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Balthazar Offers a Welcome to Pokemon Go Players

The Pokemon Go phenomenon that has taken the country by storm since being released on July 6 includes both children and adults playing the game. The hectic furor has even made one of the more upper-crust restaurants in New York City vulnerable to the presence of individuals seeking to find virtual creatures at all different spots around the world.

The restaurant in question is Balthazar’s, located on Spring Street in the Soho district and operated by owner Keith McNally. One of the reasons that businesses have embraced something that might otherwise be an annoying distraction is that the app in question literally brings people to the business.

Whether or not those people end up purchasing anything is debatable, especially in the case of Balthazar’s. Despite the seeming contradiction between patrons and visitors, the restaurant’s staff has helped point out certain regularities. One of them was that a monster is always located in the rear portion of the main eating area.

Balthazar’s status as a “Pokestop” was quickly enhanced into a “Lure,” which makes it a more inviting option for the game’s players. That expense is 99 cents per hour for a site, though the restaurant adamantly states that they aren’t footing the bill in that regard.

The restaurant is known for its taste of Paris that’s meant to evoke the type of ambience international travelers experience. Some of the more exotic meals it offers up include short ribs that are tender braised and shepherd’s pie that’s lovingly crafted with duck.