Aloha Construction Just Keeps On Growing Through Its Commitment To Excellence:

April of 2017 saw the highly regarded and fully bonded construction firm Aloha Construction look forward to another great season of siding and roofing projects in the northern Illinois region. There was a lot of work to look toward as the region had been hit hard with some intense weather that included high winds, storms and hail. Aloha Construction has just begun a brand new website that is specifically designed to be easy and convenient to use for customers. The company is also excited to begin a new interior restoration service that serves to add more depth to its already robust list of services.


Aloha Construction has been on a steady path of growth since first beginning its operations. The company serves customers in the Illinois and South Wisconsin regions. Aloha Construction’s Chief Executive Officer and President David Farbaky has talked about how the firm’s successes have expanded over the last decade. In 2013, Aloha Construction did a total of 7 thousand projects and in recent years that number has shot up to in excess of 20 thousand. The company’s new interior restoration service will be an expansion of services that have been offered in the past. At this point, company growth for the construction firm has been significant enough to justify creating a dedicated team to offer this new service.


Family owned construction firm Aloha Construction is a general contractor service that excels in a wide range of construction and home restoration services. The company has built its success and steady growth off of a total commitment to customer satisfaction and a desire to make sure that its customers feel safe, secure and happy in their homes.


A quick look on the internet reveals that Aloha Construction has a wealth of positive review from customers who have worked with the firm in the past. A consistent theme that runs through these online reviews is the fact that Aloha Construction always exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond in the call of their professional duties. It is easy to see why so many customers have come to trust Aloha Construction for all of their construction and home restoration needs.

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