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Goettl Air Conditioning: They Have Returned

In life today, the world needs more feel-good stories. Feel-good stories make the world, well, feel good! That might seem like an oversimplification of things, but it is true. One of the best feel-good stories in recent memory is the return of Goettl Air Conditioning. They were purchased by Ken Goodrich back in 2013 and now in 2017, they are on a roll and it looks like nothing is going to stop them or get in their way. They have their heads on straight, they have the right man in charge, and they have the best air conditioning crew in the business. They have a crew that goes the extra mile.


After all, this is what Ken Goodrich does better than anyone and that cannot be argued. He takes companies that have reached a lull or hit a bump in the road and he improves them, fixes them, and repairs them. It is much the same way that Goettl Air Conditioning does for its customers. One of the ways Ken Goodrich goes about doing that is communication. Now, this might seem like something that is rather obvious to others, but people would be amazed at how often does this does not happen.


That is how people get lost and that is how people are not on the same page in terms of how to go about getting a company or anything for that matter back on track. That is why Ken Goodrich preaches communication and he has an open door policy. He wants his employees to feel as though they can come to him with ways to improve the company or any issues they are having. The sooner that things are talked about, the sooner solutions can be found for a particular company. Everyone is a winner in that case.