Cassio Audi One of the Most Well-Known Business Executives in Brazil with Successful Past in Music Industry

While Cassio Audi is currently regarded as one of the most reputed and successful businessmen and financial executive, very few people do know about his musical past. He is one of the well-known musicians in the Brazilian music industry and is the co-founder of the band named Viper, which was one of the most prominent metal bands in Brazil in the 1990s. The name of the band he co-founded was Viper, which went on to become a massive sensation in Brazil. Some of the songs that Viper composed were in English, which gave the band and its huge member popularity overseas as well, particularly among the lovers of Metal music.


Cassio Audi was a drummer in the band Viper, and he helped in giving the band its unique identity and sound. At the time of the formation of the band, Cassio Audi was very young. However, due to the sheer talent of Cassio Audi, he became to known as a legendary drummer alongside famous drummers like Ivan Busic and Jean Dolabella. The first album released by Viper was known as Soldiers of Sunrise, which featured songs like Killer, Nightmare, Princess from Hell, and others. These metal songs are considered classic creation today in Brazil and are loved by the fans of the metal genre. The group formed by Cassio Audi was primarily inspired by the metal band named Iron Maiden, which was a global sensation. Viper followed the footsteps of Iron Maiden and was hugely successful in gaining a massive base of loyal patrons in Brazil and across the globe.

Cassio Audi is currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he is a successful financial executive. Over the years, Cassio Audi has helped many companies achieve their financial goals through his economic insight and expertise. He has done his graduation in business administration from the reputed university of Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University.

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