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Whitney Wolfe-Herd Challenges Match Group To A Fight

Feminist dating app Bumble and online dating behemoth Match Group are locked in a bitter war with each other. The two dating applications have officially declared their relationship “complicated,” and it looks as though the war will be a long and bloody one. Each company has filed a lawsuit against the other citing various reasons, but most notably copyright infringement, stolen confidential information, and fraudulent behavior.

To make matters even more complicated is the intricate history Bumble has with Tinder, a subsidiary of Match Group. Bumble’s founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe-Herd is the former co-founder and vice president of marketing for Tinder.

She left the company in 2014 after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former boss and boyfriend, Justin Mateen. The suit was settled out of court for an estimated $1 million, but that doesn’t mean that Whitney Wolfe-Herd’s struggles were over just yet.

After the kerfuffle with Tinder, Wolfe founded Bumble, a women-centric dating app, where ladies were encouraged to “Make the first move.” Wolfe’s inspiration was empowering women, giving them a safe space to approach the opposite sex with confidence and ease. “Women should be able to do that without shame, guilt or blame,” Wolfe later stated to Biz Journals.

As it turns out, the online dating world needed exactly that. Bumble’s growth has been tremendous over the last few years, with more than 30 million users by 2018. “We took great strides in 2016 towards changing the stereotypical gender dynamics in dating. Women made the first move more than 200 million times on Bumble,” the company would later announce.

Whitney Wolfe-Herd has fundamentally changed the online dating world, empowered women, and seemingly made the process of finding love less stressful and more delightful. With such a successful launch, it was only a matter of time before the Salt Lake City native would find her own fairytale ending.

In September 2017, the mogul would marry longtime boyfriend and Texas oil heir, Michael Herd in a lavish ceremony in Positano, Italy.

Soon other suitors would be knocking on Wolfe-Herd’s door. Namely, Match Group the online dating behemoth which owns sites like, PlentyofFish, OkCupid, and of course Tinder.

Match Group began courting Bumble in the summer of 2017 with an offer to buy the dating service and fold it into its other online dating subsidiaries. When Match Group made an offer of $450 million dollars, Wolfe-Herd turned the offer down, stating the that Match Group had “lowballed,” her company’s worth.

Indeed this may have been the case, considering that Bumble at the time had obtained a valuation of nearly $1 billion. This is when things took a turn for the worst. In early March of this year, Match Group filed a lawsuit in Texas stating that Bumble violated two of its copyright patents, and may have stolen “confidential information related to proposed Tinder features.”

Match Group claims that former Tinder employees, turned Bumble executives, Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick stole secret information from Tinder, including information about the apps design patent, the famous swipe-to-connect feature.

Not to be intimidated or backed into a corner, Bumble countersued later in the month, arguing that Match Group interfered with its business operations through fraudulent means. Bumble was seeking $400 million in damages.

Bumble claims that Match Group’s lawsuit is an attempt to hurt Bumble’s chances of selling equity investment or the company altogether. In the complaint, Bumble stated, “Unwilling to pay fair value for Bumble, Match tried to poison Bumble in the investment market by filing bogus intellectual property claims to wrongfully disparage the Bumble platform.”

Additionally, Whitney Wolfe and company wrote an extensive reply to the Match Groups lawsuit on its website, stating “We swipe left on you. We swipe left on your multiple attempts to buy us, copy us, and, now, to intimidate us. We’ll never be yours. No matter the price tag, we’ll never compromise our values.”

A bold and strong statement from a company comprised mostly of women, and headed by one of the most empowering women in today’s era. Whitney Wolfe-Herd continues to inspire despite the challenges facing her.

In fact, she’s looking toward the future, further developing Bumble BFF, a platonic offshoot of Bumble that focuses on connections between women. And Bumble Bizz which is looking to give LinkedIn a run for its money.

The valuation of Bumble continues to increase and does the number of users. Wolfe-Herd has a lot to be proud of, the lawsuits are only a step in the right direction not only for her but women everywhere who refuse to be bullied especially in the era of #MeToo.

Wolfe-Herd continues to change the conversation about women and women in business and her David vs. Goliath struggle with Match Group will show that women-led businesses can challenge the male-dominated world of business and win. Not bad for an International Studies major from Southern Methodist University. Whitney Wolfe-Herd is an inspiration to every woman.

