Bouley at Home Set to Educate Diners

New York City diners who go out for a good meal and are willing to pay for it will be opening up their wallets have a new option available beginning on November 2. That’s when Bouley at Home opens up, though in this case, there will be one unmistakable absence that will be immediately detected by those individuals.

That’s because David Bouley’s new 1,600-square-foot establishment in the Flatiron district will not be using any servers. Instead, each table at the restaurant will be equipped with drawers at each seat that will have silverware inside. The meals will be served from an open kitchen, with diners having the ability to ask the chef questions about their specific order.

The instructive nature of this concept will include cooking techniques that are presented on monitors at each of those tables. In addition, producer comments about each dish will be streamed throughout a meal. Bouley at Home will also encompass a food lab and cooking school, with catering options and the presence of an in-house bakery also in evidence. In the latter case, the bakery is a work-in-progress.

Those facets, coupled with each meal covering eight to 10 courses, help explain why the price of a meal will be $225, with those arriving for lunch paying $75 for their experience. Those prices are set even before any drinks are ordered and any tips being offered. One of the selling points besides the educational component is the air of exclusivity that’s provided to diners, with just 24 seats available to those with the requisite finances

The only days that the restaurant will not be open are Sunday and Monday, with each of the other five days having eight different seatings over the course of that day. Reservations are taken over the Bouley at Home’s website.

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