Avaaz Wins Their Fight Against Corruption in Brazil

As corruption continued to increase in Brazil, Avaaz fought for the people. The Clean Record Law was proposed in 2010. This law would stop any politician with a criminal record from running for an office. When Avaaz was informed by one of the politicians being investigated for corruption the law would not pass, they gathered their forces. They began with a petition half a million people signed, began an advocacy campaign, and burned up the phone lines. The politicians continued to try to delay the bill but within a few hours calls were flooding the offices of Avaaz.

The fight lasted for months, but Avaaz had the support of the major media networks in the country. The Clean Record law did eventually pass, and the vote was nearly unanimous. Thousands of potentially corrupt politicians were prevented from running for office, and the situation was deemed a revolution. Academic studies, the leaders of civil society and the MP’s all enthusiastically acknowledged the important role played by the members of Avaaz. After Avaaz had been campaigning for fourteen months, it was declared unconstitutional for election candidates to accept corporate funding. The street protests and social media campaigns of Avaaz were an outstanding success.

In 2016, Avaaz took on Eduardo Cunha, considered one of the main sources of corruption. Despite numerous warnings he was too powerful, Avaaz would not back down. More than 1.3 million Avaaz members demanded Cunha be fired by the national Ethics Committee. The allies of Cunha rallied to block the vote, but Avaaz shamed the officials shielding him, and the most important voters were barraged with direct messages and phone calls. Eduardo Cunha was given no option other than to resign, and he was prevented from running again for eight years. A short time later, he was placed under arrest.

Due to the efforts of Avaaz, there is no doubt no politician should be allowed to perpetrate corruption on the people.

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