Charity organizations ply a significant role in assisting the disadvantaged people in society.However, with all the assistance that donors provide, they also need to impose restrictions on how to use the funds. Ubuntu Education Fund is on a mission to stop these unwarranted restrictions.

Ubuntu Education Fund is a charity organization that is based in South Africa’s Port Elizabeth area. Andrew Rolfe’s started the fund to cater for underprivileged children in the area. The organizations’ chief executive officer noticed that although the charity had several grants, the money wasn’t helping the intended group of children. This is because the donors wanted to dictate where the funds would end up.

Due to this donor control, the Ubuntu Education Fund doesn’t accept any funds from individuals or societies that have any hidden agenda. As a result of this, the fund now has a leaner amount of money for its budget. However, this hasn’t impaired it from carrying out its mandate of helping vulnerable children in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

About Ubuntu-education fund

Andrew Rolfe’s had the idea of starting the Ubuntu Education Fund as a charity organization that deals with improving the lives of vulnerable children. Through its unique model, the fund whose chairman is Andrew Rolfe collaborates with various underprivileged communities and families to improve the lives of children. The nonprofit organization provides education and health for the children to ensure that their lives are consistent from infancy to working status.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Education Fund. This philanthropist plays a big role In his capacity as a chairman to ensure that the charity organization runs smoothly. The entrepreneur also works for TowerBrook Capital Partners.

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