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Ways to Better Your Leadership Skills According to James River

Leadership skills are mostly innate but can also be acquired and developed with time. Being a leader is not something that a person can become within a snap of a finger. It takes time and a lot of dedication to effectively lead a team of individuals. However, a change in approach can make a very huge difference. James River Capital Corp, an advisory service investment recommends three changes that can massively improve the leadership skills of a person. Learn more:


Don’t underestimate the opinion of others


We learn a lot of things from interacting with people. Employees in an organization tend to be different. Others may be outgoing and easily speak their minds during meetings. On the flipside, they are reclusive persons who shy away from expressing their opinion. It is the duty of a good leader to ensure that everyone in a meeting is given a chance to air their opinion on a certain issue. One can achieve this by coming up with a list of everyone in attendance and marking against their names whenever they deliver a speech. This will help them to note the quiet members and coerce them to say something.


Offer support to your team


Being a good leader does not necessarily mean leading your team. It involves other aspects like supporting your team members. Having this in mind can completely change how a leader approaches his or her team members. It can improve interactions, a team member who feels supported is likely to be more productive.


Encourage and promote escalation


Workers are more likely to withhold information that they feel may not augur well with their bosses. Leaders should strive to encourage their subordinates to share important information that is critical in nature. This autonomy can create room for engagement, innovation and collaboration with the employees. Employee will thus feel comfortable bringing to you problems, suggestions and improvements.


James River is a Virginia based company that was founded in 1986. It operated as an alternative investment department of Kidder, Peobody & Co., Inc. Following the acquisition of the business from Kidder by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt in 1995, James River shifted to become an independent investment. The company offers commodity trading, advisory, management of investment among other services. James River has over $570 million under management in James River products. The company operates a website that helps the firm in its mission to acquire qualified candidates to be employed.

What Is It like Working at Neurocore

Neurocore is a brain performance center that specializes in improving people’s performance through the enhancement of their brain ability. The specialists use extensive brain assessments such as validated symptom rating scales and qEEG brainwave mapping technique among other diagnostic methods. These techniques help the specialists to identify the cause of the symptoms a patient is showing and therefore develop a treatment plan. They usually develop personalized programs for each patient while implementing a neurofeedback training guide, which helps to engage the brain in real time and the process improve patients’ attention, sleeping behavior, focus and impulse control. Many people have been helped by Neurocore to overcome different physiological, psychological and behavioral problems. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore was founded in the year 2004 and provides data-driven programs that are useful to both adults and children who have mental challenges such as stress, sleeping disorders or lack of concentration. The company has nine brain performance centers already in Florida and Michigan. The success of this center could not have been possible were it not for their dedicated team of employees and managers. There are several departments filled in by different professionals either at entry or managerial levels. Working at Neurocore comes with some benefits and these include free Neurocore services for all the workers, discounted services for family members and friends and access to health, vision and dental services. Other advantages include working with an awesome team of co-workers, enjoy a paid time-off and health benefits such as the 401(k) match.


People who have a passion for helping other people or working with people suffering from anxiety, depression, memory loss, ADHD and sleep disorders should consider working at Neurocore. According to those who have worked there before, Neurocore has a great team of professionals, and the management shows respect to all employees and clients. The only thing they would complain about is the possibility of working long hours which is sometimes necessary to provide patients with the best care. Job opportunities are always posted on their website, and every interested person can log on and apply for the position they qualify for. Like other companies in the industry or other sectors, Neurocore will carry on the recruitment process step by step from shortlisting to interviews, selection, and orientation. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


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Does the ‘Ban the Box’ Movement Affect the Executive Background Check Process?


You may have already heard about the initiative known as the motion to “Ban the Box.” The idea behind this is to offer all job applicants a fair chance at an employment opportunity, but does it change the executive background check process?  We take a look at what companies like Corporate Resolutions have found.


A Misconception to Clear Up Regarding ‘Ban the Box’ and Background Checks


Even if you have heard of this campaign in the news, you might want further understanding of how it affects the job search and recruitment process. The slogan “Ban the Box” refers to a push to remove the “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” checkbox from job applications. This conviction history question often pertains to felonies for which employment candidates spent time in prison. However, many employers also use the conviction history checkbox to determine a person’s character via disclosure of misdemeanors or traffic violations.


