dangerous and demanding tasks. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

The Brain Performance Institute and its subsidiary, the Center for BrainHealth, have developed a Warrior Training program that is specifically geared to the needs of soldiers, veterans and such first responders as police officers. The facility was made possible with a $1 million gift from Dondero’s company. Some of the funding provided by Highland was also used to create a lounge where veterans, active duty personnel and family members could meet.

The program is essentially an interactive workshop that uses the latest technologies and strategies to improve the cognitive abilities of its participants. Additionally, the program can help veterans make the often difficult transition to civilian life by weaning them away from the stresses of military service. More recently, the program began serving civilian emergency personnel, who often face the same trauma as those who serve in combat. A highlight of the program was the recent 2018 Highland Capital Warrior and First Responder Renuion, which also featured live music and a barbecue. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

A graduate of the University of Virginia, James Dondero started his career in the finance industry in 1984 and in only a few years would turn the business he created into a huge enterprise. He started Highland Capital Management in 1993 and soon became known as one of the most successful alternative credit managers in the world. His firm specializes in credit hedge funds and private equity accounts.

Highland is famous for its generous assistance to various organizations and institutions in the Dallas area. Recipients of its gifts include the Dallas Zoo and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. James Dondero is also known for his commitment to various philanthropic causes, including support for veterans and the educational and health needs of the community.

Adam Milstein urges the Jewish community to support new generation leaders

Standing your ground in a world where people are continuously swayed into adopting the opinions and perception of the masses is never easy but Adam Milstein a well-known philanthropist is sufficient proof that it is possible to do so. Ever since he was a mere teenager, Adam has always shown support to his motherland Israel and does whatever he can in his might to change the negative perception that most people have towards Israel and the Jews. For instance, at the tender age of nineteen years, Adam took a risky move of fighting for Israel during the War of independence in 1948 as a combat sailor. He again took the initiative of fighting for his motherland in 1973 during the Yomi Kippur war.

Even though he left Israeli in 1981, four decades later, Adam’s incredible loyalty towards the Jewish community is still evident in everything he does. For instance, he is an author for the Times of Israel and regularly writes about matters pertaining his community and Israel as a nation.

His recent article discusses challenges that faced Israel in the past and how the leaders back then helped the Jews to overcome them. He gives an example of how leaders such as David Ben-Gurion, Chaim Weizmann, Golda Meir, Henrietta Szold, Mordechai Anielewicz, Peter Bergson and Colonel Mickey Marcus helped lay the foundation for the next generation of Jewish leaders by tirelessly fighting for Israel. Each one of this leaders achieved milestones in alleviating antisemitism setting an ideal example for the upcoming set of Jewish game changers.

Adam Milstein is certain that the future of Jews and the state of Israel is bright because he comes across budding leaders every day as goes about his pro-Israel philanthropic activities. As a leader, Adam Milstein sees the passion and innovativeness in them and knows that they have what it takes to take on the challenges ahead of them and help lead the community against antisemitism. That is why he encourages Jews in America to identify and empower them by offering them the platforms and tools that they need to succeed in what lies ahead.

He, however, acknowledges that it will not be easy for this set of leaders to achieve their goals because there are many hurdles that will come their way. For instance, he gives the example of the recent Boycott divestment and sanctions campaign which aims at bringing down the living bridge between Jews in the diaspora and those in Israel in a bid to destroy the state of Israel. He also adds that this set of leaders will be ridiculed, isolated and will have to make tough choices which is why it is necessary that the other Jews offer them support. Doing so not only guarantees Israel a brighter future but also the global Jewish community.

More insight on Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are the brains behind the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation a platform that acts as a bridge for Jews in the diaspora to connect to their roots in Israel. Adam also sits across various board of foundations which are on the same mission and is an avid supporter of any Pro-Israel activities. He is a fearless leader who never fails to point out and condemn any anti-Semitic activities and he does so in form of actions such as writing about these incidences in the times of Israel.

Adam Milstein is truly an icon and fortunately, his efforts have been recognized severally. For instance, he was recently ranked among top 25 Twitter activists and there is no doubt that he will be a regular figure in more events and lists in future.

Dr. Saad Saad: Prolific Inventor of Dependable Devices

One look at the life and accomplishments of Dr. Saad Saad leaves one feeling humbled and impressed. Dr. Saad Saad has a long list of accomplishments that range from a variety of subjects within the medical field. He has served as a medical doctor, a surgeon, an administrator, a teacher, a father, and an advocate for his patients. Now, it seems as though he is looking to include the title of the inventor to his resume. “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon” discusses some of the patents that Dr. Saad Saad holds and how relevant they are to the current medical landscape.


