A Sports Bar That Serves Kosher Food Is Pleasing Plenty of Palates In Manhattan

In recent years, an increasing number of people have been choosing to purchase kosher food products, for various reasons.


According to a current online article, a Manhattan sports bar that opened in 2013 has experienced a large growth in business since the restaurant became a certified Kosher establishment in May of 2016.


Located on 3rd Ave in the Kips Bay section of the city, Promenade Bar and Grill is a 3,400 square-foot venue that features 49 flat-screen TVs, full bar service and a fairly large dining area.


The owners of the restaurant, who are Orthodox Jewish, decided last year that providing kosher food in a sports bar environment was an idea worth pursuing. They shut down the kitchen for a few days, and hired a Kosher certification company to make the kitchen Kosher-compliant.


The process of becoming a certified-Kosher commercial kitchen is multi-faceted, and can be quite costly. Two kosher supervisors, known as mashgiachs had to be hired, new dishes had to be purchased, and new menus had to be printed.


Three types of mini slider sandwiches, wings, sausage egg rolls, and quesadillas are tasty meal-starters at the Promenade. Sushi, nachos, fried pickles, grilled corn, and BBQ glazed salami are other menu-favorites at this Kosher eatery.


The “Dogs” section of the menu at Promenade Bar and Grill features jumbo-size all-beef chipotle sausage, garlic salami sausage, and knockwurst sausage sandwiches served on toasted brioche buns. steaks, salads, pasta and other dishes are also available.


As it turns out, Kosher foods at a sports bar have been a big hit. Hungry diners have been coming from near and far to partake of the delightful Kosher foods being served at this hip spot in Kips Bay.

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