Bob Reina Of Talk Fusion Is Pathing The Way For Advancements In Technology

When you think about a successful CEO, what comes to mind? Do you imagine a successful, friendly, down to earth CEO or do you imagine a CEO who is somber or unrelatable? If so, you have not come across Bob Reina.


Talk Fusion Founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, he is one of the nicest, coolest and relatable guys there is in the position of CEO. Bob is usually found sitting on the floor petting the rescue dog, Bindi. He welcomes Bindi into his staff meetings as well as while he is sitting behind his desk while hard at work. He will be one minute on his phone making an international phone call and making sure that the company is running smoothly. He is often found to be heading out of the office fist bumping the new hires while heading out of the office while asking if they are getting the hang of their jobs.


When Bob worked for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, Bob Reina was a deputy before he then became involved in direct sales. It was then that he decided to start his own networking and marketing while still in the police department.


While Bob Reina was first starting out within the direct selling market more than 20 years ago, Bob was still working as a police officer full time. In order for Bob to make any added money each month was through the use of odd jobs. He had made his own share of mistakes before he was able to lead a comfortable lifestyle. He knew that by sticking with it, he would be able to one day be able to have a lifestyle where he did not have to work as hard or as many hours. Learn more:


It wasn’t long before Bob was the leading salesman in his field. He then realized that there was an area in networking that was being avoided. That area was the use of video email. For Bob, America Online told him it was going to be impossible while Bob didn’t believe that. He knew he would be able to make it happen one day- and he did.


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