Capital Group of Companies Changes in the Top Management

Timothy D Armour is the current Chairman, portfolio manager, and the Chief executive officer of Capital group as well as the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management company, Inc.Timothy has a 33 years experience in investment all in the Capital Group. Timothy holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. After school, Tim kicked off his career as a participant in the capital group Associate Programme. After years of hardwork and dedication, Tim rose up employment levels from being a junior analyst to an investment director in the Capital Group.

In 2015, the board elected Timothy Armour as the president of the Capital Group after the demise of Jim who had been serving Capital Group in the same position as the chairman. Timothy said that Capital Group would continue to uphold their years’ quality service to its clients as the success of the Group did not merely lie on one person but collective talents of every individual in the company with the collective goal of being the best and giving the best to the clients.

Timothy Armour affirmed that in his tenure, he would expand the investment management services and increase the number of customers above the current number. Timothy Armour together with the Capital Research and Management president, Rob Lovelace, together with Phil de Toledo, the President of the capital group will work together to set the pace and input business strategies that will move the Capital Group of Companies to higher heights.

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Recently, Capital Group of Companies received an A rating from Stewardship Grade for American Funds issued by Janet Young, a certified financial analyst. The firm overall grade is determined by considering fund board quality, corporate culture, fund manager incentives, and regulatory history. A company that fulfills all these aspects receives grade A.

According to Janet, Capital Group of Companies received the grade as it met all the stated points. She said that Capital Group and its subsidiary had been the best among other groups in the stewards of investors’ capital. In her analysis, she said that with the company having a net worth of $1.4 trillion in assets, over eight decades of history in operation, and over 7,000 employees, Capital Group has proved to be an enduring Company and deserved the Grade. With Tim in the Board of Directors and as the leader, Janet believes that Capital Group will Maintain the grade and surpass the clients’ expectations about the group.

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