Beebe’s Dough is In the Know

The idea of opening up a pizza place in New York might seem to be foolish, given the mountain of competitors that any newcomer would face. Yet Lou Tomczak believes that Beebe’s in Long Island City will be unique enough to deliver regular patrons as well as guests of the Boro Hotel, where the new establishment opened up in mid-March.

Extended proofing and fermentation of the dough serves as one of the centerpieces of this strategy. Combining that with thin coverage around the edges makes the base soft enough to almost melt in the mouth, with rapid delivery of each pie the result of a 700-degree blast of heat for up to four minutes.

That gives more of a Staten Island vibe to the pizza, yet it’s distinct enough to stand on its own. Specials for each season will be one of the hallmarks, with squash this fall coming right after pesto during the summer months. In addition, the Campfire will blend pizza staples mushroom and olive oil with the dual impact of Pecorino and smoked mozzarella.

The sausage that goes on these pizza will be fresh and made in-house, guaranteeing that attention to detail on all options is in place. Tomczak’s previous efforts at pizza had a square look to them, while these efforts will be more traditionally round, with another nod to old-school pizza-making being the hint of pies made within coal-oven stoves.

Yet to simply call Beebe’s a pizza place wouldn’t do justice to the all-day serving that will take place. Breakfasts will have things like a han-and-cheese melt, while heartier meals later in the day will offer up things like the combination of arugula and chicken Milanese. Those with sweet tooths will be wise to take advantage of things like Nutella bread pudding and different cheesecakes.

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