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Meat Business with OSI Group

The OSI Group is one of the leading global food providers. They are always looking for new and improved food solutions. They are expanding their product development as well as their processing needs. They deliver value products to their clients while keeping the cost low. The OSI Group has been expanding under the leadership for David McDonald. He stared with the OSI Group as a project manner and has worked his way up to the role of President and Chief Operating Officer of the entire company.

The OSI Group was not always an international company. At the very beginning OSI was a local butcher shop operated by German immigrants in Chicago. The McDonald restaurant chain was looking for a meat supplier in this region and linked up with the OSI Group. From that moment on the company has expanded. They are ow looking at new ways to do business in the United States and on an international level.Over the years the OSI has grown considerably. This company has over 20,000 employees that have more than 65 facilities in 17 countries around the world. The estimated net worth of OSI is around $6.1 billion.

In the recent years McDonald has helped this country see significant business expansion in China. He also helped OSI purchase the Dutch food company Baho Foods. This company makes several different snack meats for Europe. The company also acquired the Flagship Europe company which makes high end Bespoke products.The company is making management decisions to improve the food services and products that they are offering to their client. They offer diverse products and want to make sure they are high quality. They also work with government organization to make sure all safety and labor laws are met on the international level and they are in compliance with all regulations.

William Saito On Internet Security

William Saito was a special adviser to the Japanese government. He is one former leading governmental official that has plenty to say about Internet security. More specifically, the lack of Internet security. The fact is that the Internet has really grown over the last decade. Only a few decades ago, the Internet was a territory that was populated by scholars and government agencies. Now, just about anyone with a mobile device or computer is able to easily access the Internet. All this growth has led to a growing need to maintain personal security. Millions are online daily and share very personal information along with financial information. It is important to realize that Internet security is vital to protect that information.


Internet Security

The fact is that numerous sites have addressed Internet security, almost as a last resort. Certainly, it was not on the top of their list. William Saito firmly believes that many organizations and developers were very haphazard at the way they added weak security to software applications, products, and systems. This has made it extremely easy for sites to become victims of hacking attacks and for hackers to acquire sensitive information from websites or individuals that are surfing the web. All these violations are against individuals, businesses, and even sensitive government information.

It’s Time For Change

William Saito believes that it is time for a change. The lack of strong security should be addressed. Certainly, it is a global issue that is growing. It is important for all organizations to come together to discuss this global crisis, in order to make changes and improve Internet security. He strongly believes that the most relevant platform for this discussion to take place is the World Economic Forum, which William Saito took part in a few years ago.


William Hiroyuki Saito is the author of An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, which is available on Amazon. This book is the very inspiring story of a child genius that grew up to be a very successful entrepreneur. This book is truly inspirational and a must read for anyone thinking about pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Talos Energy’s Investment Plan in Mexico

Talos Energy’s Investment Plan in Mexico:

Talos Energy Inc. is geared towards providing production and exploration of resources. The company seeks to explore, exploit and acquire the Gulf Coast region and the Mexican Gulf. The gas and oil company has a considerable management team that specializes in offshore manufacturing and discovery. It has an outstanding track record that exhibits impressive positive results. The company has in the past engaged in building and selling Gryphon Exploration Co., and Phoenix Exploration Co that have delivered great returns to equity investors. The CEO of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan has been on the forefront of procuring deals on behalf of the company. He was responsible for orchestrating a merger of over 2 million dollars with the company called Stone Energy. The deal will deter Talos chances of undergoing a public offering and becoming a public entity.

Once the merger is completed, Talos will be able to take charge of Stone’s listing and Tim Duncan will be responsible for presiding over $900 million of annual revenue. Additionally, Talo’s acquisitions will be safely kept in the Mexican Gulf. Since the company is able to drill 48, 000 barrels of oil daily, branching to Mexico will increase its supply. New Orleans is home to the Phoenix or Typhoon field that is regarded as Talo’s biggest asset. The company manages to drill about 16,000 barrels from Phoenix each day into Helix Producer, which is a unique ship. The biggest investment for Talos Energy once they inherit Stone will be accessing the Pompano Platform that was bought from BP at a cost of $200 million that comes with new drilling prospects.

About Tim Duncan:

Tim Duncan began his career in the oil industry in 1996 by working with Zilkha Energy. He went on to help launch Gryphon Explorations in 2000 that helped to drill new wells. He co-founded Phoenix Exploration in 2006 that was eventually sold to Apache Corp. Talos was founded in 2012 with equity funding of about $600 million obtained from Apollo and Riverstone. Talos venture into the Gulf of Mexico promises to be successful only time will tell of how many barrels the company will be able to drill.

Cassio Audi the Viper’s musical history

The music career of Cassio Audi expanded from the 1980s to 1990s. Originating from Brazil, Cassio performed songs such as Wings of the evil, Knights of Destruction, The Whisper killers, and Law of the Sword. This is a quick synopsis of songs found on his hit albums Krillera Sword, produced in 1985, and Soldiers of Sunrise, produced in 1987. During this time Cassio played alongside fellow band members Pit Passarell, Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, and Yves Passarell. Allocating a myriad of time towards his music, Cassio’s career started to peak after releasing the album Soldiers of Sunrise.

