Anthony Petrello; A Top CEO And Exceptional Leader

Anthony Petrello commonly referred to as “Tony,” is the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries Ltd, a position he has held since 1991.

Before joining Nabors in 1979, Mr. Petrello worked at Baker & McKenzie, a law firm, focusing on corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. As the CEO of Nabors, he provides direction to the company through strategic planning, enabling the company to thrive in its competitive environment.

Having served at Nabors for over 30 years, Anthony Petrello was appointed the CEO after Mr. Eugene Isenberg, the former CEO, stepped down. Mr. Petrello has gained a lot of skills and experience while running Nabors Industries. Since being appointed the chief executive officer of Nabors, the company’s share prices shot up almost to double their previous price. Anthony Petrello has fostered a healthy relationship with investors contributing substantially to the oil company’s success.

Nabors Industries Ltd is a drilling contractor focusing on oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling. The company operates the largest land-based drilling rig fleet in the world and is a leading provider of offshore drilling services in the United States and the entire world. Through its advanced drilling services and its highly skilled staff, Nabors continues setting higher standards in the oil drilling industry.

Anthony Petrello’s outstanding work at Nabors Industries has made him an exemplary CEO, President, and chairman of the board of directors. His responsibilities for the company involves formulating strategic plans for the organization, leading the executive team and ensuring that programs are implemented. Mr. Petrello is also responsible for recruiting the company’s top staff and providing a link between potential investors and existing investors. Fostering teamwork, one of Mr. Petrello great virtues, ensures Nabors Industries Ltd achieves its financial goals and visions.

Anthony Petrello is a Harvard Law School graduate with a degree in JD; he also holds a post graduate degree in Mathematics from Yale University. His freshman-year college roommate, Lloyd Grove described him as a smart math whiz who was always working to proving mathematical theorems, operating at a genius level at the age of 18. According to Grove, Tony’s thick Jersey accent and his eager demeanor made him stand out amongst the student population.

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