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Avocado Restuarant Opens in Manhattan

Avocaderia, a Brooklyn eatery that serves only avocado-based dishes, opened its second location in Manhattan on Thursday. The restaurant opened its first location in April 2017 and quickly became known for its variety of avocado toasts.


Avocaderia was launched in 2017 by three Italian friends. Francesco Brachetti was working as a business analyst in Mexico when he discovered avocados, a dish he hadn’t encountered before. He convinced his cousin Alberto Gramigni and startup CEO Alessandro Biggi to partner with him in a New York restaurant that serves only avocados. The idea raised eyebrows in the restaurant industry, as avocado toast has become a joke used to denigrate millennials permanently glued to their phones and Instagram.


Despite the naysayers, the Brooklyn restaurant was a success on its opening day, running out of avocados after only three hours. After the successful launch, Brachetti decided to compete in the Shark Tank reality show to get more capital and publicity for his brand. Judges Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran each grabbed 10% of the company, paying $200,000 apiece for the privilege. Brachetti used the money he earned from their investment to open a new location in Manhattan.


Brachetti selected the old Terminal Warehouse in Chelsea as the site of his new branch and put Alberto Gramigni, his cousin and a Tuscan chef, in charge of the kitchen. As with the original, the restaurant’s menu is based around organic avocados that are sourced from Michoacán, a state in western Mexico. The company’s second effort also offers Avocaderia’s famous avocado toast, as well as avocado salads and burgers. The drinks menu even includes several avocado-based smoothies.