How Envoy Boosts Productivity By Using OneLogin Software

Software company, Envoy has made big strides in productivity thanks to a collaboration with another software and tech company called OneLogin. Envoy, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California designs computer programs that let visitors to an office login into company and business systems using an ipad. Its software has helped eliminate the need for logbooks which can end up being inaccurate, lost and even insecure at times.

Envoy has now automated many of the login steps as well as registration needed to access company and business enterprise systems. Also included in the automation process are things such as visitor badges, photos, digital NDA and notifications to the host. This technology is now utilized all over Silicon Valley and beyond. It is popular with the the tech field and startups because it fosters productivity and enhances security at the same time.

Despite all of its pros, Envoy does have some things which it can improve. This is why it teamed up with OneLogin. Together they addressed the issue of moving employees across a company, into a company and out of a company’s IT infrastructure. When people moved into, across or out of a company, IT staff would have to update the systems and applications all over the IT infrastructure. The process proved to be time consuming, costly and a hassle.

Out of this need, both Envoy and OneLogin developed a system called SCIM or System for Cross-domain Identity Management. This new system provides some automation for things such as user provisioning. It helps streamline the flow of employees across, into and out of a company by letting key data be imported automatically into applications where employees are now assigned or have left.

Another neat feature of the SCIM is that system wide updates will occur as the profile of an employee or user changes. This frees up the IT staff tremendously and will save them an incredible amount of time that would otherwise have been spent updating individual applications separately and across the system. The new SCIM feature from OneLogin is available for Envoy Premium and Enterprise customers and can be easily integrated with existing accounts and IT infrastructure.

Talk Fusion Accepts Second Big Award

Talk Fusion was established by CEO Bob Reina back in the 2007. Since then the company has skyrocketed in terms of growth in order to become one of the most dependable and popular all in one video marketing solutions on the entire internet. This popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by the press or other big agencies either, as Talk Fusion has proudly announced another big award to add to their cabinet: The 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award.

Communications Solutions presents their Product of the Year Award to companies that they feel perfectly embody the the spirit and drive associated with creating services for video and data communications. Not only do they look at the integrity of a company, Communications Solutions also looks at just how advanced the different companies are. TMC Ceo Rich Tehrani called Talk Fusion a true “leader within their industry” before going on to say that Talk Fusion offered some of the best products available on the market today for video communication solutions.

When accepting the award CEO Bob Reina called it a “great honor” and that it was “just the beginning.” Reina would go on to say that his talented IT team were just getting things started for 2016 and that they had massive plans ahead in order to stay ahead of the curve. In the world of communications, especially those driven by the digital age, it is integral to always be ready to set yourself apart at a moments notice. Staying ahead of the curve is an absolutely central necessity in this current working climate.

Talk Fusion offers users the ability to connect with their own customers in a way that is more effective and more productive than anything else on the market. Being able to integrate professional videos into marketing emails all while communicating with an entire client list of email addresses can be the difference in turning a company around. Statistics and studies show that videos have a higher percentage of click-through sales than plain text and image emails. Talk Fusion is currently offering a 30 day free trial for new customers.


Skout, A Top Rated App That Can Help You Find a Mate

In today’s society, people are busy with obligations from their everyday lives. No one really has the time or patience to look for a possible mate or companion. In order to assist us in the dating process, dating applications have been created in order to help us to meet a possible mate or friend. With thousands of apps available to download to our phone or mobile device it’s hard to select one that performs the way it is supposed to work. With the help of a TCPalm article, one will be able to learn what dating applications are highly recommended.

One of the dating applications that were revealed in the article was POF. POF is popular because of what it is able to offer its users. The application is available in five languages: Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, and English. In addition to being available in multiple languages this application appeals to members because of the number of people that log on each day. About two million Americans log into the POF application or site in hopes of finding someone to connect with. This large amount give people hope that they will possibly find their mate on the app.

Another dating application that is recommended is Tinder. This particular app is only about a year old but it offers many benefits for its users. Tinder allows its users to easily flirt with individuals. Flirting via this app could possibly lead to a connection or possibly having an encounter with a celebrity. Previously, the site has been used by college students but now celebrities such as Miss USA and Lindsey Lohan have flocked to Tinder in order to flirt with individuals that have caught there attention.

Skout is a very popular application that has been the top choice for individuals that are seeking to connect with other. This application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. In addition to being available on multiple operating systems this application is location-based and makes it easy for individuals to link with others that are near them. This particular technology has aided in more than 500 million connections being made in the year 2013. This large number of connections is one of the reasons that this application has made the TCPalm top 10 dating app list.

