A Sense of Deja Vu Reigns at the Loyal

Originality in the restaurant is always a prized component that helps set an establishment apart from its countless competitors. In the case of a new Manhattan place known simply as the Loyal, the basics seem to be sufficient enough, especially considering the pedigree of the individual running things.

That individual is John Fraser, who has three other restaurants dotted across the Manhattan landscape. Those other entities have all had a strong vegetable-friendly menu, with the Loyal offering at least a portion of that approach. However, meat-eaters will be amenable to trying something on the extensive menu, which can be washed down with ciders or plenty of locally-based beers.

Diners can be confused if they get dizzy trying to read the menu, primarily because everything is listed on a single page. Among the items that might catch the eye of those individuals are things like pumpkin ravioli, mushroom carbonara or a burger known as Loyale with Cheese. In the latter case, the distinct taste of duck fat is represented on the tater tots that come with the burger.

Located on Bleeker Street, the Loyal doesn’t always try to wow its audience, relying on traditional items like strip steaks and mutton chops to provide some comforting sustenance. Plus, the certain level of chaos that’s represented on the busy menu heightens things in a good way since the diner doesn’t always end up having the same experience with each visit.

Once that main meal has been completed, anyone that wants to try the dessert might not be overwhelmed by the level of originality in place or the size of the dessert portion. One positive aspect is that the desserts are delivered in quick fashion. However, the County Fair is something that manages to merge vanilla and fruit in a way that stands out.

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