Cafe Altro Paradiso Plunges Into the Burger Battle

The burger wars that have populated the restaurant industry for the past decade are a far cry from the days when such fare was considered one of the last considered portions of a menu. Now, the continuing quest to take burgers to the next level is once again taking center stage at Café Altro Paradiso.


The reason that the men in control of the restaurant, Ignacio Mattos and Anthony Coffey, decided to go this route is because the establishments is now expanding beyond regular dinner service. Now, the hungry lunch crowd that comes through the doors from Tuesday through Saturday will be able to sample the new offerings and see if the burger tops the countless ones available elsewhere.


Mattos is known for taking the simple and crafting something much more imaginative when it comes to beef. The combination of dehydrated beets and steaks that have been dry-aged is one example, with beef tartares filled with sunchoke chips yet another. In short, sophisticated palates should expect to be surprised.


From the looks of things, Mattos is aiming big, with house-ground beef that’s been packed loosely. Within that beef will be a combination flavor that evokes rosemary, fish sauce and chile oil, while Gorgonzola cheese is placed on top of the brioche bun that’s had some mayonnaise applied to its toasted bun. To complete this heady mix, radicchio mostarda made with balsamic and sugar is applied.


With that much effort put into every burger by Mattos & Company, it stands to reason that the cost involved will end up being more than your standard Big Mac. The price of $22 might scare some people off, yet burger connoisseurs will likely be unable to avoid the temptation of seeing if their taste buds end up giving it a thumbs up.



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