Bernardo Chua: Champion of Health

In a world that is becoming more unhealthy by the minute, there are few people that are finding and presenting ways to be healthy. They are not only showing people how to be healthy, they are also making it easier to be healthy. Often times, healthiness is associated with blandness or boredom. It is often more exciting to consume the less healthy products. Among the products that are often deemed unhealthy is coffee. Fortunately, Bernardo Chua, one of the promoters of health, have found a way to bring one of the healthiest ingredients to the public. He has even put it in a tasty beverage, which is coffee.

Bernardo Chua has founded Organo Gold in order to sell coffee with the ingredient called ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient herb found in various parts of Asia. It is often used for medicine. He is using the great tasting beverage of coffee in order to help distribute this healthy ingredient throughout the world. For one thing, ganoderma is filled with many healing agents. People who consume this herb find themselves in much greater health than without the herb. Bernardo Chua is very passionate about getting this herb out to people so that they can experience the health benefits.

Bernardo Chua has won a lot of awards which include 5 people’s choice awards for his coffee. He has also expanded his company to many different territories. Among the latest and most significant territories he has expanded to is Turkey, the home of the first coffeehouse in the 15th century. Bernardo Chua would of course be willing to bring his coffee to the place where people started drinking coffee. Organo Gold continues to be gain recognition for all of the health benefits it offers people to go along with such a great tasting beverage.

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