Anthony Petrello’s Exceptional Leadership And Generous Heart

You don’t have to be an investor or have a keen interest in the oil and gas industry for you to know him. When you hear of some of the top paid chief executive officers in the nation his name pops up. Anthony Petrello is his name.

A charismatic leader and a kind and generous philanthropist. He was named the best paid CEO in 2013 and in 2014 as well. He is the current chief executive officer and president at Nabors Industries, one of the largest oil companies in the nation. Petrello also serves as the chairman of the board and of the executive committee of the board since 2012.

At Nabors Industries, he is responsible for the all the operations of the company. He makes sure that the managers and his subordinates’ commitment is to fulfilling the mission and the goals of the company. Additionally, he is also responsible for initiating strategic plans and making sure that they are implemented as planned. He is also the driving force and spearheads the company into various other negotiations. Petrello ensures that the company remains competitive and especially remains at the number one position in the industry. Under his visionary leadership, he has helped the company achieve growth and development.

He has worked at different positions at Nabors. He first joined the company in 1991 as one of the directors and executive committee member of the board. In addition to his current position, in 2003 he was the deputy chairman of the company which increased his ratings as one of the executive leaders of the company. Prior to Nabors Tony Petrello worked with the Baker & McKenzie where he dealt with corporate law and international arbitration of the firm.

Petrello’s career growth and advancement s can be attributed to his education background. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Law School, where he scooped his J.D Degree. He is obtained his M.S and B.S in Mathematics from Yale University. This, together with his passion and desire to achieve more, are some of the things that pushes Petrello to the leader he is today in the industry.

Besides his exceptional leadership, he is also an active philanthropist. He has invested resources to Texas Children Hospital and Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, with the intention of supporting research that help children with neurological conditions and disorders. Together with his wife Cynthia Petrello, they are hopeful that children with these disorders will have a better shot at life.

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