Avaaz Campaigns to Prevent Monsanto from Maintaining Their Grip on the World

Avaaz is campaigning to break the grip of Monsanto on the world. They believe politics are being poisoned, the future of the planets food is in serious jeopardy, and one mega-company has been gradually taking control of the food supply on a global basis. They feel the only way to prevent this from happening is to expose and then break the grip of Monsanto.

Monsanto is a chemical giant and responsible for poisons including DDT and Agent Orange. The company is extremely profitable and Avaaz questions their business practices. They have developed seeds with genetic modifications designed to resist pesticides. Once the seeds have been patented farmers are prohibited from replanting and investigations are conducted by undercover agents. The farmers who have not complied are then sued.

Monsanto has spent millions making contributions to political campaigns lobbying officials of governments, and placing the bigwigs from Monsanto into high level government jobs. This helps weaken any regulations standing in the way of Monsanto pushing their goods throughout the world. Avaaz has had enough and their members have joined forces to protect the world. Flickr Photos.

The laws of the United States allow unlimited spending to influence policies and this means purchasing specific laws is possible. Biotech giants including Monsanto spent $45 million last year killing a ballot initiative allowing California to label GMO products. This was despite the 82 percent of Americans who made it clear they wanted to know which products were GM.

The Monsanto Protection Act was recently rammed through and blocked the courts from banning product sales that were not properly approved by the government. Avaaz is trying to take away Monsanto’s power to dominate the world and they are starting to see positive results. Whenever Avaaz become aware of corruption or desperate need in the world they take a stand.

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