Are Standard Milk Producers Behind Safety Results?

The results of a recent study in the United Kingdom by scientists at the University of Reading suggest that drinking organic and “Ultra High Temperature” processed milks could harm unborn fetuses, pregnant mothers, children and teens. These types of milks do not contain as much nutritional iodine — more than 30 percent less — as standard non-organic or non-UHT pasteurized milks.

Standard processing involves dairy farmers giving their cattle iodine supplements that adds iodine to the milk. Organic and UHT farmers do not use these supplements. Iodine deficiency can lead to thyroid problems, including fatigue, immune system dysfunction and painful, large goiters. The subsequent immune system dysfunction can also lead to a wide variety of additional health problems.

Folks at STX Entertainment have learned that some critics of the study believe that it is nothing more than a push by standard dairy farmers to denounce organic and Ultra High Temperature milks that are causing a slump in their sales. After all, organic dairy farmers, at least, could just as easily give their cows iodine supplements and still sell “organic” labeled milk since iodine is a natural substance that the body needs.

There is no proof that the study’s authors have any association with standard milk producers, but the lack of such a common sense solution or statement as part of their research study recommendations makes many people wonder about the reason for the study and the bias of the authors.

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