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Andy Wirth Is Helping Make Lake Tahoe An Easier Place To Visit

Skiing is a fun activity that many people happen to love doing. In order to ski, it is often necessary to travel to certain places. One of the most famous place to ski is Lake Tahoe. The many resorts of Lake Tahoe can be hard to get to directly.

One person, Andy Wirth wants to make the process of traveling to and from this area easier for all visitors. This is why he has decided to oversee the construction of an entirely brand new gondola system between two of the most famous resorts in the region, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. His hope is that this gondola will make it easier to visit both lovely areas.

A Base-to-Base Gondola

As mentioned in a piece that was published in Powder Magazine, a magazine devoted to the world of skiing and all activities related to it, the gondola is currently in the process of completion. Such a connection appears to make a great deal of sense from multiple point of view. The two mountain resorts are close together.

They are so close that one can easily be seen from the other one. However, in the past, getting from one to the other has been a cumbersome process that can take a great deal of time. This is where the gondola should make it so much easier for all those who are going to visit either resort.

Visionary Leadership

Andy Wirth is the Chief Operating Officer of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows resort. In this capacity, he has been responsible for efforts that have helped bring the region into the rank of both nationally and internationally renowned resorts.

He knows that it is imperative to offer an experience that is truly wonderful for all those who visit this region. As a result of his efforts, many changes have been made to the entire area. Such changes have been part of his love of the outdoors. He loves sports of all, especially outdoor sports such as skiing.

Bring The Resort Forward

Above all, Andy Wirth is committed to this region. He loves the beauty of the area. His aim is to help bring more people here to go skiing so they can also enjoy what the region has to offer. As the head of one of the area’s most important resorts, he has been instrumental in bringing changes to this part of the world.

His efforts include expanded transportation networks as well as efforts to welcome skiers of all skill levels and backgrounds to the slopes here. He comes to this area with a sense of wonder as he was a wilderness ranger in his younger days, a role he hopes to continue today.

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