Prospective employees possibly think this means hiring managers will never have access to criminal records. Employers might have fears about potential non-compliance charges if they proceed with the criminal portion of an executive background check. However, even without the conviction checkbox on a job application, employers can still obtain permission to investigate anyone who applies for a position within their companies.


Remove the Checkbox But Carry on with Screening


You could perceive the advocacy toward removing the conviction history checkbox as a step toward enforcement of the 2012 U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines, which includes provisions for keeping a job applicant’s skills, abilities, experience and other attributes a priority over any crimes they may have regretted committing. At the same time, employers do have the right to conduct executive background checks according to what is perceived fair based on laws that outline how information about potential employees can be used.


Concerning convictions, employers may still ask about them. However, the move toward waiting until further along in the hiring process is becoming widely accepted versus forcing a one-size-fits-all hiring solution that might cause some qualified employees to see no hope of reform upon entering life “on the outside” after prison.


How a Lawful Executive Background Check Works


Usually, an employer requests that job applicants sign forms that grant a company permission to conduct criminal history checks on a person. The same procedure is used if an employer wants to investigate a prospective employee’s credit history and social media accounts. In most cases, employers must only request information that is publically available. However, even access to private information gained via permission from a job candidate must be only used for determining employability.


Any personal data obtained must also be done in a way that does not increase risk of a security breach. For instance, employers cannot ask for social media account passwords and are not allowed to “friend” job applicants just to find out what they post to friends and family.


Employers also must only ask for information related to skills, trustworthiness, experience, education and the like. Furthermore, they cannot delve into a person’s religious affiliation, treat an applicant differently based on age, or discriminate based on race or other factors not directly related to employment.


Fine Line Between Truth Seeking and Discrimination


When carrying out executive background checks, employers usually have to learn where the line is while on a quest for truth about who potential employees are and privacy violations or discrimination. In the case of requesting permission to conduct criminal background checks, this may also seem discriminatory according to people who have prior convictions.


Debates continue concerning how to handle employment candidates who have incarceration records. However, delaying executive background checks until an employer has at least interviewed a person might seem more reasonable than just asking that potential hire to check a conviction box on an application.


Come time for an employer to find out about an arrest or time spent behind bars, the hirability of that candidate usually depends on the severity of loss and damage resulting from an unlawful incident. Relevance of some crimes also might matter. For instance, a company might want to know if a potential investment partner or future CEO ever embezzled corporate funds or committed identity theft to win a management position.


Companies also typically strive to provide a safe workplace. Therefore, they also might turn down applicants with a history of sexual harassment or refuse to hire anyone with assault convictions.’ New Alliance with San Miguel Will Have a Great Impact on the Fruit and Vegetable Market

Two heavyweights in their respective fields, San Miguel and have decided to strengthen their relationship by embarking on a new business initiative together. San Miguel a global expert in fresh fruit and processed citrus and is one of Asia’s largest e-commerce companies and retail platforms. The new initiative has been deemed the new “Global Fruit strategic Alliance” and its reason for being is to market fresh produce through The initiative is expected to positively impact the fruit and vegetable market activity in the country of Hong Kong significantly. It is a mutually beneficial agreement between both companies and close to 20 more well known citrus companies like Zespri and Wonderful Citrus are hopping on board.

It’s no secret that the alliance recognizes San Miguel as a force in the industry, however many have looked over how the alliance will also boost the company’s business development through e-commerce. San Miguel will also be able to increase its influence in a market with high growth potential. Talking at the introduction occasion, Wu Zhengzhi (General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division), clarified about this activity: “With the mission to achieve the world and urge buyers to eat better, Jingdong Fresh has been enhancing to completely take off on a worldwide scale, opening up from the birthplace to purchasers. We will assist our accomplices with exploring the Chinese market, concentrated on a win-win idea.”

This partnership will convey us considerably closer to our clients. Through online business we hope to convey a superior scope of items to customers in China. Having the capacity to depend on’s involvement in this division is a differential esteem with regards to addressing the necessities of a market that is of extraordinary significance to us,” said Andrés Haloua, Commercial Manager at San Miguel, who additionally included: “This activity does right by us, since it affirms the trust put by our clients in the nature of our items and insists our administration in the part.” Going for improvement and development, San Miguel works each day to offer its clients quality items, through progressively and better channels to meet the market needs.

