Behind the scenes of the life of the finance titan, Wes Edens.

Wesley Robert Edens, commonly referred to as Wes Dens is a name whose mention commands a lot of respect thanks to his achievement and high profile career. He is a man with many prominent tags but one of the most common ones is that he is a co-founder of the renowned asset management firm known as Fortress investment group. He is quite prominent in the society but his journey to being one of the co-founders of a successful asset management firm did not happen overnight.

Career Background

After graduating from Oregon State University where he received his B.S in Finance and business administration in 1984 Wes Edens started his journey to success at the Lehman Brothers where he served as the managing director in 1987. He later moved on to several other renowned companies such as Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney and Black rock, before he finally began what would be one of the most successful private equities in the finance arena in 1987. He did this in conjunction with five other financial veterans and as such it was no doubt that the firm would become one of the best because all of them were already familiar with the ropes of managing a business.However, it was not always sunshine and rainbow for Wes Edens and his partners because Fortress Investment group too was affected by the major financial crisis that took place in the late 1990’s. Fortunately, with his skills and with his partners behind him, Wes was able to steer the companies out of the murky waters and within a short span of time, the company experienced tremendous success becoming one of the leaders in asset management, liquid markets and the other sectors it operates.

 Net Worth

All the massive success gained at Fortress Investment meant that its founding team too would take home fat checks and Mr. Edens was no exception. Today he is one of the wealthiest people in the world and is even on the list of very-high earning private equity executives as he takes home approximately $54.4 million annually. He also ranks 962 in Forbes list of world billionaires with a net worth of over $1.2 billion. All his success is self-made and has not been on a silver platter but as a result of hardworking, resilience and a positive attitude.

Other Interests

Besides Fortress Investment, Wes Edens is a sports lover and as such he is heavily involved in the sector and in 2014, Edens in partnership with Marc Lasry completed the acquisition of the famous Milwaukee Bucks’ this has enabled him to be actively involved with sports and again thanks to his excellent leadership, the team has been performing incredibly well.Even with all his wealth, Wes Edens is a man with a big heart and still appreciates the power of humble beginnings and education which is why he is an avid giver. For instance, to date, Wes has given more than $2.7 million to charity and also educational facilities to ensure that everyone in the community gets access to quality education and life. He is also a regular figure at charity and public events where he helps shape future generations with his financial and life acumen through public talks.

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