One of the first patents that he holds is that of a catheter specifically designed to allow medical professionals to locate it better in the body. This is done by inserting an electromagnetic device into the tip of the instrument. The user can locate the catheter by harnessing electromagnetic energy through an outside device that will permeate electromagnetic tip to give professionals a better idea of where the catheter is located. He did this to help save patient both time and energy when visiting hospitals. It is standard for patients who have had catheters put in for, as an example, heart issues to have the position of the catheter checked frequently while they are hospitalized. In order to do this, they need many different x-rays. Dr. Saad Saad’s device removes the requirement for such needless practices.


The other patent is for an endoscope. This endoscope is very valuable to the medical field and is inconsistent use to this day. This means that Dr. Saad Saad is technically a prolific inventor for the field because his endoscope is wildly popular. The endoscope, itself, is built around the premise that doctors should not have to remove the endoscope every time they need to perform some type of suctioning or irrigation. Dr. Saad Saad understands how uncomfortable the process can be to remove this endoscope and reinserted. It is also a waste of valuable time for the medical professional, time that they could be used with a patient who needs them.

Both of these devices have gained a clear fan base throughout the medical community. These devices answer needs that many doctors didn’t know that they had up until they were introduced to solve simple problems. Now that they have been created, many professionals are wondering how they ever lived without them. Dr. Saad Saad used his years of experience as a pediatric surgeon and personal doctor for the royal family in Saudi Arabia to inform him of necessary needs. He received his degree in medicine while in Egypt and traveled the world completing the rest of his medical training. This gives them a very diverse understanding of the global needs for dependable devices. Learn more:

The Benefits of Choosing Market America

Market America is a multi-million dollar marketing agency that considers itself a product brokerage and marketing firm. Market America distributes a range of products to clients who want to become their own entrepreneurs from home. They offer their services and products in several countries, but their main headquarters is in Greensboro, North Carolina. They have recently branched out to Canada and already have well over 500,000 employees distributing their products throughout the country. The company was founded in 1992 by Loren and JR Ridinger. The company currently employs over 650 individuals as of 2010.

The company offers several product lines including jewelry, personal care items, cleaning supplies, makeup and cosmetics, diet supplements, water purification systems and weight loss and management products. They are able to provide all of these products by working with affiliated corporations and third party organizations. M.A. uses to conduct all retail sales, and they acquired the website from Bill Gates in 2012. Entrepreneurs of all levels and needs can choose from the product line they want such as Isotonic, Snap, Pet Health, AutoWorks and Royal Spa. Upon choosing a product line, the entrepreneur purchases a website package that includes a domain name, hosting and a site builder to make it easy for the user to create a website where the products will be sold. All products available through Market America are manufactured by affiliate firms and exclusively available by their marketers and distributors. Market America refers to its workers and entrepreneurs as independent distributors, since they are responsible for paying tax on their own.

This company is well-known to the public as the Unfranchise, since it prides itself in helping budding entrepreneur own and operate their own businesses without the headache that is involved with typical franchise ownership. Individual distributors are responsible for paying monthly fees to continue operating their websites and are also required to recruit others to the company. All Market America distributors can earn money for each product sale that they make in the form of a commission. Many distributors working for Market America are able to earn hundreds of dollars a month on a successfully-marketed website. It’s also recommended that all distributors of M.A. products attend the varying events and seminars taking place throughout the country and online via video conferencing to learn better marketing methods.

Mark Mofid: Plastic Surgeon

Mark Mofid is a doctor who has been certified by La Jolla, a plastic surgery, and San Diego board. They are plastic surgery boards dealing with plastic surgery and facial plastic & reconstructive surgery. In an interview,Mark Mofid talked about his recent development.

When he was asked about his clinic set up, he said that the location of their office is in La Jolla that is in the county of San Diego. In the clinic, his wife is a full dermatologist there and him being a plastic surgeon together with a nurse. The clinic has a Medicare accredited surgery that also provides laser services when required. In the clinic, several thousands of patients have visited yearly, where cosmetic dermatologic services and reconstructive plastic surgery are being offered.

