A Pickle-Themed Restaurant That Serves French Dip Sandwiches Will Soon Be Open On The Upper West Side

One of the many good things that NYC has to offer is the huge selection of restaurants that call the city home. A few minutes ago, I read a recent article about a pickle restaurant on the Upper West Side that serves different versions of French dip sandwiches.


Maison Pickle restaurant is slated to open for business on Saturday, January 14, in the Broadway space formerly occupied by Ouest restaurant. The owner of Maison Pickle is Jacob Hadjigeorgis, who also owns another pickle-themed NYC eatery named Jacob’s Pickles, on Amsterdam Avenue.


According to the food article that I just read, Maison Pickle will be offering five variations on the classic French dip sandwich. A French dip sandwich usually consists of sliced roast beef on a French roll with au jus. While that classic version of the sandwich will be served at Maison Pickle, the other varieties certainly have a lot to offer.


Among the varieties of French dip that will be served are one that is topped with seared foie gras, and another that features fried onions and Gruyere fondue. Pork and lamb versions of the sandwich are also available.


In addition to the assortment of French dip sandwiches that will be available at Maison Pickle, the kitchen will producing a range of other dishes. These include gourmet deviled eggs, chicken livers on toast with gravy, beef tartare with spicy aioli and hollandaise, and flounder Rockefeller.


Actually, a nice French dip sandwich can be a delicious item to eat. It sounds like Maison Pickle has some very creative versions on their menu. One thing that I do find to be remarkable, however, is that there really are pickle-themed restaurants.


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