“A Sneak-Peek into James River Capital and the Three Essential Changes That Each Entrepreneur Must Adopt To Redefine Business Success in any Industry “

Being an exceptional leader is widely considered to be a science and art. It necessitates unrivaled skills and commendable development initiatives to exhibit leadership and manage a seasoned team with precision. While it may consume substantial time to master, entrepreneurs are advised to consider making three crucial changes tailored at bringing out the best from their team. Over time, researchers have consistently conducted extensive studies to comprehend the best leadership strategies. From their research, it can be concluded that three essential changes have the unique potential of transforming your leadership style beyond unprecedented results.


Harness Your Efforts in Supporting Your Team as Opposed To Leading Them


Unlike most companies, Facebook has adopted a unique strategy powered by radical mental changes aimed at deriving optimal results. This primarily means that the Facebook management team places more emphasis on supporting the team as opposed to leading them. By transforming from leading to supporting, entrepreneurs and business owners are in a unique position to redefine their approach to management and how they interact with employees. More often than not, the smallest modifications have the potential to generate substantial positive results. Learn more:


Promote Constructive Criticism


According to recent studies, over 85 percent of workers hardly exercise the freedom to identify and discuss crucial feedback or criticism to their employers. In most cases, showing up to the boss is tantamount to owning up to a mistake, which shouldn’t be a bad thing from the beginning. As the employer, it’s critical to create an optimal environment that promotes transparency, communication, engagement and innovation with your staff. Suffice to say, the “psychological safety” is a crucial concept that leaders must harness to promote creativity and innovation.


As a rule, your employees should be free to open up their problems and challenges to you, and in return, you might want to offer lasting solutions to such problems. To enhance the “fork-like” benefits associated with this strategy, it’s imperative to encourage your employees to point out constructive criticism while also giving each employee an opportunity to air their concerns and opinions during meetings.


Valuing Every Employee’s Opinion


Remember, it’s your job to support your team as opposed to leading them. This essentially means breaking down barriers prone to discouraging employees from achieving optimal efficiency. To incorporate this strategy with precision, take note of all attendees before encouraging your staff to speak up on any emerging issues. However, it’s advisable not to be too pushy as it may elicit fear as opposed to confidence.


Paul Saunders in Brief


Paul Saunders currently serves as James River Capital’s newest owner. With the aid of Kevin Brandt, the duo pulled out all the stops to purchase the company previously known as KP Futures Management Corp and transformed it into a leading financial investment advisory enterprise. Today, James River Capital has cultivated a reputation for offering unrivaled investment management, commodity trading and much more. Through his insightful leadership and exceptional acumen, Paul Saunders has definitely played a vital role in propelling the company to greater heights.

Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is the chairperson of Splendid Hospitality Group. He earned his position through extensive experience, knowledge, and skills in the hospitality sector. His tenure spanning more than 30 years has groomed him to occupy the position that he does today. It is vital to note that the Splendid Hospitality Group is among the biggest and rapidly expanding restaurants in the United Kingdom. The group of hospitality establishments has acquired a high level of attention from the global community due to the quality services that they offer and the modern facilities that they have established. Read more about Shiraz Boghani at Hospitalitynet

A significant number of their hotels have provided needs that meet the requirements of guests who seek services in their establishments. One of the aspects that make Shiraz Boghani stand out is that he is an individual who has an undying interest in the hospitality industry and is known to get involved in various projects from their start to their development. Under his leadership, the Splendid Hotels Group has continued to experience fast growth. He aids the company buy properties and acquiring franchise deals with other big hotel companies such as the Hilton. Due to his dedication towards providing quality services in the hospitality sector, Shiraz Boghani has earned various prizes. One of the notable awards that he has won is the Asian Business Award in 2016.

Apart from being highly involved in the hospitality industry, Shiraz Boghani is also part of the healthcare industry. About this, he was appointed to be the chairman of Sussex Health Care which is an organization well known for providing nursing and residential care to the Sussex community. His experience in the hotel sector has aided Sussex Health Care to expand. The company has experienced exponential expansion under his leadership.

One of the significant accomplishments of his administration is that Sussex has been able to acquire more nursing homes. Therefore, it is without a doubt that under his direction, Sussex is bound to continue growing and become a more significant part of the nursing home industry. Shiraz Boghani can be termed as an individual whose knowledge in the hospitality and healthcare sector has proved to be instrumental to the companies that he represents.

