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Learn the Impact Cassio Audi Has Made In the Rock Music Industry

For any group to succeed, there must be someone willing to go an extra mile to help it realize its goals. Although the success is accorded to the entire group, there is always someone who gives himself more to ensure the group succeeds in its endeavors. Cassio Audi is one of such persons. Many people today associate him with the financial industry. However, he is also a talented musician who was a paramount member of Viper Rock Band. The group composed and performed rock music. Cassio was a drummer in the group. He enrolled in the group immediately after high school and worked tirelessly for the success of the group.


Cassio Audi participated in the group for nine years. He left the group to concentrate with his studies at the university. As a musician, Cassio took his duties seriously. He ensured that musical instruments were taken care of and maintained in good condition. He was involved in many live performances held by the group to make its music known globally. Apart from being a drummer, Cassio also composed songs. Some of his songs are part of the group’s official album.

Many groups fail to go far due to lack of dedication. Cassio Audi did not allow this to happen to his group. As a dedicated group member, he challenged the group members to perform to their level best. He helped his group to release two music albums. The first album was an official one while the second one was a do album. Lovers of rock music received the albums with much enthusiasm. This made the group popular, and its fans grew tremendously.

The role Cassio played in the music field will forever be remembered. You cannot talk about the history of rock music and fail to mention him as one of the persons who pioneered heavy metal genre and rock music in the region. The group was the best at the time in entire Latin America. This would not have been possible without the input of professionals musicians like Cassio.

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