Amazon’s Disruptive Whole Foods 365 to Open in Brooklyn

Ever since online retail giant purchased Whole Foods from founder John Mackey, the organics sector has been abuzz with rumors over how the natural foods grocer will change under Jeff Bezos’ leadership. On Wednesday, a possible avenue for capturing a lower-income clientele will be launched in New York City. In the quickly gentrifying borough of Brooklyn, there is high demand for affordable and healthy food. That is why Amazon is opening a 30,000 square foot 365 store in the Ashland Place neighborhood, near the Atlantic Terminal and the Barclays Center.

This will essentially be a pilot store for the Amazon’s disruptive grocery concept. The upcoming expansion of the Whole Foods Market 365 franchize is a promising sign for Amazon, which has risen from an online bookstore to the world’s premier online retail. This particular store will have reduced price vegetables, meat, and fish. In addition, it will have a wide selection of craft beers at its “POURiT Authority” self-serve stall.

There are only seven other 365 locations across the country, but Whole Foods is planning on creating more under Amazon’s guidance. This experiment with low-cost natural groceries in an environment where rents are rising will likely bear fruit for Amazon- pun intended. With a large, health-conscious millennial population, Brooklyn is a perfect environment for a whole foods 365 location. The plant-based diet is in vogue with Brooklyn’s hip new population, and this location will undoubtedly help foodies congregate and discover new recipes. It looks like the avocado toast generation will have a new place to buy their food.

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