Learn more:


“Marc Beer: A Catalyst for Change in the Medical Advancement Community “

Part of being human is suffering from human ailments. In fact, there are many types of ailments that do not get the same glamorous coverage as many of the other ailments. While those ailments are important, pelvic floor disorder is an equally important problem for many women all over the world. Often times, these women suffer from the symptoms of pelvic floor disorder such as incontinence on their own. It can promote a sense of shame and isolation for some of them. Renovia is one of the companies that is looking for ways to help alleviate those symptoms. They understand that this can be a very isolating experience and they want to step up and offer a helping hand.


Renovia has been a major force in the pelvic floor disorder industry since they were created. The reason they are so passionate about this project is that millions of women suffer through without relief. Often, they do not feel a sense of empowerment to talk about the problems that they are feeling. It can be a very isolating experience as mentioned before but it doesn’t have to be. Renovia is working on new products that will target muscles on the pelvic floor. Simulation of those muscles may help alleviate symptoms. “Renovia Completes $42.3 Million Series B Financing” is an article discussing their process of securing funding for additional development of this device. The FDA has already reached some approval but Renovia now has a bigger step towards helping people with this disorder.


With so much success Renovia has been drawing attention since it was initially launched in 2016. Founders Yolanda Lorie, Ramon Iglesias, and Marc Beer are responsible for the growing company. Renovia is a major contributor to the diagnostic and therapeutic market for women’s health in the pelvic floor disorder market. They have taken an issue that was considered sensitive and made it a priority in their work. This has put them in the unique position to help women all over the world. It is a truly thrilling time for both the company and those women. One of the major contributors to the initial funding for Renovia is Marc Beer. He was instrumental in securing the initial financing for the company.


As previously stated Marc Beer was instrumental in the formation of Renovia. Marc Beer graduated from Miami University with a bachelor’s degree. He used that time as a stepping stone towards his goals of diagnostic and therapeutic devices that would change the way that women’s health was treated. He went through a time at various institutions such as Abbott Labs. He earned the opportunity to study leadership roles as CEO of these companies. Eventually, he took that knowledge to Renovia. He saw the disparaging research that was being done in the field of pelvic floor disorders and wanted to make a change. Renovia has now become a major catalyst for the treatment of this ailment. Learn more:

Australian Financial Review Award Recipient – Infinity Group

Infinity Group Australia is a financial solutions company located in New South Wales area of Sydney. The company focuses on the needs of consumers in the debt marketplace. The company began as a solution for struggling Australians to deal with basic financial planning and debt reduction. The company was co-founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. The company has experienced rapid growth in the recent years which reflects their demand to meet consumer’s needs for debt resolution and reduction services. The company’s goal is to serve the community by educating individuals on smart, effective ways to manage money and before debt free.


For more than 15 years, Graeme Holm has been involved in the financial services industry. He has a passion for working with people and helping them navigate through life with smart financial moves. He found his job extremely important as the saw a lacking need for honest, reliable financial services for the average Australian family. He found his passion in being able to assist families in the financial sector, where they lacked knowledge and trust. This lead to him co-founding the Infinity Group. Graeme’s prior experience in the banking industry also helped him gain knowledge on how operations function and how to encourage consumer confidence. Graeme and his team works very closely with creditors and borrowers to effectively negotiate debt terms to best serve the families in which they serve.


The Infinity Group commits itself to stellar customer service that reaches every level of its organization. The customer is the most important thing which keeps the business afloat and on top. The company has allowed for clients to reduce debt in astronomical ways such as reducing home loans within months. Debt elimination is one of the company’s main target. They are in the business of helping by providing ways for the average consumer to reduce or eliminate debt while assisting with the management of financial affairs. The company is in a position to be the leader in the financial services industry.


Due to the Infinity Group’s success in the financial marketplace, they were nominated for and AFR (Australian Financial Review) award based on their ability to solve problems based on the needs of their client as well as the resources and processes they have in place. Not only were they nominated for their problem solving needs, but also, the culture of the company, how they use and manage their resources, innovation processes and strategic applications. Community impact was another factor that the committee reviewed when selecting companies among the list. The Infinity Group has had a major impact on the Sydney community and is continuing to strive for deeper impacts.


Founders of the Infinity Group, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker were honored and ecstatic to accept the AFR (Australian Financial Review) award on behalf of the company and all its efforts. The award was offered to Infinity Group who stood in the 58th ranking among thousands of nominees. This award shows the dedication and passion set forth by the company and its mission to serve the Australian community by reducing debt and maintaining a financial freedom. Learn more: