Atomix Ready to Take Off in Korean Fine Dining Sector

Eating Korean food in New York City means running into different takes on this ethnic cuisine as well as a wide range of pricing considerations. For those who want the very best in Korean food and are willing to shell out some serious cash, the May 30 opening of Atomix appears like it may make for an interesting option.


When the doors open, two groups of 16 diners will sit at a chef’s counter and be able to partake in 10 courses over the span of their dining experience. Considering that some of the options available include such things as wagyu beef, caviar and langoustine, the $175 tasting price tag makes much more sense. For those who like some liquid refreshment, they have the option of choosing to partake in a beverage that will add $135 to the bill.


The husband-and-wife partners that helped bring Atomix and two predecessors to life are Junghyun and Ellia Park. Junghyun whips up these delicious menu items, while Ellia manages the place. In the background is Hand Hospitality, which has put its money into Asian=focused restaurants during its investment life.


Even before sitting down to dine on such meals as sea bream with uni and the combination of smoked eel, fermented-soybean paste and eggplant, diners can be feted properly. Cocktails can be enjoyed in a lounge that’s located upstairs, with snacks available to keep the hunger pangs at bay. One of those snacks comes from another of the Park’s thriving establishments, Atoboy, which is known for its fried chicken.


For those really wanting to be unique, the opportunity to choose the chopsticks that will be used is available. These are ones that stand out from the standard-issue items that are found everywhere else, one more indication of Atomix’s goal of setting themselves apart.

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