The physicians are always interested in staffing, so Mark Mofid talked about their hiring process. When experience become overrated, and those front office employees the clinic had over the years had tremendous potential but they were a proverbial diamond that was in the rough. Currently, there are full-time front offices, two surgical technologists together with a nurse working full time. The office manager who has been practicing for 7 years, has provided a wonderful administration assistance and can be credited for having shaped the few generations. When they were hiring the front office, they used to typically fielded over 500 applicants in every position. It was a vigorous process where they could select 50 resumes through phone interviews. They checked how they were answering the phone. They then met at least 20 of the applicants so that they could select the ideal fit. They looked those willing to commit their life like 2 to 4 years and learn everything that is in dermatology and plastic surgery field and has the inspiration.

It is after the promised 2 to 4 years where Mark Mofid help them get better jobs paths in the field industry. They have some of the past staff in the front office having their best career in larger corporate entities that provide plastic surgery or dermatology services. They even become office managers, nurse practitioners or nurses.

Aloha Construction- Exemplify Marketplace Ethics

Aloha Construction is a company renowned for caring for its community profoundly and also for its employees and clients servicing them with care and humility. The company President and owner is David Farbaky, and for many decades it has provided wide ranges of general contractor’s services that include the siding replacement, roofing, and gutters to the residents of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. In 2017 Aloha Construction received the most prestigious award given by Better Business Bureaus and known as the Torch Award for their exceptional Marketplace Ethics.

The panel of selected and independent judges that helps to nominate the winning company through meticulous and regreening process checking out on their ethical practices throughout the year. The Aloha Construction was selected due to numerous reasons that include a regular contribution to its local community according to the judges.

The Torch Award began in 1996, and its core agenda is honouring the companies that demonstrate high values of social responsibility, leadership, best market practices and holding high levels of organisational ethics. The prestigious wards focus on high levels of standards that benefit the community, employees and also customers and its focus on around six criteria. Aloha Construction fulfilled the six principles and hence the receipts of the award.

The company provides its clients with a free inspection of their roof helping them to repair the damages using their homes insurance cover, and it has created a new partnership with Synchrony Financial providing streamlined payments process. Additionally, Aloha Construction provides exceptional customer services by giving their clients with craftsmanship warranty of 10 years giving them peace of mind. The warranty proves that this construction company is proud of its work and within ten years from the date of purchase the client enjoys free repairs.

Aloha Construction puts the community first by their consistent efforts of giving back to the town of Illinois. The company has taken part in supporting many athletes’ dreams by offering them sponsorships, and in 2017 it sponsored the Cougars baseball team in Kane County, the high school football team of the Lake Zurich, and event the State University of Illinois Athletics among others. The company believes in offering the best and high-quality roofing services using the latest technology and best prices.…/prweb14244544.htm

Aloha Construction: the contractors who uphold exceptional standards in their business

Aloha Construction, a family-owned company, started operating in2008. Since then, it has become a powerhouse in the home-improvement industry and one of the renowned general contractors in all of the Midwest and Illinois. Southern Wisconsin and Illinois chose for general contracting because it offers them a wide range of services like bathroom repair, kitchen design, waterproofing among others. Aloha Construction provides a ten-year craftsmanship warranty. It is also fully insured, licensed and bonded. The company has technical certification from Better Business Bureau (BBB), and they got an A rating. The contractors are members of the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA), the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the Building Trades Association (BTA).

In 2017, Aloha Construction, in the whole of Illinois, received the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. BBB awards the prestigious Torch Award to companies that demonstrate extraordinary ethical practices, throughout the year, in their business. Nominated companies pass through a thorough screening process, and finally, an independent panel of judges appoints the best. The group of judges selected Aloha because of it regularly contributes to the local community.

The Torch Award has exceptionally high standards and has existed since 1996. It honours firms that portray social responsibility, leadership and best practices. It recognises businesses that put their employees first, and Aloha does this by hosting an annual all-expenses-paid- resort trip to Maui in Hawaii. The tour is given to the high performers in appreciation for their hard work. Aloha Construction also puts its customers first, and every year, it conducts free roof inspections. Timely discovered damages enable the customers to have their roofs fixed and covered by their insurance. The firm partnered with Synchrony Financial to streamline the payment process, and it walks the customers through the plans until the end.

Aloha Construction has made a significant impact on the community by forming a partnership with Learning Express. Together, they launched a toy shopping spree activity for a local disadvantaged family. Aloha created the David Farbaky Foundation, their charitable branch, which they used to reach out to the Omni Youth Services who helped them identify a less-fortunate family.–147077274/pp

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