To many, this album pushed Viper over the milestone, landing them in the hearts of many fans. Many were surprised that a band consisting of Brazilian entertainers, could become so popular producing music in the English language. This was due to English being the second language of Brazil. Cassio would continue to showcase his musical talent with his album Theater of Fate, released in 1989. During his time performing alongside the members of the Viper group, Cassio Audi dedicated his talents as a drummer and composer. The band emanated their greatness during a musical concert known as the SP Project.

After the performance, the Vipers attained a solid spot in the eyes of hard rock fans, motivating the group to produce a demo album in an attempt to reach more fans. In the year of 1985 Viper finally released their demo, Killera Swords. Many songs produced by the group where in fact inspired by the British rock group, Iron Maidens. This inspiration would exude from many of the musical pieces such as, Soldiers of Sunrise, and Law of swords. These hit songs would not only resonate with the fans of Brazil, they would soon become a favorite piece of musical history for fans throughout the United States as well.

MB2 Dental Help Those Hurt by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard in 2017, leaving over sixty people dead and destroying or damaging the homes and property of thousands more. Texas based MB2 Dental had over 200 of it’s more than 1,000 employees lose something to the category 4 storm, though none of them were among the fatalities. MB2 Dental decided that as a member of the community and with so many of its own employees effected by Harvey that it had to do something. MB2 opened up a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $100,000 in cash and donations. In under a month MB2 Dental’s GoFundMe had hit over $83,000 in cash and the comapny has brought in a lot of needed items for victims of Harvey, from clothes and blankets to beds and food & water. Many of the donations came from MB2 employees who wanted to help out.

Founder and CEO Dr. Chris Villanueva donated $15,000 himself and has expressed his pride at the response from the MB2 Dental employee family. He stated that while any company’s profits can be up and down over time, the culture of helping and charity is something that defines a company more than its profit margin. Hurricane Harvey made landfall three times in Houston, moving out to sea and returning twice after it first hit the city. It caused flooding throughout southern Texas that continued to do damage long after the hurricane itself had dissipated. It was the biggest storm to his Texas in over 50 years and the biggest to hit the U.S. since Katrina.

MB2 Dental was founded in 2007 by Dr. Chris Villanueva, a dentist who wanted to provide help to other dentists with the business side of their practices so they could focus on patient care. MB2 offers multiple business assistance services such as billing, collections, human resources, accounting and more. This gives their dentist clients the freedom from administration duties they need to be able to focus on their dental work, making patients the top priority. MB2 Dental takes on many of the duties a practice would get from a provider network.

Business, Finance and Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm is a broker and director of the Australian company “Infinity Group Australia“. In this finance career Graeme earned top 100 MBA Broker. With this title comes quite a lot of years compiled experience in his field. He haIs spent over 17 years in the world of finances. And out of the years experience, Graeme decided that Australian families deserve better deals when it comes to finance. And so Graeme along with his wife Rebecca Walker, created Infinity Group Australia.


The fact that most households in Australia live pay check to pay check with no foreseeable future to be excited about troubled Graeme Holm. Graeme has put together a financial coach system that looks after payments, loans, budgeting and keeps the client accountable for their capital. With his system put in place home owners are seeing 30 year loans be payed off within 10 years. Graeme has found that the on going issue with the Australian mortgage company’s is they offer little support and guidance to the loan recipient. Those banks have little or no incentives put in place to give assistance to their customers. Howeverthats where Infinity Group steps in and picks up the slack.


Now Infinity Group Australia has offices in Port Macquarie, Cronulla, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Bella Vista. With Graeme Holm’s six month research into the mortgage issue in Australia, Infinity Group Australia was born. One of the solutions was to personalize banking with a single banker to tend to the customer and work to pay off debts as quickly as possible. Customers get full on attention when it comes to repaying their debts and financial support.


Co-founder Graeme Holm has had quite a break through in financial support. He makes sure the customer is always first. This idea is the solution to Australia’s mortgage issues. By putting the financial well being of his customers first and giving 100 percent attention to their accounts they see dramatic improvements. As said, 30 year home mortgages on average get payed off in 7 to 10 years. Graeme also notes that collaboration within the company brings to life new ideas. And new ideas can mean more efficient solutions. He encourages employees to share innovative ideas and collaborate with others within the financial industry.


For Graeme Holm the prosperity Infinity Group Australia brings to people is a by product of these things. Being able to understand that the customer needs your professional support and having a environment that allows for fresh innovative ideas to grow is how a company succeeds. Its how a company grows meanwhile giving back to the community. Learn more:

Peter Briger: the investor with a big heart

For an investor to be consistent in the financial market, they must be exceptionally good in their craft. This describes Peter Briger life as a business leader. The self-made billionaire is without a doubt one of the most consistent investors in the world. With a Forbes ranking of the top 400 in the world shows the strong-willed Briger is and his strong personality. He became a billionaire in 2007 after the company (Fortress Investment) he had interest went public.
His journey to the Forbes list has been a long journey. He has shown consistency in the previous positions from Goldman Sachs to now. Peter Briger is one of the hardworking people in the investment world. The exposure at Goldman Sachs made him the creative and the innovative person

he is today.
He is arguably the most crucial person in the overall management of Fortress Investment Company. Under his leadership, all aspects pertaining to asset investment, capital market, and corporate merges have been effective. As a principal and co chairman, however, he is responsible for real estate and credit fund. Under his leadership, he has been able to grow the operational budget to the highest in the history of the company: 65 million dollars. This shows he is a visionary leader.
Peter Briger wears many hats. As a philanthropist, he has been active in many projects. First, he is an active contributor to conservancy project: Central Park Conservancy. Donating to this noble project has been of great help to the conservancy. Second, he is involved in the Tipping point. This is an initiative responsible for low-income families. Finally, as part of the Princeton family, he has been an active supporter of Princeton entrepreneurship through programs aimed at helping graduate start the business journey. Apart from just giving the graduate funds, he is has been a mentor to many.
The academic background of Peter Briger is economics. B.A and M.B.A from Princeton University and the remarkable University of Pennsylvania put him in the group of academic scholars. As a financial expert, Briger believes that bitcoin will revolutionize the world of business.

For CEO of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes Exemplifies Innovativeness and Success

For CEO, Barbara Stokes, running a successful company like Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC is part of what drives her to succeed. Indeed, Green Structure Homes (GSH), provides essential housing solutions to both commercial and government clients. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes and husband, Scott, implement state-of-the-art designs as well as manufacturing and engineering approaches and techniques to her buildings. Barbara was able to apply her education and knowledge base as well as her entrepreneurial impetus to impress clients like FEMA. Because of the severe damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Green Structure Homes of Alabama was awarded a 28 million dollar contract. And with Barbara Stokes focus and expertise concerning modular structures and buildings, FEMA looked to her to complete work. The agreement that Green Structure Homes worked with FEMA on had a deadline of March 2018.

Because Green Structure Homes is woman-owned, this designation helped opened some doors and give Barbara Stokes some helpful tools and services because of the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA has programs and tools to help small businesses succeed.

In addition to her work resume, Barbara Stokes has an educational background that is quite impressive. She graduated from Mercer University in 2001 with a major in biomedical engineering and physics. Barbara was also able to utilize the extra knowledge that she learned in college by applying it to GSH. Some of these subjects that she studied included manufacturing, structures, chemical properties of materials and management.


Regarding her current contract with FEMA, Barbara’s past work background helped her gained valuable experience in the government contracting area. She once worked for government contracting companies like Pisces Corporation and Boeing. It was in these positions that she gained tenure and building connections that were important as part of the business and networking angle. Because of her credibility and impressive credentials in subjects like modular housing and building structures, FEMA awarded her a contract.

As CEO of GSH, Barbara Stokes is pro-active in the pursuit of innovating in building methods, housing materials, and methods that can help make homes and modular housing more durable, safe, and efficient. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The Chainsmokers’ Memories Continues To Lead the Way in the Top Charts

When the Chainsmokers released Memories over a year ago, they hoped to appear on the dance charts. They had no idea that their debut album would take the scene by storm. The fans loved it from the onset and the love is yet to fade. They got it to the top of the charts where it has stayed for quite some time. Memories recently took position three in the longest running number 1s.

The great feat has not kept the duo from venturing into new territories. In the last couple of months, they have treated their fans to a good number of great singles. It is no wonder that the duo continues to command a great following in the dance music industry.

The best dance labels appear on numerous charts including Billboard’s Top Dance Albums. Memories got to the top of this chart for the thirty-fourth time. The full-length album has not shown any signs of slowing down.

Gorillaz’s Demon Days are the other album that has topped the chart 34 times. Given that it was released 13 years ago, Memories has every chance of toppling it. It is only a matter of time before Chainsmokers become the sole owner of the third place.

The first appearance for Memories at the top came in April last year. The label was also leading the Billboard 200 chart at this time. It was a largely successful period for the Chainsmokers as their hits were all over the place in Top 40 Radio.

The all-genre nature of Billboard 200 ensured that the label lost its place in the top 10 a few months later. It has however not gone below position 5 in the Top Dance or Electronic Albums.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, The Chainsmokers duo, came into the scene in 2014 when they released their first single. Every year and challenge has provided an opportunity for growth and they have taken it in their stride. They are not relenting any time soon. Fans can keep expecting more as they hardly disappoint.

Above & Beyond, Calvin Harris and William Control have given The Chainsmokers a run for their money over the last couple of months. They still need to do more if they hope to come in the way of The Chainsmokers’ fast-rising popularity.