Behold the Spaghetti Doughnut

An order of spaghetti is a common facet of the daily dining experience, whether it occurs at home or in a restaurant. Much the same can be said when it comes to the doughnut, which is often enjoyed with a cup of coffee while sitting at the kitchen table or within the confines of one of the countless examples in the New York area.


The thought of somehow merging the two disparate foods into one seems not only odd, but impossible. Yet that’s just what’s taken place in Brooklyn, with a food market vendor venturing into new territory with the spaghetti doughnut.


Pop’s Pasta not-so-secret recipe consists of spaghetti remnants that’s been cooked with cheese and eggs that is then crafted into the shape of a doughnut. This place, which is located within the Smorgasburg food market, could very well create an experience that will likely intrigue as many people as it revolts.


This is in effect a spaghetti pie, which Pop’s makes in the Neopolitan tradition. Much like its Italian counterpart, the pizza, this option in round in nature and made to be served individually in slices.


In the latter category, the wonders of social media have already offered many people their say, even if they’ve never actually sampled the product in question. The mere thought of a tangy and iconic Italian dish being transplanted into the shape of a sweet snack will inevitably cause confusion for some.


Some of those offering comments on Twitter have expressed a willingness to commit physical violence against anyone daring enough to try a spaghetti donut. Others simply have no interest in venturing into uncharted areas of cuisine.


The reality is that the only actual connection to the doughnut is the traditional circular shape that generations of people have come to know. There’s no mad scientist approach that seeks to somehow make a sugar-based pasta.


Trying to eat spaghetti by hand goes against all the standard rules of etiquette, yet this new option allows it to be offered on festive occasions with a minimum of cleanup.



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