The application was founded in 2007 by Niklas Linstrom and Christian Wiklund. These individuals created Skout to be used as a mobile we social network. The focus of the application changed once it was discovered that people were using the application as a dating site. When this was discovered founders of the application felt that it should be relaunched as a dating website instead of a mobile web social network. In 2009, the application did just that. It was relaunched in February 2009 as an iOS dating application and then an Android app in August 2010. After launching the application continued to expand in order to meet the needs of its users. For example, it added Skout Travel which allowed users to connect with other while traveling to a different city.

Why Handy Is The Best Home Cleaning App

Handy is a relatively new app that is effectively a locally based forum that allows its users to find people to clean their homes. Handy is currently able to be used in twenty-five cities and towns in the United States of America, and three other cities in other English-speaking countries, Canada and the United Kindgom. Handy is one of the only apps of its kind, and is by far the most popular and reputable, not to mention one of the most reasonably priced.

Maids and home cleaners have traditionally been quite expensive for renters and home owners to be able to afford. Handy has changed the game in the sense that it is much cheaper now because of the sheer amount of cleaners in competition with one another. Some of the cleaners are groups of people working together or professional cleaning companies, but most of the listings on the website come from a single person.

Handy services from crunchbase  was created four years ago by two friends named Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. They pitched their idea for a home cleaning app to various investors and received funding for the app. It was not easy to start because of the development process, marketing, and implementation of the app in cities where it operatoes. Less than five percent of cleaners who have applied to Handy actually earn the ability to list their services on the site. This selectivity has made Handy so great. If everyone were able to list their servicdes, such as Craigslist or Backpage, the overall average quality of the service providers would not be nearly as valuable as it is today.

Handy charges the cleaners, not the customers, a little more than eighteen percent for listing their services on the app. Handy is strictly moderated, so the cost for cleaning is very cheap. There are currently around five thousand cleaners who finish at least one job every month, which is a lot of cleaners. Many of the providers listing their services on the mobile app clean for a living and have no other job.

One of the most attractive things about Handy for home cleaners is the insured payments. Clients and customers are required to pay Handy before any cleaners even step foot in a house they clean. Cleaners are able to get the money once both the client and cleaner agree that the job was completed. Handy has been known for their great resolutions of problems. In the event a customer tries to con the home cleaner out of their hard earned money, Handy will give the money to the cleaner as long as documentation of the cleaning is provided and a certain number of days have elapsed.

If one wants to learn more about what all Handy can provide and how to go about using the app, more information can be found all over the internet or at Handy’s official website, Handy is one of the best things to happen to the home cleaning industry in recent years.

Slyce Purchases SnipSnap

Visual search technology allows a user to take a picture of something and to draw up information about that picture. The company leading the charge of this relatively new technology is Slyce. Slyce has grown huge in the past few years. It is extending its arms into many other areas. It recently acquired the mobile couponing app SnipSnap for $6.5 million. The popular SnipSnap had a whopping 4 million-plus users. Because of the acquisition, Slyce has automatically acquired these users. SnipSnap itself is a relatively young company having just started in 2012.

It works with the product recognition technology. Users take a picture of a coupon. When ready, the user can actually redeem the coupon using the picture. Fortunately, most stores and restaraunts have come to recognize this method. In fact, many of these retailers and restaurants also use SnipSnap. They utilize a SnipSnap retailer feature which allows them to make coupons for their website, mobile apps, SMS, and Email. In addition, the app allows retailers to display new coupons to users who are currently in their vicinity. The company got so popular that SnipSnap was overwhelmed and was forced to outsource.

Despite all of this continued and growing success, SnipSnap recently decided that if were to continue to grow, they needed more funds. So they took drastic means and sold the company in a huge merger. It certainly wasn’t a bad move for SnipSnap. Slyce is going to benefit their company much more than monetarily. In fact, it is a perfect match and one the two companies were already contemplating. SnipSnap will be replacing its own visual search technology with Slyce’s top-of-the-line material. This is not the end of the benefits. The merged companies are discussing further ways to make each other better. The changing of the technology benefit has already taking place. In February, the SnipSnap app that users use will have the Slyce visual search equipment.

This is not the first major purchase and merger by Slyce. Only last year the bought Pounce, the mobile shopping app. And that was not the first, either. It has made three others. However, Slyce considers this its best because it is the most successful of its purchases. However, nothing about the day-to-day operations of the SnipSnap Philadelphia headquarters will change and its five full-time employees will remain.