Achievements made by Rodrigo Terpins in Rally field

Rodrigo Terpins is a son to Jack Terpins. Through his life, Rodrigo has achieved much. With the same passion like his father, Rodrigo is one of a team player in Bull Sertões Rally Team. Among the competitors who joined The Sertões Rally, Rodrigo and his team were among the Top 5 competitors who qualified for the race. The Sertões Rally Brazil was marked by 2,600km, and it involved 7stages. This 22nd edition was the longest race which was conducted in two states. With many people in place and high completion, love and passion for racing could help the participants.

The podium was full competitors who summed up to 38. Rodrigo Terpins, his team, happened to get position 8 in the Prototypes T1 category. His promising achievements were scored using car # 326 which he drove with his partner Fabrício Bianchini. According to Rodrigo, he liked the race because it was pleasant. Even though the specialists in the field needed much from them, Rodrigo and his team happen to get ten, and they had 100% use. According to Rodrigo Terpins, the issues involved were hard but Sertões was enjoyable to him. The races were short, and the stages gave the time to reconcile their professional and personal commitments.

As mentioned early, Rodrigo is a son to Jack Terpins. These two people love sports, and they make their living through it. While Jack was passionate about basketball, his son is the best rally driver. Mr. Jack played basketball during his 60s, and he achieved much. During this time, Jack could fight for others in their respective fields. Those were the leadership skills he had.

Rodrigo Terpins acquired all good traits from his father. To start, he is hard working and also a leader like his father. While in the rally competitions, Rodrigo Terpins aims at the best. Currently, Rodrigo Terpins is the head in some big organizations in Brazil. He also helped his brother Michel in achieving his dream rally driving. In short, Rodrigo Terpins is a role model who should be emulated by other rally drivers in the Bull Sertões Rally Team. You can search more about him on Google.

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