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Using Shea Butter For The Hair and Scalp

When it comes to shea butter, there are many different uses. But one of the most popular uses, is to apply it to your hair. Shea butter acts as a moisturizer and protectant, while transforming your hair into the healthiest you’ve ever seen it. In a recent article, it discusses how it helps save your tresses and it’s many uses for styling and hair management.

Shea butter, first and foremost, moisturizes the scalp. Everyone knows the moisturizing power of shea butter thanks to it being packed with Vitamin E, but it’s the other thing they don’t know. Shea has spf in it, so it protects your hair and scalp from the sun. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which means its great for preventing and treating excema, psoriasis and other skin infections. Shea also prevents damage from styling tools such as a heat iron or curling iron. Applying it before you style your hair will protect it from any heat damage. Shea butter also acts as a detangler which is great for hard-to-manage or thick, coarse hair.

One well trusted brand of shea butter is the ever-popular company, Eugenia Shea. This company is well established and offers three different varieties of shea butter. Eugenia Shea is known for being all natural, in it’s purest form. Shea butter is the fat derived from the nut of an African Shea Tree, and that is exactly what you’re getting with Eugenia Shea.

You can get three different formulas: Pregnancy Strength, Dermatological Strength and Everyday Shea Butter. The pregnancy strength is great for getting rid of those unsightly, unwelcome stretch marks and scars during and post pregnancy. The dermatological strength might be use for skin conditions like excema. These are extremely moisturizing and help to clear up infection. The everyday strength is perfect for daily use, and would be the variety ideal for hair use and protection. Eugenia Shea is the perfect, pure formula to use on those tresses.

Plastic Surgery Is Advancing Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Walden

Any time that an individual is considering any type of medical procedure, there are some things that they obviously have to consider. First and foremost, it is imperative that they think about their own personal safety and how this procedure will affect them. The truth is, there is a certain amount of risk that is associated with every type of medical procedure, no matter what it is or how many times it has been done in the past. Next, it is important to consider the medical facility that the procedure will be done at. Perhaps the most important decision of all is choosing the right doctor to do the job. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that anyone who is considering a procedure of any type have access to extensive background information about the physician that will be performing the procedure. This can help every individual make a wiser, more educated decision about the entire process.

Many times, people that are getting a cosmetic procedure done do not consider it to be a full blown surgical procedure, but that type of thinking can often allow them to place themselves in harm’s way. Plastic surgery is surgery and even if it is performed at the patient’s option, it is still important to consider the physician that will be performing the procedure, as well as the resources of the facility and any personal concerns that could potentially alter the outcome. As a result, there are a few plastic surgeons that really stand out because they are among the best in their business. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one such individual.

Dr. Walden has made a name for herself in the world of cosmetic surgery because she has spearheaded the efforts to make the entire industry safer and more reliable. While she is an active plastic surgeon, she also does a great deal of teaching so that she can pass her knowledge on to other individuals and they in turn can utilize the same procedures, tools and techniques. She has even written a couple of textbooks on the subject and this information is typically considered to be the standard by which everything else is measured. She has also won a number of honors and awards that relate directly to her work as a plastic surgeon.

One of the things that really sets Dr. Jennifer Walden apart from any other individuals is that despite her extremely busy schedule, she still makes time for a number of philanthropic efforts. One of the most important activities is providing free or low cost plastic surgery for individuals that have been affected by trauma or congenital conditions who cannot afford to pay for the surgery at full price. She also works tirelessly in her community to make it a better place and to increase the opportunities that are available to young people who live in the region. Without a doubt, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a special individual that strives to do her very best in every endeavor that she deems worthy of pursuing.