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How White Shark Media Has Reaped Big From Customer Complaints

Many investors would shrink at the sight of negative customer feedback or general complaints, but this is not something that is worth running away from. In fact, complaints can work in favor of your business if they are picked and applied in the right manner.

This is highlighted in the way White Shark Media handles customer complaints. The sight of complaints by the company is a benefit to them since it works like a way to recommend ideas that can make them better.

Part of the growth White Shark has achieved is from the complaints that were posted by customers expressing their views about certain areas that needed changes. Below are some of the comments posted and how the company applied the information to its advantage.

“I cannot keep in touch with my campaign”

This is something that was communicated clearly by many customers and the underlying issue here was the reporting procedures. Customers alleged that the platform did not offer sufficient or reliable reporting procedures that could help them follow-up on their AdWords campaigns.

According to Glassdoor, White Shark Media enhanced the platform to allow customers to understand the ins and outs of every campaign they launch. Understanding the campaign before it sets in allows one to know where to head for the performance review of a specific ad or keyword.

“The communication is not good enough”

Every consultancy agency is supposed to offer sufficient tools for communication, but this may sometimes prove a challenge especially when the company is young. In the early days of White Shark Media, there were no sufficient communication channels, so customers either complained about delays or lack of ways to express their needs.


This feedback was received and turned into ideas. White Shark media organized a monthly status call scheduling with GoTomeeting and introduced the direct phone extensions, all which have made communication easier and better.

“I need the campaign to remain in my hands”

Initially, all new campaigns would be managed on a separate account created by the company, but many customers did not like this idea. They wanted to be allowed to link new campaigns with previous ones on the same account, which ensures previous progress is not lost.

If an existing campaign was doing well and discontinued due to the fact you wanted to create a new one, the process seemed counterproductive since the account had good history that could be useful in new campaigns.

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