Aloha Construction- Redefining home restoration in 2018.

Aloha construction began its journey to where it is today as a roofing company. The family-owned business would over the years expand and branch out to offer more services as demand from clients grew. As they look forward to a new season of the restoration of sidings and roofing as most parts of Northern Illinois, have already dealt with the high winds and storms that characterize the season they are aware that clients will be expecting the same quality of work they have always delivered.

Aloha construction has experts who enable them to offer certain services. These services include


When the company began, this is what they specialized in. They have experts who enable them to take on the various designs available in the market as well as custom designs as per the client’s request. They are also able to work with various roofing materials all fully certified as user-friendly and safe. They have also established good working relationships with material suppliers who are always willing to offer clients the best deals possible.


Sidings not only give the house its aesthetic value but has some functional uses. Sidings are a useful tool for insulation, and it can easily determine how hot or cold your house will get during the respective seasons. Aloha construction has ensured that all its siding technicians are certified to ensure they have the relevant knowledge in the material use and design.


Gutters and roofing go hand in hand. Some people may opt to overlook them, but they can be the difference between peace of mind and water damage. Aloha Construction has always been aware of this fact and to this end have always encouraged their clients to ensure every roofing job is accompanied by the respective gutters.

Sometimes last year Aloha through their CEO announced that they would begin offering interior restoration services. These services have become one of their most successful products and will continue to be part of their catalog going forward. These services are available for those who may be looking to rehabilitate their houses or just change certain aspects such as the creation of more space in rooms by removing, e.g. dividing walls.

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